How to Break a Lease

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Your apartment at “Buena Vista Village” looks out on a junkyard, is infested with roaches, your next-door neighbors are running a meth lab, your upstairs neighbor is a professional tap-dancer, your carpeting still smells like the urine of the previous tenant’s cats (which she definitely wasn’t allowed to have), your car has been broken into three times in the past month, and there are bullet holes in one wall of the complex that haven’t been covered up in the whole time you’ve been there.

With a living situation like that, you really want to break your lease now, and you now wonder why you ever signed it in the first place. Or maybe your apartment isn’t all that bad, but you recently got transferred to a different state for your job, and you’ve got to get out of Dodge right away in order to keep up your obligations with your company. Whatever your reason, you want to break your lease—even though you may have only a vague idea of what the terms of the lease actually were. In order to get out of your lease in the least painful way possible, you’ll probably need to do a lot of research and documentation and even more persuading. This article will help you with both.

First and foremost, you need to get some legal advice tailored to your individual situation and lease contract. If you don’t have or can’t afford your own lawyer, get in touch with your local legal aid office and contact tenants’ rights organizations. Attorneys can be expensive, but being sued by your landlord for breaking your lease could be much more costly. If you don’t want to pay the rest of the rent that you’ve committed to shell out by signing the lease, you’d better get some sound advice so you don’t end up paying more than you had to in assorted late fees or other conditions stated in obscure parts of your lease. Tenants’ rights organizations are experienced in representing tenants who want to break their lease, and they’ve likely seen almost every situation imaginable—as well as a good number of pretty unimaginable situations.

The legal aid you acquire may tell you there’s not much to be done. You entered into a legal agreement of your own accord, after all, and you knew—or should have taken pains to investigate—the physical condition of the apartment and grounds and the nature of the available amenities before signing the lease. For this reason, claims about noise problems or facilities shortcomings are generally unlikely to work well unless you can thoroughly document the existence and severity of the problems, your attempts to have them resolved, and your landlord’s failure to do so. The vague complaint of “too much noise” is probably useless; you knew (or should have known) the noise level of the apartment complex when you moved in. For example, why move in to a rowdy complex that caters to hard-partying college students if you start work at 5 in the morning? Your landlord is only responsible for providing basic amenities and ensuring your “reasonable enjoyment” of your rental unit. The definition of reasonable varies wildly from person to person, and even if your demands seem reasonable to you, they might not seem so to your landlord—or to a judge in court.

1. Find an easy out

Once you line up some legal resources, investigate the terms your lease to see if there’s any clause that provides you with an opportunity to break lease early. Perhaps you can get out by giving two months’ notice or by finding someone else to rent the place in your stead. These are viable options that you should carefully consider. If your lease itself doesn’t point to any easy outs, the best approach is probably to find something wrong with the apartment that’s impeding your own personal well-being and hasn’t been fixed by your landlord despite repeated and well-documented requests. You’ll need significant documentation of such an issue, of course, so don’t just claim the chipped paint is chipping away at your psyche and head out the door. You might feel saner in another apartment, but you’ll still be paying rent for your old one. Requirements vary by state, but in many situations you’ll need to prove that you repeatedly notified the owner of the apartment (not necessarily the management—be sure you know who to get in touch with) via certified mail with return receipt requested and provided ample time for him or her to fix the situation cited. For this reason, repair issues may not be the best way to get out of your lease fast—you may just end up successfully getting the repairs done instead of successfully getting out of your apartment.

2. Find something wrong

Likewise, if particular amenities were promised to you upon move-in but have never surfaced (or do not work), their absence is only a factor if you can document your landlord’s claims to provide. Your landlord is legally obligated to provide only what’s in the lease; unless the lease promised specific amenities, you’re not likely to get far by complaining about the absence of such features. Landlords are allowed to change their minds; tenants, sadly, are not (not about keeping the lease, at least). Even if you were promised a swimming pool by next summer and they haven’t cleared the ground for one by mid-June, the lack of the pool is only significant if you can prove its presence was guaranteed in a legally binding way. Don’t expect casual conversations to hold up in court—focus instead on obtaining and understanding written agreements from the beginning, rather than after the fact.

Turn on the waterworks—because yours have been turned off

Living without water or heat is a tear-jerking situation for sure. If your apartment complex has been so negligent (perhaps in part due to your sketchy neighbors failing to pay their bills) that the utilities are shut off, you’re home free. Once the lease is broken by one party—the landlord, by failure to provide utilities—it’s breakable by the other party. (Likewise, if you fail to pay rent, the landlord’s obligations to provide safe housing and utilities and respond to your complaints are also out the window—so know what you’re doing when trying to break your lease.) As always, it’s advisable to consult with your legal aid and landlord in this situation so everyone knows that you’re leaving and why.

Beyond finding something wrong with your apartment, you do have other options for breaking lease:

3. Don some fatigues

The easiest way to break lease is may be by signing up for a stint in the military, as landlords are legally required to let you out of your contract early if you’re going into the service. Be aware, though, that you’ll still need to notify your landlord of the situation in advance and possibly pay a month or two of rent before you’re in the clear. If you’re not yet ready to shoulder a rifle, don’t fret; there are still other options to explore.

4. Pay out the nose

While not a desirable way to break your lease, you can probably get out of it by just paying the months of rent left according to your contract. If you’re getting out only a month or two early and aren’t too short on funds (perhaps you’re moving due to a promotion accompanied by a sweet salary increase), your easiest option might just be to suck it up and pay rent even if you’re not living in the apartment anymore. Many rental agreements will force the tenant to pay at least two months’ rent (or give at least two months’ notice) before breaking lease anyway, so if you’re that close to the end of your contract there may not be a significantly better (or cheaper) option. Don’t vacate the apartment without giving notice, though; honesty is always the best policy and keeping your landlord informed is important. If your landlord knows you’re ducking out early, he or she may be able to show the apartment to potential tenants earlier and possibly find new renters for you—potentially saving you a month of rent. Communicating your plans to your landlord is also crucial to avoid being accused of breaking your lease—something it might seem you’ve done if you’re leaving. If you don’t tell your landlord you plan to continue paying rent despite your absence, how will he or she know you haven’t just broken your contract? Avoid messy misunderstandings by being clear about your plans and needs.

5. Stay just a little bit longer

Likewise, if your contract has a clause allowing you to break lease with two months’ notice, toughing it out for a bit longer may not be a terrible option. Even if the conditions in your apartment are pretty awful, you can use the time to investigate your new place to make sure it’ll be better than the current one, or to gather up a group of tenants interested in taking legal action against the poorly managed apartment complex. However, waiting out your lease may be…

6. Living on the edge

…in more ways than one. Some lease contracts may have “automatic renewal” clauses that require tenants to give notice before moving out—even if their planned move-out date is the date the lease “ends.” This type of lease is assumed to be renewed—in turn renewing your responsibility for paying rent—at the “end” of the lease term unless the tenant gives notice by the time specified in the lease. Tricky situations like these are why it’s important to read and understand legal documents thoroughly before signing. You should also beware of any “ break-lease” documents. If your landlord happily agrees to you breaking your lease but asks you to sign a “break-lease” document, be careful. Read the document thoroughly and consult with an attorney. This document may confirm that you’re breaking your lease, but it will likely also require you to pay out the balance of your lease agreement—not necessarily a successful resolution from your point of view.

7. Sweet-talk a friend, or a dependable stranger

Subletting your apartment is a viable option, if you can find someone trustworthy to do so. Subletting is generally legal unless specifically prohibited in your apartment contract, but it’s probably a good idea to notify your landlord of your subletting plans regardless. Don’t try to stealthily sublet unless you’re sure you’ll succeed. Your landlord is unlikely to appreciate the duty of housing a new, unknown (and unapproved) tenant on his or her property. The main issue with subletting is that your name remains on the lease and you are still responsible for paying rent and for any damages that occur in the apartment—so it’s not really “breaking” lease per se, more like finding a cheap way to skedaddle. If you can create a subletting agreement with an upstanding member of society that you think will actually come through and pay you, great. Your subletter pays you, you pay the landlord; everyone’s happy. Be careful, though—because you’re still responsible for the condition of the apartment at the end of your lease term, you’ll need to cautiously consider your choice of subletters. You probably don’t want to pick your friend’s cousin’s brother’s buddy Thrash as a subletter, no matter what a nice guy he seems to be on your first meeting.

We’re seeing that getting out of your lease can be rough. The main lesson to take away from this article is that you should consider provisions for getting out before you get in. Investigate the apartment thoroughly, ask questions, and above all get it in writing. Your promised swimming pool is just a pipe dream unless you have a signed agreement proving your landlord agreed to provide you with chlorinated bliss. Know your apartment and your lease agreement before you sign, and things will work out better for everyone involved.

Disclaimer: This does not constitute legal advice. Specific rules may vary in different state and local jurisdictions. For definitive answers, please consult an attorney or your local tenants’ council.

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2,824 Responses to “How to Break a Lease”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    As an experienced leasing agent, I will say that these ideas are options to explore,but not many of them are very likely to get you out of a lease quick and painless. You’re best option always is to use a buy out agreement ( most landlords offer that ) and if they don’t offer it, try to negotiate one, with the help of an attorney of course. Unless you have huge issues, such as no utilities due to landlords neglegence, it’s not at all going to be easy to just say I want out, and expect them to let you go without paying any fees. In most cases, buy out agreements come out to be the cheapest of penalties, and the quickest way out.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The easiest out of all.

    The writer of this blog obviously does not know Texas law. In this state any piece of property conveyed whether by lease, rent, or sale is conveyed with the resident having the “right of quiet enjoyment” of the property.

    Strictly interpreted this means that if I can hear your stereo inside my apartment I have lost the “quiet enjoyment” of my property. A sternly worded certified letter to the manager should get some action. If the noise persists, as it usually does among people who like things loud, then a second letter to the manager via certified mail with a date certain deadline for the management to provide you with “quiet enjoyment of your property or it would be evidence of management’s unwillingness to enforce their contract with you” and it would be grounds for termination of the lease. Sidebar: It would also be to your advantage to have a tape recording of the noise.

    Additional sidebar: For those afflicted by the boom-boom-booom music afficianados which shake your walls but do not record well, most Texas cities (national ones as well) have enacted what they call “Vibration Ordinances.” These are evidenced by your walls, windows and occasionally your ear drums vibrating incessantly. If you can feel it, it’s too high. A good time to write another letter AND call the police.

    Do not give up. Apartment leases are called “standard lease agreements” when they want you to sign them but “contracts” if you want to break it. In Texas alone there are 63,000 attorneys (more than seven times the total number of attorneys in Japan) just chomping at the bit to split some other lawyer’s contract to show him/her who is better. Every lease can be broken by one means or another with no penalty to you but you have to study to know your rights and what is required of you to assert those rights. If you are unwilling to study to assert yourself then you have no right to bitch.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    BLOW THE PLACE UP AND RUN! OK, that probably won’t work. Read your lease, find an out. Worse comes to worse, tell them the truth; you are struggling financially and have found a cheaper place to live and forcing you to stay in the lease will inevidably be toublesome for both parties!

  4. Guest Says:

    i think that if managment dosnt do their job right, then they should let the tenant out of there lease. Especially if there are children involved cause let me tell u somthing… my sister is stuck in a bad situation and she should be able to get out of her lease. She has mold that she has reported like 5 times and they still have not fixed it.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry, but “quiet enjoyment” does not mean your apartment has to be quiet. It is legalspeak which means your landlord cannot interfere with your occupancy, excepting reasonable lease stipulations and instances designated and defined by local, state, and federal law.

    Noise stipulations are contained in lease paragraphs or, more likely, in the “Rules and Regulations” section. In these cases, the Landlord does have the obligation to remedy the situation, so lack of response can well be used as cause to break the Lease. Just look for that other provision, and do not rely on the “quiet enjoyment” term.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    What happens to your credit if you decide to get out of a lease early? I’m getting married in 7 months and moving in with my future husband would save us about 4,000 dollars. If I were to pay out the lease until a new resident moves in would my credit be hurt in any way?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I agree, being in the industry as a leasing manager for several years know that alot of theese options listed above really are propably not going to be effective. Commercial apartment communities are not stupid and will ask for a huge amount of evidence to prove anything. They may work with a private owner but in most lease agreememts ive ever used the one and only exception is military clause, and even then official PCS Orders must be provided with the 30 or 60 day NTV.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    i agree with all of this and have experienced much of this due to new tenants (kids)upstairs..Does it have to be only in Texas. I live in Florida and have told my landlord about the rudeness and it still persists.I even told my landlord I will break my lease if they do nothing about it..I have even called the police in for them parking outside my window blasting their music causing my pictures to fall and break..So Im going to do whatever it takes to be happy when i moved in these kids were not here,they moved in after I resigned my contract for 2nd year..So I will look into it more with an attorney and see what I can do legally..You can warn anyone we want about any problems we may have but if noone is doing anything about them take the next step to be happy…. Thank you for this blog..

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, it will. The absolute same thing happened to me. I broke my lease, but paid up to the month I moved out. I found someone to move in the same apartment within that month, but they still reported me and put it on my credit report. With that broken lease on my report, it brought my credit score down by 50 points alone.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Refer to the Apartment Lease Contract that you signed or ask the Property Manager. Do not seek advice from a website from people who do not know your lease agreement.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    What can I do in a case where I am renting a house in Colorado from a private owner and the owner has not been making their mortgage payments? Is that cause to break my lease? I’ve found out that our home may be going into foreclosure because the owner is behind over $7,000 in payments and has until December to catch them up.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Wow! Contact legal aid or someone that deals with renter’s rights…immediately!! Let them know the situation it might put you in. You might be able to recover some of your money “paid”. Good luck

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I am a VICTIM of being at the wrong place at the wrong time! About 8 months ago i was at a party where 6 men robbed that party and took everyones things. I get shot outside and police caught the robbers that shot me. The suspects face 10-32 years and now i have a hit on me for someone to kill me. The rumor is they know where i live and i just want to move so i can be safe.. What do you think i can do to get out of this case.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t worry – the bank will probably have to honor your lease even if the house is foreclosed upon. The only difference from your standpoint should be that your landlord will be a faceless corporation, and not your original landlord. You should double-check Colorado law, but I’m fairly sure your lease must be honored.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    criminals (most) talk big but that’s it. mostly you are being forced to sweat because terror is the power most can enforce.

    i say stick to it, cowards always bark louder than they can bite.

    most don’t even know how to bite.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Wait a minute..what state do you live in? If someone else moved in, did they sign a new lease? If so, they are liable and you need to contest it with the credit bureau.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Call the Apartment Association! Then call the health department. Trust me..I used to work in apartments offices for 5 years.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I have a Mold and Flooding Problem that I have been reporting for the last 3 months, and still is not fixed. (They think it might be a foundation problem.) I have asthma and often can’t breathe in my apartment. They offered to move me to a larger apartment in the complex, but I would have to pay higher rent for the place. Is this legal? Can I break my lease based on flooding and mold problems?
    I live in New York State

  19. Guest Says:

    The SAFEST way to sublet is if you get an OVATION (a release of legal responsibility for the rest of your lease), which needs to be in writing from your landlord. Keep in mind that it is entirely up to your landlord to give it to your or not, and whether there is a fee.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    i need help i have a four year old and am trying to break my lease because my roomate is pot smoking fiend. Any advise….help!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    I need to get out of a group lease.

    My roof leaks, and plumbing leaks, roommates are noise and break holes in the walls. We also have a sewage line running down the stairs. I’m a student and I need to go.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    The best thing to do is to read the lease in detail and sign it only if you agree to the terms. A lease is a LEGAL document, and you have to be accountable for your own actions. (Even though it seems that most people don’t like to take any responsibility for anything, its always someone else’s fault.) Most leases have a buyout clause specifically for people who are buying homes, getting married, changing jobs, or are generally dissatisfied beyond repair. Of course, military reasons are the only way to get out of a lease without hassle. If you are unhappy with your surroundings, consider it a life lesson and do more research next time. I have been in the apartment industry for a long time and I have also been a long time renter. While I have never mislead anyone into renting an apartment, there may be more leasing professionals who do. Make sure to ask about what is important to you, such as noise. Any community near a college will have college students and that should be taken into consideration. Also, walk around the community at different hours of the day. Of course during office hours people will be on their best behavior, so drive around during the evening or on weekends. Use your best judgement and don’t rely on anyone else to ensure your happiness. Don’t discount the leasing office either. They care about you and I hope that if you had a good feeling about them and leased at their community, you will feel comfortable about discussing any issues you have. Report noise complaints, because I’m sure that the community would be much happier getting rid of problem residents than a great tenant.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Can you get out of an apartment lease in Texas, due to a drastic rise in serious crime in the complex.

    For example….my car got the window knocked out of it and the stereo stolen. Two days later, tire slashings awaited all the tenants. Gang tagging has just recently shown up on the stair steps and dumpsters. Then there is a murder in the apartment right behind mine.

    I can’t even sleep at night in this place.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    I’m not familiar with NY state (and certainly not whatever municipality you live in), but many states require the landlord to maintain the unit in a habitable state.

    If the conditions are as bad as you seem to be describing (actual water infiltration within the unit?), you might send a written request (preferably via a Return Receipt Requested mail-piece) to the landlord describing the problem and requesting that it be fixed in a timely fashion (perhaps give them a reasonable time limit). Obviously keep copies of this request and save the delivery receipt.

    If the landlord then fails to remedy the problem in a reasonable time (this period is probably determined by the severity of the problem, its impact on you, and the technical feasibility of fixing it within a given time-frame – but is probably on the order of days and rarely on the order of weeks for most problems), you may want to contact your local building code enforcement agency (city or county?) and describe the problem, what you’ve done to try to get it fixed, and request an inspection by a housing code compliance inspector. At least in some areas landlords jump pretty high when they receive an order from the housing department to fix a housing code violation because the cost of noncompliance can be high.

    Many areas have some sort of renter assistance entity that can at least give generic advice and educate landlords and tenants. Some have formal mediation programs as well. You should check the web page for your city, burrough, county, and state to see if such a program is offered. If you don’t find anything there, try calling the main (or “Information”) number for the local government – sometimes these things are hard to find.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Probably good advice. Remember though that the full cycle of foreclosure can take a while. Once the bank owns the property, they may be glad to have you break your lease (they might even pay you to leave) because they often want to be bankers, not landlords and, esp. with the “bubble”, might really not want to hang onto the house for any longer than they have to. But, IANAL so ignore everything I said!

  26. Anonymous Says:

    My apartment complex is the apartment is the complex from hell. My next door neighbors whom I’ve had problems with from the very beginning of my lease, just resigned a new lease. I’m upset beause after all I’ve been through with these people with their noise and them failing to cooperate, those idiots still let them renew anyway just because they have lived there for years. Not only were they involved in making life miserable for me but also some of the employees who live on sight (Except the manager who doesn’t live on sight) as well. They would also clue these neigbors out when something was about to happen so they knew what was going on. I saw them 2 times from my window. They would harass me because they were upset that I complained on the next door neighbors who were making too much noise. All of these people involved are of the same race as well. They basically took their side and felt sorry for them thinking that they are innocent because those jerks would pose as innocent when in fact they aren’t. I was going to wait to put in my 30 my notice to tell the manager everything that happened during my residency here and tell on all the employees who got involoved and then contact the property owners about the behavior of them as well. I just hate pouring out my cash every month to these people and when I do, I see red. When they signed their new lease all it meant to them was 3 more chances to screw up until next year. They wouldn’t even stop being noisy when they were warned that they wouldn’t be able to renew if they caused anymore disturbances.The manager should have been smarter than to let these people renew or what the manager should have done was transfer them to another unit but this person did not and so I’m stuck next to them until my lease is up. I am not planning to transfer to another unit to get away from them but move out when my lease is up. We’ll see what happens when those troublemakers get too noisy with the new tenants and they try to pull that innocent crap with management then. If only the people who lived there before me said something about it before they left and I moved in. I’ll post the name of this place on the apartmentratings websight when my lease is up and update you all on this blog what the title of this place is and location as well on what happens when I conact the manager and the property owners about what they have to say about this and what has been done. I wish that I could also talk to a lawyer to see if I would have a case against this complex as well. What do you think? It sounds more like a “Lifetime” movie story. Just wait until you read what I have to tell you, you’re going to fall out of your chair!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    You need to get ahold of the nearest legal aid office and contact one of the lawyers. You should be able to get out of the lease if you feel your life is in danger and if you have proof that your property has been damaged (make sure there is not a clause in your lease that states that the landlords are not responsible for the tenants property)

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I came home from Iraq and moved into a “luxury apartment” only to have my car stolen. Then I found out my downstairs neighbors enjoy loud music all night long to go with their cocaine dealing parties. The jerk was beating his girlfriend’s face in in broad daylight. We contacted the people in the office to show them what was going on and they didn’t even call the police. We had to, I guess they didn’t want to add to the thirteen pages of exisiting police reports for 5600 Babcock in San Antonio, TX. I broke my lease to move in to a house and now I have a collection agency posing as a law firm that call and harass my family. They made up all kinds of charges and say that it is going to ruin my credit. The place looked great when I was first moving in, I didn’t realize that none of the fancy equipment in the gym would work and that the security gates would be left open so that thieves would have easier access. Now I warn anyone who will listen to stay far away from this complex.

  29. Anonymous Says:



  30. Anonymous Says:

    For the future, if you need to check a place out before you move in, try going to

    They have reviews there, and you can get it by city, state, all that good stuff. It helped me move into my place. I think there’s a link on the top of this page. Hope this helps.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    How much longer until your lease is up? What type of lease is it?

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Take TONS of PICTURES, Get a LAYWER, Go to COURT!!!

  33. Anonymous Says:

    I need help with termination of my lease because i have found at least 4 industrial strength roaches within the three weeks i have lived there. i have contacted the office of this situation more than once and the problem has still not been solved. when i moved in i should have shopped around more because i remember hearing that neighbors of mine also had these unwanted invasions and they were also getting frustrated. the first day that i moved in it had a heriffic smell for over a week, it has those big roaches who get bigger ever time i see them, i have a snooty manger who suggests that i have already brought this pest with me from my last move, she also insists on coming into my home even without my permission. so who ever reads this please give me advice on how to terminate my lease now and get my freakin deposit back before i loose my mind.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Need Help!! I am renting a duplex in Texas, but have the opportunity to purchase my first house. How should I go about breaking my lease when I have 6 months left???? The only out clause I have is finding a tenant or subletting but would like to avoid those two options if possible. Could an excuse to get out be roaches and the fact that various items were promised to be fixed when I moved in and never have been fixed?

  35. Anonymous Says:

    My fiance and I just signed a lease, however he is currently deployed to Iraq. And we just found out, that once he gets home he will be stationed somewhere else. We still have a month before I move in, and three months until he is home. Is there any way I can get out of this lease?

  36. Anonymous Says:

    It’s under “3. Don some fatigues” There’s a link with all of the info.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    My friend lives in a complex where the man who lives below her is abusing his girlfriend. My friend has called the police multiply times and told her leasing agents that she is fearful of her life because the man figured out that she is the one calling and reporting him. The leasing agent said that is not a viable reason to get out of your lease. Is there anything she can do? She is afraid to stay there alone.

    Southern California renter’s friend

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Check with your apartment office to see if they have a roommate release form. Most apartment communities offer this. The one catch usually is, all responsible parties will have to be in agreement to sign the document to release you from the contract.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    I moved into my new apartment in Fort Lauderdale in October and there are many problems not evident when we signed the lease.

    1. The security gates and doors are constantly broken.
    2. They have a clause on their website that Dogs should be less than 35 pounds and no agressive dogs permitted in the building. Yet, there are large dogs and I even saw a pit bull in the building.
    3. The water that comes out of every faucet is yellow. Management says that all water in Fort Lauderdale is yellow. I don’t believe that.

    Are these grounds for terminating a lease early?

  40. Anonymous Says:

    We reside in a rental community in the Texas area with a pretty standard TAA lease agreement, although the “automatic renewal” is written in and the length of notice is longer than usual, there are no other variations. (We’ve been leasing in Texas for over 12 years now.) The problem we’re encountering recently is that of a new neighbor (who is not actually directly next to or under us but actually one unit over and another level down). They have the loudest surround sound system we’ve ever encountered and it is apparently hooked up to their television as well. We occupy the second and third floors and have been disturbed by this for days on end. There has even been a neighborly visit to ask for them to lower the volume to no avail. (And one not so neighborly by another tenant who IS actually door to door with them.)

    According to paragrah 21 in the lease agreement, we, as tenants, agree to not disturb or cause disturbances to other tenants, etc, etc. Is the leasing office or owner (we have the owners name, address, and telephone, the actual management of the property apparently changes often) that we need to contact via certified mail should we not be able to get this resolved?

  41. Anonymous Says:

    We have been living in this complex for about 14 months and for the past 6 months we have been having problems with water leaking. We have been having problems with roaches for the whole time we have been living here. Throughout our whole term we have been complaining about the roach problem and in turn been promised to extermination. Yet the apartment has been exterminated this did nothing to the number or the activity of the insects. For the last 4 months we have been having a problem with black mold growing in the ceiling of the After 3 1/2 months of complaining we finally get someone out to cut a hole in our ceiling but not fix the leak upstairs so it is now leaking directly from upstairs to our apartment. I also found that black mold is growing in the floor joyces (which are also rotting).


    angry tenant from delaware

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Ok, I’m 22 years old so I Don’t know to much of the legal jargain to get out of a lease, but i’ve had an issue with vandalism on many occations, dating back to october my Jeep Top has been Slashed To Threds twice, causing me to lose my insurance…getting a new insurance and it doubling….haven to fork out a combined $2000 for both Tops And Alarm with Motion Sensor And it still being torn to shreds, i just got my top fixed for the 3rd time (dec 26th) and i put a boat cover over the top (dont laugh) every night to prevent further vandalism…I’ve notified the apt managers every time…Even when my car was screwed up these people would unzip my back window everynight to remind me they are still there….Due to this i never get any sleep, my alarm goes off at all hours of the night whether its windy, raining, or if someone really is messing with it because of the motion sensor…i’ve got 2 police reports, receipts of the 2 tops plus alarm system…and i constructed a list of the every day shit i have to go through here, There is no security here because its a So Called “Safe Neighborhood”. On The Lease it States That they are not responsible for any Vandalism committed on the property, but im not interested in reinbursement, i just want an end of lease contract formulated so this will not be an issue no more, also since i got my top fixed with the boat cover on top there have been nice little indentions in my top where an attempted vandalism has begun but was thwarted by either my alarm or thickness of my boat cover, i shouldn’t have to live like this, i wrote down on the list of concerns safety being a factor, because everytime my alarm goes off i run downstairs with my baseball bat ready to kill somebody, i shouldn’t have to do this, give me some advice plz, im in north carolina and i’ve actually searched the North Carolina Rental Laws and nothing is really stated about vandalism????

  43. Anonymous Says:

    umm yeah!! You have grounds for immediate termination of your lease right there water infiltration!!! The apartment complex was responsible for immediate clean up of your water and damaged items, although they are not responsible for the items damaged thats what insurance is for also your landlord is responsible for putting you up in a hotel while everything is properly repaired ! and/or they can also move you into another unit in your complex permanetly also

  44. Anonymous Says:

    I’m 20 yrs old and I signed my lease in October. Three months later I was followed home by a strange man. He saw what apartment I went into and everything. I live by myself and I was so scared. I filed a police report the next day. I’ve been living with my parents ever since. I signed a 12 month lease! Even though I haven’t lived in the apartment for 2 months I’ve been paying rent and utilities. I live in Ohio and i have no idea what to do. I’m allowed to sublease but I’ve had no luck. HELP

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Ya you are pretty much SOL. My advice would be to either invest in a hardtop. Yeah they are expensive but may be cheaper than buying softtops all the time or just to trade and get another vehicle.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Holy crap I would hate to know that you are a leasing manager because the amount of grammatical errors you made is terrible. Although tenants looking to break your lease might find it easy from some errors in the agreement. =-)

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Are you sure you are not just being paranoid over someone watching you. Being 20 years old im sure that you are getting alot of looks. Did this man actually come to your door or something. The police office probably threw your file in the trash when you left. Plus where do you live in the ghetto. Most apartment places I find are pretty well lit especially around student apartments and ususally there are plenty of other people around to not have to worry.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    We signed a lease in October. We had a neighbor downstairs who didn’t smoke. Then our neighbor moved out, and someone who is a chain smoker moved in. Our apartment now *always* reeks of cigarette smoke.

    My wife is asthmatic and allergic to tobacco. We asked the Landlords to ask the guy downstairs to smoke outside, or to seal off our apartment from his so we don’t smell it. The landlord said they asked the person downstairs to smoke outside, but he still doesn’t. Also, the landloard said they would seal off our apartment, but at our own cost. Is that legal? And since, in my opinion, it’s a health issue, whose responsibility is it? Can we break our lease over it?


  49. Anonymous Says:

    i dont believe anything will happen to your credit.
    i broke a lease a few years ago but i paid for the remaining rent so i didnt owe any money – i believe the only way to have problems with your credit is if there is an actually JUDGEMENT against you from the landlord, and why would he do anything like that as long as you paid him what you owed?

  50. Anonymous Says:

    You might want to check on the legal issues dealing with mold. Because of the toxicity of mold in living spacesthe landlord might be required to remove it or allow you to break your lease. some areas equate mold to asbestos. so do some research and see what is allowable in your area.

  51. Anonymous Says:

    sounds like alvern gardens apt as i do have a problem with the smoker who lives upstairs across from me and the smoke find a way to sneak to my apt; i think you got a good case and if the landlord does not help, take them to the nonsense Judge Judy

  52. Anonymous Says:

    HELP!! I had moved from a not-so-great apartment complex in October to a very nice ‘luxury’ apartment complex. I never had any problems at my old complex, it was older, but never a problem with noise, management, or neighbors. The complex I moved into is in a very nice area of town and is only about 5 years old. It is gated, beautifully well kept grounds, and very nice floorplans and features. I did plenty of research before I moved in. I didn’t want to move into a complex where there was a bunch of teenagers or college students, and this price range (I thought) would limit the number of problems, partying or noise that was typical in the lower price range apartments. Here is my problem, I moved into my apartment, and was mortified to find out that the apartment they gave me was not like the two (of the same floorplan) they had shown me. This apartment was set up for handicapped access and had a completely different bathroom and lowered counters (I am tall!) and the bedroom closet was 1/3 smaller. They apologized and unfortunateley they didn’t have another apartment available for almost two months. So they agreed to lower my rent by $20. for the two months I would be in the wrong apartment, and they would pay for the movers and utility transfer fees to move me to the next apartment. Well, during those two months, I was forced to live out of my boxes, and I had the neighbors from hell living upstairs. They would fight for an hour or two some nights, screaming at the top of their lungs always around 2 AM. I had to call the police on one occasion. Then I noticed my patio was wet all of the time, I didn’t think much of it until my plant that I had grown for over a year, turned yellow and brown, and when I smelled the plant, it smelled like dog urine. I picked off all of the dead parts and didn’t think too much of it until one day I smelled dog poop and looked into the grass and saw at least 12 poops laying there less than a foot from my patio, I then realized the wetness on my patio everyday was dog piss. It was on everything!! My really nice wicker chairs with cushions smelled of pure piss. Upon further examination, it was all over my sliding glass doors, and my chairs, and it even stained the ceiling of my balcony where it was running off of my upstairs neighbors patio. Apparently they just let their large breed dog go to the bathroom on their balcony, and just swept off the poop, and let the urine run off, rather than walking the darned thing. I notified the apartments and wanted reimbursement for my patio furniture. They took care of the problem, maintenance hosed off my patio, and said they would get a check to me for my furniture on more than one occasion. That has been almost 3 months ago. When it came time for me to move, the property manager was too busy to arrange the move, and asked if I would just like to call and arrange it myself. So I did, there were no stipulations or limits given to me on the move. I tried to find a reasonable company to move and arranged the move. The movers then ended up charging alot more than they quoted. A month later the moving company is calling me threatening to send ME to collections because it had been almost 30 days and the apartments were dragging their feet on paying them. I called the apartments the next morning and they had just paid it. Now I am finally in the correct apartment, but have upstairs neighbors that sound like they try and stomp when they walk, my light fixtures rattle in the kitchen when they walk. There are some other young teen girls that live in the next building that have called me a whore when I stepped out on my patio to nicely ask them to consider their neighbors one night when they were outside screaming and laughing and running around with a camera at 3 AM. Then I was treated to them screaming HAPPY NEW YEAR, SLUT a few nights later for new years (also around 3 AM) I AM FED UP!! Now my heater is not working. I will have to call it in today.
    I went and got preapproved for a mortgage and have found a little house I would love to buy, do I have grounds to get out of my lease? I still have 9 months left on my lease, but this has been an AWFUL living experience for me.
    I still have not received the compensation they have promised me for my patio chairs that were ruined.

  53. Anonymous Says:

    PS, I Live in Fort Worth TX (for the above post)

  54. Anonymous Says:

    what about renting a house and its full of cockroaches, it been 3 weeks since they sprayed for the roaches and there still there, the bathroom has dry rot, feels like you will fall threw, the garage has 2 inches of water on the floor from the last rain. we paid 6 months in advance, We haven’t even moved in yet. And don’t want any part of it. Can we get all of our money back? please comment… can we get of the lease, because we didn’t know that all this was here.

  55. Anonymous Says:

    Put an ad in the paper, craigslist, etc and see if you can find someone to take over your apartment. Usually the apartment management can have the person qualify for the apartment on their own and have them sign a new lease with your name removed. This is the best thing to do, depending on the cost to break the lease, it may be cheaper to break the lease.

  56. Anonymous Says:

    Can I withhold rent?

  57. Anonymous Says:

    If you lose your job in NY can you break an apt lease?

  58. Anonymous Says:

    Your story doesn’t add up. It seems like your not ready to leave home yet.

    You lease your apartment in October and 3 mos later the stranger followed you home. That would be Oct, Nov and Dec he must have followed you home around the 1st of January or the end of Dec! Right!

    Your letter dated Jan. 7th said that you haven’t lived in your apartment for the past 2 months. Right!

    Lets see 2 months back from Jan 7th would be Nov 7th that you moved back home with Mom & Dad. Right! Only 1 month after leasing your apartment. Long before the strange man followed you to your apartment.

    If you are ever to grow-up and get out of your parents home you need to be more confident. Have you ever thought of taking a self-defense course. It may lessen the fear of living alone. A cell phone with a speed dial to the police department emergency can be a useful tool too. (if you can’t afford one many women’s groups give them out free but they only connect to 911 emergency), also a whistle can be helpful too! Also a little counseling maybe in order so you don’t make the mistakes many young girls do by marrying the 1st guy that comes along as a subsitute for her parents.

    Its not easy being an adult. But at 20 yrs old you should be moving out of your parents home and accepting responsibility. If you indeed signed a 12 month lease you should honor that commitment. Its what grown-ups do.

    If you cannot stand to untie Mommys apron strings, and move, talk to your landlords but be honest with them. Let them know the truth. Tell them you thought you wanted to move away from home and be an adult. But after doing so, you are having second thoughts. That you didn’t know how hard it would be. Ask if they have any sugesstions on how you could shorten the lease or would they help you with renting it to another. Its possible, if you are honest, they may be willing to help you.

    But be ready if they don’t, You may have to learn a valuable life lesson on what it means to be a responsible adult, while you continue to live at your parents and pay for an apartment you don’t use. When you sign a contract as an adult it is binding and you can be held financially liable. You need to consider this before you sign it, Especally if you cannot hold up your end of the bargain. Remember its not your landlords fault you do not want to grow up nor is it your landlords fault if you allow someone to follow you home. You are responsible for your own actions.

    I hope you work this out. It would be nice to hear that you are going back to your apartment to be a confident responsible adult. Best of Luck, Your Dutch Uncle

  59. Anonymous Says:

    Does anyone have any advice? When I moved into my apartment on the 3rd floor (no elevator) my husband and I had no idea that we would be getting pregnant. Now I am 8 months along and I cannot medically walk up the stairs. Is this a reason that you can break the lease? Please help, This is the most miserable situation.

  60. Anonymous Says:

    We just bought a house and are closing this month, January20th. My fiance’s apartment lease is up in July of 2006. To break it the lease we have the following conditions because we received 5 free months:

    5 free months at 1095 per month, 5475
    5 months to break the lease at 1095 per month, 5475
    270 off each month since may, 2430
    total 13380

    Is there anything we can do because we just bought a house? A friend mentioned that if you buy a house they are suppose to give you a lighter penalty but I haven’t heard that before.

  61. Anonymous Says:

    about 6 mons ago i signed a lease to a very nice apartment. the property itself is only been there for about 8 or 9 months. When i signed the lease i was under the term of first come first serve parking. not to long later i come out in the morning and my car was towed. I missed work and school that day. I had to call the police dept to find out where my car is and only to find out later that evening that the apt complex change the rules and that every tenants need to have a sticker to park in a first come first serve parking. Even after all the talking and arguing with the girl down at the office i still had to pay 200 hundred dollars to get my car back. I was upset because during my conversation with the girl down at the office (she was being rude and very unfriendly) i was told that and i quote “visitors are not allowed on the premises and that they are to park outside on the street if they wanted to come by” might i say the street is a two way. Which is not safe for traffice coming both way and having parked cars in the way. I have two cars one of which is my dad name. I was told that if i dont have papers showing that the car belong to me or in my name then they can’t give me a parking permit. That leaves me to park it outside and walking into my home. But lately there has been alot of robbery going on. It started with cars being broken into now there is actual people being robbed and gun point. I have emailed the corporation twice and i have not recieve any response from them. And i dont feel safe i work so by the time i get home it is dark out. The community has gate around the property except there is no gate at the entrance that means any one can come and go as they please. With this being brought to there attention they have no intentions on putting any entrance gates though they keep sending out letters stating that they are concern for the tenants safety. Also lately there has been so much noise going on. There is a few motorcycles parked by my apt and just about every night they start their bikes and make noises along with theirs friends who also have bikes. I dont think that it is fair that i as a tenant who pays rent on time and never cause any trouble being treated like this. i deserved a parking space and i should be able to feel safe. Is there anything i can do to better the situation or break the lease.

  62. Anonymous Says:

    I moved in with my ex boyfriend… I moved out when he decided the ex part… I went to our apartment office, they told me I was responsable for 60days of rent in which I paid…well a month later I get a call from the ex that says that I have to pay until May or else he will take me to court…the thing is, we agreed that I would pay for 60 days and then he would be on his own…I have proof of this, he wrote it on his live journal…what do I do?

