How to Eliminate Cat Litter Box Odor?

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Cat litter box odor can make you dread going home. It can be very embarrassing if you have unexpected guests, and it can be a residual problem. However, there are ways that you can get rid of those odors so that you and your cat can live in harmony.

Schedule Cleanings

No matter how attentive you are when it comes to the well-being of your cat, everyone can forget or skip a litter box cleaning. Not only can this cause frustration for your cat, but it can leave an odor behind that is really hard to get rid of later on. To avoid the problems of missed litter box cleanings–and the subsequent nasty smells that can bring–make sure that you write out a litter box cleaning schedule for yourself. Paste it on the fridge along with your daily schedule. Having appointments to take care of the dirty work can make sure that it gets done. Your cat will appreciate the attention to her needs as well.

Ensure Proper Placement

Make sure that you place the litter box in a place that gets proper ventilation. It should be placed on a solid, flat surface. Never place a litter box on carpeting. Accidents happen. Litter spills. If it’s on the carpet, it can end up really smelling badly, as it can be hard to remove carpet litter box stains, especially if they have set all day while you’re at work. One of the keys to eliminating the odor is to place it in the right spot. It should be placed in a utility room, laundry room or bathroom. Don’t place it near the front of your apartment, unless you want that to be the initial smell in your home.

Increase How Often You Change the Litter

One of the easiest ways to take care of the litter box odor is to simply increase the amount of times per day that you change the litter. Although that can be challenging to the environment, there are eco-friendly litters that you can choose. If waste does not have a time to sit in the box, it won’t accumulate an odor that can ruin the zen of your home. Simply be sure to take the trash out frequently as well.

Change the Box Itself

If your cat’s litter box is especially smelly, even after it’s been cleaned and changed, you may want to consider that it may be the box. Some litter boxes can absorb the waste and smells of the box, and you may want to try a new box that’s made of a different type of material. You may also opt for an automatic cat litter box, one that changes itself. These have been useful in getting rid of odors for many people, but they’re often expensive. Fixing one when it breaks is also problematic for many customers.

Weigh the pros and cons to what will work best for your cat. Definitely switch boxes if you fear that may be the problem; it often solves that lingering, nasty smell.

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