How to Decorate Awkward Spaces

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Most houses don’t look like the ones in catalogs: perfectly symmetrical and well laid out. In fact, many of them leave the tenant with the difficult job of having to decorate awkward spaces in their homes. Even the most awkward space can be a beautiful space with a little ingenuity and hard work. 

Paint a Wall

Many times an awkward space is covered up or ignored. Instead, try embracing it. Clear it out and paint one of the walls a vivid and happy color, like burnt orange or sunflower yellow. If the awkward space is a stand alone room, try livening it up with large vertical stripes to make the room look taller. Make one wall painted and its adjoining wall a contrasting wallpaper. Embrace the uniqueness, rather than try to disguise it. 

Create a Reading Nook

If your awkward space isn’t big enough to be functional as part of your living space, consider changing it into a reading nook. Get a comfortable chair, a small bookshelf, and some great bright lighting, and voila! You have a place to sink into cushions with a book and a cup of tea. You will be surprised how quickly that awkward space becomes a focal point for people to gravitate to. 

Make an Art Zone

Do you paint or sketch, or have children that do art projects? Turn your awkward space into an art center. For your art needs, choose a compact table with a comfortable chair and great lighting. For the kids, consider spraying one wall of the space with blackboard spray paint and letting them color with chalk on this great big space. Throw in a small rug and a pillow or two, and your kids and others in the neighborhood will end up with hours of creative fun. 

Add a Water Feature

Get a large indoor waterfall to fill a space with tranquility and beauty. Alternatively, get a smaller one and set it on an attractive table for the height that will draw your eye. Combine it with plants in pots around the base and a mist machine, and you will have tropical escape at hand anytime you need a mental mini-vacation. 

Make a Meditation Area

Get a meditation mat and put it in your awkward space. Add in inspirational artwork, or simply paint the walls a soothing color. Putting a small table next to the mat with flowers, candles, essential oils, or incense will add a aromatherapy induced calm to your meditation spot. If noise is a problem, get a white noise machine to create the perfect place to be zen. 

Add a Display Table

If your awkward space is in the middle of a high traffic area, consider adding a display table. Pick a table that blends well with your overall style, and get something attractive to put on top.  A stack of art books, a sculpture, a candle, or a vase with fake flowers in it are all great choices for display table decorations.

Awkward spaces can be a challenge, but with these tips your unused space will be reclaimed and a vibrant part of your life!

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