How to Decorate with Artificial House Plants

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Decorating your apartment with artificial house plants is a simple way to add a touch of the outdoors without worrying about watering or maintaining the plants. Because the plants are always in bloom, you can count on an attractive display adding to the decor of your apartment.

Step 1: Designate Some Spots in Your Apartment

Your first job in decorating with artificial house plants is to find the areas in your apartment that could use a touch of green or vibrant bloom colors. Taller artificial house plants such as trees look good in pots on the ground in your apartment, but they should be out of the way in a corner or near a sliding glass door. A small bouquet of false blooms looks great in the middle of a dining table, a breakfast island or a coffee table–or you can put some on a shelf. If you have pets, remember to place the plants out of their reach, as the plants can pose a danger if swallowed. Silk plants are less likely to attract pets than plastic plants.

Step 2: Measure the Designated Spots

While not so important when choosing tabletop artificial house plants, you don’t want to select a large false tree for a corner of the apartment or a potted false plant for your shelf and discover that it’s too tall or too wide. Measure the areas in which you’d like to display a plant so you can choose the right size. Don’t forget to bring a measuring tape with you when going to a store to choose plants.

Step 3: Coordinate with the Decor

Although most plain green artificial house plants can go with any type of decor, you don’t want to put a tropical false plant in the middle of a Victorian-era style parlor, for example. Choose plants that match the sense of the room.

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