  63. Anonymous Says:


  64. Anonymous Says:

    The reply about “growing up” was kinda harsh, because even the most “responsible” adult would be scared crazy if someone followed them home (by the way, she probably didn’t LET him do that!). Anyway, let the landlord and police know that there is a safety issue and you are feeling that you may be in danger. Hopefully your landlord will understand and you might be able to get another apartment in the same complex in a different building.

  65. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah I saw a show about a toxic kind of mold that was growing in a family’s house. They had permanent neurological problems from it and it covered their house so thoroughly, the whole house and everything they owned had to be demolished. The husband couldn’t even remember his son’s name, he had to resign from his job, etc. Mold is definitely a health hazard and a major issue so do anything you have to (complain to the health department, etc) to get it investigated!!!

  66. Anonymous Says:

    witness protection program (i’m not kidding.)

  67. Anonymous Says:

    I am researching broken leases & the outrageous fees added by Texas apartment companies. I would love to know more about your situation. Please email me: I am particularly focusing on the “agency posing as a law firm” & the fees charged above the normal monthly payment you were making while you lived there. This is happening all over the state!! Please contact me.

  68. Anonymous Says:

    I am researching broken leases & the outrageous fees added by Texas apartment companies. I would love to know more about your situations. Please email me: I am particularly focusing on the “agency posing as a law firm” & the fees charged after lease-breaking above the normal monthly payment you were making while you lived there. This is happening all over the state!! Please contact me.

  69. Anonymous Says:

    Can an apt complex change the terms of a lease before it expires? We currently pay to have 2 covered parking spaces, as parking at our apt. complex is an utter nightmare if you don’t. Our office just gave everyone a notice saying that everyone would be assigned only one space and that the other space would have to be found amongst the non-existent “free” parking. Can they do this?

  70. Anonymous Says:

    i have a silimar situation where we owed the months free and because we gave on ly 30 days notive instead of 60 days, we pay two additional months penalty. we were turned over to collection agency immediately. there is nothing that i know that can relieve some of the beating to the pocketbook. if you here anything let me know…

  71. Anonymous Says:

    Unfortunately there is no “break” for new homeowners, the 5 months rent to “break” the lease seems a little steep. The free rent payback is definitely owed back to the property. I would make sure the management company can legally charge a tenant 5 months rent as a lease term break penalty. Most communities only charge 60-90 days of rent.

  72. Anonymous Says:

    The apartment community does not have to let you out of your lease, but they should be required to allow you to transfer “free of charge” to a ground floor unit because of your medical condition.

  73. Anonymous Says:

    If there is a felony like a murder committed in you’re complex you can legally break your’e lease, a murder happend in the buiding behind mine and the complex immediately sent out a memo offering counseling and they lowered my rent, I found out later they had people leave in droves

  74. Anonymous Says:

    FYI for anybody who has had anything go to a collection agency and it has already hit you’re credit you might as well not pay it, it won’t fix the ding on you’re credit and if you don’t pay for 10 years it goes off you’re record, but you’re record starts over if you pay on it, I have great credit but I worked at a collection agency just some advice

  75. Anonymous Says:

    I live in a bottom apt. and new tenants just moved in above me. the problem I am having and did not have with the last tenant above me, is that all day and even up to 12:30 am they are jumping and banging on the floor,the banging is very loud and to the point of giving me a head ache. I have asked them not to be so loud and to consider that they are above other people and to be condiderate of this ,but as of yet they continue , I am kept up late and woken in my sleep due to the there any thing I can do ???sincerely ,disgruntled neighbor

  76. Anonymous Says:

    I signed a 12 months lease along with my daughter to live in an apartment. Apparently we signed a concession agreement. That is the rent was reduced $190 a month for the 12 months. She lost her job and being without transportation decided to move back home. We gave notice and paid an additional 3 months rent then, turned in the keys and vacated the apartment. Now they say we owe over $3000 in fees for the concession and termination fees. What can we do. They say collection agency will be called. What can we do to avoid this?

  77. Anonymous Says:

    I broke a lease 2 months early in Fort worth tX apt complex. I really didn’t have a good reason. However they charged me 3800 dollars for all sorts of things such as retexturing bathrooms and bedrooms, concession payback, carpet replacement water billing for 6 months( I never received a bill)move in specials two washer dryer fee’s, termination fees relet fees. When I called them to set up a payment plan so I could rent another apt later on they said they wouldn’t take anything but the full payment. I’m 25 and I was 23 at the time. I don’t have this kind of money anywhere. Should I get a lawyer. I love TX but I sure hate TX apt complexes

    -ftworth girl

  78. Anonymous Says:

    The only thing i can think of is to get a letter from your doctor and bring that to court if you break the lease and the landlord sues you for the money.

  79. Anonymous Says:

    Threaten them. Annoy them everyday. Be at thier door as soon as they open, and, if they haven’t done anything that day, be there when they’re about to leave.

    Someone will recognize you eventually… Look into legal action, it may be worth it.

  80. Anonymous Says:

    Does rape count as a felony? One of the maintenance men entered a single young lady’s unit across the parking lot last year, cornered her, and raped her. This maintenance man lived in the unit above and next to my husband and me. I found out about it from a neighbor, and from the Ft. Worth police department. Our apartment office never sent any sort of notice out to residents about the crime. Is there a time limit from when an incident occurs until one breaks a lease?

  81. Anonymous Says:

    you dont have to live in the ghetto for someone to follow you home. or you could be in my situation, where just about every place in or near this city is a varying degree of ghetto, but theres nothing you can do about it at this point in time because of your obligations which require you to be in or near this city.

  82. Anonymous Says:

    I moved in with a roomate and had a falling out. We both signed the lease. Now I have been kicked out. Can I get out of the lease so that I can rent my own apartment?

  83. Anonymous Says:

    I have a month-to-month lease next month because I don’t know when I am moved.
    Now, I’m searching for a job so I will move out whenever the job is ready.
    However, my apt management office says that I need to give alt least 60 days notice before I move out. I can’t understand that how I can notice them 60 days ahead. I would better get 6 month lease if I have time to notice 60 days. Some place needs only 7 days notice to make a termination. Please help me what to do to.

  84. Anonymous Says:

    Do I need to pay back the concessions? I am on a 12-month lease for my apartment which will end in June. When we signed our contract, we received a $175 concession per month.

    Recently, I found a house on a quick sale but I need close the deal by the end of February (4 mos left to the end of the lease). I asked the leasing staff how much I had to pay to break the lease. She told me that I need pay 2 full months and pay back all the lease concessions that I received during my stay in the unit. I checked the contract, and I only found the clause about the 2 months rent (not even saying full month or the rent with concession), and nothing about paying back all the concessions during the time I stayed in the apartment. I am ready to pay the 2 months rent, but not the concession for the 8 months I stayed in the apartment.

    If I had to pay the concessions back, I am indifference between paying the remaining 4 months of my contract or paying the penalty for breaking the contract.

    Can I insist that because there are no clause about paying back the concessions, and only the 2 months lease penalty, that I will only pay the 2 months penalty stated in the lease contract?

    Any advice?

  85. Anonymous Says:

    My husband and I were having problems and I ended up leaving him. Before I left him I had been talking with the aprtment complex letting them knwo what was going on. They knew 4 months in advance that this would happen. I left in November and he stayed there thru half of December. The apartment complex says we owe $3200. I found out that the rented the aprtment one month later. Can they still ask for the rest of the lease amount if they rented the aprtment out? I don’t think I should be liable for some of that if they knew in advance that I was having problems with my ex.

  86. Anonymous Says:

    An apartment complex cannot collect double rent. Whatever portion of your $3200 that was considered rent cannot be collected once a new person occupied the apartment. However, cancellation fees and notice fees (most places require a 30- 60 day notice and if you fail to give it you must pay through it) would still be owed. It doesn’t matter that the complex knew in advance of your personal problems. Everything has to be in writing.

  87. Anonymous Says:

    It’s very common for a complex to require you to pay back the concession if you break your lease. The concession was given with the agreement that you were staying through whatever date your lease expires. I would read that lease, EVERY page of it; it most likely states that breaking the lease requires concession payback. If you can’t find it ask the office staff to point out where it states that in the lease. If they can’t and in fact dosen’t state it within the lease agreement, I would argue it too.

  88. Anonymous Says:

    If you are in fact on a month-to-month lease, 30 days notice is all that is required by law. Read your lease agreement carefully; if you have been told differently, I assume you were given wrong information.

  89. Anonymous Says:

    If you no longer reside in the apartment getting your name off the lease would be in your best interest. Most apartments will provide a “roomate release” form that is signed by all lease holders to relieve you of your rental obligations. It is important that the remaining roomate(S) can qualify for the aparment alone in order to approve the release. Talk to the leasing office; they can advise you of the best plan of action to take.

  90. Anonymous Says:

    Contact the office to advise them of the problem. Document everything and be specific.

  91. Anonymous Says:

    Whoa you got a HUGE special when you moved in. Unfortunalty, everyone must fufill the same lease breakage penalties, regardless of the reason you need to move. Refer back to the signed lease agreement: you are required to fufill whatever is stated as the lease breakage penalty within the lease agreement.

  92. Anonymous Says:

    You should inquire in the office about a transfer within the property.

  93. Anonymous Says:

    I’m a fellow soft-top jeep owner and feel your pain. Are there garages on the property? Maybe you could rent one? Unfortunatly the lease agreement covers the landlord and you cannot break your lease without penalty for the vandalism issue.

  94. Anonymous Says:

    My fiance and I just moved to Houston from Dallas. Not knowing anything about the area we drove around for days looking for a new place. Thinking we had found a nice place in the Galleria area we moved in about 2 weeks ago. Three of my neighbors apts have been broken into in the last week. Cars are constantly vandalized, I have seen people smoking pot in the stairways, drug deals, people screaming and beating eachother in the breezeways and our neighbor told us of a girl who just got shot in the parking lot. On our visit this neighborhood seemed pretty nice. It’s well kept, quiet (during the middle of the day while we were there of course) and seemed just like a normal place. We have renter’s insurance and car insurance of course, but now i just don’t feel safe at all. The burgalers broke in the front window and took everything (even his underwear from his drawers). I’m even too afraid to take my dogs out to go potty by myself so i make them wait until my fiance gets home. Is there anything i can do b/c it’s such a security issue? we REALLY REALLY want to leave…NOW!!!

  95. Anonymous Says:

    My husband and I signed a new lease about 4 months ago and 3 out of those 4 months we have had to make police reports. 2 of them were because of our cars and the other one was from someone trying to get in the apartment while I was home alone with our one year old. My husband works a lot because he is a restaurant manager and I am a stay at home mom. I have lived on my own for since I was 17 and have never had to worry about my safety before, but now I am always paranoid, I always have to worry about if my car will be there when i walk outside or if when he goes to work if someone is going to try to come in. It is really starting to stress me out and is keeping me from sleeping or from normal daily activities. What can I do. I can’t keep living this way, but we have about 6 more months on our lease.

  96. Anonymous Says:

    Me and my wife are finalizing our house it closes on march 17th of this year, my contract is up with the apartment complex. When we originally moved in, the apartment was a nice and safe place to live. Since then two and a half years ago, now it is infested with trouble-some individuals, there have been so many robberies and attacks at the complex, even a rapist was terrorizing the complex. I work out of town six days and off for three, my wife and four children are alone a lot due to my hectic schedual. There have been so many complaints by us about the toilets leaking and flooding the apartment three times (I am talking about flooding the whole down stairs). A water leak that went on for two years and was never really looked into, my furniture in the closet was ruined. An old sewer system that was never really maintained by the city. In the past six months the local police department has been to the apartment grouds at least 200+ times (no lie), we have non-working security systems in each apartment. The agreement was if you paid for it, then if enough sign up for it they will start the service. Well, no one signed up, and we were charged for four months extra for a non working security system. The entrance gates have never worked since we have moved in in 2003, so everyone can come and go as the please, even if they do not live there. For six months I was fighting with my electric company about my bill, when they finally showed up, we discovered that it was the apartment’s fault for not servicing the heater and air conditioning systems. We complained to them everyday for six months, and nothing was ever done. My van has been broken into and vandalized twice, the radio was stolen out of it, my car was also vandalized, the magement said there was nothing for them to do about it, I should file a Police report and I did, nothing has happened since. When we moved in the assisant manager (Now Fired) called the electric company with out my knowledge, and told them we were not moving in until a later day, so they did not turn my power on. I had to spend three hours on the phone to convince them to come over and turn it on, plus it cost me an extra 500 dollars for immeditate service. Management has changed so much in the past two years, and so have all of the rules. We will have one month left on my contract, and I can not possible afford to pay a house note of 1200 and a 900 apartment note as well, for a rat hole. When we moved in i actually liked the place, it was safe, my wife could walk to work with no worries. We have been informed that there is a courticey officer on the grouds, well i have never seen him, and i am up all night. One night in particular, I saw A person, that fit the description of the security officer, well, I tried to walk over to him, and he took off running the other way. I need to break the lease, I am not happy, we have bent over backwards for this place, now they want to fine us 500 dollars for having patio furniture on our patio, and my childrens bikes.

  97. Anonymous Says:

    Usually when a resident brings in a Dr’s note, they will allow them to transfer within the community to “accomadate” you. I would consider doing as the other person said and contact your rental office. They should help your situation out. If all else fails go above the manager and see what their boss says.

  98. Anonymous Says:

    NO. they will file on you in court. You should go to the courts and open a “escrow” account. Deposit your rent money in there. The only thing is that unless there are damages in the apartment and that is why your withholding rent. Otherwise your wasting your time. Pay your rent!

  99. Anonymous Says:

    I can relate. I live in Nashville, TN in a not-too-bad apartment – until recently. I’ve had my radio stolen once from my car, the whole car stolen and recovered, and my soft canvas top on a utility trailer slashed and one set of wheel blocks stolen. The trailer is in a storage now with other belongings. And while it’s usually quiet, recently we’ve gotten the neighbors from hell with the loud music at crazy hours and the stomping “elephant ballet” above us and of course it’s all “with attitude”. Sounds to me like you live in one of those neighborhoods the local scumbags like to mess with. Not likely you can get out of a lease with that. Maybe you know someone you can get to take over your lease.

  100. Anonymous Says:


  101. Anonymous Says:

    Check state laws, they can over rule anything written in a lease. for example the state of Oklahoma reqires 30 days notice given….yet My current Lease on our apartment states 60 days….guess who would win in court!

  102. Anonymous Says:

    Let him take you to court, don’t you watch Judge Judy? She would tell him to kiss it. You have it in writing that he was going to be responsible after th 60 days. Make sure you have a copy of the check or a reciept from the apartment complex to prove you paide 60 days.

  103. Anonymous Says:

    My daughter has six months remaining on her lease. This past weekend gunshots were fired into the apartment below her. Her roomates and her feel that they are in danger. When they signed the lease a security gate was in place. It was removed 2 months after they moved in. Based on this should they not be able to break the lease without much cost

  104. Anonymous Says:

    Hello, I moved into an apartment complex 7 months ago and when I was moving in, I paid a deposit and the terms of the lease were 6 mos. with a concession of $400 per month. Now that I’m trying to move out, they provided me with a copy of my signed lease showing the lease term of 12 months! I still have the signed deposit sheet showing 6 months. I believe the leasing agent may have changed this at the last minute to earn more commissions as he had quit a couple days later.

    They are now saying that I must pay 2 months penalty (at full price) plus the concession x 7 (for 7 months) which is actually more money than it would cost to stay there for 5 more months. I feel like Im being con’d into staying there.

    When I approach management to have a simple conversation and state my position on how I believe either I was mislead or there was a simple mistake with the lease print-out they litterally claim that they are too busy to meet with me.

    I really need to move out as my income has changed and without moving I am spending 4 hours + $25/day in gas commuting, so staying there is the worst option.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


  105. Anonymous Says:

    I signed a lease on Fri. to move into an apt. on Sat. The mgr. said it would be ready Sat. so, that would’ve been my first time seeing it. I wasn’t able to find movers until Mon. and I called to notify them about this. On Mon. I called to confirm I’d be moving in that day and they said they were expecting me. My movers and I finally get there on Mon. and their maintenance people are painting the stair rails and molding on the inside of these walls, there is no window in the living room and the mgr. tells me my bathtub needs significant repairs but that the work orders have been drawn up. It was already 6pm and they close at 7pm. They said they were working to replace my window, however, no one was in my apt. doing such a thing. I told them they failed to provide a habitable place for me to live at that point and they put me out a lot of money because there was no way my movers could move my furniture up the stairway without damaging it. One of them had already gotten paint on his hands and clothes from taking a few simple items upstairs. The carpet had many large black stains on it and did not look clean; it even had a huge, green bubblegum patch in the entryway. They said they could clean it again though did not refute when I said the carpet had obviously not been washed. I want to take them to court to get my $410 back for moving expenses and have it official that they broke the terms of my lease with them. Do I have a good case?

  106. Anonymous Says:

    You should beware of signing a lease before you see the apartment you were going to be living in. You might have a case because technically they broke the agreement of the lease to have the apartment ready by the specified date, however, you also technically broke the same agreement because you weren’t moved in by the specified date. I feel that you have a better case than the landlord, however, beware.

  107. Anonymous Says:

    I just moved into my apt a week ago. When I first saw the apt, the landlord said that they were going to have a professional come clean the apt because the previous tenants had destroyed it. Even though I really didn’t want to sign the lease, I signed it on Feb.1st, but couldn’t move in because I hadn’t showed proof of electricity. I felt like I had no choice. If I didn’t sign the lease by the 1st, they would have kept my 100.00 holding deposit and put the apt back up for rent. The next day i showed them a electricity receipt ,but they still wouldn’t let me move in because the electricity was in there name and not mine. I was finally able to move in on the 3rd. My apt still needs alot of work. I paid a 400.00 deposit and my rent is going to be 625.00 a month. The air conditioner doesn’t work, theres paint and stains all over the rug, cracks and dents everywear. Outside is okay, but late at nite, you can tell that someone is smoking weed, and its really strong too. Is there anyway that I can break my lease and still get my deposit back?

  108. Anonymous Says:

    Failure to properly do repairs…

    We turned in our 60day notice that we would be moving out when our lease ends on March 13th.
    Then a couple weeks later our bathroom overflowed raw sewage from the mainline out of our toilet and tub all over the bathroom and into the carpet of our bedroom, closet, and hallway. This is the 3rd time this has happened. Each time they have not properly repaired/cleaned the contaminated areas.
    We notified emergency maintenance and they called out a plumber to unclog the pipes.
    Now the apartment manager claims that the clog was our fault, although she has no proof, and is trying to force us to pay the plumbers and carpet vacuuming bill. She is threatening us with a lawyer if we do not pay within 1 week, but she will not release the apartment owner’s phone number so that we can discuss this with them.
    According to our local health department, anything contaminated with “Black Water” should be removed if it is a porous material which includes carpet, dry wall, linoleum etc and should be decontaminated with biocides.
    The only thing the apartments have done about this manner is have a plumber unclog the pipes and sent someone to vacuum up the excess “water”.
    We have an appointment to talk with our city’s coding enforcer, who will perhaps send someone to inspect our apartment.
    However the health department does agree, after seeing the photos of our apartment, that the unit is uninhabitable and unsanitary although until someone inspects the property and declares it unhealthy they have no authority in this matter.
    Not only do we refuse to pay for the cost of repairs, but we would like to terminate our lease a couple weeks early so that we can get the heck out of an unlivable environment.
    Should I send a written notice that we will terminate the lease contract early due to their failure to properly repair our apartment, provide us with a sanitary habitable living space, or to provide us with another unit?
    We are also trying to contact legal aid since they have threatened us with a lawyer.

  109. Anonymous Says:

    Unfortunately, uour liability does not depend on a personal situation just as with a mortgage or auto loan. However, depending on what state, county or city you were renting in, an apartment owner is not able to charge double rent per day – meaning if they are collectiong rent from the new renter, your rental opbligation ends the day prior to their move-in. To be sure, review your move-out statement. Are they charging you “rent” or a lease penalty (sometimes listed as an early termination fee or insufficient notice). If it is anything but rent, fight them in court and they will likely lose. If it is rent, you need to determine the exact date the new residents moved in. I would consult an attorney to determine what the landlord/tenant laws are where you were renting.

  110. Anonymous Says:

    It is customery for the concession to be billed back if the lease is broken. Fortunately, if it is not in writing, they cannot force you to pay it back. Insist they produce documentation stating you need to pay back the concession.

  111. Anonymous Says:

    I have been in the property management industry for a few years now. The laws are different in different states. I have worked in Delaware and Maryland and both have required 60 days notice on a month-to-month lease. Yes, I know it doesn’t make sense! However, you may be confused…. you only have to give 30 days notice in some states if your current employer transfers you out of state. In that case, you only have to give 30 days notice and DO NOT have to pay any penalties. Watch out for that… some management companies will try to get buy out fees and lease termination fees no mater what!

  112. Anonymous Says:

    Unfourtantley, the answer is no. Most property managers don’t care about roommate issues and your roommate CAN NOT kick you out of the apartment. Your name is on the lease too. The only thing I can suggest and I always do sugggest to my residents is that you take your roommate to civil court to work out the situation.

  113. Anonymous Says:

    If it is in your lease, then NO they can’t do that. They would have to wait until it expires to make any changes. You signed because of the conditions you were promised legally by the office. If they change it in the middle of your lease,, you can actually take them to court.

  114. Anonymous Says:

    No, you cannot break the lease due to your condition…. by the way Congrats! What you can do and what I usually allow my residents to do is to switch apartments if they sign a new 12 month lease. That way they still get their money and you have better access to your apartment. Talk to your property manager in person about doing this. Most of them will let you because they are still getting paid and “retaining their residents”. LOL

  115. Anonymous Says:

    Usually if you get fired or laid off you can’t break your lease. However… if your present employer transfers you out of state or within so many miles, you only have to give 30 days notice and not recieve any penalties. HINT: Get a former collegaue to write you a “tranfer letter” on your companies letterhead

  116. Anonymous Says:

    I have been living in my new apartment for about a month and a half last week Sunday(12th)-Monday(13th) my boyfriends car was stolen from our premises he went to go to work and his car was gone. We made a police report concering this and i went and talked to my lanlord she said she woud double up on security rounds. and on Thursday(16th)- Friday(17th) My car was ram sacked and torn apart i then got of work early and change my accounts and then went back to my lanlord and told her that another one of our veichles had been broken into she then told her assistant to call and double up on security i belive she never did it in the first place cause my car would have not been broken into also when i first looked at the apaments i asked them what there crime rate was on veichles and Natasha (another one of her assistance) said none on monday(13th) i asked the lanlord (manager) what was there crime rate again i was told this is the first time i have had anything like this happen. (his car was found later that day and we retrieved it) On friday when i went in again to tell them about my car they right away assumed i was being targted by one of my own enimies i replied i have no eniemies. thats when she said she double up on secutiy (again might i add this should have been done on monday 13th. Wheni spoke with the police officer who came out and made a report of it the both snickered and said they have been here alot for crime and other things to do with this aparment. I then asked my friend who has lived ther about a month longer than i had if she had ever seen a security veichle drive by she said the first two weeks i lived her yes but sense then no my boyfriend also said he had never seen a security veichle drive by sense i had moved in. My question now is do i have legal right to move out of my aparment and void my contaract sense it was basically voided after they told me they had no theft or anything like that and then i hear different from someone in the law enforcement. Please get back to ASAP
    Thank You

  117. Anonymous Says:

    I occupied a double-br apartment 2 weeks ago and learnt this afternoon that my project is getting over in 5 weeks. The lease is for 6 months and am wondering if there is like 14 day or 30 day rule for tenants which can be used to minimize the penalties if i walked in and tried to re-word or rectify the lease agreement. Any pointers appreciated. Thanks.

  118. Anonymous Says:

    I am in a similar situtation, please post any updates you may have.

  119. Anonymous Says:


    my husband and I are about to close on a house too. We are now in review. I have one month left on my lease but I never had any problems in our apartment. After reading our lease over I read that i was supposed to let him know in writting three months in advance. I will talk to him tomorrow and see but i’m so scared that he will make us pay. I defetnetly cant affor a 2300.00 mortgage and a 975.00 rent at the same time?

  120. Anonymous Says:

    It’s your responsibilty to do some research about the community before you moved in. There are many websites that list crime reports by area and address. I think the Sunday newspaper lists every single police call and is sorted by county. You can’t simply ask the person who is about to make a commision off of you and expect them to report all the break-ins and thefts that happen in the complex. Your landlord has no duty to provide security unless otherwise stated in the lease agreement. You cannot break your lease becuase of what someone told you (or didn’t tell you). Look into renting a garage.

  121. Anonymous Says:

    I have a similiar question as post #183. My company is transferring me to a store that is 60 miles away from where I live. The community policies and regulations has a moving out provision. Under the provision it states I have to submit a 60 day notice and to make sure my lease has expired when giving notice to avoid being charged a lease cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is equal to one month’s base rent. There is nothing in the policies and regulations about a job move. You said that if my present employer transfers me so many miles I only have to give 30 days notice without any penalities. Is this for every state or only certain states? Will I only need a letter form my District Manager stating they are having me go 60 miles away in some way or form?

  122. Anonymous Says:

    I moved into an apartment last fall with an ex-boyfriend of mine. We are both on the lease and he has since moved out. We are splitting the cost of the rent for now while we are still on the lease togather. I can’t find a roommate and can’t afford to pay for everything myself. I am thinking about moving to another city and transferring to a branch of my company elsewhere. Would I be able to break the lease in this circumstance? If not, is there anything I can do just based on the fact that I don’t have enough money to pay for living in this apartment alone?

  123. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, I moved into an apt. 6 mths ago. Recently my roommate and I were faced with the problem of bed bugs. We have got our apt. fumugated and have been following certain procedures to eliminate them. They will not go away. I spoke to another tenant upstairs and he said he’s had bedbugs 8 times and laughed at that fact. My roommate and I have reason now to believe that the bedbugs are not being eliminated due to the lack of care of the tenant above us. I don’t like the apt that much anyway, so is this grounds to get out of my 12mth lease???

  124. Anonymous Says:

    Ok so i moved into a condo with two other girls last july. Since that time, i’ve realized the two of them together are like… a two headed satan. Aside from that, one of them has a cat and the other has a ferrit. our whole place smells of urine now, no matter how many times i try to clean the carpet. Since i never signed a pet addendum, is that grounds for me to break the lease? And the fact that the urine is a health risk??

  125. Anonymous Says:

    This is my first apartment and it is horrible! If you can, avoid living here at all costs! Im a student at University of Hartford and was tired of the tiny dorm rooms. My boyfriend and I moved into a studio apartment at 30 Forest St. The apartment is really tiny & has many problems. INSIDE: The water changes temperature rapidly and I have been burned in the shower several times. My “kitchen” consists of a stove/sink/fridge all right next to eachother, no counter space, and no room for a table. I had to buy a stand to put the

    Continued below…

    microwave on. There are three cabinets, but I cant reach all the shelves inside of them. One of the cabinets is over the fridge so you cant reach it unless you stand on a chair. The oven is very tiny and has no temp. dial on it, and the coils get hot when the oven is on. The kitchen is carpeted too. The rug is this nasty brown/grey shag-like rug. The bathroom is tiny and the tub was stained when we moved in. The only outlets are behind the mirror/cabinet(which is hard to slide open) and you cant get to them unless you take off the glass light cover. Some of the tiles in the bathroom are cracking too. The whole bathroom is black & yellow, its really ugly, but thats the least of the problems. The boiler is directly below us and makes the floor shake. The girl upstair has techno music on all the time, and our neighbor across the hall had the police called on him by his girlfriend, and the police questioned us. The manager of our building is a witch, to put it nicely. She even over charged us for a one time late fee! When we first came to look at the apartments, she promised us a nicer room which she gave to someone else the next day, without telling us. So there I was with all my stuff in the uhaul and the manager gave our place away! Im from NY and she told us that we were “lucky because there is another apartment available”. OUTSIDE: There is a high school directly across from us and the kids like to roll tires down the street at on-coming traffic. They also get into fights all the time when they get out of school for the day. Its a good thing they have cops and metal detectors. But the worst thing that ever happend was that my BOYFRIEND WAS SHOT AT LESS THAN 100FT FROM MY FRONT DOOR!!!! He was almost hit by another car because they had hit some ice. My b/f got out of his car to see if the guy was ok, and then the guy gets out of his car while singing along to some rap song, pulls his 22(gun) out of his pants and fires three shots at him! He filed a police report, and they found two out of the three bullet shells that were fired at him. They never caught the guy so hes still out there somewhere. All of this is 100% true! Trust me, do not live here! My boyfriend almost was killed for trying to help someone! I will be moving out asap! Do you think there is any way I can get out of my lease so I can move somewhere safe? Please help!

  126. Anonymous Says:

    you can do it….

    I was on this site trying to find the sneakest way to get out of my lease. When I finally realized that I didn’t have to be sneaky and that all I needed to do was talk to the landlord. I just got off the phone with her a couple of minutes ago. I explained my situation to her….”my car has been broken into, I don’t feel safe, my husband works late hours.” I made her understand that I was not comfortable and that I had no other choice but to move. She understood and today I am giving my 30 day notice :)

  127. Anonymous Says:

    Every company has their own policies. It is important that you read your lease before signing. You should always ask to see the apartment that you are signing for. Think about it… you would never buy a used car without test driving it first.

  128. Anonymous Says:

    Again,, read your lease. You as a resident should have known that you were required to give some sort of notice. Yes, the apartment community should make you pay.

  129. Anonymous Says:

    i have a big problem, if anyone can help, what are my rights? i live in a complex, just moved in 6 months ago, now they are telling us we all have to move out, due to the fact they will be tearing down the apartments.they gave us other apartments information where we could possilby move to, but we have no money, and frankly no where to go.they didnt really tell us or even put it in writing, warning us, we were hearing it from the other tenats, so i called to the office, and then thats when i find out, we have to be gone in 30 days. what do we do???

  130. Anonymous Says:

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  131. Anonymous Says:

    Great website — very informative. Thank you!

  132. Anonymous Says:

    Does anyone know how to get out of a lease if you can’t afford the payments anymore? I’ve had a very bad string of luck as of late; lost one of my jobs (department closed), & my car caught on fire, (88 honda-hung on for dear life.) Transportation is a big part of my job, actually a must, and I can’t afford a car note and the rent right now. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated-thanks.

  133. Anonymous Says:

    I would say this belongs in reviews of your complex; not on a page about breaking a lease, even if that IS what you want to do.

  134. Anonymous Says:

    Why does that apartment complex sound like The Cliffs of Dunwoody to me? If they are tearing down the apartments, they should have some sister companies that you can transfer your lease to. Also, if you don’t like the alternatives that the complex has given you, go through ProMove to find a place.

  135. Anonymous Says:

    Make sure to keep EVERYTHING out of your car. When they look inside, they should just see things that are bolted down. Not even clothing, papers, or other clutter.
    Either give up on having a radio or get one with a faceplate you can take inside. I installed my radio, and the plugs on the back of it are rather simple. Like the rca jacks on the back of your dvd player could hook one up and take the whole thing inside with you.

  136. Anonymous Says:

    The best solution is to call the cops. Nothing pisses a police officer off more than going to a loud music call (waste of his time). Just make sure the music will probably be on when the cop gets there (party, etc). Where I live it’s a $300-$500 fine.
    Hurting their wallet really gets their attention.

  137. Anonymous Says:

    From what I know, If you read the lease it should state what happens with the consessin if you break the lease for any reason. Mine said that I had to pay all money given in the consession plus any rent too in that event. Look it up.

  138. Anonymous Says:

    Hi all. I don’t seem to see anyone else on these boards with this problem so here goes. Two months ago my husband and I moved into an apartment we absolutely love but noticed when we went to bring our two year old little girl out to play in the small playground area that there are high tension wires located right behind it and are very close to our apartment. My concern of course is the research out that shows a significant increase in childhood luekemias in small children ages 2-4 who live or play near this lines but to date have no medical explanation for it. It kind of like when they noticed that smokers had an increase in cancer rates but until they could prove a biological reasn for it they couldn’t warn the public about it. The Jounrnal of Medicine and the American Society of Pediatrics admits an increase and correlation but no medical explanation yet for it and until more is known to exercise prudence and this area and where you choose to live and alow your children to play. Can I legally get out of this lease where the play area and apartment is so close to all of this. I didn’t even notice that they where behind these trees or that they could potentially be so dangerous. Thanks all Sharon.

  139. Anonymous Says:

    I’m renting a house in Indiana, that is just INFESTED with biting ants, and this is still Winter weather for us, so imagine how bad it will be this summer. The place is falling apart, they tiled over rotting floor, and the wooden cabinet the sink sits on is rotted and infested with a colony of ants. The landlady said she fulfilled her obligations by buying us a tube of ant bait…..but if it doesn’t solve the problem, she’s still obligated to hire an exterminator right? She says “you are just going to have to have ants and live there with it.” But that’s not legal right? Send any reply to licoricesticks(at)

  140. Guest Says:

    I moved into my studio apartment about 8 months ago. Along with the numerous problems of the building and area itself that I failed to notice before moving in, I was always able to deal with everything up untill recently. I went out of town for 4 days, and came home to a dead rat in my bathroom, I called my landlord and he took care of it (came and threw it away for me because I’m a pansy). Well I haven’t been able to even be in my apartment without being creeped out, I am well aware that rodents are more afraid of me than i am of them, but still.. So I haven’t been staying there, Yesterday when I stopped by to get some of my things for work I heard ANOTHER rat and saw in my cupboard rat feeces, and chewed up paper/food. Along with the psychological issues of living in a rat infested dump, I am severly allergic to cats and at least once a month since I’ve moved in I have had either a respiratory infection or sinus infection. I’ve talked to my landlord about getting out of my lease since I saw the rat.. But I actually have no copy of my lease, because he told me he would drop it by for me and never did. (Is this a loophole I could jump through?!?!) Also on the day I moved in I noticed that my window was broke, he called about a week later to say he had the window in, but it has yet to be replaced.. Which leads to my next issue, small bugs getting in because there is a tree right next to that window…
    there is a billion other points in this story that I am leaving out but please help me find a way to get out of this hell hole!

    please send any reply to

  141. Anonymous Says:

    hi, does anyone have an idea on breaking a lease. my wife got very sick and need family to help,because i work all the time to keep up on bills. my wife could die if she isnt taken care of. we havent found out what is wrong. i dont care about losing my month in half security.i just dont want to get sued for my the next 6 months.what can i do. i live in nj

  142. Anonymous Says:

    I signed a 12 month lease. I liked the apartment very much when I first saw it in the daytime and paid half month rent just to keep it because the landlord was unwilling to keep it for a month. But the truth is the apartment is still not rented out. Before I moved into the apartment I went to see it. It was evening and I heard this low frequency noise coming from the basement, right below the apartment, very annoying, especially if you tried to sleep. So I asked the landlord whether he had another apartment because I actually saw another ads on the web for another apartment on the second floor in the same building. And he agreed. I was relieved thinking that now the noises would be gone. But after staying in the apartment for about 2 weeks, I found myself restless because of the low frequency noises. Besides, there is a factory outside the building making constant noises, even with the windlows shut. When I came to see the apartment in the daytime, the noise was blended with other noises in the street, the factory is hiking in the woods, so I didn’t notice. But I thought I can just close the window and stay in the bedroom where the noise level is much lower. However in the night, it become more eminent. And because the building is not well soundproofed. The downstair neighbour sometimes play rap music and drum beat just pierce through the wood floor making my head spin. But The worst thing is the low frequency noise from the basement and from some electronic devices. They greatly affect my night sleep and I feel very bad.

    I lived in a studio very quiet so I didn’t thought quietness would be a big concern. I really wish I had noticed all these noises before signing the lease but I think that’s only possible if you actually live in the apartment. And now I just become very anxious to move out.

    I wonder if this is a good reason to break the lease with least penalty if a dispute should rise. I know I need to talk with the landlord. But I don’t know what will happen. He did say that I need to pay for the cost of finding a new tenant. But since nothing is written, I don’t know what would happen if I try to terminate the lease early and they do not agree. Could someone give me some good advice before I take any actions?

  143. Anonymous Says:

    I wish I had read your post before looking for an apartment. Now that I am in the situation what you called “a life lesson”. And as there’s a full year ahead, I don’t know what’s the best thing to do: force myself to live in the apartment or negociate with the landlord see how it will turn out. Since it’s unlikely the factory who is making all the noises will relocate and the landlord will be putting some soundproof material in a short period of time.

  144. Anonymous Says:


  145. Anonymous Says:

    There are variations in Landlord tenant law in each state. But you can get access to one in lay language from the state attourney general’s office. Check to see what it says about the landlord obligations and the tenant obligations and the responsibilities about breaking a lease. You may be able to negotiate a payout to release you from the lease.
    As a site leasing agent, I have had a few break leases, but I found that if the tenant must move for economic reasons, the tenant writes the best ad and gives good reccomendations. A great way to advertize free is Craig’s list. I was able to turn broken leases quickest. See if you can get the management to help out, as you will offer to help them out. In most cases the landlord is not supposed to collect double rents. So if you can help get a new renter sooner, you have to pay less future rent. You probably have to lose the security and pay other sorts of “damages and costs”

  146. Anonymous Says:

    My roomates and I are looking to move out of our apartment which we have been in for 8 months. We assumed that our lease was for 12 months, so we were going to find sublettors. However, when I looked at a copy of the lease, I realized that the term of the lease had never been filled in, only the beginning date is listed. Does this mean that we are tenants at will? Nowhere on the lease agreement is there a stated term.

  147. Anonymous Says:

    Hi all, I have a issue I need advice on. I moved out for the first time with a friend of mine in Oct. 2005. Both of our names are on the lease. Things went from good to hell. For the past couple of months this former friend of mine turned out to be a crazed lunatic (not really but you know). She’s been trying to make my life a living hell. Our lease is not up until Oct. 2006. I was just wondering if there was any way possible to get out of the lease??? And if the landlord does let me out, would I owe anything to her?? This is my first time renting and I have no clue on what to do or what my options are (if I even have any). Please help if you have any advice. Thanks

  148. Anonymous Says:

    Just signed a lease – not even moving in – how do I get out of it?????

