How to Fix a Torn Screen

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Fixing a torn screen is an easy do-it-yourself project that can be done in no time at all. This method can be used to fix a screen on a screen door or a window. Tears in screens happen frequently between pets, children and just everyday general use. If the hole is very large you will probably have to replace the entire screen which is an easy project as well.

Measuring the Hole

Start by measuring the length and width of the hole. Holes that are wider than 3 inches in diameter probably can not be patched, the entire screen will need to be replaced. You will need a patch that is at least an inch larger in diameter than the hole on the screen.

Purchasing a Patch

Start this project by measuring the hole in the screen to see how big of a patch you are going to need. Patches can be done in a variety of different ways. If you have extra screening laying around from a previous screen replacement you can use that. Otherwise self adhesive patches or snap together patches or simply small pieces of patch material.

Sewing Method

If you are using a larger piece of screening then cut out the patch that you will need. Remember to cut it about an inch wider than the actual hole. You will also need an upholstery needle and some very heavy thread, possibly clear fishing line if available. Place the patch over the hole and place a piece of tape temporarily over it to hold it to the screen. Use your needle and fishing line to sew around the patch and tie it into place. Also go around the edge of the hole itself to secure any unraveling strands to prevent the hold from getting larger.

Self Adhesive or Snap on Methods

Patches sold that are self adhesive or snap together are very easy to attach. The adhesive ones simply stick to the screen with clear glue to cover the hole and prevent it from unraveling more. The snap together ones use a patch on each side of the screen that snap together over the hole from each side securing together. If you prefer to use adhesive instead of sewing you can use this as well with a regular patch or piece of screening. Just use household cement and spread it on the piece of screening before applying to the hole.

Replacing the Entire Screen

If the tear in the screen is larger than three inches in diameter then you will need to replace the entire screen. Remove the splines all the way around the screen that hold the screen into place. Cut new screening to fit the measurements of the frame plus excess to secure it. use a screen installation tool to secure the screening in to place around the entire perimeter of the screen. Replace the spline in the grooves around the edges of the screen while stretching the screen tight. Use a utility knife to remove any excess screening around the edges when finished.

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