How to Convince Your Landlord to Upgrade to Energy Efficient Appliances

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Energy efficient appliances are more cost effective and better for the environment. Convincing your landlord to upgrade your apartment’s current appliances, however, can be quite a challenge. Below are several tips to use to persuade your landlord to make the switch to energy efficient appliances.

Make Use of Timing

If your apartment is in severe need of several updates or is scheduled for renovation, make sure to use this time to begin your persuasion. Ask your landlord when he expects to purchase the new or replacement appliances or other items and ask whether he has considered using energy efficient appliances. If your landlord is already planning renovating or making repairs to your apartment he may be more likely to switch out appliances at the same time.

Ask Questions

Rather than recommending the switch to energy efficient appliances, try asking your landlord if your current appliances are energy efficient and, if not, whether he has ever considered installing new appliances that would be energy efficient. Oftentimes, making a general reference to something will induce another person to investigate the situation more thoroughly, and being direct can often be off putting if the other person interprets the conversation as you being haughty or a know-it-all. Making a general reference to having read something about energy efficient appliances may persuade your landlord to do his own research.

Focus On How the Landlord Will Benefit

The main issue to focus on when trying to persuade your landlord to install energy efficient appliances is what the landlord will gain by making such a switch. Your landlord will most likely focus on the cost of purchasing and installing these appliances rather than on the long-term savings he will make from their use. Lower utility costs can mean charging more rents in the future because the appliances will be new and less costly for the tenant. Additionally, the landlord may actually be able to decrease the amount of rent he charges because he will not need to make frequent repairs to the new appliances. Point out to the landlord that lower rents could mean attracting a wider net of future tenants.

Research Discounts

Many manufacturers, utility providers and even the government offer rebates or tax deductions to individuals who switch to energy efficient appliances. These incentives may significantly reduce the initial cost of purchasing energy efficient appliances, making it more attractive to your landlord to make the switch. Research what discounts or other incentives are available and present a list including how to apply and receive them to your landlord.

Offer to Pay

If you plan on staying in your apartment for a long time you might want to consider offering to split the purchase or installation costs for new, energy efficient appliances with your landlord. If you are willing to maintain the appliances and leave the appliances behind when you move out your offer will be even more attractive to the landlord. However, make sure that any agreement between you and your landlord is in writing and signed by both parties.

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