    OK, so I just signed a lease on Thurdsay 3/16 with a move in date of 3/17. Now we (my fiancee and I) knew going in that NO pets were allowed at all, so we made other arrangements for our pets. However, right after we signed the lease, we found our that our arrangements had fallen through. Now I have paid the security deposit, the application fee, and the rent through the end of March. I called the night I signed the lease and left a message for someone to call me first thing the next day. I explained, that unfortunately we will not be able to move in to the apt because we have our pets and do not want to bring them and get evicted. After speaking with the landlord about getting out of the lease since it was less than 24 hours from the time I signed, and we had moved nothing in, we were told that they were not able to let us out of the lease. They said that we would have to pay rent until they were able to lease the apt to someone else. So now we are paying rent for an apt that we can’t live in. My problem with this whole thing is the fact that since there was a mistake on the lease, which was corrected by hand, I was told that I could wait to sign – which I requested, and was then told that I needed to sign now. This is my first apt, and I thought if I didn’t sign I would lose the apt. and at that point did not know that the arrangements we had made for our pets would not work, and I wasn’t willing to lose the apt. My next problem is the fact that my lease states a move in date of 3/17, and the lease term from April 1, 2006 to March 31, 2007. So technically, the way I see it, the lease hasn’t even started that correct??? Lastly I was told I had to sign a piece of paper stating that I would be responsible for the apt until it was leased so they would be able to market the apt to other people that came in. Now, I am not sure that this is all legal, and I wanted to know if anyone had any ideas as to whether it is or not. I think that I should be able to get out of the lease with no problem and they are not letting me. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!! I am getting married in 2 months, and now have to pay for an apartment that I can’t live in and can’t get anything else until I free of this lease. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. Anonymous Says:

    i have a friend who wants to break her lease on a house she has. she has another place lined up but the landlord won’t let her out of the lease. when she first told him that she wanted out due to the insulation problem (and lack thereof) and the fact that she was paying not only the rent but an additional $1200 every 2 months for gas because she couldn’t keep the place any warmer than 64 even in the dead of winter which it was then harder to get it above 50. anyway he initially told her that he would work with her to give her at least half her deposit and such back but has since changed his mind and is now saying that either they take another place he is offering or pay rent until the place is rented. HELP!!!! she can’t afford a lawyer and she wants to move somewhere closer to her job and better for her son and husband.

  150. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe someone can help me out with my issue, as well. I recently signed a lease with a friend for an apartment, and am not scheduled to move in until June 2006 (people currently live there now and will move out when the school year is over). My problem is, I’ve recently been accepted to another school, as has my friend, and we both need to get out of the apartment ASAP. What are our options? All this news came to me today, so the rental company is currently closed, but what are the forseeable options? So I haven’t moved in yet, can I still get out? Or am I screwed? The whole thing is making me sick!

  151. Anonymous Says:

    I am in apartment management and you may need to double check this, but you shouldnt have already had to sign a lease. But if you have actually signed the lease agreement- it should not be legally binding until June 2006 when you are scheduled to move-in. You may loose your deposit but you shouldnt be held responsible your an apartment that you havent even moved into yet.

  152. Anonymous Says:

    I had the same exact issue!!! Almost to a tee! And I was wondering if anyone has gotten back to you yet? I signed a lease on March 10th and had a family emergency that we have to deal with and will not be able to move in at all. We were due to move in April 1st and the lease states that it starts on April 1st, and we, just like you have not moved a thing into the apt. but yet they are telling us that we will be responsible for the rent until it gets rented by someone, that they can keep our deposit, and all of these other things. i need some help. i am in the same boat! What did you find out if anything? you can e-mail me at Thank you!

  153. Anonymous Says:

    Legally you have not taken possation of the apartment yet , So you can still get out of the lease. If the office will not help you out the contact the Corperate Office. You should be able to find them online if the main office will not help you. But you may lose any money that you have already paid.

  154. Anonymous Says:

    ok. singned a lease on a house.. but the lease was wasn’t fully singned . i didn’t get to do a inspeaction on the house.. and some other things . but the agerment was no money down o nthe phone but the paper said differnt. so the landlord said he will take it to he’s lawyer the next day to to get the ball rolling but i check all my money and i can’t get the full amount so icalled him back 45 mins after i just singed the pappers and told him i can’t afford the down payment. so just cancell the lease.Then he told me that the lawyer has the pappers and is getting it finallized,but the was no money changed hands. no keys taken the lease wasn’t fully signed. so what do i do? i have no clue what to do this is my first place . please hit me back if you have a anwers @ thanks

  155. Anonymous Says:

    My lease states that I was renting apt 5 but I am actually in Apt 6, Is my lease still valid?

  156. Anonymous Says:

    I would like to know the answer to this too. My lease says a different street name than the one my apartment is actually on.

  157. Anonymous Says:

    Have you found out any information, any feedback? I have the same situation. I live in an apartment that i signed a lease for 6 months, and that date cam e and went and I have been living there without a lease. I am assuming that to be nice all I need to give is 30days notice, but I wasn’t sure. Did you find anything out?

  158. Anonymous Says:

    Your mistake was signing the paperwork without reading it carefully. You’ll have to pay or they will ruin your credit and send you to a collection agency,

  159. Anonymous Says:

    I signed a lease in January 2006 and found out I’m going to transfer through my job out of state. Is there a way to get my company to write a transfer letter or another way out of the Lease through transfer. If not I do realize the lease states animals weighing no more than 45 lbs although I have a dog living there that weighs around 55-60lbs. Could this be grounds for dismissal, or would they not really care about that?

  160. Anonymous Says:

    Dont Break the lease pay the 5475 for the remainder of the term and move out.

  161. Anonymous Says:

    As a leasing agent myself, I do believe that an open-ended lease agreement requires an additional addendum specifically stating that the apartment is “at will” or month to month. It is in your BEST INTEREST to get answers to your questions IN WRITING from your landlord ASAP! Not only is this practice shady, but very dangerous for renters, and favorable for landlords. Im not saying your situation is completely negative, but the fact that there is a blank on the lease agreement with no additional supporting documentation sends up red flags. PLEASE do yourself a favor and write your landlord a letter, hand delivered or delivery confirmation mail and request a reply within 10 days. If you do not receive an answer, look up your community tenant council in the yellow pages and ask them for further help! And remember, keep copies of everything you send and write notes with everyone you talk to. (Laws regarding tenant/landlord issues generally favor landlords, so come prepared for problems!) Also, request the legal procedures required from them regarding subletting. It is illegal at most properties without the owners consent and/or additional paperwork. And dont think they wont find out if you just do it without them knowing! Hope this helps!

  162. Anonymous Says:

    Unfortunately, there is nothing in the lease that states that dangers like these must be acknowledged before a lease is signed. In a perfect world, MEN and HOMES would come with warning labels :-P The only thing you may be able to do is appeal to your landlord’s motherly natures, if she is a woman. Just go to her, mother to mother, and express your concerns, and she may have a solution for you. She isn’t required to let you out of your lease, since leases do not insure buyer’s remorse. PLEASE talk to your landlord, and remember you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. My point is, be reasonable while expressing your concerns, but remember that they have no obligation to waive your lease termination fees. Best of luck to you!

  163. Anonymous Says:

    Unfortunately, they will not cancel the demolition just for you. Your neighbors are just as put out as you are! Although the means in which you found out about the situation was not ideal, the apartment legally is not required to give more than 3 days notice to vacate for any reason they choose. (I know, that sucks!) Unless ALL of the tenants require an extension, there is not much you can do, except to accept that you’ve got a crappy situation on your hands, but dont allow it to stop you from finding a new place. Call a local apartment locator, and see if they can help you. They have the best databases, and are your best help in this situation. They will know where to find a place in your price range.

  164. Anonymous Says:

    Unfortunately you are ALL on the lease together. You werent given these roommates, you chose them. It is not the apartment managers fault if your health is at risk, it is your roommates. Talk to your landlord about signing yourself off the lease, and leaving your two roommates on the lease. Make sure you will not still be financially responsible for the lease after you have signed off. Otherwise, when it gets time to move out, you will be stuck with the costs of your satan roommates ferret and cat pissed carpet, as wel as other damage they may have caused. You cannot have your own lease terminated because of animals, but your apt manager can. It has to be their decision to rescind the lease, not yours. I believe those would be your best options.

  165. Anonymous Says:

    It is the landlords responsibility to insure a liveable and safe environment, which bedbugs are a serious issue! Not only will you have to replace your matresses, but most fabrics including towels and clothes! This problem will not go away, so you have to do some work! The squeeky wheel gets the oil, so let the landlord know where the problem is coming from, and encourage him/her to require that apt to clean itself up to ensure safe living conditions. This is not the time to frivelously get rid of an annoying neighbor, but a legitimate problem legally needs to be addressed.

  166. Anonymous Says:

    Hello, I purchased a puppy and the management company is now asking for a $500.00 non-refundable deposit, which I have no problem with, but only that my lease I renewed stated nothing about pet deposit, no addendum of any kind was attatched. So, what are my rights in this situation, I signed a lease for a year with no pet addendum in the lease.. Should have to pay??

    Thanks so much,

  167. Guest Says:

    I have been living in my current apartment for just under a year now, and was just asked to renew my lease at the end of February. Technically, my old lease does not expire until the end of June, so there is a 4 month period from which my old lease ends and new one begins. I have just found circumstances that require me to move out of the area….is there any way to break my lease legally?

  168. Guest Says:

    My landlord is extremely unethical, but I am not sure if this is grounds for us to terminate the lease. There are many issues with her and I wonder if they would fall under landlord harassment or some other legal way out of the lease.

    In February she sent us an addendum to the lease with a message (I have the phone messages still) stating that if we do not sign the addendum she wants to end the lease.

    In March, she came to the apartment and threatened us with eviction. She told us that she was going to have the sheriff come and evict us on grounds that we broke the lease. That same day she placed a ‘For Rent’ sign in the yard and a few days later we found a posting on the internet. She sent us an e-mail asking to show the apartment to new tenants.

    We sent her a certified mail (with return receipt) stating that we did not violate the lease and we have paid all of our rent on time. After she received the letter, she took down the sign and never came to show the apartment.

    We also asked for a response in the first letter, waited over 2 weeks, and sent a second letter asking her what her future plans are in regards to ending the lease. In both letters we requested a response in 1 week. She has yet to respond to the first letter, now sent 4 weeks ago.

    Additionally, she has called my renter’s insurance company and had herself added as an additional insured and has refused to provide notice before entering the yard. I have contacted the previous tenants and they informed me of their circumstances with her – she lied about advertising to get more money from them as well as keeping the security deposit and last month’s rent (the apartment was vacant for less then 1 week).

    Please help! I want to move, but not if she is going to charge me $2,000+!!! Do I have any options?

  169. Guest Says:

    I suggest talking to your landlord. If you explain the situation you may be offer to find a replacement tenant and your lanlord will allow you to leave. I highly recommend reading your lease to see if you will be charged to break your lease – for example, you may forfeit your security deposit. However, your lanlord may understand your situation and allow you to leave.

    Whatever decision you do reach, get EVERYTHING in writting! (Certified mail with return receipt).

  170. Guest Says:

    Oct 2005 i leased an apt i was working 2 jobs and i was injured on a job and lost the job i told my landlord that i could not afford to live there anylonger(i hadent even been there a month) i had nothing unpacked, so i cleaned the apt put my stuff in my fathers truck and left shortly after my auto was reposessed i have nothing but debt.
    Now the collections agency is going to take me to court to collect 6,689$ for the year what can i do to protect myself? Please help

  171. Guest Says:

    My new apartment is infested with bed bugs! Creepy crawly blood sucking tick like insects. I have read a few web sites and I seem to be headed for a long up hill battle. theese bed bugs are very tough. I was wondering if this kind of infestation is reason enough to break my lease? I’ve only lived here for about half a week and after seeing at least 5 – 10 bed bugs a day, knowing that they’re mainly nocturnal, it’s hard to sleep. Any sugestions would help.

  172. Guest Says:

    Noisey Neighbors in Colorado-
    Not sure if anyone knows the legal clause to protect us from neighbors who roam (stomp) all hours and drop heavy objects. It sounds petty, but this is really loud wake you up shocked sounds. Any idea how we can force the landlord to resolve the problem – or do we have to move?

  173. Guest Says:

    Yes you do- They do not have to give you a pet adedem unless it applies to you. They would not supply you with an addemdum(addition) to the lease unless it was something that applied to your situation.

    I worked for a big property managment company in Northern VA and that sort of stuff was done all the time in compliance with the state laws. As long as they advertise themselves as a pet friendly community and that they have a fee attached to having a pet at the community then they can do it. Do check the advertisments though. If they advertise no fees then check into it with a lawyer…Otherwise you have to pay.

  174. Guest Says:

    It is a fair housing issuse for landlords to tell you there is any crime in your area or no crime in your area. Reason being is that if you lease an apartment and the leasing agent says to you that it is a safe place to live and you go out the first day you live there and get shot you can sue the company for providing you with faulse info under the fair housing laws… They should provide you with the local law enforcement website when you asked them for the crime info and told you that they cannot provide you with any information….

  175. Guest Says:

    My husband and I just resigned our lease, but it doesn’t start until August 9th. It is now April. Would we be able to get out of that easily? We live in NC.

    Please let me know soon!

  176. Guest Says:

    I am going through the same thing, but with my upstairs neighbors,it’s domestic abuse, requiring me to call the police twice just this week. It’s been going on for several months, and I am exhausted from no rest at night. I have been here for 3 1/2 years, and have 11 months left on my lease. I will definitely be moving in March of next year. From that day forward every single complaint WILL be in writing with every i dotted and every t crossed. Good luck!!

  177. Guest Says:

    When a person breaks the lease because of moving
    do you have to give back the security deposit

  178. Guest Says:

    Hi, My husband and I moved into an 2 bedroom apt and when we first moved here we had 3 kids and they new we needed more room. We now have 5 kids expecting another we just found out. Please anyone we found a house to fit us, but our lease isn’t up until Feb 2007 we need to move. Does anyone know how we can break our lease? I thought this is an violation to live in an 2 bedroom apt with all of our kids. In the lease it says something about paying two months rent and a anotice. I feel that they have already violated by having us in here. We been having Mice problems and when we moved in in 2003 we had other problems as well. Can someone who knows about this help me. Thanks

  179. Guest Says:

    I get dizzy and short of breath in my new apartment. I let it air out for a couple weeks and went to see a doctor but nothing helped so I let the apt. manager know. She’s trying to help the best she can, but the owners are being stubborn (she wants to reclean the carpets with hot water to remove possible chemical residue but they won’t let her until she gets trained on the new equipment, and they won’t let her reclean the walls or anything else at all because they say they cleaned prior to me moving in, though she herself can see they didn’t very well). I know it’s something about the apartment because I get better the more I’m away from it.

    I have to sleep with the windows to get fresh air otherwise I feel like I’m going to faint, and can’t find another place right now to move into. I think it may be mold but I’m hoping the carpet cleaning works. Otherwise I also asked about moving into another unit in the same building. It’s a month-to-month lease, but I have to give 30 days’ notice before moving…can I avoid the 30 days’ notice if it’s making me this sick though?

  180. Guest Says:

    She can’t change the lease terms unless you argee to them. She is bound by the lease she signed the same as you are. If she sends you an adendum, throw it in the trash.

    KEEP NOTES. Buy yourself a journal and make a daily entry just like a diary of your encounters with her! It will be very useful later in court.

  181. Guest Says:


  182. Guest Says:

    Hi, I am a freshmen in college and currently living in an apartment that I hate! I want to move, but my lease isn’t up until Jan. 2007. The only reason I moved in was because my parents made me. It was Jan.3 and I started school on jan 10 and I needed somewhere to stay considering the college is out of state. The appliances in the apartment are like from the 80′s. THe bathroom is dirty even after I clean it. THe bath tub is peeling and has mold on the water stopper thing. The sink faucett is detoriating. THen what makes it worse, I think I have OCD. But I haven’t been clinicly diagnosed with it. PLease Help!

  183. Guest Says:

    I work in property management and I used to live in an apartment where the person above me was a stomper. I complained to the office and they called the girl who lived above me. They kindly asked her if she could try to be more considerate of her walking between the hours of 10pm – 9am. There was a little improvement however I was still not happy. There will be noise transfer from apt to apt, and some poeple are more sensitive than others. So in your case it is best to live on the top floor. Ask your landlord about transferring on-site to another unit. I had to.

  184. Guest Says:

    Hi, I have a huge deal! Am I truly stuck? I recently found out a few things… I live in B’ham Alabama and I lived alone. My fiancee’ and I discovered in late January that she was pregnant. She, at that time, lived with her sister. I knew we had planned to get married, and had paid fees and along with the apartments had been bound by the terms of those contracts ( photographers, church, ministers, etc.) So, we got married April 1st this year. We placed an ad in the paper, I called my landlord, and racked my brain doing everything I could to give my lease away, i.e. giving away nice furniture we weren’t gonna be able to use anyhow. I wound up getting a lease alone not on credit, but by paying first and last months rent up front and had to turn around and pay that following months rent. I was told that someone had to have as good of credit as I when I signed my lease, but it wasn’t based on my credit then, and I am confused as to why they told potential tenants that, especially if I never had a report ran. It came down to the end of the ad, and a potential renter (2 actually) had bad marriages, and no good credit. They don’t consider taking on co signers anymore, as did when I signed my lease. So, now I have a baby on the way, an apartment I don’t live in, and bills with my wife. Yes, it sucks so don’t bash me I just need a hand. Is there any sound advice you may have for me. If you do, thanks a bunch and I promise to write a song for you on my next kidding! I just can’t afford to pay May’s rent, and my landlord has no sympathy for the baby deal, ( not that she’s supposed to) but is there something I can do? Is it possible to break the lease, and how if not posted, or given as offered info can I see who owns the property? Any help to the questions could help me, my wife, and my baby on the way, so thanks! Extremely concerned Jeremy from B’ham!

  185. Guest Says:

    Is it true that you can break a lease on the grounds of moving to a different city for school/work?

  186. Guest Says:

    I have a slob for a roomie, and by saying slob I am being kind. I have 79 days until the end of my lease and I just cannot live in her filth anymore. How can I break my lease or move out due to unsanitary living conditions and mental health issues? I am bipolar and she sends me off the charts when I am otherwise a controled medicated person!!

  187. Guest Says:

    Ever see a bag of lint for sale on Ebay?
    Some people pay up to $30 for one stupid bag of lint.
    Here is why.
    The lint exhaust for a dryer when stopped up is concidered a FIRE HAZARD.
    Depending on the design the owner may have to break out the wall just to fix it.

    Good way to get out of a lease.

  188. Guest Says:

    i signed a lease 2 days ago with $500 down not due to move in until 4/29 today is 4/14 do i have a way to get out of the lease and get my money back? this was thru a realty co. thanks help asap

  189. Guest Says:

    Usually if you work for something that your apartment complex calls a preferred employer, all you need to do is give the leasing office staff a letter from your company to prove the transfer. If it is another circumstance, you will more than likely need to look closely at your lease (there should be a section about breaking the lease) or contact your rental office. Also, there are many apartment management companies that have properties in different areas/states where you can transfer to another one of their communities, so that technically you do not have to break you lease.

  190. Guest Says:

    Honestly, you have 5 children and 2 adults in a 2 bedroom apartment? It is a law (at least it is in Ohio, and should be everywhere else) that only 2 people per 1 bedroom are allowed to occupy an apartment. This is definitely for the safety of you and your family. You have way too many people in that apartment. First of all, if the landlords knew you had that many children, they should have told you that there is an occupancy law. On the other hand, if they were misinformed about the number of people living in the apartment, they have the right to ask you to leave. I don’t know what state you are from and what the laws are like there, but I would be more worried about getting evicted than trying to get out of the lease. I am not trying to be mean, just honest.

  191. Guest Says:

    Perform an online search for “tenants’ rights organizations” in your area or state. I happen to work in the multi – family industry (TX). If all five children are’nt listed on your lease then there is no violation. However you can always add the children to the agreement…Try the search and also apply for low cost or free legal aid. Sometimes it is easier to prove your complex is in violation. You could try sending a Certified letter (to complex) with return receipt stating the violaton and your intent to move due to the violation. Unbiased attorney’s advice can always help. Congratulations on your new home!

  192. Guest Says:

    When you sign (AGREE) a lease contract you are responsible for the term of the lease regardless of how much time spent in the unit. It appears you commited to only 6 mos (judging the $ reported). 12 mos would’ve been much worse. Try to work out a minimum payment arrangement so in the event you need to rent again you can, with ease. As most apts require good rental history to approve prospects.

  193. Guest Says:

    That’s a good question for a Lawyer.
    Search Legal Aid of whatever county you live in.

  194. Guest Says:

    Discuss this with an attorney. Your legal description is incorrect.

  195. Guest Says:

    depends on the state; some state’s allow a three day attorney review period in which the lease does not become legally active until that period passes…find out

  196. Guest Says:

    What can we do?
    My mother and i are hoping to move into a new townhouse as soon as possible but we have a lease agreement of our apartment for at least 6 more months. The apartment itself is really not in good condition not to mention it’s located in a bad area. We could just wait it out but the opportunity of this townhouse won’t last long. This Townhouse we could possibly own is actually in the downtown area and closer to my school. We would really like to know some legal ways to break the lease.
    Thank You, Andrea

  197. Guest Says:


  198. Guest Says:

    Last july I signed a year lease in Madison Ohio rent was 545.00 plus deposit the same amount for months i had very little hot water take a shower and the water turned ice cold,the noise from upstairs was very loud when they walked.I moved out in Febuary after a 30 day notice am i intitle to the deposit back the apartment was rented in march their was no damage and no real cleaning that had to be done Thanks

  199. Guest Says:

    my ex became abusive while i was pregnant so i left and am staying with family. the property manager told me that if i had a restraining order that they would take my name off of the lease. Then when i took the restraining order to them they said they wont take me off the lease. I was so pissed and they basically told me that it doesnt matter if he killed me because they wouldnt be responsible for it. even if that is true, how rude of them to say such a thing. does anybody know anything about this? (im in az)

  200. Guest Says:

    In most states you have 30 days to break your lease with no penlties. read your lease!!

  201. Guest Says:

    I just wanted to mention that I have had similar issues with breathing/ashtma since I began to live in my current apartment. I read that new buildings (mine is less than 3 years old) are FULL of chemicals that are ‘out-gassed’ by such things as carpeting, paint, even the woodwork. It takes about 7 years for this outgassing to be over. Be sure to look for buildings that are over 7 years old and try to find hardwood floors over carpeting. Sorry I cannot help with the moving question.

  202. Guest Says:

    were you able to break the lease or did they take you to small clamis

  203. Guest Says:

    I am into about 6 months on my lease and I was wondering if I could break it legally? I was planning on moving to another city, and I was trying to figure out a way to do it without getting into finacial obligations for breaking my lease.

  204. Guest Says:

    By breaking your lease (which is what you did when you moved out early) you most likely forfeit your right to that money. They have the right to apply it to their lost income and their make ready costs. You would be suprised how much it costs to get an apartment ready for the next tenant, even after you did what you thought was a good job of cleaning.

  205. Guest Says:

    If you break the lease you will lose the deposit, unless you have the nicest landlord in the world. You need to make written requests (send it by certified mail) that the situation be resolved. Send three of these letter, each a little more severe than the last. The last one should threaten legal action. This should get them to fix the situation. If they don’t you might be able to pay for an exterminator and subtract it from your rent (check your state laws).
    You made the mistake of signing the lease without checking the apartment, so you need to suck it up and try to fix the problem.

  206. Guest Says:

    Absolutely not. You signed a contract, so you are legally bound to honor it. If you break that contract you are still liable for the rent that you promised to pay. Therefore they can apply the deposit to the total owed by you. On top of that you can expect to owe thousands of dollars to the company, which will be on your credit report. Most apartment complexes will not rent to people who have a history of breaking leases, so it will be hard to find apartments in the future. You need to honor your lease and think things through before you commit to long term contracts.

  207. Guest Says:

    Not much. You signed a contract and they have the right to expect you to honor it. Check with a tenants rights organization in your area to see if they can charge the whole amount, or if they can only charge you a reletting fee plus the rent until they find a new tenant. Either way you can expect to owe at least a few thousand dollars. Remember that they have to invest a lot of money to find a new tenant, get the apartment back into a rentable state, and a hundred other little expenses. You cost them money by bailing and they have a right to expect you to pay for it.

  208. Guest Says:

    Not only can she not change the lease, but threatening you with eviction or other retributive acts can cost her dearly. I agree with the other poster, keep records of everything. Log every lease violation (on her part, of course), keep all communications, and only respond to her by certified mail. I would contact a tenants rights group in your area to try and find free legal help. Landlords like this need to be taught that they cannot just do anything that they want.

  209. Guest Says:

    If you signed the lease you are stuck, if you didn’t you are not legally bound. IT is a little more complicated than that, but this will get you started.

  210. Guest Says:

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. The signature is the thing. Pre-leasing is entirely valid, and posession is not what makes a lease binding. If you signed you are bound, but you may be able to find someone to take over the lease. Talk to your landlord about finding an acceptable tenant to take over for you.

  211. Guest Says:

    I’m not sure if this is going to be helpful but, you may want to try to Sublet your place to a close friend or family. this way there’s someone who can take over.

    hope i can help

  212. Guest Says:

    I just got married 4/1/06. My husband and I found a home and are in the process of purchasing it. My lease is not up until 7/06. I gave them notice of moving and they threatened to sue me for not only the two months rent, but for discounts, redecoration fees, and damages totalling $3500. What (if anything) can I do to avoid this situation?

  213. Guest Says:

    I have lived in the same apartement since I was born. I turned 23 last week. Knowing that I’ve always wanted a dog, my friends bought me a puppy. I am now hiding the little thing because I know that my lease doesn’t allow animals. What I am confused about is many others in my block seem to have dogs. I think that these people live on the ground floor however. If the people on the ground floor have dogs, I cannot see why I should not be allowed. I own this property, does that not give me some rights?


  214. Guest Says:

    I would first talk with your neighbors and ask them politely if they could not make so much noise. If that doesn’t work notify the rental office and if that doesn’t work you can notify police. Most states have noise ordinances.

  215. Guest Says:

    Two months ago, my old roommate wanted to move out, so I went on a new roommate search. I found one. She did everything a roommate shouldnt do. Plus she didnt sign the lese when she was supposed too. Now i tried to evict her, but if i did it would go to court and cost me a bunch of money. So either I live in hell…or go to court and pay out the ass. I just want out of my lease so the landlord can deal with her. But i have four months left. I cant live with her, and she wont leave! what do I do!?

  216. Guest Says:

    We have 6 months left on our lease and on a regular basis, our apartment fills with secondhand smoke from three of our neighbors who are all chain smokers. We have complained and hand delivered a letter. The landlord’s response: move to another unit, with no guarantee that the same thing won’t happen again in this other unit. We’ve found a single family home to rent, but we need to find a way out of our lease. We are waiting to hear back from our attorney. Anyone else have a similar situation? We’re thinking of suing as my baby and I have both been very sick with upper respiratory problems since moving in here.

  217. Guest Says:

    I am currently living in a house that is suppose to be a a single family unit and rent the first floor. The second floor is rented to another family and the basement is rented to another family. It’s overpopulated and there’s a severe parking issue. I signed the lease in November…but I want to get out ASAP. The family upstairs are advid drinkers and are constantly on the front stoop drinking with beer bottles scattered everywhere. This is a private residence, what are my rights???

  218. Guest Says:

    Is your rental a private residence or is it in an apartment complex?

  219. Guest Says:

    I was due to move into an apartment. My lease starts from May 1, 2006. I was going to pay extra money to move in a couple of days early. I went to the apartment to pick up the keys from the renter and when we walked into the place, I noticed a lot of dead roaches, ants, and silver fish bugs. Roaches were in every room laying on their backs, ants were dead in large groups along the wall and floor and the silver fish bugs were dead in the window. There were even dead roaches in the damn freezer and toilet. I told them that I do not want to move in because of this problem. I refuse to live with roaches and other bugs. The place was not like that when I first looked at the place. I didn’t sign a lease to move into a bug infested apartment. Will I have trouble getting my entire security deposit back?

  220. Guest Says:

    My lease is up end of June, but I found a house for rent and I want to move in ASAP. What can I do, to break the lease just a month in advance? Will it be a big issue or what?

  221. Guest Says:

    About a month ago my neighbor right across from me was murdered by 2 people. I’m sure there has to be a way for me to break my lease being that now I do not feel safe. Can I break my lease knowing that the apartment is not safe?

  222. Guest Says:

    I have had 3 water leaks in the 10 months I have been at this apartment. Is there any way to break this lease?

  223. Guest Says:

    I signed a lease for 12 months to move-in Sept. 16th 2006. Can I break the lease and what possible consequences would be for that? There isn’t anything in my lease agreement that says about lease termination and i was wondering if I’m liable for 12m pay even though i haven’t moved in yet. Any response would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!

  224. Guest Says:

    A friend and I leased an apartment with two other friends about a month and a week ago for August-May07. The lady who helped us signed the lease was exceptional and told us that if we were to move out for any reason we would get our money back even if it was over a month(deposit of $335). My friend and I decided to just move in a two bedroom and found people to take our spots. The lady is now telling us that we have to pay a $100 transfer fee in order for our other friends to take our previous spot. What should we do in order to break the lease and get our money back?

  225. Guest Says:

    I signed a short term lease, 6 months. 2 months ago I found mice droppings around the kitchen. I bought traps and told management about it. They provided rat poision, which also didn’t work. I have found a great apartment, CLEAN!! and have written a letter to management asking them to pro-rate my last month’s rate. I really think this is very reasonable. I’ve called the landlord many times and have left two messages, with no reponse. What can I do have managment respond to my request?

  226. Guest Says:

    Yes. If your new lease has not started yet you can delince your renewal.

  227. Guest Says:


  228. Guest Says:

    I had that situation once before. There really isnt anything you can do because she is not on the lease which will make you in breach of your lease and you can end up being evicted yourself. Only thing I can tell you is to change the locks on her. I took different measures and the person moved out on their own but Im not going to list it here.. Good luck..

  229. Guest Says:

    I rented an apartment that I have a lease for 12 months. I was bit by a Brown Recluse Spider (poisionis) and had to be in the hospital for 8 days and need antibiotic treatments for 20 days (everyday). My apartment also has mold and a musty smell is there a way I can break my lease?

  230. Guest Says:

    i recently had an apt fire on fri,5-12-06 and they are telling me to pay for damages without investigating what caused the fire. if i dont come up with the money in 5 days they will send for an evition notice. on top of that they are saying because the fire was supposely caused by us they will not relocate us to another apt. is this legal on there part? on top of that while the fire was going on the fire extiguisher they provided didnt work and neither the fire detecter. well because we have no where else to go we have to stay there. today is now mon 5-15-06, they were suppose to come out and investigate but didnt. and per the paper they gave me on fri i have to come up with the money by wed 5-17-06. should they are shouldnt they relocate me until the investigation is made or even at the time of the repairs?

  231. Guest Says:

    I have lived in an aprt for around 7 months and I signed a 13 month lease…Since I have lived here, I have had 5 scorpions and the complex has sprayed two times but they are still getting in. I have also had an upstairs neighbors dog use the bathroom (both) on his patio which would run off onto mine (and myself once) and the complex would come and clean it but this happened several times. With all of these complaints, what do I need to do to get out of my lease??? Dallas, TX

  232. Guest Says:

    I was bit by something about almost 2 months ago and needed to go through a minor surgery because of it. I have only lived in this apt. for 2 months. At first i wasn’t sure where i had been bitten at but after seeing all the insects in my home i am now sure that it was in the apt. I am now stuck with a 3,000 dollar hospital bill and stuck in my lease for another 10 months. All i want is a way out!

  233. Guest Says:

    My husband was recently promoted so we moved to MS in November. We had to get something very quickly so he went through a realty co., he was told he was signing a 6 month lease wich is what we wanted because we planned on buying. During this time I started working for this co. I let the property manager know that we were looking for a place. I happened to look at my lease one day and it was for 8 months wich we thought that’s fine but I asked her if we would be able to get out early if we found something she made out like that would not be a problem, however we found a place and decided we would stay until our lease was up. Then within 2wks there were four break ins we have two small childeren that stayed in the back rooms and did not feel safe. I repeatedly told the manager to call my husband she would not return the calls and we decided to move. do we have any rights in this matter.
    I know that things should have been handled different from both of us.

  234. Guest Says:

    I have gotten in over my head in Parker, Colorado and need to find a cheaper place to live Denver. I have contacted the landlord, and his approach is: “As you know the lease is a contract. I priced the rent below the market rate so I could get a tenant who would stay for 12 months. If you signed an agreement anywhere else the situation would be the same. I don’t feel comfortable subletting the condo. I would need you to pay the remainder of the lease agreement.” So would I be breaking the law if I sublet even though he is not “comfortable” with it?

  235. Guest Says:

    I signed a 12 month contract and just the other day a women was raped in her apartment here by a serial sexual predator on the loose, that makes two case in this neighborhood!

  236. Guest Says:

    Call the health department on the bastards. If it is that bad, then they have broken the lease by not providing a relatively safe and healthy living space for you to live. — Glennie S.; Cullowhee, North Carolina

  237. Guest Says:

    Hi, I am a lawyer in Austin, TX. The apartment is not breaking any laws. As long as they are coming and servicing your requests. I would suggest you work the dog problem out with your neighbor. But if you must get out of your lease most apartments have a clause in their contracts to allow you to get out of your lease by paying a certain amount or losing your deposit and paying the rent until another tenant for that apartment is found.

  238. Guest Says:

    Hi, I am a lawyer here in Austin, TX. I would say that you are in a good position. Most apartments only make you pay $200 or so plus rent until they find a new tenant but hopefully they will be able to find one.

  239. Guest Says:

    Live in Boyfriend Died. I have lived in the apartment of my boyfriend for 6 years, 3 years ago I also signed the leas too claiming to be his wife, I used his last name. Now I must move to a 1 bedroom apartment, I only get a social security check each month, no other money from any sources, I cannot afford the 2 bedbroom, and I want to move to another city with better people loving there, and a nicer 1 bedroom, can I move and not be held to pay for any back rent? Also can I claim on my NEW rent application I lived here for 6 years and explain I used a last name that realy wasnt mine?

  240. Guest Says:

    New Apartment What does a new apartment credit check actually check? I have lived with someone for about 5 or 6 years. Now I must get a new apartment, myself. About 7 years ago my ex husband who I am divorced from now, racked up thousands of dollars on credit cards which also had my name on them, some he even applied for and signed my name on them. I cannot pay ANY of this money to the creditors, I have never worked, always been a housewife, now only get a social security check, nothing else, which is enought to pay a new rent, utiliies, and food but no other expenses, I will be lucky to afford medicine, can a new apartmentment refuse to rent to me. I have no credit charges or bills in 7 years now, and 3 of the big credit reports which I got free mention NO bills owed to me at all, But Equifax which I cannot afford to purchase their credit report said to Walmart when I tried to get a Walmart card, that there were bad remarks on would not give it to me. I must get an apartment, so will they over look these charges as I have enough INCOME from my S.S. check each month, I will NOT under any circumstances pay any of these credit charges my ex husband caused me. I dont have the money and could not even if I wanted too, Please HELP!!!!!

  241. Guest Says:

    I just broke up with my girlfiend and unfortunately had a renewal lease that extends to next April. She now is living with her parents, and I am unemployed and am planning to move to another state to start over and go to school. What are my options of breaking the lease and how can I make sure that my ex girlfriend pays her share of the lease.

  242. Guest Says:

    If she didn’t sign the lease then she is trespassing and you have every legal right to change locks and not let her return…you don’t have the right to keep her things though and you must keep them in a secure place until she picks them up…you cannot just put her things outside to be throuwn away or stolen. So long as you give her ample time, ie: 60 days to pick up and you notify her adequately you can eventually get rid of her things.

  243. Guest Says:

    Legally, he has to give you a very good reason for not letting you sublet. You are supossed to submit your proposal in writing to him and if his response is unresonable you are free to leave. These are the laws in NYS and I’m not sure about where you are, but look up tenants rights in your state to make sure.

  244. Guest Says:

    READ YOUR LEASE. I am an apartment leasing director in Illinois. Unless there is an early out agreement in your lease, you’re stuck. PERIOD! A nice landlord might work with you though. If the apartment is unliveable (water leaks, roaches, etc) you probably have a good chance to break the lease. But, you will probably need to go to court over it. Once you sign a lease & pay even $1 to the rental company, you have given consideration to the contract & you are liable for all of the terms in the lease. EVEN IF YOU DON’T MOVE IN. Most rental companies will try to re-rent the unit, but if they are unsuccessful, you will be held liable. My advice to everyone is this, READ THE LEASE & DON’T SIGN IF THERE IS ANY CHANCE YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO FUFILL THE LEASE. Education is the most important when it comes to leases & apartments. There is no magical excape from a lease. Sickness, moving, job transfer, roommate issues, buying a house & all of the other reasons do not negate your lease responsibilities. P.S.-I am one of the nice guys, just want to keep it real with everyone.

  245. Guest Says:

    My boyfriend and I along with a friend recently moved into a town house complex. When we looked at the homes they showed us of course the “show” home and told us all other units look like that one, or well can look like that one seeing as it had “upgrades” suposably. Well they put us in unit 12, with out letting us look at it before hand. We moved in, and the place wasnt set up to the way it was supost to be. None of the upgrades. about two weeks after moving in, I started getting REALLY sick, and Was hospitalized on the verg of death. after returning from the hopital I did a full inspection of the house, and noticed, One water stains on the celling, two whole beside the tub, and upon looking in the whole wiht a flashlight, a whole lotta MOLD! we gave our landlord a writen notice to come repair this PROPERLY cause it was causing severe illness in me and now the other two. with in 72 hours he repaired the whole with sillicon and putty, but did nothing with regards to the mold and the water leak. I have now been hopitalized 3 times in two months, the whole is now back (cause the leak is still there eatting away at it) and the mold is way worse. we have told him to fix, and he still hasn’t, also gave him and order form to fix and he has’t. We now want out and we just moved in 2 months ago.can we break the lease…I’m tired of being unable to breath!!!

  246. Guest Says:

    I have been in my apartment for 1 yr. now. Apon moving in to my apartment I found a cluster of roach egg sacs that had just hatched (literally) I promptly called the management to take care of the problem and the quickly came out and bombed the place. I would have left then, but I had no place else to go. Since then it has been a constant battle with these little suckers. (I see an average of 30-40 of them in a day in all stages of their digusting life and kill every one of them.) I have them come out and spray every week, the bugs are immune. Aside from the obvious annoyance of the bugs, I have to empty out ALL of my cabinets out every week to be sprayed, which is very time consuming. At one point the exterminators came and put this brown tar bait around all the cabinets and the bugs started dying left and right. It didn’t work 100% (saw maybe 2 a week) but it helped a lot. Shortly after this my 2 yr old son was caught picking the bait off the cabinet and putting it in his mouth. I immediately called poison control and the management to get the bait info from the exterminator they used. (My son was fine, and I now gate the kitchen so there is no chance of him getting into it again) Now, because of this the exterminator will no longer bait in my apartment. I have been getting sprayed once a week again with no end in sight.
    The people upstairs are so loud and jump around. At one point the cover to this kichen light fixture fell from the ceiling from their jumping. (I have called the police and the management for noise complaints at least 4 times.)
    I have at least a dozen items of clothing that have been ripped in the dryers at the onsite facility. Each time I brought the item up to the management and told them about it, and nothing has been done to fix the problem.
    I have had many other problems in this apartment.
    My lease is up at the end of this month, but I did not give them notice until this week of me leaving because I was not able to find another apartment in my price range. They told me that I had to give them and extra 60 days notice to vacate even though the lease is about to expire and that I would have to live on a month to month basis during that time and be subject to a rent increase of $200. 3 days after the conversation with the management they gave me a lease violation notice for my miniblinds being broken in my sons room and a table that has been on my back porch for the last 6 months. At this point I don’t know what to do. I won’t be able to afford to leave if I pay the rates they are asking for. Is there any way I can get out of this?

  247. Guest Says:

    pls. give me legal advice my lease is up in 4mo I can not pay alone my portion is $275.oo and shared with 3 others boyfriend and two room mates what do you suggest me to do?


  248. Guest Says:


  249. Guest Says:

    LEASE BREAK FAST, ok heres the situation. I recently recieved a Federal Job offer on May 15th. I have to be there by June 5th. When I originally signed my lease in this duplex community, i told the girl i was planning on getting this job and i may have to break the lease early and i may not be able to give a full 30 day notice because i wasnt sure EXACTLY when i would be getting it. the girl who signed with me said if at anytime you get this job its ok just let us know as soon as you know and there wont be any problem. WELL THERE IS!!! come to find out they were all fired or quit in the middle of my lease, now there is all new management, (Which by the way in the middle of the change) felt like he should put my name in the paper, and send me court papers by certified mail saying i didnt pay my rent, which i obviously did and had bank statements proving it. well i got my job offer, he says theres nothing i can do i have to pay the rent till the end of my lease in july and im not even going to be there after june 1st. i still have to pay for a place where im going to be going and i wont be able to afford it. is there ANY way my federal paperwork showing when i have to be there by good enough to break a lease?(im still on INACTIVE reserve for the Air Force if that makes a difference but with no orders) If not that the fact they wrongfully tried to sue me and took me to court and posted my name in the paper like i was a criminal good enough. PLEASE HURRY ANYONE!!!

  250. Guest Says:

    I signed moved into my apartment in August of last year and my apartment wants to know if I am going to renew my lease for the next year by June 1st (this year). The trouble is that I might be moving but won’t find out until July. I was wondering if there is any way to have them delay my renewing the lease for a month (any other way apart from asking them nicely which I don’t think will work because it’s a complex owned by a company). If I’m not moving then I want to stay since I like the apartment but I’m hesitant about signing because if I have to break the lease it will be half the deposit (2 months rent) and rent until they lease it again.
    Am I stuck?

  251. Guest Says:

    I have lived in my apt for over a year and have had 3 scorpians and countless spiders (black widows). I have had my complex spray and even bomb my apt for bugs but they still get in. I have 6months left on my lease. How do I get out?

  252. Guest Says:

    Advice from a Landlord. This article is making it too hard, so I’ll help. Regardless of what your lease says, you DO NOT have to pay it to completion. No court in the land will find in favor of a landlord if you forfeit your deposit and a month’s rent. The lease protects you , not the landlord. Don’t spend money on a lawyer, and don’t think it will damage your credit. As a landlord, I’ve been on the other end, and I know you will win every time. It will, however, cost you your deposit and a month’s rent.

  253. Guest Says:

    I too live in an apartment with my boyfriend and a roomate….When we moved in we filled out the form they gave us about all the things we found wrong with our apartment…..We put every little detail we could find, from the hole in the kitchen ceiling, to the water stains in the guest bedroom, to the walls pealing, or the water leaking in the tub…Our electric bill runs us 300 a month, because our hot water heater isn’t working right. they refuse to fix it unless it’s ” broke “. the maitenence guy came over on several occasions to fix our airconditoner, and once while we was out of town he came to ” fix it ” and left it on 70 for 8 days, and left our hall light on….needless to say when we left we unplugged everything, and turned everything else off…our electric bill was sky high…not to mention our noisy down stairs neighbors who blast their music at all hours of the day and night, and beat on our door at 2:30 am and then say it wasn’t them……we live in an apartment complex where three people was stabbed the weekend we moved in….the apartment complex doesnt seem to care about anything…there is litter all over the ground all the time….there is buildings where there is holes rotting away..and they refuse to fix it…should we call the bbb on them, or who should we call ? the one thing i do know is this…..we complain almost every day about our ac, and they do nothing but tell us to run fans….so we hung up curtins it did nothing, so we hung up blankets and they fine you for that because it ” melts the mini blinds “…whats this world coming to if you can’t live in your residence without feeling like the owners don’t care about your feelings, needs and their property and the saftey of the attendants ???

  254. Guest Says:

    If you have a witness that the bugs/spiders were in there and papers proving that you had it sprayed or bombed, Then you have rights in theis case. All tennants in all states have a right to a safe inviornment to live in. Since both of these problems are life threatning–you should have no problms walking out on the lease without pay of any kind!

  255. Guest Says:

    my apartment may be going condo, they are not sure as of yet and I would like to break my lease. I asked them about breaking the lease and they are giving me a hard time, is there anything that I can do legaly.

  256. Guest Says:

    I live with my boyfriend in an apartment complex in Albuquerque and he just got a job transfer to Indiana. He has to be at work on June 5th and our lease is through August. Is there anyway I can get out of this lease without having to pay the remaining months or the fee?

  257. Guest Says:

    My lease form has my name and my fiance’s name on the lease. I signed it, but they are holding it for her to sign. The effective date on the lease is a week away. Can we get out of the lease even though I signed but she did not?

  258. Guest Says:

    Is this for all situations? Does it damage your credit?

  259. Guest Says:

    Help with Roaches:
    Since you are a lawyer, maybe you could lend some advice. I have roaches in my apartment. I have lived there 3 months and the exterminators have been there 7 times. I sent a certified letter to the landlord asking for them to release me from my lease and they said that I do not have enough of a problem and that they are taking care of it. They basically told me that since there are not roaches crawling around on my food, that it is not a problem. How many times do I have to petition to move out before they will actually let me? Are there any loop holes out of a lease due to roaches?

  260. Guest Says:

    I am currently going through the same situation. I called the health department and they told me that they don’t deal with apartment complexes. I was also told that if management sends an exterminator, they are “handling” the problem.

  261. Guest Says:

    this website might be able to answer you questions: Renter Resource Apartment Locator.

  262. Guest Says:

    that is by far the DUMBEST thing i have ever heard. your telling these people they are assed out of not only their down payments for the apt BUT they have no where else to go and your telling them to go to a real estate broker and they can help you look for an apt. HELLO? with what money!
    there HAS to be a law against that and a refund in order. the building knowingly rented you the apt when they were aware that the building was going to be torn down in 6 months. now .. why is it that a lanlord can sue YOU for trying to leave the apt before the time is up on the lease but you cant sue him for tearing down your apartment before the lease is up??

  263. Guest Says:

    I moved into an apartment in August 2005. The apartments are everything you could wish for. Since it was in an upscale part of town with a good school system I didn’t mind paying $1030 a month to rent. Since there I have encountered nulerous of problems. My main problem is the fact that the apartment is infested with rodents.It seems as if every week I am seeing a mice. After contacting the management all they do is put sticky traps(which has never caught anything but the water bugs and spiders).I myself had to purchase high priced poison, better traps and other rodent killing devices. That helped. Not to mention I am not the only tenant there the has had these problems. This is so bad because I am only using one level of my apartment. My bedroom is downstairs, as well as my kitchen. I could not cook nor sleep in my room( I slept in my kids room).I now have 3 months left in my contract. I have found another place to move, which is lower in payment and has the same school system. How do I get out of my lease?

  264. Guest Says:

    Hello, I have 4 months left on my lease. I have notified my apartments 4 times now about a leak coming from my living room window. No one has made any effort to fix it and my computer is right by the window. My apartment is too small to move it anywhere else. On top of that, I have extremely noisy neighbors who vaccuum at 6:00 in the morning and stay up all hours of the night playing loud music and screaming. I have notified the apartments 2 times about this matter and nothing has been done. I am ready to buy a house and get out of this place. The apartment doesn’t allow you to break a lease if your purchasing a home and will only allow you to leave if you pay your remaining rent, find a replacement renter, or pay a ridiculous penalty that amounts to higher than the remaining rent. How can I get out of this?

  265. Guest Says:

    Mine is going to a condo complex…do you have any ideas yet? I need to get out of here fast. Management is going crazy as everyone wants out of their lease and they are not selling the condos like they thought they would…help?!?

  266. Guest Says:

    Someone recently attempted to break in my apartment. There is a claue in the lease which states that I am responsible for the damage to the patio glass door (burgular smashed the glass with a brick). I understand that (it’s not fair), but now I don’t feel safe in my apartment. I live on the ground floor and this could happpen again and I will be responsible for the damage again. Is this grounds for breaking my lease?

  267. Guest Says:

    I recently moved into my apartment in April and I have had nothing but problems since I have moved in. I have never had roaches EVER in my life. I have had them come out and spray 3 times since I have been there, and they only are spraying my apartment, not the whole building. They are not even pulling out my stove or refridgerator when they spray. THey just prayed two days ago, and they always come in when I am not there. which I know is there right, but this last time jewlery is missing from my jewelry box. It only cost like $70, but still it is the principle of the fact. I made a police report. And my question to you is how hard do you think it would be to break my lease ? I already have an appointment with a lawyer next week !

  268. Guest Says:

    i dont know what to do my landloard new i had finacial problems before i moved in and now i need to break the lease because i cant afford to pay my utilities there shut of and i have two kids and im also unable to afford the rent he also raised my rent 3 months after i moved in and i was laydoff from work.What can i do to break my lease.

  269. Guest Says:

    hi, i recently signed a lease in an apt. for 1 year. i have now been living here for approx. 3 months,to get out of the lease early i am supposed to give 2 months notice as well as pay the rent and am still obligated under the contract for the remainder of the lease term. What does that mean? if i am able to give notice to move out early then why am i still obligated to the contract? And i was wondering if breking a lease early- even if i follow all the requirements will affect my future credit or house buying?

  270. Guest Says:

    EVIL LANDLORD…my girlfriend and i moved into a beautiful apartment almost three weeks ago and we already cant stand our landlord. the house is split into six units and unfortunately the landlord lives in one of them. she is always complaining about us going in and out of the apartment and that we are too noisy. we feel that we are being baby-sat 24/7. we dont even have any guests over because we are afraid that she is going to freak out. it is almost impossible to stay quiet when the house has absoulutely no sound-proofing at all. prior to moving in she told us that she was going have movers to help us when we moved in, but that never happened. if my dad hadnt come with me my stuff would still be in the parking lot. she also told us that she was going to furnish the unit with a couch and a love seat, so we didnt even bother trying to look for any furniture. well, she changed her mind on that one too and now all we have is an uncomfortable futon to sit on. i have asked her a couple of times about the couches and she said that she doesnt think we need them now and that it was going to be too expensive to have movers move them into our unit. we havent been here but three weeks and we’re ready to move again! what should i do? she obviously isnt happy with us and we absolutely cant stand her! what can we do to break the lease and have some peace and quiet?

  271. Guest Says:

    i was just reading this over…and want to know if it is really true…
    i’m thinking of breaking my lease but i’m unsure of the consequences……..

  272. Guest Says:

    well i hope so cuz i might have to break mine do you think its a good idea to ask the management? assuming you speak the same language we have communication problems with our managment

  273. Guest Says:

    Its already June 5th, and my lease expires this month. I paid half the rent and told the landlord to keep the security deposit as I have already moved out of the apartment. I’ve lived in the apartment for 8 years, however I wasn’t allowed to break the lease. I fugured most people do not get their security deposits back – so why pay the full rent and chance NOT getting the security deposit.

  274. Guest Says:

    it is my assumption that landlords dont care about your safety or your feelings. I am curretly trying to break my lease because I feel unsafe… my only way out is to pay a huge amount of money. try calling tenants and landlord hotline they can help you out, I did and I was told I have no case… it helped to know where I stand, but didnt get me out of a lease…

  275. Guest Says:

    Do you know a good lawyer in Austin I can hire that will work on my leasing problems (too many to list) Thanks Rob

  276. Guest Says:

    I have severe COPD and since leasing this Apt. it has gotten extremely worse due to the wool rugs, gas stove and window air coditioning units that draw the outside air which contains mold that is right outside of my Apt. Is there any way that I can break my lease?

  277. Guest Says:

    I recently moved into an apartment that said I would only pay for the water I used (submetered) and trash would be included in my rent. Now 3 months later they are telling me that due to sub meter failures and their exspense I will have to pay allocated water based on square footage of the apartment and number of people in the apartment plus pay 5 dollars extra a month for trash. Oh and they want me to sign a addendum to the lease, I will not agree to this and will not sign the addendum. Are they breaking my lease by changing the terms of it? I like living here or did, and now that I have questioned them in a pleasant manner they are being rude and not returning my calls. Please help

  278. Guest Says:

    Go home to your apt. Get some pepper spray. Get a dog, a roomate, whatever. What ever you need. More than likely the guy has already robbed your place if you havent been back.

  279. Guest Says:

    I’m actually in the same situation. The only difference is I have a roommate who is unwilling to let me out of the lease so I can either pay the remaining 7 mnths so her, her boyfreind and her two pets can leave here or I can not pat rent have them evicted and have it go on both our records. It doesnt seem right that you give them a notice of two months and you end up paying at least in my case more than if you just paid out the rest of the rent. I have been told that it will go on the record but after you pay that balance it is supposed to come off

  280. Guest Says:

    I have just received a job offer in nc, i am currently in a lease until august 2007. Is there any way to get out of this? My landlord is kind of a stickler.

  281. Guest Says:

    If you sign a car loan agreement, would they just let you out of it because your situation has changed? HELL NO! Why would an apartment lease be any different? There is no trick to get out of a lease (most of the time anyways). Does your signature mean anything? Just because you can’t control your finances, doesn’t mean a property owner should suffer. If you want out of your lease, expect to pay the whole thing. That’s life & if they work something out with you that’s great.

  282. Guest Says:

    My sister recently renewed her lease for 6 months. How ever they are buying a house after the 1 month itself. Is there any way she can avoid the penalty for breaking the lease.


  283. Guest Says:

    Someone tried to break into my apt. the other night. i am a female college student living by myself for the first time… I just moved into this apt about a week ago, and was wondering if there is a way to break my lease since i do not feel safe there?

  284. Guest Says:

    Take your rights back, Don’t let the landlord bully you!

    I just bought a house and I am going to have to pay about $2000 to get out of my lease early. It’s 2 months rent plus a processing fee. All I can say is read the fine print on early termination carefully before you sign. On landlords not fixing things, take pictures, if they don’t resond to verbal requests, then write them photo copy the letters, they still don’t respond, send them certified mail, still no response, you now have proof. Now, you can get out of your lease. Keep a record of requests and pictures with dates and the damage progression.

    As far as places that the surroundings are not livable, don’t move there in the first place.

    As far as places where you are responsible for damage if people break into your apartment, such as breaking in the window. Landlord is being cheap, that is sketchy. Beware or Get renter’s insurance, it costs nothing! It is cheap.

  285. Guest Says:

    I just moved into this apartment in Texas about a month ago. My room mate and I were good friends till we moved in together but now i’m going crazy and he just recently found out that he has HIV. Not only do I feel like I made a big mistake by moving in but now i’m afraid of getting HIV too. Whats your advice?

  286. Guest Says:

    funny, you didn’t mention that in illinois, at least in the city of chicago, the leasee has the right to sublet his/her unit for any reason and the leassor has to accept any credible candidates. also the leassor has to make an Effort to find another tenant. if he makes no effort, can’t provide ads, et al, showing that he tried, he’ll lose in court.

  287. Guest Says:

    I’m in the same situation. One of my roommates signed a lease, but my other roommate and I have not and we’re trying to get out of it.

    Our effective date isn’t for another two months, so I’m really hoping we’ll be able to do something about it.

    Let me know how it went for you.

  288. Guest Says:

    My current roomate and I signed a lease back in February to move into an apartment this September. We recently found out that a friend is moving to the area and needs a place to live so we took a trip to the realtor to see our options, such as whether we could look for a bigger apartment, even though we had already signed the lease. He told us they have no more 3 bedroom available for September and when we asked what would happen if we broke our lease, he said he would have to get back to us the next day, but we haven’t heard from him. I don’t know much, or anything, about the legal aspects of renting/leases… is it possible for us to break our lease since we haven’t even moved into the apartment yet and aren’t suppossed to move in for another 3 months? Will we just have to pay a fee or are there other legal obligations we have to the realtor?

  289. Guest Says:

    did you find any way out of this…my roomate won’t “let me” sign out of the lease, It’s like i’m being held against my will.

  290. Guest Says:

    the only way u can get HIV is if u r sleeping with him or exchanging any types of bodily fluids. the other issues if u both can’t work out move

  291. Guest Says:

    i just moved into my apartment and i am already late on rent. i was given 250.00 off my fist months rent but since i was late the apartment manager says i have to pay the full months rent+ late fees. can they do that??

  292. Guest Says:

    Please somebody – I just moved into this apartment in Texas about a month ago. My room mate and I were good friends till we moved in together but now i’m going crazy and he just recently found out that he has HIV. Not only do I feel like I made a big mistake by moving in but now i’m afraid of getting HIV too. Whats your advice?

  293. Guest Says:

    First of all, you can’t get HIV just by living with someone. I lived with 2 HIV+ roommates for several years and I’m fine. The only way your going to get it from him is if your have unprotected sex with him, and that doesn’t sound like the case.

    If you really want out becuase he’s working your nerves, talk to him. I’m sure the two of you can work something out.

  294. Guest Says:

    I work for an AIDS organization, and I can tell you that HIV shouldn’t be the biggest worry here. I’m looking forward to moving away from a housemate/former-friend myself, and the relationship that you and your friend is the bigger problem.

    Don’t exchange bodily fluids, and you’re fine: this includes toothbrush use (gums bleed). Really, if you’re housemates you’re not in a lot of troble. For your own peace of mind, keep the shower sterilized and don’t come in contact with his blood (so, no major construction).

    Be honest with him. AIDS is a scary disease, but your housemate didn’t get it by sharing an apartment with someone, and neither with you. Tell him how you feel, and ask him how much he knows about preventing the spread of AIDS.

    Be honest with yourself. Are you afraid that you’re going to get AIDS, and/or are you afraid of what behaviors your housemate may have engaged in to get AIDS? You are “going crazy” — were you going crazy before your found out (and ask yourself why), or only because you found out. Search around the net and educate yourself about AIDS. It’s a lot less scary when you’ve got the facts and not just the legends.

  295. Guest Says:

    You can’t get HIV from living w/ someone.

  296. Guest Says:

    I appreciate all the medical advice about HIV but I dont know if I’m going to be able to live like this. For anyone who can help my room mate just signed a 12 month lease here in Texas and we’ve been living together for a month, he has HIV and I’m feeling very uncomfortable living with him. I need legal advice on what my options, if any, are concerning this whole thing

  297. Guest Says:
    This group is for Real Estate Agents and section 8 landlords who are willing to rent to section 8 clients world wide. My Goal is to find section 8 landlords all over the U.S.A, who are willing to rent to section 8 tenants. God bless Landlords that are willing to give section 8 voucher holders a better life, in a nicer area, All members are willing to do back ground check,rental history checks and drugs screening for all household if required

  298. Guest Says:

    I hope you are absolutely sure about this, cause it’s appreciated very much, your helpful advice? Are you sure a judge won’t make the tenant stick to the lease and pay the remainding balance of the lease, especially if there is about 9-10 months left on the lease? thanks for your input. I have one hell of a bad landlord. She is not consistent, not fair, and picks on me beyond belief. I mean she seems to just pick stuff out of the blue to give me a lease violation over, but yet she won’t make other tenants abide by the exact same rules. They get away with everything! I have proof of at least 3 things she violated me for, yet she did not and will not violate other tenants for – the same exact violations! She is a nit-picker! Seems she really doesn’t like me, and I have always and i mean always paid my rent on time and kept a nice place, and never caused any problems with noise, pets, etc. I’ve always been respectful to her, and just mind my own business. There is an issue with her and I don’t know what it is….jealousy or something, but she is not consistent at all with who she violates and who she doesn’t. She’s even given me violations for something the upstairs neighbor had (a torn blind) and gave me 48 hours to fix at my expense. I called to say that I didn’t have a torn blind, and she admitted it was the upstairs neighbor; but that was 3 months ago, and the blind is still torn. What happened to the 48 hrs? If that’d been my blind, I guarantee she would’ve given me notice to vacate if it was NOT fixed in the 48 hrs she stated! SHE also had my vehicle towed last year when the inspex sticker was 2 weeks outdated. Yet these same neighbors upstairs, have 2 vehicles; one has a 2-month outdated insp sticker, and the other vehicle has NO stickers or tags on it at all – These vehics have been here like this for 2 months at least, and not one thing is done about it. She doesn’t even give them a lease violation, or anything. Their vehicles certainly were NOT TOWED….What gives with her?

  299. Guest Says:

    I don’t know what apts you live in, but your situation sounds very similar to mine. My landlord is a complete B****!!! Do you live in Addison, TX? You should call a tenants association in your home town. they can give you some good advice, help you out. That’s what I did. I finally put a stop to my mgr BULLYING me. Now the page is turned, and things are different. She was just a bully, and I thought I HAD to kiss her A** just to live there…..wrong!

  300. Guest Says:

    The mice are a good enough reason to get out of the lease. Send your landlord a certified letter notifying them of the problem and make a photocopy of it. Then take pictures of any damage or droppings so that you will have documentation. If possible, ask your neighbors who are having the same problem to join you. Keep receipts for the traps and poisons you buy yourself and contact your local tenant’s association.

  301. Guest Says:

    Uncle Dave here, a retired man who has a steel leg. When I moved into this Texas apt, I was told that the pools(3) would all be open. They weren’t. This is the only exercise that can possibly “heal” my operated leg. The leases in Texas are a joke from the tenant’s right’s standpoint. I spoke to the VERY rude manager who told me “Why don’t you yell at #XXX, whose kids ruined pool#X?” Yell?, I thought. Me discipline another apartment’s kids? I was speaking in a soft, reasonable tone to her. I would like to get out of here, but, oh well…LISTEN: when you rent an apartment in Texas insist on written standards or no deal. I went without AC for four days. I have caught this woman in many outright lies, to which I was the personal witness of their falsity in fact. Lies, threats, rudeness to the point of…it’s unprintable. This is in a good area, a nice apartment complex. Watch out for Dallas apts! You have been warned! I hope you do better.

  302. Guest Says:

    I appreciate all the medical advice about HIV but I dont know if I’m going to be able to live like this. For anyone who can help my room mate just signed a 12 month lease here in Texas and we’ve been living together for a month, he has HIV and I’m feeling very uncomfortable living with him. I need legal advice on what my options, if any, are concerning this whole thing

  303. Guest Says:

    Yeah, my friends just moved into a new apartment, two girls. but it was a shady neighborhood to beging with,. they found out their place was broken into a month previous to their moving in, and were told the security of the place would be tightened per say. but earlier today, while out for dinner. it was broken in, and an expensive computer was stolen. what can be done about that, w/out renter’s insurance?

  304. Guest Says:

    About 7 months ago i moved into some apt in oklahoma the maitenance people are so rude they come into your house without knocking then kick around my sons toys and things! They even almost hit me with a door in my own apt! we have told them to fix out air conditioner 4 times they try to but it never works!! we have bugs everywhere they wont go away i wnet outside and they were all over the parking lot!! The manager and owner are very rude they are trying to screw me out of money! Can i just move out before my lease if i give notice or will they make me still pay rent for the rest of my lease?

  305. Guest Says:

    bugs outside? wow what a shocker – you’ll be laughed out of court.

  306. Guest Says:

    nothing – live and learn – next time they need to do more research and realize that you get what you pay for.

  307. Guest Says:

    yes – move-in specials are almost always conditional on you paying your rent on time and fulfilling your lease. I’m sure you signed something to that effect. Why would someone who just moved in, received a special and is already late with rent expect not to be penalized. Grow up!

  308. Guest Says:

    are you sure you signed the actual lease? It’s very rare for a lease to get signed that long before your move-in date. It sounds to me that you probably signed the holding paperwork in which case if you change your mind you forfeit any monies you’ve already paid. If you did sign the lease, it will have a section regarding “failure to occupy” and you should find your answer there

  309. Guest Says:

    no – a lease is a legal contract – when are people going to realize that?

  310. Guest Says:

    your best bet would be to get a letter from your doctor stating that the place is making you sick and you need to move.That will usually scare a landlord into letting you out

  311. Guest Says:

    I’ve been a property manager for a long time and you are a typical case. You probably guilted him into renting to you – making all sorts of promises about paying on time etc, etc, now you are acting like the victim. You will always be the victim because you’ll never admitt to yourself that you create your own problems. Grow UP!!!!!

  312. Guest Says:

    you risk getting evicted before the end of the month

  313. Guest Says:

    you signed a legal document! your best bet is finding someone who is willing to take your place. Most landlords will allow you to sign off the lease if someone else who is qualified takes your place. You will not however be entitled to get any of your security deposit back – that will stay with the apt. Talk to your friend and tell him you’d like to move – he might know someone who is willing to move in with him. Forfeiting your share of the security deposit is a fair tradeoff.

  314. Guest Says:

    No – you are responsible for your own safety – just take more precautions – maybe install more locks. people need to check crime statistics with the local police dept before renting somewhere -if it sounds like it’s too good to be true – it probably is – in other words – you get what you pay for.

  315. Guest Says:

    your lease prpbaly stipulates that you are required to provide a 30-day notice. teh law states 30 days but if you agree to 60 – you’re stuck. A landlord cannot collect rent for an apartment from two different people – they are supposed to do what they can to re-rent the apartment in which case you’ll owe rent until someone else moves in. You may be responsible to pay for marketing costs though. Most places now have a flat lease-break fee which could be as much as 2 month’s rent. review your lease and call your local housing authority for more answers.

  316. Guest Says:

    they can’t hold you legally responsible for something you haven’t legally agreed to. Do Not Sign! you will probably have to forfeit any monies/deposits you’ve already paid.

  317. Guest Says:

    call the city for more answers they can tell you if the owner has to let you out of the remainder of the lease with a 30day notice. Henderson nevada has made it a condition to protect their residents. Owners have to comply or their request to convert to condos will get denied.

  318. Guest Says:

    take him to court for violating the lease agreement – make sure you have proof – photos etc. you might want to pay an outside agency for a mold inspection – if it is positive the landlord could wind up paying your medical bills too. Mold is a serious issue and the courts will treat it as such!

  319. Guest Says:

    make all the noise you want and tell her “too bad” if she complains to you any more. If she doesn’t like the level of noise you make she can kick you out and you’ll be out of the lease.

  320. Guest Says:

    me and my husband are seperated. He moved in with a friend and said keep the place. That’s great except his name is on the lease and he’s been saying he would take it off for weeks now and he hasn’t. The main problem with that is he still has a key wich is creepy (if you knew our situation) and it’s also subsidized housing. That means they base your rent by your income so i will end up paying by his paychecks (wich double mine) and my paychecks put together. Is there any way I can get his name off? Again he’s moved in with a friend a while ago?Thank you.

  321. Guest Says:

    I leased a duplex in north carolina in 11/2005. The landlord said it was a good area and it appears to be nice and is near a nice housing development. The problem is that two weeks after we moved into the duplex the cars were broken into and all of the cd players were stolen. It is now June and our car was broken into again last night and the cd player was stolen and the car was damaged. Our neighbor’s cars were broken into two weeks ago with damage to the cars and property stolen, at the same time our car was gone through by the theives. This is getting costly for me with mycar insurance, and believe me these are just cheap cd players no systems or anything. I am wondering when will our homes be broken into or worse yet someone coming in when we are there. Directly accross the street there are other duplexes that have had serious crimes committed in this same time frame that required the police to be there for hours.
    I feel that the landlord misrepresented the safety of area that the duplexes are located in.

    This is not the only problem, the neighbor also has 9 cats that roam all over. They run into your home if you open your door.These animals are urinating and leaving feces all over the common area for the duplexes. If you open a window that is what you smell. Also these cats have ruined the paint on our cars with scratches, and we have tried to nicely talk to the neighbor and she just laughs and tells us to use water on them. We finally called animal control to give her a warning about the cat situation and supposedly the landlord wants us out etc. Of course we have not heard a thing. The cat situation was not revealed to us, althought the landlord is friends with the owner of the cats. He told us we had to keep all pets under control. He stated that the lady next door had a cat not 9.
    I am wondering if we document the landlords failure to do anything with the security issues nor the problem with the cats ruining our vehicles and their waste issues, will be able to break the lease early.

  322. Guest Says:

    I moved into an apartment with my old best friend in december of 2005 under a 1 year lease. in april of 2006 i moved out, not going to go into great detail but lets leave it at that my roommate made it unlivable for me and our 11 year friendship ended. I had no intentions of leaving until i had a final event that pushed my last button and without thought i packed up and left in 4 hours. She notified the apartment that I had left. Her name is on the lease as the primary, I signed as another person living in the apartment. Also everything to do with the billing invoices for the rent, etc. came in her name. I was continuing to pay the monthly rent though I was not living there and now her boyfriend moved in. I sent her a notification saying that I didnt feel it was my responsibility to pay the rent if he was living with her. Tomorrow I am going to the apartment office to get my name off of the lease and inform them that someone is living with her. She is still trying to make me pay the half of the rent, though she has had another person recently move in with her. How difficult will this be for me to get my name off of the lease?

  323. Guest Says:

    I am considering “breaking” my lease. I have only been living in the apartment for two weeks and I have had one problem after another with repairs needed. I was told that the unit was “move in ready.” But over the past two weeks, I have realized that that is not the case. I couldn’t get access to my mail box because the keys that they gave me were not the right ones. They replaced the lock on the box but it took a week to do so and they didn’t call to tell me it had been fixed. I attempted to get cable and internet hooked up. The first time the cable guy couldn’t find a cable to my apartment. The cable company had to send a “special unit” out to the complex to try and fix the unknown problem. They discovered that when the apartment had repored a part of the sidewalk that they had cut my cable line to my apartment. They had to run a whole new line and they have to have the city come out and bary the cable. (Not cable ready like advertised.) I attempted to use my oven and when I did smoke started coming up between the back of the oven and wall. I called the office and they sent someone to look at it the next day. They found that the tempature gauge on the oven was broken and not to use the oven. (They did not give me a time frame of fixing it.) It has been over a week and it has not been fixed. My garage door lock doesn’t work, I told them two weeks ago and it still has not been fixed. After having these issues and only being there two weeks I am at my breaking point. I have looked over the lease and all it says about moving out before lease ends is “If resident moves out of the apartment before the date of the lease ends, Resident is responsible for rent and any other losses or costs including court costs and attorney fees, and the Security Deposit will be forfeited.” I had my father look over it to see if I missed anything else about breaking the lease and there isn’t anything. I called the assistant property manager today regarding my frustrations and I brought up the fact that I was considering breaking the lease and I asked her what the process and fines are for doing it. She said at 6 months you can break the lease forfeit the security deposit, pay 1 1/2 times the rent and pay back the move-in special with 2 months notice. My question is if this is not in the lease anywhere, do I have a right to fight it? Please advise. Thank you!

  324. Guest Says:

    I moved into a nice condo with my friend in April. I now believe that he thought he could win me over and become his girlfriend. I thought that our friendship was based on substance, but apparently his only motive for friendship was to hook-up. He has since become like Jekyl and Hyde with dramatic and violent mood swings. Last night it got physical, I have the bruises to prove it. I needed some fresh air after that and stepped outside to gather my thoughts and he locked me out! He even ran around locking all the patio doors like a child. We are both on the lease and neither one of us can afford the rent alone. Frankly after this experience I don’t want another roommate ever again. Is this situation enough of a reason to let me out of our lease? If I move out, I am sure that will be one more thing to make him angry and that he won’t hesitate to come at me with all he can legally-speaking.

  325. Guest Says:

    My boyfriend and I signed a lease for the fall and spring semesters of school. This is college housing. When we saw the apartment the tenant was still living on the premesis with all of her belongings still around. This made it somewhat difficult to really take a good look at the walls, floors, etc. The stove was not working but the landlord said before we signed the lease that it would be fixed or a new one would be bought, and he also said that all of the windows would be replaced. I of course did not get all of that in writing, althought now I wish I had.
    To make a very very long story short, the apartment was not prepped before I moved in. Nothing was cleaned, painted, fixed or changed. WHen I asked my landlord to install screens in the windows (since it is June and fresh air is desirable) he proceeded to have his handyman staple a roll of screen on to the outside of the house. FIREHAZARD. Also, on the same day, as I told the handyman that the window looks like its going to fall apart if I open it (the window pane was coming out of the frame), he removed the window pane and left the window that way. It has since rained and the plastic bag that I taped around the area does not do well at keeping rain out and I now am left with a moldy smell in my bedroom.
    After turning the ventillator on in the bathroom, two cockaroaches crawled out of it and into my bathtub. One fell from the vent and got stuck in my shower curtain when it was draped over the curtain rod. The neighbors upstairs have their tv and speakers on the floor which comes through my ceiling all day everyday. Bottom line, I need to get out!!!! HELP!!!! Any information or advice you may have would be extremely helpful.
    There is not clause in my lease for early vacation or for repairs. THere is a clause for subletting. I am allowed to sublet with the landlords written permission. Please HELP!

  326. Guest Says:

    In Texas the law states that your roommate must have your name removed from the lease, you in fact cannot remove your name. It is a form that your roommate has to fill out and it must be notorized.

    I can suggest that you do in fact goto the office and notify management that she does have an unauthorized occupant staying there. Her boyfriend is obviously over 18 and therefore he needs to fill out a rental application and qualify just like you did. I would also put in writing that you no longer reside there and have not resided there since the day you moved out. Make sure you ask for a copy of the letter signed by the Manager. Just to cover your bases.

  327. Guest Says:

    I would like to know I’am having secound hand smoke coming in from the walls from next door. I”am 3 months pregnant,and depite repeadted and well- documented reguests even from my doctor notifying management of the health hazards of secound hand smoke to the unborn baby, I even have via certied mail them and despite all of my regusets they have done nothing, What do I have to Do for managemant to do somthing about it, and do i have grounds to break my lease sence it is a know fact health harard.

  328. Guest Says:

    I recently moved into an apt. in Tennessee. Shortly after we moved in we noticed our apt. has brown recluse spiders. I told the landlord about the problem and he said he would send pest control over. They came, stayed for about 5 minutes and left. Needless to say, we still have brown recluse spiders. Can I get out of a lease because of the spider problem?

  329. Guest Says:

    I signed a 12 month lease without a specific apartment assigned to me and without realizing that I could be put into any apartment regardless of what I specifically asked for. This complex put me upstairs after requesting a downstairs unit. They now claim that they have no downstair units available and because I signed the lease, I am now responsible for that upstairs apartment. Do I have any legal rights at all to terminate this lease?

  330. Guest Says:

    We have a sexual predator moving in 2 blocks away and we have a 15 mo. old daughter… the man is a child predator.
    are we able to use that as reason to break the lease agreement?

  331. Guest Says:

    people have problems sometimes….lets hope you never get into a situation where you will need help form someone.

  332. Guest Says:

    Did you check if your apartment allows smokers before you moved in? Or are you living in a complex for non-smokers only? These are important things to know before you break your lease. Talk to your ob/gyn about your concerns & what he/she recommends. If cigarette smoke bothers you, get away from it. Take a walk. Good for you & baby. All the best to you.

  333. Guest Says:

    I moved into an apartment…and there is not enough natural light and I could not get in my queen bed boxspring through the bedroom door..

    is there a way break the lease..?

  334. Guest Says:

    i am a college student in oxford, OH looking to get out of a lease so i can live in a fraternity house. I cant seem to find anybody to take my lease, and the landlord says that’s the only way to get our of it. are there any other options to get out now?

  335. Guest Says:

    Signed a lease for 1 year, 3 months later employer closed comapany an wants me to relocate out of state to keep my job.Can i legally break my lease for bieng moved out of state for employment. Some say its a hardship case?

  336. Guest Says:

    I signed a lease on a month to month where the previous tenants were still occupying the apartment i forfeited the walk through .. i paid first and last months rent. July rent is due now .. but, i’ve never moved in because there is live sewage coming up in the sink in my kitchen .. the bathroom was not left cleaned .. the kitchen is a live sewage .. carpet’s are filthy .. the place is a health hazard .. i’m not about to risk my health .. i’m paying more than $900.00 a month to rent this place .. i’ve never lived here .. and i want out and i want my money back NOW!!

  337. Guest Says:

    heres a nightmare for you, I have a landlord who keeps sending me bills every month saying I owe 3 months rent and deposit…even though I have the cashed checks for every single month I paid and deposit. Ive been complaining to them about noise issues, I mean crazy noise issues!! I couldnt take the noise anymore so I tried to get ahold of him for 2 months to talk about getting out of the the lease, and sent him the receipts of the cashed checks as well as many certified letters about the noise as it states to do so in the lease. he has refused to sign some of my certified letters and does not answer the phone calls. I think hes trying to get me for the full year and in nyc I heard they can charge double rent…so he can make alot more off the next tenant and then sue me for the rest of the year. I think this landlord is sue happy. I dont know why he wont just let me out of my lease, I am paid up in full and now Im afraid I may come home to my stuff being gone w/out him actually serving me an eviction notice. All I know is he is up to something cause I have been completely civil in my letters telling him I cant take the noise anymore and just want to break the lease! I heard he sued another tenant for 3 months unpaid rent and apparently hes trying to extort money from me as well cause he claims I havent paid rent and deposit when I have and then sent him his signature on the check as proof! In addition the last tenant moved after 4 months and told them he was moving to Canada! HELLLPP! Can he charge double rent in NYC…I read somewhere they can!

  338. Guest Says:

    my lease is up in feb. 2007, but I want OUT!

    I called my management about a week ago because my front door handle is falling off and they haven’t done anything about it. they came by to walk-thru my apartment and agreed that I needed a new front door. this place is really ghetto.

    anyone have any suggestions? can i get out because of the door?? HELP!

  339. Guest Says:

    I totally agree with the previous comment. I used to manage a complex in Texas and this was our standard procedure for removing one roommate and adding another. It’s also true about management needing to know about the “new tenant” so that they may approve or not approve him to live there. It may be somewhat of a hassle to, but get everything, everything, everything in writing. After the hassles of it all have subsided you will have peace of mind which is priceless and well worth the effort.

  340. Guest Says:

    I signed a lease in Colorado on a friday, I changed my mind about the apartment during the weekend and went into the office Monday to void the lease. The apartment complex told me I would have to pay the lease break penalty of a total of $2,500. I never took possestion of the apartment but my ex boyfriend did. Is there anything I can do to get my name off the lease without paying the money? I thought there was a federal law giving the tenate 72 hours to change their mind.

  341. Guest Says:

    Okay so please help me!!! I recently signed a lease for a duplex and the landlord lives on the other side. Of course the whole time she had only showed us her side and told us that everything was exactly the same including the applicances. Well it turns out that it is not the same. The kitchen is completely different and the appliances are crap (unlike hers). Do I have a case because she told us it was the exact same? (the weird thing is that she still thinks that and it’s not true). She is now trying to rent her side but for 160 dollars more. If it was the exact same wouldn’t it be the same price? Any ideas?

  342. Guest Says:

    I do not feel safe in my own apartment. I have lived here for about 2 years and recently my husband get his wallet stolen right from our apartment while we were here. We know who did it and called the cops. Come to find out the person had a warrent out for his arrest and the cops took him away. He had many people in and out of his apartment all day long. We have a police report and told the apartment complex of what happened and what we have saw before. This use to be a safe place but recently it has gone to crap. They say they can have us move apartments but how will that help when I know people are doing crack and selling drugs all around here? I am afraid that when this guy gets out of jail he will come after us becasue his girlfriend and baby lives across from us? Can we break our lease. He was not supose to be staying there. They catch people with cats and have them pay for them, but they do not watch who is coming and going. Shouldn’t they are about tenents that are not supose to be there? I did not want to get out of my car tonight becasue I was afraid that if he was home what he would do or if one of his buddies were waiting for us. Can I do something about this?

  343. Guest Says:

    my boyfriend and I signed a 12 month lease and we’re only 3 months into it but need to “Break”.

    we moved to north carolina from new york and thought we could handle the rent, but didn’t realize that pay is considerably lower down here. now we’re struggling to pay rent.

    BUT the big issue is that my boyfriend recently enlisted and is shipping out for most of our lease-term, leaving me to pay the bills, (which is impossible – because our rent is more than the army sends home for housing costs!) I also am not looking forward to living in an apartment community where, three days ago, a man broke into a woman’s apartment and tried to kidnap and rape her! As a previous rape victim i don’t feel comfortable with this.

    is there any way out?

  344. Guest Says:

    I moved into my house about 3 months ago and was told that the house would be cleaned inside and out and that everything would be in working order prior to my move in. Now I am living there and find that nothing was done as promised. I have little to no water pressure, the refridgerator doesnt cool, the washer and dryer dont work, and the stove only cooks part of the food. On top of all that I have a huge crack under the front door that bugs are coming in and cold air is going out. The landlord isnt fixing it and I want out of the lease due to the lack of response from him. It is very frustrating to be in this situation and not know what to do. Can someone help?

  345. Guest Says:

    How old do you have to be to sign a lease?

  346. Guest Says:

    People keep being killed in my apartment complex. I’m so scared I am sleeping on the floor between my bed, my dresser and the wall. I hear gunfire nearly every night, and have taken to sleeping with the gun my seemingly rediculous father insisted I keep. Apparently he wasn’t rediculous after all. I know I singed a legal document, but is there another way to break my lease besides being killed? Is the staff at least required to provide safe living conditions?

  347. Guest Says:

    18 to sign it by yourself. But even if you’re 18, most landlords will require decent credit or at least proof of income. Sometimes independent landlords who are desparate for a tenant will lease houses without really checking your credit, though.

  348. Guest Says:

    I was told by a realtor that almost every contract has a clause in it that the landlord will provide a decent and safe living area. I am having the same problem as you and the realtor told me that the landlord has broken his end of the contract by renting to just anyone off the street without doing a background check. Not sure if it’s true but it may be something to look into.

  349. Guest Says:

    In almost all leases there is a statement that your landlord will keep your facilities in a livable environment and will address all safety concerns promptly. Given you are fearing for your life I think that it is obvious that your safety concerns are not being addressed and as such you could make a strong case that your landlord has violated the lease agreement and as such you are not beholden to the lease. I would check with your local state housing authority office.

  350. Guest Says:

    Havent moved in yet.
    I recently signed a lease 5 days ago and decided thats not where I want to live. Im not scheduled to move in untill next month. Im wondering if I can break it?

  351. Guest Says:

    i signed a year-lease with my friend on a two bedroom apartment (i also have a co-signer, she does not), and in the first month she picked up a serious drug habit, in the second month she started dating her dealer. she now smokes cigarettes inside her room, and i just want to move out. what can i do?

  352. Guest Says:

    what happens if your landlord breaks the lease?

  353. Guest Says:

    yeah… when you find a way out of this, Please post it here… looks like this is pretty common! I lived with my roommate for about a month in my old apartment, and he was AWESOME… once he got on the lease in our new apartment he went a little insane… He moved in 2 dogs (which we’re not allowed to have) who have peed on all of MY furniture AND the carpet, then proceded to move in his “friend” (really just some guy he met on the internet) who was running from the police, without even asking me if I might consider having another person move into OUR apartment! Then he got drunk and when I wouldn’t give him the keys to MY car he pushed me down in the apartment complex parking lot, took my keys out of my pocket, and tried to run me over! I’ve thought about all this, and for some of it I could have had him arrested but the fugitive has since left (because I confronted him and told him that if he didn’t get out of my apartment I would turn him in… lol) but now I probably can’t… and who knows when he’s going to do something else totally crazy? right? I just want out of this lease with him, but nobody will live with him… and I’m afraid to leave, because he’ll just come after me… I even talked to the police about trying to get a restraining order against this guy, but they won’t help me AT ALL… they basically told me to tough it out… what the heck happened to protect and serve?? anyways… that’s beside the point… the point is… I want out of this lease and can’t seem to find any way to get out besides paying it out… which I for sure can’t afford… and if I just leave and keep paying rent, there’s always the fact that my psycho roommate will come after me, and he’ll destroy the apartment just because my name’s on the lease… yep… I got myself into a pickle… lol… go me…
    if anyone knows what I should do in this situation please let me know… imadorklikethat at hotmail dot com… lol… it’s like code… yay… oh… and yeah… just so it doesn’t look like I’m just some random dramatic guy I should probably specify that I AM a chick… so I’m allowed to be dramatic… but I actually think I’m handling this pretty calmly and rationally… I just reserve the right to become dramatic at any moment now… lol… just kidding… but really… give me some ideas!

  354. Guest Says:

    Unsure of what to do?? I have been living in my apartment for a year now and there were roaches in my apartment because of an upstairs neighbor. Supposely the roach problem was taken care of. Then a few months later roaches appeared again. But this time they said it was a neighbor next to me. An exterminator was brought in. I thought the problem was taken care of for good so I signed another years lease. As soon as that lease was sign a few weeks later I saw a couple of roaches around my apt. They finally found the “source” and said that this will be the last time and they are sure they got rid of them. But I saw 2 of them just yesterday. Can I break my lease for the following year?? The Landlord said to me that I cant break it because everytime I made a complaint they have called an exterminator and have done something about the problem. Am I stuck??

  355. Guest Says:

    I’ve been a property manager for alot of years and I will tell you that if you go to the manager and state that you feel “unsafe” living in your apartment, the chances are good that they will let you out of your lease. No one wants to take responibility of your saftey and if something were to happen to you, you could have a Law Suite against them. Make sure to document everything.

  356. Guest Says:

    First & Last Month’s Rent Question

    I currently live in an apt and have been looking to purchase a home. I found the perfect house and put it under contract. Problem is I have to make a first payment on this house when I’m scheduled to make the last payment on my current apartment lease. The apartment has my “last month’s rent” but are refusing to use that toward my last month’s rent.

    Obviously, I’m not going to default on my mortgage to pay the apt rent that I’ve already paid up front. Is there anything I can do to keep from getting sued?

  357. Guest Says:

    I moved into an apartment about 3 months ago, after signing a 1 yr lease. After a loss of hours at my job, it was becoming harder and harder to afford rent, plus my other payments and bill. I asked my landlord if I could have my boyfriend added to the lease so that he could move in and help pay for everything. Instead of having the guts to call me back in person she left a note under my door saying that I couldn’t do that. So i read over my lease and it does not say anywhere that you can’t add someone to the lease. I tried calling her after that and she won’t return that call. There is also a problem with ants in the apartment. No matter how much a spray for them I am constantly killing them. They crawl in from right under the door. Also, one time when I left my apartment for the day I came back to find dirty footprints all over my bathroom floor, AFTER I had locked the apartment. My landlord is also extremely rude to me. She doesn’t talk to the other tenants with the same attitude she uses with me, just because I’m the youngest one in the building. Is there anything I can do to get out of this lease without paying the equivalent of 3 months rent??

  358. Guest Says:

    What about an apartment where the Ac does not effectively cool the apt to less than 85 degrees most of the time, and you have a newborn baby AND the mgt keeps telling you there is nothing wrong with it?

    Will a letter of medical necessity saying the baby hs to be kept cool cover this? My doctor is willing to write one.

  359. Guest Says:

    We signed for a new lease in Feb as we could not afforrd to move out at the time.
    The tow truck company that management hired broke into my car recently, removed the tompoary pass on my rear vision mirror and stuffed it under a road book I haven’t used is ages. Because I was unable to prove this I had to pay $100. Management have been dodging my calls after I complained about this. Apparently there is a tenant sueing teh two trucks for the same thing.
    Also when our appartments got sold to a new owner our alotment details with the military had to change. A few weeks after we made these changes we recieved a not under the door stating we had to pay one months rent or we will be evicted in 5 days. Obviously teh allotment hadn’t worked but we are unable to see a statement until the following month and just figured it was an extra payment we were owed. We tried to ask them if we could pay half now half later and it was a no go. We do not think this was our fault.
    Do you think we have any rights here?

  360. Guest Says:

    We moved into our new apartment 2 weeks ago. We are allergic to cigarette smoke, the apartment smelled like cigarette smoke for the first few days. We got some advice and were told to use Febreeze, etc. because the smell might be coming from the carpet. Did not help. Then we noticed we were smelling it in certain spots where our wall meets our neighbor’s wall. It is coming through our walls! Our landlord told us to change the filter, we did. It did not change anything, it is still coming through the walls. We don’t know what to do. We have a year’s lease!

  361. Guest Says:

    FYI: There is [usually] no refund on appliaction fees and deposits…

  362. Guest Says:

    I can’t afford to stay and have no money to move, what should I do? I recently lost a job and was hired somewhere else, but the transition has wrecked havoc on my finances. Does anyone have any advice as to what I can do?

  363. Guest Says:

    We are seven months into a one year lease and need a way out. There are four of us living in the unit and found out that after month six none of use could really get along. We need help or hints on how to legally break the lease without paying out the nose or ruining someones credit. Any advice that someone has would be helpful.

  364. Guest Says:

    We moved to Texas from out of state. We had to find living quarters before we move to Texas cause we have 4 kids. The day we arrived in Texas the apartment lady stayed later (past business hours) to accomodate us.
    She had the lease ready to sign and the keys so we could move right in. It was late about 6 or 7 pm. She did not give us the opportunity to look at the apartment before signing the lease, although it was a look-and-lease option. The look-and-lease option included the rent for the 3 bedroom we were getting for the first month to be only $250. The next day they said it was $350 and had to pay another $100.
    The apartment community has 3 options for 3 bedrooms, we were told we were getting the 3 bdrm townhouse. After signing the lease, arriving at the apartment which had no parking space, roaches everywhere, no screens in the windows, air conditioner broken, and was a 3 bedroom townhouse with a loft. Keep in mind the 4 children I have are all under 7 years old. The loft is waist high and extremely dangerous to all of our children, not to mention there is no privacy for the 3rd bedroom. Also the set up of the apartment is 1bdrm down, 2 up (one of the 2 up is the loft.) I am and was very upset with the community for deceiving us in this matter, they said they had no other 3 bdrms available. Which later I found was incorrect. We have been lied to, deceived, and disrespected.
    Now come to find out almost a month later, they are saying the check for $250 was bounced, but not the $100 check. Instead of telling us that to fix it they had a Notice to Vacate to us on Friday, and have to fix everything for Monday or they will lock us out of our apartment.
    I have 2 special needs kids, one with expensive special needs food stored here at our apartment, and one with hearing difficulties, plus another with asthma and the last one is still very small and has been vomiting due to the heat.
    I am working and trying to pay the rent due in 1 1/2 weeks, the past due, the electric which is $400+, and take care of necessities for the kids. This move to Houston has drained all of us.
    We don’t want to live in this apartment because it is dangerous to our children and infested with roaches, and not to mention the neighborhood is not what they told us it was.

  365. Guest Says:

    I am also renting in TN and I have friends who have had brown recluse spiders in their apartments. From what I have learned – they are impossible to get rid of because they nest inside the walls. I have actually been told that you could get out of your lease because of the spiders but you have to prove that you have them. I would try to kill one next time you see it but don’t smash it. Put it in a plastic baggy so you will be able to show it to them. I know that is not much help, but I thought I would share. Are you in the Nashville area? I am just wondering if it is the same apartment complex my friend was having problems with.

  366. Guest Says:

    Most apts. give you a few weeks to break your lease. Take your copy of the lease and read over it very carefully. you may just find what you need to leave!

  367. Guest Says:

    Im not sure what state you live in, but in DC a tenant can not be evicted until after they have been to court. You should have received a thirty- days notice and if you do not respond within that time you receive a notice to appear in court. If you fail to appear, or the judge orders you out, then you can be evicted. If this process has not occured but you are evicted anyway you have been wrongfully evicted and should file a law suit.

  368. Guest Says:

    As far as the rental office not responding to you about their tow truck, you need a lawyer. All you need them to do is send the rental office a letter with their letter-head and I guarantee they will respond immediately. no money for a lawyer? Contact DC Law Students in Court they will help for free!

  369. Guest Says:

    Yes you are stuck. What you can do is aks them to exterminate every week or every other week to keep the problem at a minimum. If they refuse, have a lawyer send them a letter. They usually dont like to go through any legal processes (unless they are the ones filing the lawsuit)=)

  370. Guest Says:

    Do to them what they would do to you go to court.You will need a lawyer (you better believe they will have one). DC law students in court (free)!

  371. Guest Says:

    There are not many ways to break your lease, but this is one of those exceptions. There is a way to get out of your lease if you fear for your life! grab your yellow pages and call the first law office you see. Most lawyers wont charge just to ask a legal question.

  372. Guest Says:


    I am a PM out of state so I can’t tell you specifics about Texas but just advice on general contracts. First, the concession addendum for your discounted rent should have stated what the special was when you signed your lease. I’m not sure what legal options you have considering you took possesion of the apartment even though it was not what you had on hold. I do know that Texas is a landlord friendly state and its hard for me to point you in a specific direction. One thing I can tell you is document EVERYTHING!!! If its a private owner, I would try reasoning with them. If its a property management company, talk to the Property Manager first. Send written notification of your issues and then set up an appointment to discuss your issues, perhaps you can get transferred to the correct apt with no extra fees. Give the PM an opportunity to resolve the problem(s). Follow-up in writing. If nothing is resolved call their corporate office. However, if you check bounced you HAVE TO rectify that immediately, it goes to your credibility as a tenant. If all your attempts goes unanswered I’m sure Houston has a landlord-tenant division where you can file a complaint. Especially if you have a roach infestation that no one is addressing and the unit, that you did not request, is putting your children in danger. Good Luck! You got a doosier.

  373. Guest Says:

    ADVICE MUCH NEEDED!! Ok I moved out of my apartment 2 months before lease end unanounced to the landlord. The reason is simple I had complained and complained about the mold problem, and a list of other things that were wrong with the apartment. After being sick from breathing in the black mold and fungus that was present I decided to get the hell out. Now I have pictures to prove the mold and fungus problem. My next issue is this, I went to get the rest of my furnature one night, and to my shock, my bed was gone, my roommates bed was gone, and the aprtment was completely trashed… what can I do about all of this?

  374. Guest Says:

    You are screwed. Texas has very bad apartment laws because Owners have lobbied for more power.

    You are at the mercy of the landlord, period. Bed and cry, beg and cry.

    Sorry to say it, but welcome to Texas and get used to people two-timing you. This state is famous for its share of scumbags.

  375. Guest Says:

    The above article said that the landlord had to allow lease-breaking for military service. I’m not sure if that would work for you, since you’re still there, but it’s something to look into.

  376. Guest Says:

    I am a single mom with a 14yr old daughter. Our apartment faces the pool/spa and on any given night after 9:30 or 10pm we get our own X-rated sex show. They recently changed management companies and I have noticed a substantial decrease in the quality of people moving in. I recently purchased a house and my move in would leave me with 2-3 months left on my lease. There is a buy out clause that would cost me approx $1300. Is there a chance to get out without paying the $$?

  377. Guest Says:

    i live in the Mississipi area where a vacany unit is above me being occupied by some illegal person-neighbor home invaded and constant reports to repair not being carried out. My lease ends in December 2006. How can i break my lease before then?

  378. Guest Says:

    “Is the staff at least required to provide safe living conditions?”

    Actually, that is the responsibility of your local law enforcement agency. Apartment managers aren’t cops.

  379. Guest Says:

    We signed a one year lease and we`ve been living in the apt. complex for about 3 months and we are having serious ants problems. Everyday gets worse! I have a 4 year old daughter and she wakes up with ants bites all over her body! We find ants everywhere, closet, kitchen, and my daughter’s room. We are the cleanest person you can imagine so I can’t find a reason why we have so many ants. What makes me even more upset is that the staff from the apartments don’t do anything about it! I want to see if there’s any way I can break my lease without getting bad credit? Please HELP!

  380. Guest Says:

    I live in Las Vegas, NV. I moved out of an apt. after a month, and signed a room-mate release form, which my room-mate failed to co-sign. There were roaches everywhere, my shower head did not work, and a neighbor was acting very agressive to me. About a month later she also decided to move because they would not fix anything in the apt. She called the corporate office, and they told her it would be okay to move, so she gave them a month’s notice. I recieved a call last thurs. from a collection agency, who said that I owe them over $5,000 for the full 6 month lease because the lease was broken. I’ve been trying to talk to the manager, but she won’t talk to me. I am still trying to talk to legal services about my rights. What can I do?

  381. Guest Says:

    I signed a 12 month lease for an apartment and after only 4 months my employer transferred me to another location. I could not afford to travel so I gave notice requesting my lease be terminated. The apartment managers were very coopertive about the lease termination and said they would attempt to locate tenants as soon as possible. They located a tenant and of course the tenant could not move in until the following month. They told me on the phone that my deposit would be used for that one month that the apartment was left vacant. My question is… can they keep my deposit without providing me something in writing within the 3 week time period (California law regarding rental deposits)? Or because I broke the lease am I responsible for the months rent and they do not have to provide any type of writing? Hope this makes sense to someone!

  382. Guest Says:

    My apt was cited for missing part of the roof cap thus causing a roof leak, do i have to pay rent during the time of this violation?

  383. Guest Says:

    Your best bet in this situation is multifold. One, send a letter to them (certified mail, return recipt requested) informing them of your intent to leave. Strictly as a formality. Two, get it in writing from them that they are accepting your breaking lease and that they intend to retain your security deposit as your final payment and that everything will be considered satisfactory at that point. Unless, of course, you don’t want them to do that, then you will have to negotiate that with them and get whatever you do agree to in writing. The short of it is this: a verbal contract is just as legally binding as a written one, except for the matter of proving it. Unless you want to get into a case of “I said-they said” you’re best getting it in writing because you are technically breaking lease and therefore you are on the default losing side of the argument. Hope that helps.

  384. Guest Says:

    Have you reported the “x-rated sex show” to the management? the police? If you have not, then you should. It’s called “documentation” ie proof. Certainly, with children of my own, I would not allow this to go on after ONE TIME. If you had given notice to move because management or police failed to respond, then you might have validity to your claim. Otherwise, abide by your lease.

  385. Guest Says:

    You can fulfill your lease. Nobody ever thinks of that!

  386. Guest Says:

    I signed a 12 month lease and live in S. California. When i signed the lease I signed with my ex boyfriend, well like most people we broke up and i moved back home. I now want to request my name be taken off the lease because i heard you can do that but my apartment doesnt allow that. So is there a way for me to break the lease and still have him live there giving me no financial responsibility?

  387. Guest Says:

    I disagree with the last comment — you are definitely not screwed! Tenants DO have rights in Texas.
    However, you may lose some or all of these rights for nonpayment of rents. You may want to go ahead and pay the $250, and clear up any discrepancies on your Aug. rent payment.

    Chapter 92 of the Texas Property Code lists Landlord and Tenant Rights and Obligations.
    Here’s the official website:

    Specifically, refer to subsections 92.052, 92.053, 92.056 and 92.0561 with regards to landlord’s obligations to repair or remedy conditions that materially affect the health or safety of the tenant. You DO need to request everything in WRITING, and keep copies of all written communication with the landlord or property mgr. Generally, the landlord has 5-7 days to respond or be liable for other remedies, which may include contacting your local health inspector!

    Hope this helps :-)
    Good luck!

  388. Guest Says:

    You should be able to contact the landlord (not the property manager) directly and inform him/her of the issues you’re having. Sometimes the landlord is out of state and trusts that the property management is treating HIS tenants fairly and with respect.

    An aquaintance of mine who owns apartment complexes was walking the property one day when one of the tenants approached. He introduced himself as the property owner, and to his surprise, the tenant was curious as to why the manager always wanted the rent paid in Cash. Hmmm…my friend discovered the manager was stealing from him. Needless to say, that manager is no longer an employee!

    I wish you well!

  389. Guest Says:

    How it is that you think a person is suppose to know the noise level prior to signing the lease is beyond me.
    I recently leased a loft in KC, MO.
    We (my sister was with me at the time)specifically and repeatedly voiced our concerns pertaining to noise level here and of how I like it quiet. I don’t listen to TV or the radio, I like it quiet and in fact it grates my nerves to no end to hear neighbors TV or music. This was made very clear to the leasing agent whom claims to have lived here and assured us each time the subject was broched that this place was very, very quiet.
    Imagine my surprise upon moving in to learn that not only can I hear the neighbor’s TV and music, I can hear them talk to each other almost as clearly as if they’re in my living room. that’s not all.
    I can hear the ding go off on their microwave when their food is done. I can hear the elevator ding down the hall. I can hear dogs barking in a loft that’s on another floor at the opposite end of the building.
    I’m forced to listen to people in 3 different lofts each and every time they have sex. I’m even forced to listen to the people above me each and every time they relieve themselves in the bathroom which happens to be above my bedroom. Better yet I can even tell you which one of them went because you can read the paper being pulled off from the toilet paper roll after she’s done!
    Me being a single man, listening to someone above me that’s loud and clear enough that I can tell if they are eating Mexican food or not, that day when they go to the bathroom isn’t exactly my idea of a great romantic mood setter should I ever want to bring a date home. Just that alone makes this impressive looking place seem pretty useless,if not down right embarrassing to me when it comes to dating.
    Coming here from TX I knew nothing about lofts at all prior to leasing this place. They looked cool. They certainly seemed nice enough and I looked at probably 14 or 15 places. I asked about noise and only a couple of them said I might hear anything at all.
    You would think at a $1,000 a month it’d be quiet here but it’s got to be the loudest place I’ve ever lived.
    How is it a person is suppose to know these things before moving into a place as you contend we should? I don’t believe management is going to let me stay the night without signing a lease first. I’ve never asked before but I seriously doubt they’d agree to it.
    Looking at the lease it’s their responsibilty to make this place ‘safe and habitable’.
    It seems very apparent to me that their idea of habitable is far different than my own and more than likely I’m going to be forced to seek out an attorney in this case even though I seriously doubt I have a leg to stand on.
    What bothers one person may not bother another. Still I wanted to put that question to you.
    How exactly is a person suppose to know the sound level inside a place before signing a lease in this type of situation ?

    Thank you for your time.

  390. Guest Says:

    If your keys were turned into the management company you are not responsible for the damage, but if they were not your renter’s insurance should cover any of your loss as well as damage to the property.

  391. Guest Says:

    I want to know if I can get out of a lease if I never physically move into an apartment.

  392. Guest Says:

    I got a new job 100 miles away from where I live. I drive 2 hours every day to get to work. I plan to move out at the end of the month, no matter what the apt. complex tells me since they’ve successfully cheated me out of money earlier this year.
    What can they do to me? I simply work too far away to live here.

  393. Guest Says:


    Ok, My boyfiend and I have lived in a apartment in Houston for about 6 months ( signed a 13 month lease.) and it was fine until about one month into this hell hole. We choose this apartment because of the good neighborhood and location. Then, let’s just say not the “tidiest” bunch of people started to move in. I’m not going to lie, I was scared of walking inside or out after dark. Then, the notices of break- ins and car thefts started to appear on our door. NOW, the part that tops the cake. SPIDERS. I would rather have a sex offender move in next door rather than BLACK WIDDOWS IN MY HOUSE! Yes, our cat Bo, became ill one day when i noticed that on his bed, when he got up, a spider fell off his back. then the webbs start appearing all over the house. My boyfriends brother stayed with us for one weekend and when he returned home, he called to inform us of a black widdow in his over night bag. I AM TIRED OF WORRYING ABOUT MY CAR BEING STOLEN OR MY LEG BEING BITTEN OFF! Can someone help us before we are shot or poisioned?!?!?
    *crazy in Houston.

  394. Guest Says:

    Help! My roommate is making me sick. We signed a 1 year lease in March. The lease has a no smoking clause in it. However, it seems that everyone in the building including my obnoxious roommate, smokes constantly. It has taken it’s toll on my health and put me in the hospital 3 times this year. Can I get out of this lease? The landlord says no smoking but has a blind eye toward it.

  395. Guest Says:

    my husband and I and our 2 children signed a 12 month lease in February, now half way through it, we’re trying to buy a house, and want to break our lease, we live in Alaska, so I’m not really sure what to do. We are military, so I’ve thought about using that to our benefit, but I am not sure how to go about it

  396. Guest Says:

    My roommate and I signed a lease two months ago to renew our apartment lease for another year (August 31, 2006 – August 31, 2007). Over the past two months we have been fighting and have realized we cannot possibly live together for another year. Because our lease does not end/begin until August 31st – is there a way out of this??? HELP!!!

  397. Guest Says:

    If your landlord provides pest control, which I’m sure they do, they have a legal obligation to rid you of your pest problems. I would recommend putting the request in writing. State law says landlords that do not attempt or actually fix a main. issue. (pest control would be considered a main issue) in a “resonable amount of time” they are acting in bad faith and are considered to be in default of the lease. However what is resonable? Thats a loaded question… If you know for sure that the spiders are black widows… That would be considered an emergency and requires immediate attention.

    As far as the other concerns go not seeing how much pull you have… but black widows, write that request, hand deliver it, give them resonable time to fix it and if they dont that could be your out.

  398. Guest Says:

    I am in a very similar boat. I signed a lease on Friday and I changed my mind on the following Monday. I was wondering the same thing.

  399. Guest Says:

    Did you ever get any answers from your question. I am in the same boat. Pls respond to line Apartment in Raleigh NC

  400. Guest Says:

    They can hold you to the terms of your lease, which will affect your credit at the very least. At worst, they can get a judgment against you, and depending on the laws in your state, do a sherrif’s sale of your possessions or even attach your wages. Check your lease to see if you have a buyout provision, or have a neighbor let you know when/if the unit is re-rented, because they have to end your lease at that point.

  401. Guest Says:

    Depends on why you want to get out. Did they fail to produce the apartment to you when promised? Then, yes. Did you change your mind? Then, no. Look at it like an auto lease — whether or not you drive the car, you’re still liable for the payments.

  402. Guest Says:

    Do they have other apartments? Maybe in a newer, better-insulated building? Give the landlord a chance to remedy the situation (transfering you, adding insulation, or letting you out of the lease), and if they don’t do anything, take them to civil court to get out of the lease and ask for a financial settlement to help with costs associated with moving. If you can present your side well (DOCUMENT EVERY CONTACT WITH THE LANDLORD!!), you probably have a 50/50 chance. (Check for a noise provision in the lease.)

  403. Guest Says:

    Yes, unless your apartment was made uninhabitable due to the leak. The landlord is responsible to repair the damage in a timely manner, and as long as he did that, and you were able to live in the apartment, you are responsible for rent. If you talk to him, however, he may voluntarily give you a rent deduction for your trouble.

    If he took a long time to fix the leak and/or the damage, contact your locality’s housing department, and they will instruct you how to put your rent in escrow until the repairs are finished.

  404. Guest Says:

    Read your lease and look for a section on exterminating. It should say who is responsible for the cost, the landlord or the tenant. If the landlord is responsible and he does nothing (document your contacts with the landlord and give him a reasonable amount of time to address the problem), you would have grounds to get out of the lease. If you are responsible, buy some ant traps or call an exterminator.

    If you leave and the lease is reported to the Credit Bureau, you can always file a dispute with the landlord, and it will be noted on your credit report.

  405. Guest Says:

    You could let the landlord know when you are leaving and ask them to put it back on the market to rent. As soon as the unit is re-rented, that would sever your obligation. By law in PA, anyway, they are required to attempt to rent the apartment — they do not have to advertise your unit specially, but they can’t hide it and refuse to rent it, either. In most areas, this is the prime time of year to move (before school starts), and if it’s a decent complex, they should have no trouble getting a new tenant. You are, however, responsible for rent until the unit is re-rented or the end of your lease, whichever comes first, if you do not choose the buyout option. Late fees will most likely apply, so make sure you pay on time. If you can, have a trusted neighbor keep an eye out for when a new tenant moves in.

  406. Guest Says:

    Do you think most people actually have renter’s insurance? In a perfect world, maybe.

  407. Guest Says:

    Check your lease. Many leases have a 30-day provision that they can break your lease for any reason. You’re kinda stuck there. The only argument you might have is if you think they are practicing some sort of discrimination. Did they tell you why they’re breaking the lease?

  408. Guest Says:

    My girlfriend and I moved into an apt. in San Diego ~5mos ago. Recently we had a less than amicable break up and now I want to move out. The problem is the lease is in both our names and our apartment requires that both of us sign an addendum saying that one of us wants out of the lease; my ex REFUSES to sign. Is there a way for me to get out of the lease without it destroying my credit and rental history?

  409. Guest Says:

    Okay i just moved into this new apartment and was really disapointed, the carpet was not clean, bathroom was cleaned half way, toilet wasn’t stable, I asked the landlord to change and fix that he said no and that if i wanted he would let me out of my lease but i would lose my security deposit and won’t be liable for the 11 remaining months, i said Yes, so do I need a written letter paper from them stating that? I don’t want to get sued or have my credit screwed. Thanks

  410. Guest Says:

    She pays half the rent, there’s nothing you can do about her smoking. Not unless your lease says no smoking.

  411. Guest Says:

    Yes, get a detailed agreement in writing, if you’re agreeing to what he said. He sounds like a jerk, though. Wonder if it’s a scam?

  412. Guest Says:

    My landloard called me today to tell me that one of the people in our house had to move out because the county we live in says we can only have up to 3 unrelated people in our house at one time. They did not tell us this when we moved in, and actually told us that if we wanted to put anyone else on the lease just to send them a new application and application fee. What can I do, I don’t want to make anyone move out, but if someone has to can we all? Will that ruin my credit?

  413. Guest Says:

    Please help. My roomate and I just had a break in at our apartment, and the realization is that we are being charged WAY too much for the neighborhood we live in, without some sort of secure security. Is there any way to break the lease, it is a year lease… I want to cry, and I feel unsafe! PLEASE HELP! Feel free to email me at Subject Lease Advice. THANK YOU!

  414. Guest Says:

    My wife and I were having problems and we decided she would move to an apartment. She signed a 6 month lease (they said a month to month lease would be a lot more and did not quote her a price) and has paid for 2 monthes rent. After living there for around a month, we decided to get back together. The apartment wants 60 day notice and 20% of the total lease value. She has moved out, and offered to pay the extra rent, but we don’t think we should have to pay the extra 20%. Rent is $900 a month, and with all their charges, this amounts to around $4,000 to live there for less than 30 days. What should we do?

  415. Guest Says:

    My refrigerator recently broke and the landlord refuses to fix it. He said that I can fix it and deduct it from the rent. I don’t have the means to get a new fridge, is he responsible?

  416. Guest Says:

    Wow, good question! I went and checked our lease, and believe it or not, it doesn’t mention appliances, except for cleaning them. I’d check with the Housing Department in your area — they should be able to tell you what the landlord is required to provide. Good luck!

  417. Guest Says:

    why don’t you just stick with the 6 month lease and inform them that she plans to leave after the term is up. Then pay the original amount (which is way less) and just have her not live there. She can go there once a week to make sure that everything is ok and do light cleaning.

  418. Guest Says:

    i would think that if you contacted with a certified letter showing a copy of the “no smoking” part of your lease agreement and complained then he still did nothing about the problem that you should be able to break the lease agreement, especially since it is making you sick.

  419. Guest Says:

    Renter’s insurance is extremely cheap. I’ve always paid $10-$15 a month for mine. Every lease I’ve signed talks about getting it. I strongly recommend to everyone renting to get it because you never know what can happen in life. Fire, flood, theft, etc.

  420. Guest Says:

    Actually the judges are tenant friendly in Texas. I’ve worked in New Mexico and Texas so I have comparison. I’ve seen tenants have more rights and get fair outcomes in court in Houston vs Albuquerque. I would make sure you know all your rights. Good luck.

  421. Guest Says:

    my son and is girlfriend (who is in college) moved into a apartment in April 2006. The move in special was three months rent free for a 12 month lease. The first few months went great until ALL the other college kids moved in. Every night they party all the time and they get no sleep. Neither of them drink. So her father just bought her a house so they can get away from all the party people.(beer cans, throw up all over) gross.
    We can pay some of what is left of the lease … but how much should we offer?? IS there a way to get out of the lease with an offer to pay some of what is left???

  422. Guest Says:

    I think, but im not sure… you can get the mortgage person to write the apt a letter stating you or they bought a house and they have to let you out of your lease.. this was told to me by a mortgage guy…

  423. Guest Says:

    We moved in last Dec. we were up front and told them we were looking for a house and asked about fees and obligations if we did have to break a lease we wanted a 6 month lease the apartments forced us into a 14 month lease, by lieing to us. Since then they have rented to some pot smoking kids that walk around and yell and curse at everyone. We have reported it but nothing has been done, so we decieded to go ahead and look for a house and go ahead and pay the fees that were explained upon us leasing the apartment. When we talked with management we find the want us to pay all the fees plus the duration of our lease out, which is another 6 months. We have seeked legal advice and waiting to hear what can be done. Any advice??

  424. Guest Says:

    Hi, I live in PA in an interesting situation: A friend of ours bought a house last summer. He is young and single and needed help paying the mortgage so he asked some friends (including my boyfriend and i) to move in. There are 3 BRs–my bf and I live in one, the owner lives in the other, and a 3rd friend lives in the 3rd room. We all share the kitchen and living room and laundry facilities. The problem is, the owner is a PIG. My bf and I clean and clean, but can’t keep up with the mess he makes. I can’t live this way any longer. I only agreed to a 1 year lease, which is over and my lease has converted to month-to-month. But my bf agreed to 2 years. Both agreements were oral, but in PA, they are enforceable. I thought if we moved out now we could just pay off my bf’s portion of the lease, since mine is over, but the owner says my bf is paying for the ROOM, so his rent would just double if I were to leave. Is this fair?? In addition, our heat has been shut off twice and cable once because they owner doesn’t pay the bills. We pay our utilities to him on time every month. Each time it happened, they were shut off for about a week. Can that help us at all?

  425. Guest Says:

    I have been living in an apartment since March of this year. I have recently noticed an infestation of silverfish. I spoke withmanagement & my apartment was sprayed. Four weeks later I was still seeing them so I went in the office spoke with someone & wrote a letter. I have a 2 year old child & seeing pests everynight & being afraid to walk around the house barefoot is unacceptable living to me. Also having to constantly spray seems as if it could become a problem. How long long should I give them to rectify the situation after the exterminator has sprayed this time? If I filled out a maintenace request for a broken intrusion alarm & and a clogged bathroom sink and 1 wk. & four days later noone has fixed it what should I do?

  426. Guest Says:

    Oh Please tell me who can I check with to see if this is true. They close on the house September 7th. We will be paying Septembers rent for the whole month even though we are moving them out on the 8th. Do we still give them a 30 day notice on September 1st even though they are still in a lease?

  427. Guest Says:

    I was recently in court with my roommate. He made an oral agreement with me and the landlord. He abandoned the lease five months ago. He agreed to pay his portion of the rent till the end of the lease because I am disabled and can only afford 1/2 of the rent. The magistrate threw it out. Judgement was placed aginst both parties, He wont pay. I got the full judgement. I had to have the gas and water and electric put in my name after I paid my roommate my portion they were still shut off because he didnt pay. I had to take him to court. He had to pay me back what I paid him. So in Pa. oral agreements quite often are dismissed. My roommate denied the oral agreement. The landlord was there and told the Judge there was an oral agreement it didn’t do any good. Also the guy you are renting from could say there wasn’t an oral agreement. Then It becomes a case of (He Said,She Said) The Magistrate thinks he’s a funny guy. I think he wants his own TV show. Everytime I would try to say something he would ask me if I want a policeman in here? I would say No. He would reply “He has a Gun”. I said “yea Judge just shoot me dead, thay way nobody gets anything” He shut up about the cop. and I finally got to say something.
    Good Luck To You.

  428. Guest Says:

    I agree that it is inexpensive and necessary; however, many people don’t bother to get it. And even though it says right in the lease “the landlord insures the unit, you are responsible to insure your personal property”, people still think the landlord is responsible if, say, there’s a roof leak right over their brand new computer.

  429. Guest Says:

    I live in California. When my 9 month lease was up, I renewed it for another 12 months. When the rental associate drew up a new lease she combined the two time periods into a 21 months lease though! Like an idiot I did not read the document correctly. Since then, the owners of the apartment complex have changed and the new owners are not willing to honor or acknowledge the oral agreement made by the previous associate.

  430. Guest Says:

    I move into my apartment in May since then my place has been broken into 2 times with a 3rd attempt while I was home with my kids. Now I am afraid to be alone in the house with my children. My landlord was supposed to put up window bars and because he didn’t the burglars broke 2 of my windows. I have mice, I have spiders and silverfish. Although I hate bugs I can deal with those but what I can’t deal with is being afraid someone will break in while me and my kids are sleeping. Breaking the lease wan’t an option b4 but I think it should be now.

  431. Guest Says:

    Talked to apartment manager about getting out of the lease early and offered to pay 6 months rent of the 10 months that are left …and he said NO…..
    So son and girlfriend are moving to new house this weekend. When they pay the September rent do they need to give a written notice of leaving??? Since they will be paying the rent each month do they need to turn in the keys?

  432. Guest Says:

    i have asked my landlord if i can get out from mylease due to job move. They said okay to it i put this in writting. However, my company decided not to send me to the new location and i had to ask for my lease back.

    Can i assume my original lease is binding still? Or am i under the mercy of the landlord.

  433. Guest Says:

    If the lease has not began yet it is not legal yet. Go and ask for the original lease (all copies) and give your notice to move. You must do this before the new lease date starts though.

  434. Guest Says:

    What you said is not true throughout the country or else here in Raleigh, NC everything is different. THERE WAS A DEAD MOUSE HERE IN THIS RENTAL UNIT! My landlady’s respone to the mouse situation was to hand me some D-Con and to tell me that “everyone has mice.” Which by the way, I have since found out is NOT TRUE – and I have not seen mice ever in over 20 years of renting.

    I called the City of Raleigh Housing Department, and they told me that since I lived in a rental townhome that I rent from the owner through a real estate broker, THAT I, THE TENANT, AM RESPONSIBLE FOR PEST EXTERMINATION. The Owner is only responsible for insect or pest/rodent extermination if it concerns multiple units, like an apartment community.

    It was super disgusting to find mice droppings in my kitchen as well as mice excrement in the apartment. Now I am stuck with 6 more months in a mouse-infested house, and having to pay $75 initially for an exterminator TO REMOVE A DEAD MOUSE and then also $45 per month for return visits for them to treat and remove rodents. I hate it here.

    I am buying after this, I have had it with cheapo landlords. I personally would take much better care of the property than this landlady does.

  435. Guest Says:


    Just go here:

  436. Guest Says:

    You’re probably OK…just make sure to let them know ASAP that you have decided not to move. They might have “pre-leased” your apartment (rented it out from under you) and in that case, unless the new renter is willing to move into a different apartment you are legally obligated to move.

  437. Guest Says:

    We live in Georgia and signed a 12 month lease. The grass wasn’t cut all the way to the property line, what wasn’t cut was very high grass. I cut it down but it was mucky. Come to find out it was the neighbors waste. So eveytime you go outside you smell crap. Not only that, snakes are in the crawl space and now it appears that they are in the attic. The landlord responded to us saying, that they knew about the snakes and to get a cat.They say we can get out of the lease, but they keep the deposit and another months rent plus 200 dollars. What can I do to keep some money?

  438. Guest Says:

    I HAVE FOUND MULTIPLE DEAD MICE – right after I wrote the above comment. I did call the landlady and tell her I want to break the lease, that I am doing everything I am supposed to be doing as a good tenant – paying rent and also paying exterminators – but I have these GROSS mice and droppings & etc. here. Don’t the current rodent circumstance constitute an uninhabitable, unclean and unsafe (mice carry disease – check out the CDC website) housing environment? Haven’t the landladay and the owner NOT provided decent housing????? I don’t want to live here and I feel extremely uncomfortable being here.

  439. Guest Says:

    I need help!!! I moved in to an apartment and singed a 6 month lease. First there are roaches everywhere then my next door neighbor was on the news arrested for gang activity and drug trafficing. The neighbor down stairs for crack. Then I let them know the living room outlets and bedroom outlets were not working back in July. They looked at them said nothing was wrong. I had them come back out and showed they weren’t working. They told me next day was the forth of July and they don’t work and would be back the following day. They never came back. On the first I spoke with the property manager and was angry told him about the electric problem and the bug problem. He said he would have someone out there that day. It is now September and I am still waiting on them. I have extension cords running from the kitchen to the living room and the bedroom. I went to pay rent for the first of September and put in my 30 day notice my lease is up on the 30th. They let me know I have to give a 60day notice (I checked it is in the lease) and again I told them about the electric. They have still done nothing. I started crying when she said I had to stay an extra month. Is there anything I can do to get out of here? I was thinking about talking to an attorney because I have told them now 5 times and nothing is done. Any advice will help me PLEASE!!!
    I just want out now…. Thank You

  440. Guest Says:

    Can I sublet my apartment to four other friends if my roomate and his wife moved? Is that breaking my 1 year lease? Can the lanlord refuse to let me sublet the apartment.It is a three bedroom apt.

  441. Guest Says:


  442. Guest Says:

    I signed a lease to a huge apartment complex. After being here for a month a half, my job has relocated and my pay has changed, basically. Now, I am definitely not able to afford it with my full time teaching job. Nor will I ever be able to pay the rest of the money I would’ve paid until the lease is up next august. What am I supposed to do and what reason will be good enough to get out of this situation???? Please help!

  443. Guest Says:

    A sewage pipe is broken in my basement and there is over two feet of urine, bowels, and toilet paper filling it. there is a fowel oder coming up through the floor. There are flies coming up through the drain in my shower and we can not leave our windows open because the smell has been making my fiance and I feel sick just thinking about it. It is so embarrassing I don’t invite company over. I want to contact my landlord but wanted to see what advice I can get before I do so. I also have been told that the landlord is aware of it and tried to get it cleaned but the sewage people refuse to go into the basement because it is so desgusting. What can I do?

  444. Guest Says:

    a military clause isn’t going to help you in this situation. it was meant for when troops deploy or move from one base to another. my husband is military and i’m also a leasing agent for an apartment community so i have lots of knowledge of this. check with base legal and they will go over your lease with you and see what can and can’t be done.

  445. Guest Says:

    That is absolutely dumb. I agree that there are moron landlords out there, but it is more apparent everyday that the residents are even worse. Read your lease. That is what I would go by. Not what Joe Bob’s Uncle told you.

  446. Guest Says:

    None. You are responsible for what you signed. Find a sublessor or plan on paying for the unit. Work situations do not void a lease!

  447. Guest Says:

    since you are military you have a lot more options. go to base legal and they will help you figure out how to deal with this!

  448. Guest Says:

    no it won’t work for her since they aren’t married. He will be released from the lease but she is stuck unless they have her name taken off the lease before he turns in his notice to vacate the apartment

  449. Guest Says:

    me and my husband just sign a one year lease in may 2006. and in aug 2006, we got some papers on the landlord to were they are forecloseing on him. we are trying to get out of our lease, we dont know how to go about it, we live in ohio,kenton. if this tells you anything,my e-mail address is if anyone knows how to do this please let us know.thank you.

  450. Guest Says:

    I have signed a lease 6 months ago and I have mice in my apartment what do I do.

  451. Guest Says:

    hi, we were out of hot water for almost 4 weeks, it is really pain. We want to break the lease with the manager, do u need to provide some document to support us?

  452. Guest Says:

    I work in a leasing office and I would tell you to call there home office and tell them about your outlets. Tell them that you are leaving and you are not paying anything for the lease break fee. I would have an attorney on the side and let them know that! That is not right.

  453. Guest Says:

    I had to move from my apt and made friends with the business manager. He allowed me to move and put my apt at the top of the vacancy list so that I owed a minimal amount of money.

  454. Guest Says:

    Sometimes the employer will pay for you to be released from the contract. Not many do this but just a thought.

  455. Guest Says:

    I signed a 1-year lease about 2 weeks ago. There was still a tenant in the apartment when I looked at it. They told me that the tenant was messy, so to picture the place with new paint, clean carpets, and without his stuff. The day before I moved in, I called to see if it was ready and they kept telling me they had to check it and to call back later, until finally the office was closed for the day and I never got an answer.

    I showed up the next day with my moving truck and the office was swamped. They gave me my keys and assigned parking space and that was it. No time for a walkthrough with me at that time. I went up there and the place smelled badly like cigarette smoke, the carpets were disgusting, and there was no fridge (I was told the one that was there would stay). I had all of my stuff waiting in the truck, so I had to at least move it in, and figured I’d deal with it later when they weren’t so busy, so I vacuumed and bought some air fresheners. That has made is a little better, but I’m still sneezing and the place still has a smoke odor, which as a nonsmoker is very irritating.

    When I finally got a chance to talk to management, they told me that the carpets had been cleaned. When I showed them the condition and the garbage bag full of dirt and dust I had vacuumed out of it, they told me they were invoiced for it, but they weren’t going to pay it. I asked them to have the company redo it because it really needed shampooed. Haven’t heard anything back on that yet. Plus, I have 2 girls who are horrible chain smokers living below me. They sit on their balcony all day from 11 a.m. until after I go to bed at night and smoke, one after the other, so I cannot open either of my windows to help air the place out. The smell still comes through even with the closed windows.

    To top it all off, there is so much dirt and dust all over the place that it grosses me out. The tub and sinks were spotless and there was fresh paint, but it appeared to me that they never finished cleaning the place before I moved in. I literally threw up when I went to clean off one of the top shelves in the closet because it was covered in so much mold and other gross stuff. The management still claims that this place had been cleaned before I moved in.

    My deadbolt also doesn’t work because the door frame is all bent up, so I submitted a request for that. They keep telling me all work is done within 24 hours of a request being submitted so they’ll check into why it isn’t fixed yet, but it still isn’t fixed.

    They offered to let me move to another apartment, but the cheapest one they have left is $350/mo more than I am paying now, and I’m already paying a lot, so I just can’t afford it.

    Am I stuck in this dirty apartment? I don’t really want out of my lease. I love the location and the more expensive apartments that I looked at were all clean and nice. It’s just that mine was half done and is very gross. Does anyone know what options I have to make them clean it or move me for the same rent?

  456. Guest Says:

    Most likely your son and his girlfriend had to sign a concession agreement stating that they agreed to a 12 month term. If they do not fulfill the 12 months upon breaking the lease, they will owe the three months that came free. Double check with the complex b/c that is common with apartment communities.

  457. Guest Says:

    I am a single mother of two, my children and I moved into this Iowa apartment 7 months ago. My son has been taunted and physically hurt by other children 10 times atleast! I am affaid to let my children go outside and play! My son was chased a mile up the street by another child threatening to hurt him! I have contacted management more than once, I have made a police report in one incident! I do not want my children to have to live in fear and not be able to play outside because they are in physical danger! I just want to break my lease and move, I do not have alot of money to be able to break my lease. Is there away I can do this without having to pay out of my nose??

  458. Guest Says:

    I work in a leasing office as well and though I would call their corporate office and let them know about the customer service you are experiencing, outlets not working is not sufficient enough to break your lease. The only thing warrenting you to break your lease would be if your apartment was inhabitable or unsafe and even that has to be documented for 30 days. Do not listen to the above person who claims to work in a leasing office because you will just find yourself with a mark on your credit that will follow you for the rest of your life. It is only 1 additional month. Take it as a learning experience for the future.

  459. Guest Says:

    NEED HELP!!! I was attacked and assaulted in the parking lot of my apartment. Since then, I’m scared to go out. Can I request the management to break the lease?

  460. Guest Says:

    i’m not sure if you got all of this figured out yet, but i am also looking for a home and was told by my lender that the landlord has to let you out of the lease because you are bettering your situation. I live in Michigan so I’m not sure if it is different from state to state.

  461. Guest Says:

    check with local laws. things like broken doors – which provide safety – are as serious as hot water and heat. you may be able to hold rent in escrow until the repairs are done (don’t just not pay!)again, review this with local nonprofit legal help

  462. Guest Says:

    document your efforts to communicate the problem and time it has taken. Do they offer forms or something to communicate those problems? Send certified mail to confirm delivery. If you can document that basic services were not provided then the landlord is failing in his responsibilities.

  463. Guest Says:

    contact your landlord or property mgmt company and demand pest control. if they do not respond, threaten to hold rent in escrow until they remediate the situation with a professional pest removal business.

  464. Guest Says:

    check your contract re: subletting. you may find yourself in a situation with 4 people, but with 3 bedrooms that’s not so bad (i.e. a couple would share a room). check if there are limits to the number of occupants in an apartment.

  465. Guest Says:

    “sewage people refuse to go into the basement because it is so desgusting” that is NO excuse. Hold your landlord to make those repairs, not only is it disgusting but it’s also a health hazard – these people don’t want to go in b/c it’s gross? YOU LIVE THERE. Your landlord is responsible, end of story.

  466. Guest Says:

    you may have some grounding given that the roommate didn’t pay those bills – basically, were was your money going?! he failed to provide those services over and over again, so there is a pattern of neglect.

    He is however right about the ROOM being rented out. When did your bf agree to 2 years? I wonder if that is even enforceable – in commercial real estate yes, but probably not residential. Nor for an oral agreement.

    …Chances are your bf said 1, but the owner heard it wrong.

    Bear in mind, in an owner occupied property such as this – obligations are different than otherwise. Do a little research on laws regarding oral agreements – sounds like you should be able to move out due to the way he has handled your utilities bills (again, this isn’t rent! so look that up as well)

  467. Guest Says:

    My roof has been leaking for over a year!!I have been living in the same aprtment complex for the past two years. Over a year ago, our roof started to leak and I have continually asked the property manager to have it repaired. Now, since they have ingnored the problem for so long, the water has been coming down behind the walls and making the carpeting all wet by the wall, also warping the bottom of our furniture. I called the county today and they said they would send a “code officer” out. What else can I do. Im not sure I even want to live here anymore, as I am highly allergic to mold and fear that w/ the roof leaking for over a year, mold is already developed throught the apartment. I feel like I can never get anywhere! Help!

  468. Guest Says:

    what can they do?

  469. Guest Says:

    My boyfriend’s truck window was smashed and his radio, cell phone and satellite radio were stolen. We just signed a 6 month lease in August. What can we do to get out of here before any more of our personal property becomes vandelized??

  470. Guest Says:


  471. Guest Says:

    I just moved in to this terrible apartment. I cannot stand bugs and I have to kill at least one spider everyday…tonight, I killed three. Moreover, almost every window does not have a screen on it, therefore to keep any ADDITIONAL bugs out, I simply do not open the windows, which in turn causes me to use my air conditioner more. Yet, there are still spiders in here every single day! Also, the THREE windows in the second bedroom refuse to close and I am forced to put boards on top of them, yet that does not shut them completely. There are wood cockroaches outside of my apartment and I also have mud in my front yard while everyone else has grass! There are several other problems as well. I cannot take this much longer. I have called them several times and that last time the receptionist told me I just have to constantly call to get things done, but I think that is crap! Plus, I have called over and over again and nothing is being done. Is there anything I can do to get out of my lease and more importantly, away from the bugs!?

  472. Guest Says:

    HI I am having the same problem where I reside so if you get any lead let me know!

  473. Guest Says:

    Help! My landlord did exactly what was mentioned in this article. She ignored a discrepancy on the water bill and my building with three other tenants had to go without water for 4 days!! That was a few months ago but I had to the housing authority in my state. So can I break the lease on those grounds? Plus, I don’t trust her and have even had to change me locks! what can I do about breaking my lease?

    Also, will breaking my lease reflect poorly on my credit with a new apartment?

    I have several months left on the lease but I just can’t stand it anymore!

  474. Guest Says:

    i just signed a 6 month lease with a roomate from hell, i am constantly disrespected by her and she is in an out of our room yes we only have a room, in a house and she brings several dudes in and out a night, having sex in my presence, i am a full time college student and cant have this disturbance and disrespect, what can i do, i also have moved across the street into a dorm room and now am stuck in a lease, my lanlord has been harasing us to move out since day one because this girl my roomate is such a disturbance to the other tenenants i have spoke with my lanlord and she is willing to let only both of us out of the lease what should i do and how can i get out, i havent even lived there more than two weeks

  475. Guest Says:

    If the original copy of my lease is signed by me but not signed by anyone else..(the two sections on the lease where an agent should have signed are blank) am i still legally bound to the lease agreement?

  476. Guest Says:

    Help I just moved in to an apartment wth my boyfriend and two roomates from hell we got in a huge fight and I sgned a 6 month lease.The landlord says that I have to pay the full 6 months rent and I am not even living there I am paying rent somewhere else becasue I felt threatened there what can I do to get out?

  477. Guest Says:

    Call legal aid or a law school in your area. Most states have laws that allow crime victims to get out of lease. Sometimes it just applied to domestic violence, assualt or rape but check immediately. It’s the easiest way out of a bad apartment with the minimal problems if you can do it right.

  478. Guest Says:

    I will tell you right, get in touch with your local health department right away.I know from expierence. I lived in Wisconsin a few years ago and had the same problem with the sewer in my basement. You say you and your fiance fell sick just thinking about it, but you may get sick for real. Raw sewage like that causes Methane Gas poisoning. It can in fact, build up and become combustable just like a natural gas leak. I have been through it. My children and I were evacuated from our apartment. The smell never goes away, it will be in all your cloths, furniture ect. When I informed my landlord of the problem, he did nothing about it. I was told by the previous tenant that there had been the same problem when she lived there. i took my landlord to court and he had to pay for pain and suffering, to clean everything the I owned and for a motel for us to stay in for a few days. He then evicted us and had to pay for us to move as well. It is a health hazard and should not be put off any longer.

  479. Guest Says:

    I recently signed a 12 month lease for a 2 bedroom lower. I had a home in the city but the noise got to be to much. When I was shown the new apartment, I explained to the manager why I was moving from Milwukee, I.E. lots of noise, she stated the I wouldn’t here anything. Problem is thats all I here, noise from the people from upstairs. Talking, t.v., walking, ect. I got the apartment to get away from noise, but thats all I wound up with. Can I get out of the lease in any way?

  480. Guest Says:

    I signed a new lease for 6 more months with the entention of moving near family for support due to medical reasons I have. It has been a constant headache as I continually have to call maintenance for the Airconditioner not working the ceiling stains which is dripping water onto my living room floor, The floor in the upstairs bath is buckeling up, The water is leaking from the upstairs bath causing the leak in the living room, notifying landlord of the constant disorderness of one resident continually getting highly intoxicated and making inappropriate comments to me.
    I have asked REPEATEDLY for them to fix the ceiling and they just stated the tub drain was leaking and stated they fixed the problem. I have severe asthma and know when there is that much moisture there is likely the chance you have some type of mold. The ac is not working correctly and the maintenace man stated for some reason dirt continues to get into the unit causeing it to not work properly and having our electric bill climb every month from apx 90 now to $400.00 a month. I really need some assistance in this as I am bipolar and the stress that this is causing is effecting me mentally and emotionally.

  481. Guest Says:

    Please I need help. My contract is up at the end of october after a 2year stay. ive had no problems and have put in my proper notice to vacate. The third week in Sept I awoke to a bullet hole in my window that shattered glass and has lodged itself in my wall. I live on 2nd and 3rd floor (townHouse) and am now forced to stay on 3rd because im afraid somehting else will happen. My TH is in exposed area and police have been notified. Is it reasonable to ask to be released ne month early from contract?

  482. Guest Says:

    It may be worth trying to work out an early termination of the lease with your landlord. However, given that your lease is terminating within one month anyways, your cheapest bet is likely to be to leave early and pay the remainder of the month. Whether you would be legally entitled to break your lease early depends on which state you live, your lease, and additional facts and circumstances not described in your posting. Your best bet is to try and work something out with your landlord.

  483. Guest Says:

    Probably not. Every tenant is entitled to reasonable use and enjoyment of the premises. In addition, when moving into an apartment building, it is unreasonable to expect complete silence. Unless your neighbors act in a manner that is excessively loud (i.e. playing drums, running chainsaws all day long, or blasting music at concert-level volumes), and your landlord knew about the noise problem at the time of the lease, then you likely won’t have any recourse.

  484. Guest Says:

    Depends. If the lease is for a period of 12 months or more, and the landlord does not have a copy of the lease signed by you, then your lease may not be binding. However, if your landlord has an original copy of the lease with your signature on it, then you are likely bound by its terms. The contract must be signed by the party against whom it is to be enforced.

  485. Guest Says:

    It has been my experience that if an apartment complex, or even a duplex unit does not rid ALL apartments or duplexes of these pests, you will continue to get them. Just treating your apartment does not good, as I’m sure any pest treatment company will tell you.

    I think you should demand that all units be treated at the same time (at the apartment complex’s expense), otherwise you will never be rid of this problem as they travel from one area to another if left untreated.

    Hope this helps.

  486. Guest Says:

    Do you work for an apartment complex?

  487. Guest Says:

    Your lease I’m sure has an addendum stating that the landlord or owner’s are not responsible for personal property. My question is why would you leave a cell phone and satellite radio in the car anyway? It is unfortunate that we live in a world that we have to worry about criminals, but we do. Did the landlord smash his window and steal the items? Do you think he or she enjoys criminal activity on their property? We as a society cannot control criminals but we can take preventative measures to make ourselves and our personal property safer, i.e. do not leave valuable items in a car. Due to the addendum stating no responsibility for personal items it is not looking good to get out of your contract. Sorry.

  488. Guest Says:

    if i feel unsafe in my house i am renting due to people trying to break in and stuff and stealing out of my yard and my shed here in nc can i break my lease and move please email me at and let me know what you think.

  489. Guest Says:

    I live in NY – signed a year lease, June to June and for personal reasons need to get out of my lease. Subletting *might be an option. But in addition – my landlord runs an illegal hotel out of our buildings (which I did not know upon signing the lease) – is this grounds for breaking the lease?

  490. Guest Says:

    I signed a 6 month lease when I was desperate for an apartment, 4 months later, the other tenants children have broken my bike, the downstairs neighbors are potheads, the landlady is an irresponsible alcoholic. She promised things like that the door would be fixed when we moved in, that she would provide screens for the windows, that she would fix the broken light sockets and so on. My boyfriend and I were offered a much better, cheaper, apartment if we can move in right away. We cannot afford to pay the last months rent, but are willing to let her keep the $500 security deposit for this months rent, however, she is so irrational and unreliable, we are afraid she will refuse to let us break the lease and move, or take us to court if we run off. Is there anything we can do, or are we stuck in this horrible place until the lease is up? What’s the worst she could do if we just pack up and go?

  491. Guest Says:

    I FEAR FOR MY LIFE! help! last nite a man was killed a few feet from my apartment, i heard the shots loud and clear, my bros name is on the lease, not mine, but i cant leave because he cant afford to break the lease or do this on his own, i fear for my safety please help me!

    email me at


  492. Guest Says:

    Manager is a sexual predator. No joke. He is listed on the sex offender registry as committing deviate sexual assault on a 13 year old boy in 1997. There are 3 sex offenders living in my building, which only has 48 apartments. Maintenance doesn’t exist. It does, but I have been told that the manager and maintenance staff use drugs. A concrete block apparently fell out of the foundation and it was replaced with styrofoam that was painted to look like the color of the concrete. What should I do?

  493. Guest Says:

    My husband and I moved into a Duplex ( landlady lives next door) with our three little girls.
    We signed a 2 yr lease. After six months the landlady complained about the noise the girls were making, And set us a letter asking us to move, and she would void the 2 yr lease obligation. Shortly after, my spouse and I needed a separation. I stayed in the duplex with the girls, he moved and still paid the rent for us. As the summer months were upon us, our landlady told me to keep the garbage in the kitchen until garbage day….she yelled at me every week and demanded I leave the garbage in the kitchen until garbage day….this caused maggots and flies everywhere in my half of the duplex. I begged her to let me put it in a garbage pail in back of the house before garbage day and she would not let me….I then called the housing code office and they inturned called my landlady…..who finally agreed to let me put the garbage outside in pails before the garbage truck came…after living with these flies, and maggot infested house all summer, I decided it wasn’t healthy for my kids any longer.
    I have since lost the letter that the landlady sent us asking us to move and she would void the lease agreement. My husband has been paying her rent since we left 4 months ago because she said she would sue us for breaking the lease. All I have is the call to the housing code officer .
    What can we do ?

  494. Guest Says:

    Management changed locks on my apartment. I arrived at my apartment only to find that I was locked out at 8pm, called 24 hour management since they had locked me out of my apartment. After hours of persistant calling and complaints and no response, I called the police to help me. The only reason I was able to get into my apartment after several hours of trying was bc the policeman had a friend who used work for the complex and was able to call upon someone else to let me in. Had he not known the guy, I would have been stranded for the night. Is this by chance grounds to break the lease?

    please email me:

  495. Guest Says:

    if anyone is getting responses on how to break a lease without it going negatively to their credit, please let me know….i am desperate to get out of my roach filled apartment!

  496. Guest Says:

    They could damage your credit, get a court ordered judgement for you to pay including the rent, court costs, and attorney fees. They could say you damaged the property and keep your security deposit to apply towards the “damages”. Better to work out a WRITTEN settlement with them. The damage to your credit is not worth it.
    ALlan Rosen, PhD

  497. Guest Says:

    Some apartment leases have a clause that allows for you to break the lease if your job relocates within a certain mile radius of the apartment. Check your lease agreement.

  498. Guest Says:

    Hi. I had the same situation happen to me. The leasing office does not have to allow you to break your lease because you feel unsafe. However, I filed a police report and also reported it to the onsite security. I then went to my doctor for anxiety meds, as I would have anxiety attacks while coming home. With all of this, the apt complex okayed me giving a 30 day notice and paying half the reletting fee. I got a signed letter in writing releasing me from the binding contract and allowing me to only pay 1/2 the fee (just in case it came back to bite me later). It is to your apts discretion. Initially they wanted to relocate me to another apt. That just doesn’t work, especially when having anxiety attacks just approaching the apt.

  499. Guest Says:

    My apartment is horrible! My husband and I decided to move into our apartment because it was all we could afford at the time, and we needed a place fast because I was pregnant at the time and only two months away from my due date. We signed a 1 yr lease, and when it came time to renew we originally wanted to sign a 6 mo lease because we were waiting for my husband’s promotion to hit. But the manager told us that if we signed a 13 mo lease that she would have the cabinets in our apartment installed, which we have been without for over a year. I have asked her several times about the cabinets and all she does is tell me that she forgot and to keep reminding her. I even put in a work order, and all they did was send a maintnence guy over to stare at the empty space above my sink. There is also a large gaping hole in the space where my kitchen light is that goes straight into the roof. We have asked if they could fix it but they tell us no every time. The complex is also infested with roaches! In my living room where the wall meets the ceiling, there are roach clusters in the corners and along the walls, and that’s not even the worst part. At night, if my husband or I want to get anything from the kitchen we can’t without putting shoes and protective gear on because there are so many roaches that it looks like our floors and countertops are moving! Is our situation grounds for breaking our lease? If so, what would be the best and most inexpensive way to get out of our lease?

    Please send reply to:

  500. Guest Says:

    Read your lease and see if there is a buyout or releasing clause. The manager cannot charge double rent and must show a reasonable effort to re-rent the apartment. If you are that unhappy it may be the best choice for peace of mind. The lease break does not actually go onto your credit unless you leave an outstanding bill

  501. Guest Says:

    my boyfriend signed a lease about 8 mo. ago. he is worried he will not get his security deposit back if he breaks him lease. He needs to break it because the breaker switch / electrical is not working right. Everything shuts down. He has an extention cord from his unit to another so that the lights and everything is on. Is this grounds for breaking the lease ? He has verbally told management for the past 2 mo.- Can he get his deposit back ? ( )

  502. Guest Says:

    i recently moved into a apt. complex with my wife. i had heard it was a safe neighborhood to be in so i didn’t mind paying an arm and leg to live here. now that i’ve been here a few weeks i’m noticing things that aren’t appealing to my sense of security. just two neighborhood s down there was a murder two rapes and a couple of burglaries and my neighborhood is leaving the gates open at night my wife is scared to just check the mail. is there any legal action i can take to get out of the complex with out paying a ridiculous amount of money.

  503. Guest Says:

    If he is a sex offender you have the right to break your lease. call legal aid asap! I have been doing research about getting out of my apt since it got flooded and they wont reimburse me for the week i wanst there. so i have researched everything on how to break a lease. call your legal aid.

  504. Guest Says:

    I’d say the best way to break your lease is to investigate the laws in your state. I lived in Illinois and signed a 12 month lease in December. My husband and I needed to relocate to Georgia in August, and did not want to pay out the nose to break the lease since we had been very disappointed with the apartment and the staff. I re-read my entire lease, looking for details about breaking the lease and how much it would cost me, and found a clause that stated that the apartment cannot be held liable for damages or personal injuries that occur as a result of their negligence to properly maintain their facilities. I knew that this couldn’t be legal, and sure enough in the Illinois Landlord and Tenant Act it states that any lease that contains that language is “void and wholly unenforceable as against public policy.” In other words, the entire lease was void because of that one clause, therefore there was legally no lease to break and I couldn’t be held financially responsible for doing so. I notified the management, moved out, and while I’m yet to get my security deposit back I also haven’t gotten anything from the apartment saying that I owe them a dime (and I did leave a forwarding address).

    So, read your lease carefully and look for clauses that don’t seem quite right. Apartments always try to limit their liability and responsibility to their tenants, but the law tends to be more on the tenant’s side than the landlord.

  505. Guest Says:

    How do you go about holding the rent in escrow?

  506. Guest Says:

    Get a mouse trap

  507. Anonymous Says:

    30 Days notice. Is it ok?

    I have a lease that does not expire till December but I desperately need to break it as I have to move close to my school. There doesn’t seem to be any problem/inconsistency with my lease agreement. A friend advised that I issue a 30 days notice.

    How effective is this? Will this get me totally off the hook?

  508. Guest Says:

    My son recently signed a year lease with a friend. My son is working full time and attending school 4 nights a week. The problem is the other young man has decided that drinking and gambling are his new way of life. He is going into my son’s room when he is sleeping, being disrespectful, threatening him because he doesn’t enjoy the same lifestyle and making living in this apt. fearful. My son has only lived in the apt. since August 15 but we are in the process of moving him home. Is there anyway he can get out of the lease because of the threats of violence?

    We were told since he hasn’t lived there for 3 months, he should be able to get out of the lease. Does anyone have any experience in this situation? Please Help!!

  509. Guest Says:

    Unless you are currently on a month to month lease, no it will not. You signed a legal document which binds you to the lease. However, some smaller management companies or “mom and pop” owners may be willing to let you out of your lease. Some properties also offer buy-out clauses. However if none of these ideas work-see if your apartment community allows subleasing-then list your apartment on free places like Make sure to ask less than what you apartment is currently leasing for-or you won’t get any interested people. If your property offers no buy-out or lease break policies and if you do decided to leave, you may still be responsible for the rent until someone else rents it-even if it takes until the end of your lease. So ask your manager before doing anything because it can be extremly costly and breaking a lease like that can damage your rental history forever. Best of luck! Sincerely, an apartment locator and former leasing manager.

  510. Guest Says:

    You document it by taking pictures and getting witnesses then call the BUILDING Inspectors. Have the violation recorded in official records. Make a copy and go to Housing court. He is in violation of the cerficate of Occupancy. I am an ex HPD inspector. No big deal going to court. I had a similar situation next door to my house, the owner lost the house and got foreclosed.

  511. Guest Says:

    Report them to the Health or Housing Code Dept, get an inspector to come to your apt. Stop calling them but write to them with certified RRR and document everything. Also, if they are really bad do not go into their office because they can make your life more miserable. They accused me of hitting their car and called the police on me, luckly the cop was smart and understood that we had other issues and she let me go.

  512. Guest Says:

    If you don’t have a lease you can’t break it, right? You can move out anytime you want, that’s what I mean.

  513. Guest Says:

    Write a letter to the bank and ask them if it is ok to break the lease or stay. Simple. Banks don’t want to be landlords so they will probably let you go.

  514. Guest Says:

    On our lease it states:
    After the expiry of the intial period or the optional period, this lease shall continue in full force and effect as a monthly tenancy terminable by either party giving to the other two calendar months written notice to that effect.

    Is this saying if we give two months notice we can break our lease early?

    We were planning on staying the full year, but recently there have been a ton of cars broken into and now we are having problems with some neighbors.

  515. Guest Says:

    HELP, signed lease 3 months ago, but desperately need to break it due to job reasons. We move from one state to another. Actually, the landlord lives in the state we just moved from and we signed the lease there. The lease mentions the contract being binded by the laws of the state (The state we moved from not the state the rental is in) is there any legal loop holes to this that can get us out of this contract because the property is not in the state the is mentioned on the lease agreement. I am desperatly trying to find a way out.

  516. Guest Says:

    My daughter has been at an apartment complex in phila pa,she obligated her 1 yr lease,Her lease is up Nov 1st,80 days before her lease was up she signed a paper stating she was going to renew her lease for another year.Due to different circumstances she has decided to move out on Nov 1st,so she calls the apartment manager and tells her she can’t stay past Nov 1st,The manager is giving her a hard time and told her she couldn’t get out of the lease,then she called her back and said she will have to stay until Jan 1st,and pay $50.00 more a month while she is doing a month to month lease.Is this legal and also couldn’t they just keep her security deposit and last months rent for them extra 2 months.
    Thank You

  517. Guest Says:

    Harassment and Slander
    It has been nothing but bad since I signed my lease and moved in. I have documented harassment and threats and neibors that are asking me what’s going on because my land lord said this or that. I am so stressed out over this. Now he is trying to evict me for failure to pay a pet deposit that in my lease clearly states it’s only due upon damages done. I have talked to a lawyer and tried to negociate the release of contract but the harassment and threats continue. What do I do? Stuck with out a shread of luck in a world of chaos…..

  518. Guest Says:

    As an Apartment Manager all that that means is after you complete your first year of your lease then you can leave with giving two months notice because you will be on a month -month contract. It does not let you out early. Check your contract for a Lease break fee.

  519. Guest Says:

    If the other roommate is staying in the apartment usually you can go to the manager and have the other roommate sign a notice saying that he is relieving your son of all financial obligations of the lease. Then at the end of a specified period by the manager your son is no longer on the lease. But be aware of the document you sign and make sure you get everything in writing.

  520. Guest Says:


    If he has a written documentation of the complaint/maintenance issue and the Landlord has failed to correct this issue within 30 days (check your state for the laws) Then when it comes to things like the utilities (ie. lights heat water) then you can break the lease.

  521. Guest Says:

    Depends on why they changed the locks… Did you not pay your rent on time, or what was the reason the manager gave you. If they had a legal reason to change the locks, ie non-payment, or other legal reasons(check your state for Legal lockout reasons) then you can not break your lease. If they did it for no reason but just to lock you out then you may have a legal leg to stand on. Check with a legal aide attorney.

  522. Guest Says:

    my husband and i signed a 6 month lease and in the lease it states after the 6 months the lease continues on a month to month basis but we have to give 60days notice. Recently there have been problems with one of the other tenants possibly selling drugs. i dont feel that its a safe place for my 16 month old son to be so we moved in with my in-laws. i want to know if there is any way i can get out of my lease early and not have to pay for the next 2 months of rent.

  523. Guest Says:

    Roomate smokes pot in his bedroom and the common area. He keeps his bong and pipe in the common area. Asked to get out of the lease. The property manager said she didn’t want to hear it. Roommate also works for same property management group (another complex)

    Pot smoking roommate grounds for lease breaking? I’m afraid of retaliation if I turn him in.

  524. Guest Says:

    My husband and I signed a year lease in a building that was a brand new renovation. It has been hell since day one. The apt. looks fantastic, but in reality it’s a complete disaster! And not just with the building itself. The manager is a complete scatterbrain, she never remembers anything we have asked to be completed.The building was not completely finished when we moved in even though they said it would be by the time our move-in date came around. We even pushed the move-in date back 2 weeks because they said they needed more time. Still, not one thing they said would be finished has been finished. We have had 3 floods in the apartment from rain; ankle deep water in our apt because there was never any weather stripping put in ANYWHERE in the building. That has caused water to drip through the plug outlets and create rusty water marks down the wall in our LR. The first and worst flood occurred after being in the apt just 2 weeks. That was in July. Many personal items have been ruined and had to be trown out because of mold. After the first flood she ( the manager) told us that the investment company that owns the building would be compensating us ( and ever other tenant) for damages and to please make an itemized list of the tings that were ruined. I did, and I have sent her this list 3 times via e-mail, and she still asks me for it. I also took pictures of everything. She has told my husband on 3 seperate occasions that the check was cut and on it’s way, that we would have the money owed to us within a week. This was over 2 months ago and still no check. NOW, we are getting e-mails from the owner of the investment company asking us for the list of items damaged as well as reciepts for the damaged items. There are no reciepts as most of these things we have had for years and some were also gifts. I have asked repeatedly for things to be repaired and they never have, and now she is stating that I never asked for things to be done, that we were completely satisfied and happy and that nothing ever needed to be done in our apt. We were promised a key to the main door over a month ago, that has never shown up. We were promised screens for our windows before we moved in in June, and it is now middle of October and still no screens. I have been chewed alive by flying ants, there is a huge black widow spider living outside one of our windows, and with no screens, I am scared to death that it will enter the apt. The day we went to sign the lease, the manager forgot us, and didn’t draw the lease agreement up. She said “Oops, I forgot, I didn’t do it. Can you come back on Monday?” We were living in another city at the time and I had to take the day off from work just to sign the lease, then she forgot to do it and asked us to come back!? The weather stripping has never been installed ( they swore it would be done the week we moved in), the back door has never worked properly (which I asked them to please repair time and time again). The manager entered our apt without permission the day the first flood happened. She said she didn’t have our phone number and couldn’t call to ask our permission to enter. She has asked for our phone number at least a dozen times, and I give it to her every time. Promises were made to us by the manager and never followed through on. So many other issues have come about because of this. My mother is a co-signer on this apt as well, and she is communicating to the owner that we wish to be released from the lease agreement. He is being extreamly rude, sarcastic as well as be-littling. He has said our problems were minor, our complaints unfounded and that he will not let us go. They have already let at least one tenant out of their lease because of the flood problems. They owe us money, almost $2000. We have never been late on rent, we have even paid more rent every month that we are supossed to. (that was an accident, but still…) How can we leagally break this lease? We are great renters and had they just done what was promised, none of this would be happening. We decided we wanted out on Oct 1. We’d like this over and done with ASAP. I have documented most of this and have a lot of e-mails to and from the manager, the owner and us. What are our rights as tenants? We live in Az.
    Any advice would be very helpful. Thankyou

  525. Guest Says:

    It sounds as though the management renewed the lease because your daughter stated in writing that she was staying. The $50. per month is the charge of a month to month lease if the apartments are usually one year leases. This is legal. Security Deposits are not to be used as rent, but to pay for damages (if any) at time of vacating. It sounds as if your daughter was content staying but SHE changed her mind. The lease is a binding contract. You should teach your daughter the value of living up to contractural obligations. If she leased a car she would have the same difficulty if she changed her mind after signing.

  526. Guest Says:

    Contact your manager in writing and give a time frame of when you expect repairs to be made before you will contact License and Inspections. If not done in a reasonable amount of time, contact authorities if management does not let you break the lease. If they say they will let you out early-get it in writing. Many management companies are shady and will try to charge you after you vacate. If you have nothing in writing you could end up with a hefty charge. Also, take alot of pictures, especially with the roach problem you have!No cabinets?! Thats outrageous!

  527. Guest Says:

    Stop paying now and get an attorney! Try to find that letter or a copy of the code enforcement. You might have a leg to stand on IF she sues you. She may be all talk. Have pictures or witnesses? She rented to you with children and cannot demand that children be noise free. And keep garbage inside is not a good health issue.

  528. Guest Says:

    I would recommend taking pictures, but it seems you already cleaned. If you want to get the work done, ask the mgr. if you could pay to have it done and give you a rent credit for the cost. OR wait for the same size apt. to come available and ask to be moved at the same rent you pay.

  529. Guest Says:

    Pretty expensive way to see if you want to stay married if you were only separated a month. Talk to an attorney and have him check the provisions of your lease.

  530. Guest Says:

    Always check with local police about crime in your apartments before moving in. You may be required to have tenant insurance which should cover theft (in most states). Other than that, be careful to thoroughly check out the neighborhood and complex first.

  531. Guest Says:

    Would you live in a house you bought without insurance or drive a car without? Why do tenants think that management or owners are always responsible?

  532. Guest Says:

    If it is medically necessary I wouldnt take a chance to wait for management. Have a contractor come out to check the unit. If repairs are needed, get a lawyer and take the LL to court to sue for the cost. Just my personal opinion but I wouldnt want my childs health to be jeopardized.

  533. Guest Says:

    Hi I had a question about my lease contract. I recently moved into an apartment in August. During the second week of September my rromate and I got into a fight and he tol dme that I had to leave, I told him that I would not and the next morning I woke up and my car was keyed very badly, which was obviously his doing I made a police report but he didn’t admit to it, so I could not press charges. I stopped staying their after that night, I went back to the house about a week later and noticed that I had a hole punched into my door and my room had been broken into by one of my roomates. He actually pee’ed on my bed stole some of my jewelry, stole movies, put some kind of chemical in my hair products, and put something in my dogs dish. So I made another police report on that. Just as I was leaving my roomates parents came over to my house and started harrasing me, so I again filed another police report. My landlord says that I have to pay him the rent that is due or find a sub leasor. So I found a sub leasor, but when I had the girl come look at my house (which she wanted to rent from me) my roomate cussed at her, right in front of her, and told the landlord that he didn’t approve of her. So I realized that my roomates were not going to let anyone live there just to screw me over…. My landlord is now threating to sue me if I don’t pay! What can I do, I don’t feel safe in the house and I haven’t live there for over a month now! What do I do?

  534. Guest Says:

    Is my lease void? or valid? I signed a one year lease on June 1, 2006. The landlord authored the lease and wrote in the termination date as June 1, 2006. He should have written June 1, 2007. Is my lease valid? Or is it void because of the wrong termination date?

  535. Guest Says:

    can anyone help me i signed a 2 year lease the lease states that no more than 5 people can reside in the apt but i found out i was pregnat again this would make 6 people .can i break this lease?

  536. Guest Says:

    hi, i was an apt. locator myself for a year and i work for one now. i can’t say for sure in your state, but here in Texas a new baby doesn’t count as a person until it is six months old, in terms of apartment occupancy. so if your state laws are similar to ours, you may have enough time to have that baby and live there for six more months– by which time your landlord or apt. manager will probably know you better and cut you some slack since you’d only have a small baby by that time, not a big, noisy, obnoxious adult. ;)
    my suggestion is to just ask mgmt. i don’t believe they can evict you just for being pregnant, or for asking questions. good luck!

  537. Guest Says:

    My apartment states that we can only have 2 people, but I was pregnant when I signed the lease, they didn’t say anything and we have been living with 3 people for the past 2 years. I really think the limit on people really refers more to adults. It does in my case anyway. Good luck!

  538. Guest Says:

    If you want out, you could probably get out on that technicality.

  539. Guest Says:

    They can’t just change the locks because a tenant owes money. They have to go through the eviction process. I’d go to Consumer Protection about it.

  540. Guest Says:

    Why did you rent it if it was filled with roaches?

  541. Guest Says:

    According to our State Law and my company’s lease agreements, as long as the the sixth heartbeat is under 12 months of age, it is not considered a 6th person. So, you can have 5 people in your apartment plus 1 child under 12 months old. Check with your state laws and read your lease thuroughly… you may be able to get away with having the kid there after all! Plus, according to Fair Housing Laws, they can not discriminate by evicting you for that- you are a protected class.

  542. Guest Says:

    Unfortunately you are breaking your end of the lease agreement by exceeding the number of people living there which is set by the government and you can be evicted. You do have some time though because your child will not count as an occupant until they are 6 months old. The question I have is why can you only have 5 people? If you have a 2 bedroom you are allowed 4 people and if you have a 3 bedroom you are allowed 6 people(2 for each bedroom)

  543. Guest Says:

    I signed a 12mo lease and I want to get out of it to live with a friend who just moved into town. The lease states that I have to pay 2 months of rent to break the lease, which is $2000 that I don’t have. The one issue is that the shower in my apt never worked, only the bath. I moved in there in July and it was just fixed last week. I requested it informally once before and formally once before but it was not done. Unfortunatley, I did not document it. I kept the maintenance receipt for when it was fixed though. Whould this be grounds to terminate the lease without paying those 2 months?

  544. Guest Says:

    Because “Fair Housing” laws in Texas are sooo strict your landlord cannot let one person out of their lease for a given reason and not another. Its prejudice. Just the mention of “Fair Housing” scares any property management company. You might consider looking into a fair housing violation. If you are a different gender, familial status, or race than the individuals that got out of their lease then you are golden. Good luck!

  545. Guest Says:


  546. Guest Says:


  547. Guest Says:

    We signed a 1 year lease agreemet with our apartment complex. Well when we saw the apartment we loved it! But when we moved in .. that night after I took a shower .. I noticed the faucet was leaking drops of water … constantly .. i thought it was because I had just taken ashower .. you know how some do that. Well 30 min. later I checked to see if it had stopped…it didn’t. So the next day I called the office because my furnice smelt like it was burning … so I told the maintanance guy to check my faucet. He said that it was loose and that he would fix it, I tld him we were leaving out of town .. he asked if it was ok to fix it while we were gone .. i said yes. Well my husband and I went to visit my family out of town … when we get back the faucet is pushed(dented) into the wall. And the tub has a puddle of water in it! So I call the matanance guy again, then i find out the maintanance guy was replaced and the new guy said that he would have to take off the tile, put a new board behind it and redue the shower wall near the faucet. I said ok when can you do this .. he says well … I have alot of other thigs to do because the old matanance guy left alot of things unfinished .. but I’ll put this at the top of the list! IT NEVER HAPPENED!! I told my landlord .. and she stated that she would remind him to fix it. I told her that if he didn’t fix it that they would be liable to pay my high water bill for all the water the faucet was wasting. THEY HAVE YET TO THIS DAY .. TO FIX THAT FAUCET! Can I get out of my lease? i only have 4 months left?

    If not is it possible to tell them that my mother in law is extreamly Ill and needs constant care and we have to move with her? will that get us out of the lease?

  548. Guest Says:

    THank you for replying. :)

  549. Guest Says:

    My next door neighbor tried to hit my son with a bat and was arrested on a domestic dispute charge after he had to be tased by the police.
    I fear for my son’s saftey.
    Is there anything I can do to break the lease??
    Desperate in Denver

  550. Guest Says:

    I know 2 older women who entered into a lease and it started out as a month to month lease and new owners purchased the property. They are now in a lease until January of 2007. The apartment they are now in has 2 stories and the oldest of the ladies has in the past knee surgery on both knees. They are both on disability and have never been in court but worry about a lawsuit. Is there any law that states they have a right to break the lease due to medical reasons for them needing to reside on a 1 level home or apartment? Please help asap!! or provide someone who can…located in Middletown, Ohio

  551. Guest Says:

    I recently moved in with a friend who has a Jack Russell Terrier. Her boyfriend and her were living together and they broke up. He moved out and I wanted an apartment with a yard for my cat.I didn’t have alot of money but my roomate said I didn’t need to say anyhting about the cat since she is already paying a pet deposit for her dog. We signed a one-year lease starting in July. Now comes the problem…The dog has attacked my cat extremely violently inside the house. The cat couldn’t even run anywhere in the house because the dog kept running after her and attacking her again and again. This is the third time the dog has attacked my cat and also has attacked a dog that my roomate was watching the same way. Help! I confronted my roomate and she acted like I was making a big deal about nothing. I felt like the dog was going to kill my cat! I told my roomate I wanted to find someone to take my place but nothing has happened. I want to break the lease! What do I do?

  552. Guest Says:

    My roommate and I are both military dependants. Now since we have lived in this complex we have noticed that the police are there on a daily basis. We had four people alone, die in the first month we lived there and not by natural causes, if you know what I mean. There seems to also be a lot of drug activity going on within the complex. Now, we have a DO NOT ENTER on our apartment for the maintenance workers because we own items that are of large value to us…and of course it seems they do not care even after numerous times that we have complained to managment…we have had several problems with things working in our apartment and we put work orders in right away for them…it took them two and a half months to fix our air conditioner during the summer…although they did fix the dishwasher, the dead bolt and the stove within a timely matter, they have neglected to even come and check my ceiling which leaks over my bed, masses of water, that work order was put in three weeks and they have been reminded…it states in the paper work they gave us that they have to comply with work orders within 72 hours, if they dont is that considered them breaking their end of the lease? Every month we have a new charge of some kind added onto our rent…our rent is usually 500 a month, last month it was 800…we need to find a way out of this lease because they are making our lives bad if anyone has any suggestions PLEASE leave a comment!
    Desperate for help!

  553. Guest Says:

    You do know satellite radio is supposed to remain in the vehicle in order for it to function properly, right? That could very well be the reason it was left in the car.

  554. Guest Says:

    have you EVER gone to view a “model” apartment and seen roaches???!!!!

    Heck No….of course they wouldn’t have moved in if they saw roaches………..geez!

  555. Guest Says:

    I need help!! I thought I was going to get a job but it turns out that I wouldn’t be getting the job anymore. I have signed a lease for 12 months and don’t know how to get out of the lease, I can’t afford to pay my rent and I need to relocate as soon as possible.I’ve just signed the list like a week ago. And I also notice that a peace of my lease agreement is messing. And I didn’t notice until I signed my leasing forms, can this be terms for getting out of my lease? What should I do? Can someone help me?

  556. Guest Says:

    Most leases state you will be automatically evicted if you threaten or harm another resident. The neighbor should be forced out. If that happens then you shouldn’t have to leave. In any regard you also have a perfectly sound and legal reason for breaking the lease if you would rather move to where the neighbor can’t find you.

  557. Guest Says:

    Let your landlord know what went on (a copy of the police report would help) and they should be able to evict the neighbor. If the landlord refuses to act, then you would have grounds to break the lease. (In PA, anyway)

  558. Guest Says:

    I’d stick it out for the next 3 months and look for a more suitable apartment. But if they want out now, have them call a lawyer and see if they can scare the landlord into letting them out of the lease by citing the laws for handicapped accessibility.

  559. Guest Says:

    you have a valid one day long lease. Congratulations. (I am going by Texas law)

  560. Guest Says:

    The lack of maintenance will give you more leverage than a sick MIL. Document your attempts to get it fixed. Send them one last letter CERTIFIED that gives them so many days to fix it or be reported to your area housing authority. If they don’t fix it, call the housing authority and report them.

  561. Guest Says:

    Actully, the grammar was just fine. The punctuation and capitalization was awful, but in a world of emoticons and other assaults on the written word, it is not so hard to imagine that we have simply forgotton how to type. Before you blast someone, make sure you know for what offense you condemn.


  562. Guest Says:

    They never should have let you in without getting a signed lease. If you live in the apartment, you do have to pay rent; even if you didn’t sign a lease, there was a reasonable expectation that you wouldn’t be living there for free. However, they probably can’t enforce late charges or other non-basic provisions in the lease if you don’t pay.

  563. Guest Says:

    I would first talk to your manager and take police reports about the incident. Some companies will let you out of your lease if you feel unsafe. If your manager doesn’t want to hear it then go above her and call the management company.

  564. Guest Says:

    I would document everytime you talk to them about the faucet. Constantly remind them that it is still not working. I would call the city to see if it is a code violation. The mother in law thing won’t work, you would still have to give notice and pay for breaking your contract, and with you complaining about the faucet they wouldn’t believe you anyways.

  565. Guest Says:

    Where do you live? I am looking for an apartment.

  566. Guest Says:

    They can always request to transfer to a downstairs home but stay in the same community. Sometimes there is a transfer fee, but they may be able to get it waived since it’s for a medical reason. They may have to show documentation though. If they aren’t able, it may be hard to fight since they took the second floor home in the first place.

  567. Guest Says:

    First, as for the maintenance- they have to have a reason to enter your home. If you put in a work order, then they can enter, or if there is an emergentcy- your neighbor hears water running or smells gas, etc.

    When it comes to putting the work orders in writing and using this to try to break your lease, that can get sticky. You need to make sure you also have a copy signed by someone in the managment team of the request you put in. Also, they have to respond w/in 72 hrs- that DOES NOT mean it has to be fixed. You have to allow time if the parts are on order, if it’s the weekend or a holiday, etc.

    As for the rent- they cannot legally charge you more than what is stated on your lease contract. You may need to have that looked at by an attorney, to make sure there are no loopholes, like a concession that was only for a certain amount of time. Otherwise, you signed a legally binding contract, and your rent should be the same for the duration of the contract. Now, they can change the charges for water, etc, but most also do it lease experation time. I would definitely reccommend having an attorney look over your contract.

  568. Guest Says:

    Not really- the best thing to do is give your notice and look for a new place asap.

  569. Guest Says:

    No, crime has NO address. The gates are most likely considered ACCESS gates, not SECURITY gates. Your apartment community cannot control the area, nor promise or secure your safety. If you bought a house, and those people moved in next to you, what would you do? Sell it, right?! Which is a long process. Be glad you’re only renting and can leave when your lease is up!

  570. Guest Says:

    I moved into an apartment 5 months ago. I have had nothing but problems and haven’t stayed there in over a month. I have had a horrible problem with roaches since day one and have notified the office numerous times. The experminators come out constantly. The last visit, they left my refrigerator in the middle of the kitchen with an ugly note about cleaning the dead roaches behind all appliances. The leasing office was very appologetic and sent someone to clean up. Later , their exterminating comapny issued an appology etter with a grocery gift card as a “peace offering.” However, the more disturbing issue is the neighbor below me that bangs on the ceiling any time we walk accross the floor in the morning. I have two small girls and any time they get up and come into my room, my neighbor starts banging. We can talk in the bathroom and normal conversation voices and he bangs. It is VERY frustrating. The apt. has contacted him and told him to have no further contact with me. However, he continues to bang and has even knocked on my door and said very ugly things to me about my girls. The management company has done nothing to correct any problems. I just want out at this point. I am paying a lot for this apartment and find this rediculous. I have moved in with a friend to avoid any further harrassment and frustration so I pay rent for nothing. HELP!!!

  571. Guest Says:

    when you first look at an apartment that is empty it is impossible to tell that there are roaches. the roaches will not show them selves until you have put things on your counter that they can hide under or until you bring food into the apartment. Landlords will not come right out and say we have a roach problem, because who would move in then?? some may try to pass it off as saying we are an apartment and next to the woods, sometimes we get a few bugs, but we do spray for them, kind of like our apartment, which is also filled with roaches!

  572. Guest Says:

    is anyone looking for an aparmtnet in fresno? if so email me at

  573. Guest Says:

    I am currently leasing a townhouse in Pennsylvania. The current lease runs through April 2007. Due to the terms and conditions of a recent child custody decision by the courts, I am required to reside in the school district in which the child is enrolled or lose joint custody rights. Since my lease does not expire for another six months, what are my options with the current landlord? Will the court order carry any weight in negotiating an early termination to my current lease?

  574. Guest Says:

    I have the same problem…excluding the roaches, but as for psycho neighbors banging and freakin’ out i have nothing but sympethy for you. i have called the cops, written letters to my landlord, sought legal advice and still no change. the one thing i would do is call the cops…and do a formal complaint. Your neighbor is harrassing you and you might have enough evidence to break lease. i would seek legal help.

  575. Guest Says:


  576. Guest Says:

    I don’t have a problem but I would like to know if I pay up front the entire lease ammount and the landlord sells the property is my lease still binding?

  577. Guest Says:

    I have a job starting out of state. I gave a 30 day notice after being on a month to month lease once the first year ended. The complex now told me that I have to keep with a 60 day notice agreement that I signed. Is there anything that helps when having a job out of state?

  578. Guest Says:

    I live in an apartment with two roomates. One of them smokes pot all the time and I asked him to keep it in his room at least which is reasonable since it is illegal… He also has friends over all the time and play terribly loud music and interrupts my sleep. This is around 3:00 am and I need my sleep. He also currently has one of his friends, no joke, living in our living room. He has a TV, fridge, all his clothes, a computer hooked up on the floor, and pretty much everything he owns. They do not accomplish much of anything besides sitting on the couch all day and smoke pot. The person who is living in our living room got kicked out of his dormitory because of drugs and being drunk on campus. I’m not the sort of person to tell on people but he keeps threatening me by saying ‘your not going to be a girl and call the cops now are you?’ and things like that. He has also pulled a gun out on someone. I want to get out of here as soon as possible. Is all this grounds to break my lease immediately? I am a full time student trying to get into Law school and I don’t have time for these distractions. Thanks.

  579. Guest Says:

    Check your lease. Ours has a provision that sale of the building does not affect the lease.

  580. Guest Says:

    I doubt it would affect the lease from the landlord’s point of view, especially at this time of year. (PA rentals are generally slow from Oct – Feb.) Ask your landlord IN WRITING, and if he/she says no, give your local district justice a call and see if you could sue to get out of the lease. (Have copies of your correspondence ready.) The DJ may be more sympathetic to your situation. What does your lawyer have to say?

  581. Guest Says:

    Check your lease and see if there is a noise provision and/or a provision of “Quiet Enjoyment”. Contact the landlord in writing, restate the problem and reference the provision, giving them a specified time frame in which to address the problem. If they fail to do so in that time frame, there’s your way out of the lease. (Always, ALWAYS, keep copies of your correspondence. You may send certified,but that’s not entirely necessary, as legally there is a “presumption of delivery” for anything mailed.)

  582. Guest Says:

    I have lived in a run down apartment complex. our electrical outlets dont hold things you plug into them they just fall out. the paint on the walls is also on the floors. the cocking in the bathroom was compleatly black and gross. when we moved in the electric in the liveing room and kitchen didnt work. it took them a week and a half to fix it. our light in the bedroom dosnt work and they still havent fixed it. they were suppost to recock the bathroom and didnt so i did. ive replaced several outlets in the apartment just so i can plug things in. our buildings dont lock so we get strange people knocking on our door at night asking for drugs. the washer and dryers went away for a while and now theres new ones but charge way to much to use. the building was just bought by a new owner and he says we have to get rid of our cats or move. i want to know if he says we have to move does that mean that we can break our lease without any penelty and pay nothing cuz he told us too and is it still possable to get our deposit back. because i know he wants us out because with every new apartment thats empty he gets to remodle. he refuses to do any imporovements till the tendants are out. so should i be able to move out because i would really love to move out right now.

  583. Guest Says:

    Sounds like the landlord is breaking the lease, so you shouldn’t have to worry about any penalties. If you want your deposit back, make sure you leave it in better condition than when you got it. Even if, for example, he’s going to rip out the carpet when you leave, still clean it, or he might end up charging you for it. Good luck!

  584. Guest Says:

    I’d let your landlord know the situation, but ask them to keep your name out of it. They can send a letter to you and your roommate that they received a complaint from a neighbor, and no unauthorized people can be living in the unit. (They should give a time when they will inspect the unit and expect to find no evidence of an additional person.) Maybe they could threaten a fine or additional rent for the additional person.

  585. Guest Says:


    We just moved into a condo in Florida 4 months ago and signed a 1 yr lease my husband had to get a new job that is out of town so he has left and there was a shooting and my husband feels unsafe with me being there by myself and his job is about 100 miles away. can i get out of my lease?

  586. Guest Says:

    I have lived in the same apt for 8 years. I have never had a problem since I’ve lived there. My apartments were sold and I signed a year lease for the new mgmt (April).
    My upstairs neighbors moved and some new guys moved in. Since I worked from midnight till 8:00 a.m. I never heard the noise. However, my mother would call and say that the guys had made so much noise that it woke her up. I contacted the landlord about this.
    I then started working 3:00 pm shift til 12:00 pm, around middle of May. These guys are loud, drunk, fighting, yelling, and stomping around all night. I have called security numerous times. I have talked to the landlord about these guys puking, spitting, throwing beer bottles over the balcony and only to come home from work and find a notice to me to clean up around my balcony. So I am now into my 5th month of complaining to the landlord and feel nothing is being done.
    However, I am now being harrassed by these guys. Things like spitting sunflower seeds onto my balcony hitting my sliding glass door. today I walked outside and had them squeeling like pigs to me. I called the assist landlord, and she tells me that she will pass this on to the landlord. I am scared that these guys are going to physically hurt me because they get drunk and beat the holy crap out of each other.
    I did tell my landlord that I am going to move if this doesnt get settled. I have never broken a lease, been evicted or anything and I don’t want my rental history destroyed, but I have to think of my mother, my daughter and my own safety.
    Do you think I would have a legitimate reason for breaking the lease?

  587. Guest Says:

    You need to use proper grammar and spelling if you want to be taken seriously. Just a very few examples of the plethora of mistakes in your brief message.

    - The word is “recaulk” not “recock”, unless you have ssomething kinky going on with your bathroom.

    - “doesn’t” not “dosnt”

    You give the definite impression that you are ignorant.

  588. Guest Says:

    SO what exactly did you do and what were the consequences? My husband and I are in a terrible yet similar situation and want out. We signed a 12 month lease and have only been there 2 months!

  589. Guest Says:

    My daughter and boyfriend signed a 12 month lease three months ago. Last week there was a fire in the building. The Landlord is housing them temporarily in a motel. They would like to move to another apartment. Are they allowed to break the lease due to the fire. They live in Colorado.

  590. Guest Says:

    I can’t do any of these things because I have TWO ROOM MATES that I CAN’T STAND! The one room mate is bringing alcahol into the place and we are all only 18. The one is ok but the other is AWFUL. This is stopping me from transfering schools also :. PLEASE help me. if anyone is able to help.

  591. Guest Says:

    My wife and I moved into an apt in Montgomery County, MD on Saturday. Not even 15 minutes after moving the last box into the apt we noticed that we already had roomates living in the apt. ROACHES. Yes, roaches everywhere. Dead ones, live ones, roaches with baby roaches coming out of them.

    We re-loaded our moving van and went back to our old apt(luckily we still have it for a couple more weeks). What do we do? We want out of this lease. The management office has been closed since we noticed the problem and opens on Monday morning. What do we tell them so that they will let us go? Help?

  592. Guest Says:

    I Live in an aprtment for two years still livng and was hired on as a ground type security person then just out of the blue new mamangement took over and my service was no longer needed,and got a 72 hour notice for unpaid rent that was usaully took off for my work. do i have any way of getting out of this.

  593. Guest Says:

    My car was stolen right in front of my apartment. It is a gated property but the gate is never working (it is always wide opened). Is it possible that I can get compensation from the manager? Or Can I move out early because I feel the neighborhood is not safe? Thank you.

  594. Guest Says:

    We have an odd situation. My wife and I signed a year lease knowing that we can transfer to any other apartment run by the same property management group (Aimco). I am in school and we will be moving when we have only been here for 9 months. We will be moving to San Francisco from Arizona. The only apartments that are in San Francisco are subsidized and are not in a good part of town. The management company also just recently lost a lawsuit to the residents for sub-standard living conditions. We signed the lease thinking we would be able to transfer to these apartments in CA after 9 months, now we don’t want to live in a sub-standard apartment, is this possible ground to break our lease? Are there some good free attorney services to talk to about something like this?

  595. Guest Says:

    I am in a 12 month and lease and wish to break it after 4 months due to health reasons. The manager in the leasing office told me I would have to pay a third of the remainder of the lease, the reletting charge, forfeit my security deposit, and forfeit my pet deposit. If I were to do this, I would have to pay close to $2000 to leave + give them the $200 security deposit and the $1200 pet deposit. Is this amount too much to ask? Am I getting screwed? Can they take my pet deposit?

  596. Guest Says:

    No I believe safety is more important.. i would do the same…

  597. Guest Says:

    I wouldnt worry about your spelling for starters I got a tes pilot fired for trying to correct my spelling . anyway start keeping track and record of of all the stuff that is wrong and if so track and record of you telling them about the problems take pictures of ofhazardous things that are in the unit that have not been fixed mold, outlets caulking and so on. and you might be able to tell them you like to move if not may be able to use in court. sounds like my apartment you a neighbor? lol

  598. Guest Says:

    Turn it into your insurance. Your insurance agent and/or adjuster will decide if they want to subrogate against the community’s insurance policy. What has the landlord said about this?

  599. Guest Says:

    No and no.

  600. Guest Says:

    I Am Trying to find a way out of my lease. I only have a few months left and there is nothing wrong with the property. However since i signed the lease 9 months ago the property has been bought out by a new company. and i have never signed any new lease paperwork. Do the leases automaticcally transfer to the new company or do i have grounds for getting out, as I never signed with this perticullar company?

  601. Guest Says:

    I’m a tenant that has had the same thing happen. I live in a nice area and had my car stolen right in front of my apartment.I said something to the landlord but he didn’t offer any help. There is crime everywhere and my landlord just said he was sorry and that was the end of it. I don’t think that you can get anything out of it much less get out of the lease. Sorry!

  602. Guest Says:

    Check your lease with the old company. Most leases have a provision that change of ownership does not affect the lease.

  603. Guest Says:

    Check your area to see if there is an Apartment Association. They may have an attorney that is on a retainer than can answer your questions.

  604. Guest Says:

    That really sounds excessive. You need to check your lease for provisions for the tenant to terminate the lease. Sometimes the landlord will tell you one thing, but the lease says another. If you qualify for legal aid, try that, or try locating an apartment association in your area.

  605. Guest Says:

    Last October my husband, daughter and I signed a lease for a year and a half. At that time there was not a tenant living downstairs. This is a duplex. In November or December, new tenants moved in downstairs. In January we started to notice roaches in the apartment. Now my sister lived in the downstairs apartment for three years and never had a problem with bugs. We contacted the landlord right away and they told us to contact an exterminator. We did and have had an exterminator coming out since January. Ther landlord is paying for exterminator now. And dowstairs is continuing to be exterminated but we still see roaches. On top of that, the rugs stink like a cat and were asked by us to be cleaned and or replaced when we moved in. The tenants before were not suppose to have a cat but they did for five years and the carpets have been cleaned but still stink like cat pee. To top that off we found bed bugs in our bed as well as my daughter’s bed and our brand new 1100 dollar sofa. We notify the landlords and the exterminator began spraying for these bugs as well as the roaches. We have never had bed bugs and had bought a new before we moved in. We still have both bed bugs as well as roaches. We are being exterminated but the problem is still not fixed. At this point I am pregnant and can not be around all the fumes that are sprayed. We contacted the landlord and told him something has to be done because we still have bugs. At this point we just want to get out of our lease. How do we do so without having to pay the rest of the lease.
    Thnak you

  606. Guest Says:

    Someone got murdered in my apartment complex and I just signed a new lease. I don’t feel safe here and I just signed a 6 month lease. I really want out because I have two kids to think about. Management told me I would have to still give a 60 day notice and it will still be considered as breaking my lease. Do I have any options in this situation?

  607. Guest Says:

    If there is no lease break clause then you have a valid one day lease. (according to CA law)

  608. Guest Says:

    Help has arrived I am a Maintenance Tech. who lives on one of my companys properties (New Port Property Ventures Ltd. ) in Florida. First Do Not Deal With Manager, Only Deal With Corprate Office or Owner in Writing , Its the only way the majority of the residents here can get anything done It Works!!!

  609. Guest Says:

    All the apartments around here (Montgomery/PG County) have roaches. Even if you broke your lease, where would you go? If the apartment is Southern Management, you can break your lease during the first month.

    Otherwise, examine your lease for a clause where the landlord promises to provide a pest-free environent. This might do the trick.

  610. Guest Says:

    I moved to another unit in the same complex. when i signed the new lease the management left out the new pet deposit. now the are telling me i need to sign a new lease that includes the pet deposit. they said they cannot accept my next months rent check until they receive the new lease. IS THIS LEGAL?

  611. Guest Says:

    You have a valid lease. Assuming that lease permits you to own pets (that is, you are not in violation of the terms of that agreement in having the pet in the unit), then you are not fundamentally obligated to sign the new agreement that includes the pet deposit.

    However, consider your options here. You have to live under the agreement, and I presume that your landlord has a security deposit from which he may subtract for “damages” at the time you move out. If you don’t pay the pet deposit, the landlord will probably get his due reimbursement at the end of your agreement anyway.

    Your landlord can’t kick you out for refusal to sign a new agreement. I’d advise you, if you’re adamant about not paying the pet deposit (for what that’s worth to you), that you offer the check to your landlord along with a written, dated, letter (notarize it for that matter) explaining that it is rent for that month. Then if the landlord refuses the rent check, escrow the funds — put them in a bank account so that when you DO pay rent, you have the funds.

    Your landlord will probably capitulate, but what will you save? Now you have a hostile arrangement with your landlord over a few hundred bucks, and he’ll get his money on the back end anyway. Pay him the pet deposit and re-sign the lease.

  612. Guest Says:

    I’m two months into the lease. i rented a room in a four bedroom apartment. i need to get out because of health reason. there is no window in the room, and i feel insane living in there. i’m a student and cant get any reading done living in there. it has decreased my productivity because i cant get anything done in the room. there is no lighting and ventilation. God forbid a fire broke out, there would be no escape route. also, there is no smoke detector. is there anyway to break this lease without forfieting my deposite. thanks

  613. Guest Says:

    I moved into one apartment in this complex that was recently remodeled. Well, the people who remodled it did a terrible job and for the first month that I lived here, it rained in my apartment every time it rained. So, they moved me into the apartment next door, but never had me sign another lease. Does that mean that I can get out of it, because technically the lease I signed was for the 1st apartment… the one that rained… and I never signed another. If anyone has an answer please email me at

  614. Guest Says:

    lol. Sounds like everyone on this site, complaining are morons! You want out of your lease? Then hire a good laywer.
    Maybe use some discretion when looking for roomates. Non drug using ones who have jobs is a good start.

  615. Guest Says:

    I need some advice….

    My husband and I found a new home and had planned to move out of our apartment by Dec 15th.

    When we signed the lease last Feb., the owner told us that if anything happened and we had to leave a bit earlier then he would work something out with us. Biggest mistake was that it was not in writing.

    We gave him notice of our intent to move (under the assumption that he would really work something out with us). And of course, he does not want to work something our with us!

    The lease is up on Feb. 10…. only 2 months away!

    What can we do? We can’t afford to pay a mortgage and rent for 2 months!

  616. Guest Says:

    I’m in a bad shared housing situation also, and have no idea how to break my lease…

  617. Guest Says:

    I am supposed to be living on-campus at my college, but I basically don’t live there. I live at my boyfriend’s apartment and want to have my money refunded for Spring semester. I have already been denied by the reslife person and am going to have an appt with her. What do i say to her in order for her to let me out of the contract?

  618. Guest Says:

    You should check your lease agreement to see if there is a section entitled “Damage to Residence.” What this section usually says is that if the residence is damaged or destroyed by accident or other casualty by no fault of your own, either the tenant or the landlord may terminate the lease agreement by giving the other written notice of the election to terminate. In your situation, the fact that it “rained” in your apartment made it uninhabitable especially since they had to move you to another unit. The lease agreements that I have seen do not list a definite time period in which this election must be made, so I would say it must be within a reasonable time (probably no more than 30 days.) You will need to explain the fact that you accepted the apartment next door (i.e. no available place to go right away) instead of terminating the lease, regardless of whether you signed another lease (although the fact that you did not works in your favor). Hope this helps.

  619. Guest Says:

    Normally, any simultaneous oral agreement is merged into and superseded by the written contract. In this situation, the written contract is the only evidence of the agreement between the parties. However, an exception to this is where mistake is alleged. So, if you took the matter to court, the oral agreement should be admissible as evidence, provided that your testimony is believed to be true.

  620. Guest Says:

    As a property manager I would say, no you can not break your lease without losing your deposit. Your situation can get better. You will have to research your municipality’s fire codes. If you are truely in danger because of fire code violations your landlord should allow you to make changes or depending on the city’s codes it could be the landlord’s responsibility. The best place to start your investigation would be with the Fire Prevention Bureau. Again depending on the situation they could require your landlord to make the necessary provisions.

  621. Guest Says:

    It depends on your state. But if they require you to have a deposit because of your pet and you are not giving them the pet deposit. Then they can serve you a notice saying you need to remove the animal or pay the deposit. If you do not comply within the timeframe of the notice they can file to have you evicted. Contact your city to find out what your state and city allow.

  622. Guest Says:

    I just bought a house is there any way I can get out of my lease? I have to pay 1,500 to get out of my lease. Someone please help!!!!!!!!!!

  623. Guest Says:

    my company is sending me overseas and I need to break my lease. I informed my landlord today (I will be moving out 2.5 months later). I live in MA. Is there a law that will save me paying the penalty if the reason for the breach is moving overseas due to the job?

  624. Guest Says:

    Good to see you taking the time to give a response, but that’s not fair-seeming or generous enough-seeming. What if you were to put it on the market and if and when you find another renter, let one leave with only the fair costs of any cleaning or damage? Wouldn’t you want one there who is in one’s right place? That’s a medical situation if one is feeling unexpectedly insane, i.e. painfully stressed beyond what one can healthily handle long-term. Would you want it done to you because your actions will come back around. Most aprtment managers I’ve had and met should be far more humbly responsible, and aware as spiritual beings in their actions. I realize it’s a very difficult job and you are not paid anything near what you deserve in scale to owner profits (or it may be a tax credit-situation for them, etc.) but you will get it eventually, good and bad by real universal laws. People who live in apartments are very valuable and represent a large population that is often seemingly not getting good enough treatment and services from my experience. It’s hard enough living in a smallish box next to multiple others, having to share territory closely and often with criminal/abusive people, not having much open space (let alone wild space), yards, windows on all sides, one’s own appliances, enough security, etc. without having to deal with abusive unfair and/or illegally-conducting landlord-agents. We need to treat people as we would want to be treated for self, one another, our country, planet, etc. and all the time to our best. That is worth it long-term not unforgiveness when it seems truly right to forgive and let go. “If you love someone, set him free!”

  625. Guest Says:

    How is it fair that a student apartment complex doesn’t have any reasons for breaking the lease? I signed a 12 month lease and I’ve only been here for 3 months. My roommates are horrible, there is mold EVERYWHERE. The only option I’ve been told is to transfer apartments, pay a $150 to do so, and then an additionally $120 a month, since its a smaller apartment (moving from a 4/4 to a 2/2). I want out of my lease and I can not find a subleaser!! What do I do?

  626. Guest Says:

    Do I have a loop Hole?
    My husband and I with our 4 kids moved into a rental home. We moved from CA to another state. The landlord lives in CA. We signed a 12 month agreement, but my husband continues to have to work in CA that is 4 1/2 hrs away and my son got a job on a tV show the day we moved in. The communting has been too overwhelming so we have decided to break the lease after only 3 months and move closer to work. I am trying to find anyloop holes in the contract. All the paragraphs containg legal stuff mention the laws in the state we use to live not where the house is located and the landlord made a mistake and wrote the wrong expiration year on the rental contact. It says the contract is for 12 months entered in 7/06 and expires in 8/2006. Is this a lucky loop hole or would this be considered just a mistake?

  627. Guest Says:

    If a neighbors dog bit my girlfriends pants and ripped a hole in them and I told the landlord about it and they didnt make her give us any money or kick the dog or neighbor out is that a good reason to be able to get out of the lease I am in.

  628. Guest Says:

    I just signed a lease to an apartment and I have decided not to move in can I get out of ther agreement

  629. Guest Says:

    We are only 2 mths. into 6mo lease.I need to break my lease, but in order to do so, I am supposed to pay $500 + the rent each month until the apartment rents. The property manager is so evil I am afraid she will purposely not rent my apartment so that I will be stuck paying each month. The water is ridiculous, my son (4yrs) and I have both been scalded. He is allowed to wash his hands by himself and has fried his hands more than once. When I tell the property manager of this, nothing is done. We have just noticed a huge hole in our bathroom that goes into a neighbors bathroom. We have no control over whether the heat is on or the air is on and did not know this up front. The elevators are always broken and everyone’s dogs go to the bathroom in them and it isn’t cleaned up. We have found the best new apartment but I don’t want to pay rent for both.

  630. Guest Says:

    Irresponsible piece of crap. Take care of business like you agreed to. If not, I hope you get sued.

  631. Guest Says:

    I’m in a similar situation… check your contract to see if you are allowed to sublet or transfer your lease (a transfer of the lease is preferred, then you aren’t responsible for the property anymore). Give your roommates a week to find someone to take your place, then take it upon yourself to find someone to take over your lease. If subletting and transfers of lease are prohibited in your contract… a few good calls to the police may do the job.

  632. Guest Says:

    wow, I would really try to take advantage of that if i were you. i used to be a property mgr. in boston, that happened once or 2x – simple typing error and we had to let them out of their leases.
    I guess what comes around goes around though, i am trying to get out of a lease now, moving crosscountry and might have to fork over 8000k to get out of my lease. can’t find a way out. have to move for job… this really stinks. I am trying my best to find new tenant. any suggs? thanx

  633. Guest Says:

    No, not that i have found out, unless in serv. went to see atty. licensed in many states and internationally. In same sit. as you.

    good luck, I will say it really depends on the LL. I have know LLs to make some sort of concession if approached diplomatically.

  634. Guest Says:

    ok have about 3 monhts left on a year lease but my daughter’s father and I decided to get back together only problem is he is in the airforce and is stationed in new jersy. I live in a apt complex in florida and wanted to break my lease but im not sure if they will break it without penalty since we are not married. can anyone help?

  635. Guest Says:

    It’s not the place of the property manager to be nice to people at the owner’s expense. There have been many times I’ve thought I’d have done something differently if I were the owner, but the bottom line is I’m not. A landlord is running a business, not a charity. My job as a property manager is to see that things are done correctly and fairly. You have no idea the abuse that some tenants do to apartments. I don’t know why anyone would want to own rental property, the way some people abuse things. All it takes is one bad person to cause you to lose thousands of dollars.

  636. Guest Says:

    Probably not without paying a fee in the range of two months rent. Why did you sign it if you didn’t want to move in?

  637. Guest Says:

    What if you felt like you were being stalked by another tenant? Like being followed on several occasions to the store and what not. Just for the sake of not feeling safe. I too wonder how difficult it would be for someone(God forbid) put hidden cameras in the apartments. I have a had a few times when I felt like someone had been in my place and nothing was missing…..

  638. Guest Says:

    I am in the same boat I have to pay 2200 to get out you can try to talk to your lender to see if they will pay it for you sometimes they will just to get the house sold. the guy i rent from said that he will work with us that is if someone moves in or we pay the rest of the two months of are lease that suer is working with us Yeah Right

  639. Guest Says:

    I plan to go to my landloard tomorrow for the same reason. I have 4 months left on my lease but I don’t feel safe due to a tenant that stalks me. After getting advise you would have to show proof of you being stalked through documentation such as written complaints to apartment management or police reports.

  640. Guest Says:

    there was actually a news or magazine article i read about a landlord who put hidden cameras in his female tenants apartments. put them under the sink in the bathroom and angled them up. so look around for any suspicious holes where something could be hidden.

  641. Guest Says:

    I am a student housing manager in Florida and student housing leases are designed to make breaking a lease very difficult. As students usually only look for apartments during a semester (ie. August or January) if people leave the company will loose money – unless someone is found to either sublease your unit or reletting your unit to another. Usually there is a fee involved (200.00 at my community) and you must continue to pay rent until someone is found.

    The reason is really simple – students will make any reason up to move and often time exaggerate the truths regarding concerns in order to get their way. I am 23 and have been in student housing for more than 5 years. I have seen people want to get out of their lease because of their roommates. If you don’t know the people who you are moving in with then don’t expect them to be decent. Expect the worst and think about what will happen if the situation stinks. There is very little sympathy for someone who just wants to complain and not work through their concerns. It is not the responsibility of the community to ensure everyone gets a long. If there are safety concerns, physical fights, etc. contact the police and have it documented. Without verification there is very little (7-day notice to cure, followed by 7-day notice to terminate, followed by eviction which can take up to 30 days) the community can do to immediately solve your concern.

    If it is really that bad then pay the fees or get an attorney – although student housing communities are getting sued all the time and our community has lost only one of many cases within the 5 years I have been with the company.

    Good luck!

  642. Guest Says:

    I think its funny how if the landlord’s do not let everyone out scott free the must suck or be so wrong and make your life difficult. Pay your fees according to your lease or you shouldn’t have bought a house with only two months on your lease! Geez.

  643. Guest Says:

    You probably do not want to speak to the RA or Residence Life staff. There should be a on-campus housing department with housing affair staff members (managers, housing directors, etc.) I would suggest speaking to them regarding termination of your lease. Some on-campus housing is in such demand that they can release students, often times without penalty in my city, because they have so many on a waiting list.

  644. Guest Says:

    Why would you rent a place that has no windows and then complain about what others should do for you. You should like you might enjoy living in a tent somewhere in the forest sourounded by peace and nature than in a windowless room where you cannot study. So strange. This is why it is difficult to be a property manager – the lack of common sense by so many residents.

  645. Guest Says:

    I have the same problem. The landlord must maintain 65 degrees in your apartment or you can have him or her arrested.

  646. Guest Says:

    I am living with a roommate (my friend) and I just can’t take it any more. She gets on my nerves. We have 6 more months to go on our lease and I think that I might die or hurt something before May of next year. How can I get out of this lease leagally?

  647. Guest Says:

    I work in an apartment office and I think that you should go to the office and tell them what’s going on. You will need to have something to back up your suspicions though.

    Tell them that because of fair housing laws everyone has the right to the same living experience. If your living experience is different because of such things as sex, race, familial status, etc then they are violating fair housing by not doing anything.

    Your experience is different because you are a woman, because I bet if you were a man you wouldn’t be stalked by this resident or vis versa. Maybe they can transfer you to another apartment. If not they should be able to let you out of your lease. File a restraining order if necessary.

  648. Guest Says:

    You can serve your landlord a ten day notice. Basically you are saying that they have five days to rectify the living conditions or you will be let out of your lease without penalty.

    Specify what is wrong and tell them that you will be moving out because out a health and safety violation. The fact that you even know anything about landloard tenant law will probably make them shape up.

    They are obligated to try to re-rent your apartment or that could be considered “steering”, which is a fair housing violation.

    Have a friend pretend like they are looking for an apartment and see if it is offered to them.

  649. Guest Says:

    The leasing office cannot make the neighbor give you money. You would have to sue them in small claims court and hope that they have renter’s insurance to cover it.

    The landlord should sent them a notice as a warning, but isn’t obligated to evict the resident or the dog.

    I don’t think this would be a good enough reason for them to let you out of your lease because the dog is out of their control. Try small claims court if she is injured.

  650. Guest Says:

    I don’t think you could get out of your lease unless you guys got married. You should ask them what the buyout fee is or if they can try to re-rent it for you.

  651. Guest Says:

    Ask your company to pay your lease break fee.

  652. Guest Says:

    You need to serve your landlord with a ten day notice. This way he has 10 days to rectify the problem. If it is not fixed within 10 days you can be let out of your lease without penalty. Check with the landlord tenant law in the state you live in to be sure, but if problems are not being fixed that you have reported (DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!!!)you should be allowed to move.

  653. Guest Says:

    Generally all leases in a gated community have an addendum regarding security. Most do not offer security. Even if they are gated that doesn’t insure your security because even if the gates were working generally someone could just follow a car in anyway.

    Your car or renter’s insurance should cover the cost.

    It’s difficult but most apartment communities are targeted for auto break ins because there are so many to choose from and most people don’t know their neighbors so they don’t suspect anything when they see someone at the car.

  654. Guest Says:

    my lease is up on December 1st and on yesterday i walked in on my boyfriend and some girl having sex in the washroom so i want to leave. Our names are both on the lease I am going tomorrow to move my stuff out know i would like to know if i can give my landlord a letter to remove my name i dont know since my ex is living there still if i can remove my name with out having to pay anything since the lease is up in two weeks please help i need to know asap.
    thanks for the response

  655. Guest Says:

    I am a tenant in an apartment. There was a leaking pipe outside the front doorway of my unit. When looking at the unit prior to signing the lease, the manager assured me that she would get it fixed. I have been there for over one month and it is still not fixed. A neighbor informed me that with the past tenants the water had leaked into the unit at some point. Additionally, the clothes washer does not fill up all the way. Any thoughts on my rights?

  656. Guest Says:

    Court order to move, what will happen if the court is the one ordered you to move? Will i have to pay for any fees? Or can i move out without the worries?

  657. Guest Says:

    They are required to put the apartment on the availability list. They are not required to make a specific effort to rent *your* apartment. Say your unit is a 3-bedroom apartment, and they have 3 3-bedroom apartments available; they just have to show your apartment along with the vacant units.

  658. Guest Says:

    Where did you hear that?

  659. Guest Says:

    Can you delay your closing until closer to the end of your lease?

  660. Guest Says:

    The mold could be your ticket out. Any chance you have an allergy?

  661. Guest Says:

    I’ve lived in my apartment for 3 months and today someone broke into the apartment below mine and stole her tv and computer and some other stuff. I’m alone the whole day by myself until my husband comes home. I dont feel safe anymore? Does this entitle me to break my lease?

  662. Guest Says:

    Me and my boyfriend have been here for over a year with no problems until recently…now or downstairs neightbor is soooo loud and we are continually complaining. The management wants us to move but it’s very inconvenient to us. After many complaints of loud music, trash that has caused us to have roaches, forever waiting for maintnance repairs does anyone know what else to do? I just wrote a letter and am sending it by certified mail to proclaim our breaking of our lease but I’m still not sure how we’re going to get out without payments. And they messed up on our lease contract and put $0 for our reletting charge…haha! Any advice to where to go now?

  663. Guest Says:

    A civil judgment can’t override contract law. You will be responsible for the lease.

  664. Guest Says:

    No, but you may ask your landlord to install a deadbolt or some other lock that would make you feel safer.

  665. Guest Says:

    You only have a couple weeks left. You can’t remove your name, but when it’s over, your obligation will cease. Make the landlord aware, though, that you will not be party to any lease renewal if your idiot, scumbag (sorry) boyfriend decides to stay.

  666. Guest Says:

    Not really. You could see if you could find someone to take your place on the lease, though. (They’d have to be approved by the landlord and by your roommate.) Living together is the best way to ruin a friendship.

  667. Guest Says:

    I am in the same situation as you. Hope somebody could answer the question and help both of us.

  668. Guest Says:

    I’m an international student and I took up an apartment in Aug – I did not get a lease agreement from the landlord until mid november, even though it states that the lease will be returned signed within 30 days. They also promised a lot of things – like fixed doors, cleaned carpets etc, that they didn’t complete before i moved in. I didn’t have much choice at the time, but i’m finding it very hard to pay the rent – its too steep, Is there any way of finding help if your financial situation has changed since the day you signed the lease. I am not bankrupt, and i certainly don not wish to become it. Any advice appreciated.

  669. Guest Says:

    Im a college student going into my sixth month in a 13 month contract and I am looking to break my lease. I am transfering schools in the spring and want to try to break my lease without facing an severe penalties. Our apartment is furnished but our furniture is constantly breaking and takes them months to finally fix our things (half of the living room furniture is sitting in a storage closet because it is not safe to use). Also we were promised ammenities such as a basketball court and volleyball courts, none of which look they are going to be built. Last week our apartment was raided by the local narcotics task force because of one of my roomates drug use (they found what they were looking for but he was not arrested). Will this be enough to get out of my contract?

  670. Guest Says:

    Picking roommates is like getting married!
    Landlords cannot handle all your problems.
    A lease is a binding contract, just like when you buy a car.
    Think before you sign.More people get into problems for not thinking first.

  671. Guest Says:

    A lease is binding…………………..

  672. Guest Says:

    Amen to that!
    We try to take care of our residents, but it is hard.
    We do all work orders within the hour, keep the pools clean,etc.
    We get rocks in the pool, trash on the ground and ruined carpet not even 6 months old.
    We are selling because of what you say is right on.
    It will be nice to wake up and not have to care!

  673. Guest Says:

    I have cockroaches in my apartment, and we were told that there were no unsightly insects roaming free. We didn’t see any until after we moved in and we saw them scatter when we woke up in the morning. In fact about ten minutes ago I found one crawling on my roommates toothbrush. And there’s a couple of dead ones I smushed in the clock of my microwave. Yeah gross. We’ve told our landlord twice, and someone came once a week for two weeks to spray. But they always keep coming back. I’ve laid down roach traps, poison everything! And they keep coming back, they’re sly, slippery suckers. Its disgusting. There can be no subletting, and no get out of jail free clause in breaking the lease in the lease agreement. But its getting to be unliveable. Can I break my lease?

  674. Guest Says:

    ONLY IF the Landlord DOES NOT provide exterminating service to the resident’s, free of charge. If the Landlord offers this service, there is nothing the Health Department can do because the Landlord is in compliance with the requirements of roach infested buildings.
    Talk to your neighbors and plan to have the entire building sprayed on the same day by coordinating with your neighbors schedule and willingness to allow access to their apartment. Otherwise the roaches are only deterred from one apartment to the other and back and forth they go. Their is likely several nests in the crawl-wall space, and it may take several weekly applications to completely rid your building of these creepy insects.
    Seal cracks where they might enter the building and keep the kitchen and other areas of your apt, clean and clutter free. Clean the oven often and the floor under the oven/stove. They love that greasy food stuff. If you have a cat litter box, clean it everyday or twice a day. Use common sense and remove any food source, like wiping out cupboards, pulling drawers out to be washed and keep the trash container covered with a secure lid so they are not attracted to the smell.
    You may even have a cracked foundation or the floor under the carpet may be cracked and their point of entry. You may want to check under the carpet and seal any cracks. Weatherstripping on your doors and windows helps.

    A lot of work to rid these awlful, filthy insects, huh?

  675. Guest Says:

    I dont know what to do im going into my fourth month in a year long lease and the apartment complex keeps turning off our water or giving us just the cold water normaly just for the day but this time it has been two days and nobody can clean take showers or even brush our teeth. The only awnser the office manager is giving is that she dosnt know why its off. what can i do to get out of this lease legaly?

  676. Guest Says:

    I am in a contract till April 07. My ex-boyfriend and I are both on the lease. We mutally broke it off and he moved out to be closer to is work. Is there anyone who knows if I can bring him to small claims court to help with his portion of the rent for the remainder of the lease?

  677. Guest Says:

    The police raided your apartment, and you’re wondering if that will get you out of your lease?!? Maybe if they kick you out….

  678. Guest Says:

    Call the housing authority in your area. There must be some code violations there that could get you out of the lease. Roaches on your toothbrush? GROSS!

  679. Guest Says:

    When I filled out my application for my apartment and paid the application fee, I signed several documents that the landlady needed me to sign. When I told her I decided not to take the apartment, she said that I had signed a lease and was legally bound.

    I had to take the apartment.

    I realized that she had covered up the lease by attaching it under the clip board so that I couldn’t see the top of the paper entitled “lease”.

    My friend wanted to move in so I went with her when she filled out the application. I was testing the landlady. Sure enough, all of the papers to be signed with the application were hidden under the clip board. When the landlady stepped away, I warned my friend not to sign anything and we found the paper entitled “lease” tucked under the clip board. The landlady is tricking prospective tenants into signing the lease by filling out and signing the application.

    Can she do this legally?

  680. Guest Says:

    Well I have a bit of a problem. I live in Burnsville Minnesota. My cousin and I were on a lease for 1 year. After about 5 months of living with my cousin I found out he was seriously addicted to Cocaine… I asked him to clean up his act and not bring that stuff into our appartment. 1 month later he still kept doing it. I told him I would be going to the rental office and break the lease if he did not stop. My cousin told me he did not want to stop and it was apart of his life now. The next day I went to go break the lease and told them it was due to my cousin and I, not fully explaining the drug problem in fear that it would show on my rental history as well. We were assigned to continue to pay for 60 days as well as pay a cancelation fee of 2200.

    2 months have now passed. I tried to collect the money on his part (1104.00usd) and he is pretending he has no idea of why I moved out and that he never did drugs. I went to talk with my appartment landlord and am currently unsure how it will turn out. I just dont want to have to pay all of the 2200 without him chipping in the 1104. Both our names are on the lease. If we dont pay the 2200 it goes to collections and this will kill my credit score.

    I was wondering if there are any ideas or solutions on what I might be able to do to get this settled.

    Would I be able to get my name off the lease all together because of his drug habbit, which forced me to want to move out?

    please help!

  681. Guest Says:

    No, she can’t do it legally. I’d call the State Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection. They should be able to get you out of your lease if that’s what you want.

  682. Guest Says:

    Yes, you can. Getting him to pay, however, is another story. If you win in court, all you have is a judgment, which is only useful if he wants to do something like buy a house down the road and the lender tells him he must pay it before he gets financing. Get copies of everything to take to court. Anything verbal is just heresay. Good luck!

  683. Guest Says:

    Document every time the water is off and contact the local housing authority.

  684. Guest Says:

    Id love to get out of my lease because my friends girlfriend is over 24/7 and I cant stand her. I didnt sign up to live with her. Its already a 3 person 3 bedroom arrangement as it is.

  685. Guest Says:

    My landlord lives on the same street as me, and her dog runs free around the neighborhood. One night I came home late and went on my front porch and the dog was there in the shadows. It bit me! I wasn’t hurt so much as shaken up. It is a large pitbull, and I told her I never wanted the to see that dog running around the neighborhood again. For a short time she kept the dog on a leash, but the last couple of months it has been running around again. If she sees me she calls it over to her house. I gave her my 30 day notice the other day, but she is giving me a hard time. I have a month to month lease and she sent me a paper from a lawyer stating it was “understood” that I can only give notice the first of the month. I have already secured a new place and can’t possibly afford to pay rent on both for a month. One of the reasons I am moving is that money is tight and I needed a lower cost place. Can I somehow use my personal safety as a way out of this? How? I did go to Urgent Care so there should be a record of the bite. Any ideas?

  686. Guest Says:

    If someone has been a responsible renter (taken good care of the unit, paid on time, etc.) why would a manager or property management company want to make that person stay if they bought a house or are having problems with the unit? If a renter was causing problems or being irresponsible, they’d be asked to leave.

  687. Guest Says:

    I paid my first month along with the deposit, without signing the lease. The first day I was moving in, someone broke in and stole some stuff, because the landlady left the front door open. I decided not to rent, but she only returned my deposit and not my first month. Can she do that?

  688. Guest Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting/expecting someone to fulfill their lease.

  689. Guest Says:

    A month to month lease is just that — month to month. If this supposed “understanding’ isn’t in writing and it wasn’t discussed with you, it’s not enforceable.

  690. Guest Says:

    That’s not a problem between you and your landlord, that’s a problem between you and your roommate. See if the girlfriend wants to take over your lease. If she does, have it done through the landlord, so it can’t come back to bite you in the butt. If she doesn’t, you could probably complain to the landlord and have him/her say something to your roommate, but I don’t think living with him would be too comfortable after that.

  691. Guest Says:

    I live in a apartment and i have had a respitory infection since we moved i moved in. the doc said i was probably in contact with mold. well the other day i was looking up at our filter and it was filthy and when i went to go change it the whole inside was cover with mold. Can i ask to be let out of my lease for medical reasons.

  692. Guest Says:

    I signed the lease for one year on June 28, 2006 (and was fired less then a month later). I have been unemployed now since July 27, 2006 (I was fired because I am gay). My ex-employer is fighting my COBRA, my the unemployment with State of California, and holding my pension. I have not found a job yet either! I had to surrender my car last month because I haven’t had the income. It is that bad. How do I break my lease with 7 months remaining? (I am going to move in with my mother again until I find employment because I am out of savings). Please HELP!!!

  693. Guest Says:

    I just signed a 1 year lease w/ my roomate. Only 2 months have gone by, and I’m planning to change schools, so I’d like to go back to my parents house…..How would I get out of this? Just find another person to fill in for the lease?

  694. Guest Says:

    Given the situation, you are somewhat stuck. I would go to the landlord, and very nicely ask his/her help in your situation. Explain to them that you want to pay them the full 2200, but due to the complications of the situation you don’t have it all right now. Ask them if you could work out a payment option. Could you pay it off in two, three or four months? The intrest of the landlord is to collect as much money for the property as a whole, so if you assure them that you WILL pay ALL charges without any problems, they might be inclined to work with you. I hope all the best for you.

  695. Guest Says:

    Ask your landlord if they have a “Change of Responsible Party Form”. This could release you from the lease, if your ex is willing to be fully responsible for it.

  696. Guest Says:

    i am thinking about signing a lease for august 2007-august 2008… i will most likely stick with it but there is a possibility of me transferring schools… if I broke the lease before it “began” (meaning before august), what can I expect? They have told me that I would be required to pay a fee and to find a replacement. If I could not find a replacement, what could happen legally?

  697. Guest Says:

    (bear with me, i suffered a broken hand) me and my roomate just signed a renewal lease in october for another six months. we had heard people talking about breakins, and vehicle vandles, but didn’t worry till 2 nights ago, when we came home from dinner and noticed someone in our apt. the guy jumped out and acted like he had a gun. we were able to jump him and hold him till the police arrived, but in the process, i broke my hand, and my roomate was bitten. the windows at these apts do not lock properly, and a diff car is broken into at least 2-3 timesmonth, inluding my sisters, who stays in a seperate apt. the managmt wont even let us move to a diff apt, or safer upstairs apt. our fear is the thiefs friends or family waiting for us with weapons to retaliate the beating we put on him. we are considering just moving immediately and having a lawyer send a letter. my main quest. is, how long should this process take, and could our current manag. keep us from getting a new apt. even with police report in hand, and a 2000 dallar doctor bill for surgery to reset the bone in my hand.

  698. Guest Says:

    I lived in apartments in oregon monthly rent for two years carpet was not new when moved in, how long is carpet to be replaced???

  699. Guest Says:

    What I would suggest- Put him on the lease with you- then show military orders for new jersey… may work :)

  700. Guest Says:

    The replacement of the carpet would depend on several factors including age, wear and the property’s budget for replacment. The typical life for carpet is 7-10 years. I speak with nearly 10 years experience as a property manager.

  701. Guest Says:

    My family and I leased a rental house in July ’06 that included a partially finished basement / rec room. In early October ’06, we had a 4-day power outage that resulted in sump pump failure and standing water (1 foot) in the basement for 4 days. We borrowed a generator and pumped it out because our Landlord lives 400+ miles away. He showed up a week after the storm and performed the demolition of the partially finished (and now quite moldy) basement. Furnace was damaged from storm and replaced about 3 weeks later.

    As a result of repeated sump pump failures since then (2 additional occasions in 4 weeks time), we stepped up our search for a home to buy and found one. We are planning to close in January and move in February, with 4 months rent left on the year’s lease. Yesterday I received email from the landlord saying he intends to replace the sump pump at the end of December.

    My questions are:

    1. If we leave and pay the 4 months, are we still legally responsible for utilities (electric, gas, water) for the remainder of the lease?

    2. If we don’t want to pay the full terms of the lease, does the fact that the property rented to us has changed substantially (partially finished, dry cellar now is unfinished wet cellar) since the lease (and rent $$!) was negotiated?

    3. If the landlord has proved to be dishonest / untrustworthy from past interactions, is it wise to give him the full 3 months’ advanced notice of what we are doing?

    4. If we approach our landlord in writing about ammending the lease to a month-to-month (plan to give notice 2/1), does that reduce our chances in court if he doesn’t go for it and we have to break the lease outright?

    5. Is email a valid legal document? We have several email exchanges but little else in writing other than the lease.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

  702. Guest Says:

    First off, what state do you live in?

  703. Guest Says:

    She should be able to keep the first month’s rent to help offset her loss of rent. However, if she happens to rent the apartment for any period during that month, she would be liable to return that portion of rent to you.

  704. Guest Says:

    you can take your name off of the lease only if he signs you off also. Unfortunately you are stuck like chuck!

  705. Guest Says:

    Unfortunately it is not the communities fault someone was in your apartment. I have worked at many A+ properties and break-ins happen EVERYWHERE! What would you expect to do if it was a house you owned……and this could happen just as easy there as well as in an apartment. You should always live on the top floor. We would still charge you rent and if you did not pay, it would go on your credit. This is how most companies would handle your situation.

  706. Guest Says:

    not if the lease was not signed.

  707. Guest Says:

    not at all. You live in apartments, it happens everywhere

  708. Guest Says:

    You both have to sign you off the lease. Even if you get a new roommate your current roommate must sign you off also. So hopefully you get on her nerves also so she will gladly sign you off.

  709. Guest Says:

    I live in a apartment in minnesota and i have been there for 5 months. I still have six months left but i want out. My apartment has many mentally unstable people and recently my neighbor went mental and freaked out punching and kicking the walls in his place. Basically once the police came and ambulance he was removed and evicted but scary.And on sunday another lady freaked out and was removed screaming with the paramedics. I am so sick of this place. It scares me to go home at night wondering wants going to happen next. I need out HELP!!!

  710. Guest Says:

    I am in an apt. in an expensive part of town. I have roaches, rats, the gardner has scratched my car with his weedwacker (once I witnessed it, and the other times I am just assuming.) I made complaints about the gardner, and the cleanliness of my apt. but did not note the roaches and rats, as I had attempted to take care of them myself. The apt. was not cleaned before I moved in, but since I went away the week I moved in I did not say anything until I got back and was met with a response that it was my fault. I have had my parking spot taken on numerous occasions. The washer in the apt. building works, but the dryer never has properly (6 quarters to keep your clothes wet pretty much sums that up.) The apartment was never paiuted completely. To top all of this off, I can no longer afford the rent. I have had to borrow money for the last months rent, and I fear the upcoming month as well.

    I have very little documentation unfortunately. What can I do about getting out of my lease without being sued for the remainder, since there is a claus that stipulates I am responsible for the amount due for the remainder of the lease. I cannot afford the monthly, let alone the next $7200.

  711. Guest Says:

    I don’t know what state you’re in but in most states you have up to 2 weeks to change your mind and they have to give you most of your money back. They might keep some of it ($200) for cleaning expense if you have already made a mess, like with the carpet as you were moving in. You should check out your specific state law cause some states even give you a month

  712. Guest Says:

    i am currently in the 4th month of a 12-month lease agreement. Sadly, things have not worked out here and i am afraid that i will not be able to afford to pay rent and for college at the same time. i want to leave, but my roommate does not because unlike me he can afford the rent and college. If i pay my part of next months rent in advance, and if he finds a friend to resume my part of the lease agreement, will there be any legal problems with my landlord? i was thinking about not even telling my landlord at all, but my name would still be on the lease agreement and thus i would still be liable for any damages that might occur after i leave.

  713. Guest Says:

    Ok! My bofriend and I have been together for well over 3 years with talk of wedding bells In the nere future! Last week I found out I was pregnant, thinking my boyfriend would be just as excited as I was I told him the news! He then told me that he wanted nothing to do with me and I know that Living here alone will leave me straped for cash!! He said he if I try to move he will hurt me and my unborn child! I am afraid for my life and dont know what to tell the complex manager! Can some one help me!

  714. Guest Says:

    You need to tell your landlord, and if you get someone to take over your lease that the landlord approves, he will take your name off the lease. Make sure you get reimbursed for your half of the security deposit from the guy coming in for you.

  715. Guest Says:

    New York. Thats where i live.

  716. Guest Says:

    Having been a former property manager, let me give you some sound advise. Do Not just get up, sublet and leave. You want to inform the property of your intentions and by doing this, going through the proper methods, you will win in the end. If something happens to the apartment even though you may not live in it, but your name is on the lease, you are and will be responsable for any and all damages, court fees and other fees if they do apply. The other person you and your room mate are considering to sublet to, will have to apply and qualify just like you did. If all is good, you, and your roommate will sign a form, sometimes called the ” Room Mate ” release form, and this will legally take you off of the lease. Beleive me, do the right thing, as this can save your credit rating and your rental rating as well. You can always email me with any questions, I will be happy to help.

  717. Guest Says:

    Hi I live in an apartment in Pennsylvania and I have found a mouse in my apartment. I tried to catch it myself but no luck. I informed management twice about this, but they still haven’t done anything. At night, in my bathroom I find earwigs and there’s other bugs too. There is poor insulation in my bedroom so even though I crank up the heat to the max, it is still cold. Are all these enough for me to break my lease? I have only informed management about the mice, not the other stuff yet. How should I proceed?

  718. Guest Says:

    No she cant legally do that. You contact the police or an attorney if you have proof that you paid her, such as money order receipt or check copy.

  719. Guest Says:

    You need to go to your rental office with your roomate and ask for a “roomate release form”. Considering your roomate agrees to sign this, your name will be removed from the lease and he will be free to find a new roomate. It’s also a good idea for your roomate to have his new prospective roomate screened by the office staff. This is actually required in many complexes.

  720. Guest Says:

    Document EVERYTHING. Put each and every complaint in writing. Keep a copy, hand deliver a copy to the rental office in addition to talking to them about your concerns, AND mail a copy to the office “certified, return receipt.” This will give you a lot more to work with if management gives you a hard time about wanting to break your lease. Not feeling safe in your own home is a MAJOR issue and should be treated as such by the office staff. However, they need documented proof if they’re to let you out of your lease without reprocussions from the apartment complex owner.

  721. Guest Says:

    I’m in my 4th month of a 12 month lease, and when I first moved in I loved the apartment and everything about it. However, after the second month our landlord sold the building to a larger company, and thus new management. Ever since the new management has been put in place, my room mate and I have been harrased and threatened. On one occasion, while my room mate was home alone, there were some electricians in the apartment (the new managment was renovating the building) and they had left and did not lock the door on thier way out. A little after a man entered the apartment, without permission and confronted my room mate. He began yelling at her, and threatening to kick us out. She finally forced him out of the apartment and locked the door. We later found out that this man was one of our new landlords. Since this occasion, we have been trying to contact him and thus far it’s only resulted in more harrasment and threats, including having us arrested. We no longer feel safe living in this building, considering we are two teenage girls, and our apartment was attempted to be burglarized earlier last month.
    We want to move out, but are not sure if we really want to break our lease.

  722. Guest Says:

    yes, you certainly can. do to medical reasons beyond your control. have your doctor right a letter stating what is wrong and the cause of it. show it to the leasing office. they should terminate your lease.

  723. Guest Says:

    i signed a 12 month lease with a boyfriend who turned out to be a raging physco. he throws things around the house, and at me. he has broken NUMEROUS doors and WALLS. he slammed a door so hard that it broke, and his knee broke on the rebound. anyway, i talked to my sister and she said that even though my landlord WONT let us break the lease, that there are ways to do it anyway. she said that it will cost more for them to take us to court then it will to collect the rent owed for the next 6 months. i live in idaho if this makes any difference. anyway, im just looking for a way out of this hell hole! let me know if anyone has any suggesstions. we both had our parents co-sign the lease, and i wouldn’t want to get them in trouble by just saying screw it, and leaving. i was also told that a restraining order against my boyfriend would result in an automatic lease break. let me know people !!!

  724. Guest Says:

    I just renewed my lease my roommate (after living together for a year). Recently I was studying for exams and she brought her boyfriend over and his two children-without telling me or asking me first- and they were making a lot of noise. I politely asked if they could keep it down. My roommate responded that I should leave and go to the library so that she can play with the kids. I refused to leave. Her boyfriend taunted me and said, oh we should all be QUIET now, let’s be QUIET now and my roommate laughed and encouraged this. A few days ago my friends asked to stay over and my roommate said they need to be respectful of her studying. When I confronted her about her behavior and her boyfriend’s behavior, she denied the whole incident. I said I could not respect her studying if she does not respect mine. I do not want to put up with this, her boyfriend or his children. Is there a way out of my lease or can I ask her to leave?

  725. Guest Says:

    I am planning to move out Dec 18th and already paid full rent fee for December. My lease is up May 2007, so I am breaking a lease. The penalty is to pay extra month rent fee for January for undiscounted price plus paying back the 7 months of discounts I have received plus not getting security deposit.
    This is rediculous. I NEED HELP!!!

  726. Guest Says:

    I signed a 12 month lease on this crap hole and I also signed a contract stating that the complex would provide me with a quiet living place, which they have DEFINITLEY failed to do. So does that give me the grounds to break my lease without paying all the charges. And I can get police reports proving that I’ve complained about partying.

  727. Guest Says:

    I am on month 3 of 12 and when I signed the lease, the apartment was spectacular and I loved it. Now, since moving in, I’ve had to call the cops on the people below me because they were abusing their children, I’ve starting coughing from the cigarrette smoke that comes through the walls, and I’ve found mold in numerous locations, which I have extreme reactions to. So not only do I not feel safe anymore, but I’ve been sick since I moved in. I need to find a way to get out of here, for my well-being, but I can’t afford paying any fees that I may incrue. How can I get out of this lease?

  728. Guest Says:

    I moved into my apartment In early November and my vehicle has already been broken into. The officer that arrived when my my car was broken into told me that I need to do what I can to move out as soon as possible. I feel there is serious racial conflict between me and my neighbors. In my opinion after being here a month that it is an unsafe invironment for me and my roommate. Is there anything that can be done to break our lease. I feel that our personal well being is in danger living in these apartments. Please Help! Thank you!

  729. Guest Says:

    Ask them to point out the specific place in your lease that states you lose all your discounts and lose your deposit if you break the lease.

  730. Guest Says:

    I moved in to my uni halls of residence, I signed the contract but i want to move out in january 2007 they are now saying that becuse i did not notify them i wanted to leave on the 6/12/06 i did so on the 12/12/06 i will have to stay till june and pay neary £2000 rent.

  731. Guest Says:

    I live in Tampa Florida. I signed a year’s lease with a roomate it will end April 2007. Here is the problem. It is a 2 bedroom. she has the controls to the electric and water in her room and she is constantly turning it off. I have no water and no electricity unless she is home. Apatment complex says that can not help. I have called the police and they too can’t help. I can’t live like this anymore. I want to move out but I don’t want a abd rep on my credit. Isn’t there something I can do leagally? I don’t have the money for a lawyer.. Someone please help.

  732. Guest Says:

    I signed for a 8 months lease. I m foreign so when i signed my lease i really didn t know that the area where this apartment was located was unsafe (2 shooting in 1 months), 5 cars broken and drunk people in my street after 9PM. I really need to move. One of friend told me that my lease was void cause they asked me for a cleaning deposit and not a security deposit which is illegal in LA. First, i d like to know if it s true? and then can i break my lease (they didn t mentionned anything about that in my lease)?

  733. Guest Says:

    Your lucky if your not being held responsible for a reletting fee and the term of your lease or until your unit is released. If your breaking the lease you loose your deposit, thats what your contract will state. I don’t know why people don’t read legal documents before they sign them. Why are you breaking your lease anyway?

  734. Guest Says:

    I live in Wisconsin and would like to break my lease because of a new job in another state. If a renewal lease was never signed, can my landlord take me to court? Can he ruin my credit?

  735. Guest Says:

    I wish I had some good advice for you. My fiance and I are going through a bad time with our roommate. He has a drinking problem, and had threatend to kill us before, we have also called the Police too. They said we should get a restraining order against him. He takes our share of utility money and gambles it away. Its horrible, and we have 5 more months with this Jerk. He is a 64 year old Vietnam Vet, My fiance and I are in our 30′s, and its really a shame that he puts us through such hell. He has also gotten in our room and stolen things from us. He breaks our things when he is drunk, I suffer from deep depression, and have to deal with this. Its just not right. They should make exceptions for people like us, who really do need to get out of leases, especially when roommates like mine threaten to kill me and my fiance.

  736. Guest Says:

    um u shouldnt be livin like that..kick him out or break ur lease or something, crappy credit isn’t as bad as threats….just lock him out one night..have him arrested on false pretenses, u have a witness so they wont know….U and ur fiance should really do something or at least ur fiance should i know i wouldnt let my girlfriend go through this day in and day out…I have a short temper so i would probably knock him out, but know one should resort to this violence…ne way think of something,don’t take this n e more…

  737. Guest Says:

    I moved into my apartment on 12-22 and there has been nothing but problems from the start. The toilets were filthy (they had been superficially cleaned, but once you flush them, grime runs from the underside of them to filth up the toilet, makes me want to vomit), the sinks are clogged with hair and dirt from the previous tenant, the heat downstairs doesn’t work, the water from my upstairs bathroom leaks into the kitchen if I take a shower. I told the leasing office on the 23rd that I was no longer interested in staying there. She told me I signed a binding contract, but I don’t feel like I should be forced to stay in an apartment like this!!! I could have sworn that there is a 3 day limit on breaking contracts or something in the US. Does anyone know about this? Please advise.

  738. Guest Says:

    I’m living in an apartment where i signed a one year lease. The landlord agrees to let me go if i pay 6 months of rent ahead of time and forfit my deposit. I can no longer afford my apartment and i need to get out as soon as possible. I talked to an attorney and he said i could pay $150 a month until August next year until my $1200 was paid off. The landlord wont go for that. Is there anything i can do? And besides my credit being ruined, can i face jail time?

  739. Guest Says:

    I signed a 1 year lease, and now i own alot on student loans and need to move back into my parents place…I need to get outta my apartment, and well, my landlord sold the place to a new person, am i legally bound to the original contract or are we supposed to sign a new lease, am i able to just walk out and not worry about it? the original landlord signed the lease like me and the other tenants…Does this make his end null and void?

  740. Guest Says:

    If your roommate agrees to replace you with someone else, then your landlord will probably do the same, as long as your current roommate the new roommate qualify for the apartment. The best thing to do is to talk to your rental office. Every apt. community I ever worked at over 6 years had a special addendum to add/delete a roommate off the lease. Keep in mind that your share of the deposit will be refunded to the renters upon moving out so you’ll want to settle that with the new person first. Also, it is very extremely important that you receive SIGNED copies (by the Property Manager) of the addendum and make sure that you keep them in the event that something shows up on your credit report later. I cannot emphasize this enough because I have seen “poor paper work skills” make someone who was released off a lease come back to haunt them later.

  741. Guest Says:

    I believe the 3 day lemon rule applies to cars’ only. Good luck! I’m in the same boat.

  742. Guest Says:

    I agree with the first response to your request. Crime has no address. HOWEVER, you said that your windows don’t lock properly. In most states, the law requires that Landlords provide doors and locks that work properly. IF you have notified the management of the non-locking windows, and then were broken into, then you shouldn’t have any problems getting out of your lease. But if you never notified management of the windows, what could they have done? Document everything!

  743. Guest Says:

    If you give proper notice to vacate (usually 60 or 30 days prior to the end of your current lease) before the lease begins, you’ll be fine.

  744. Guest Says:

    Man, that sucks. I hope you find a way out. What is the name of this complex? Did it have a good reputation before you moved in it? I’m currently looking for an apartment and I’m afraid of something like this happening.

  745. Guest Says:

    Have you spoken to her about the problem? Tell her that it’s not fair that you don’t have any electricity or water when she’s not home. You’re both paying for it. so there’s no way she should deny you of your basic needs. That’s just strange on her part.

  746. Guest Says:

    I guess the best thing you can do is like what was mentioned above- contact your local legal aid or apartment associations. Also speak to your landlord as to what can be done in the situation. You shouldn’t live in a place where you feel racially threatened.

  747. Guest Says:

    We had renewed our lease in Aug 2006 for another 12 months but they never told us we could do a 6 month lease instead. We plan to move out Jan 2007 which would be 6 months left on our lease. Can we do anything since they didn’t tell us we could sign a 6 month lease?
    Also we have problems with mice and they tell us that’s our responsibility not theirs.
    They are making us buy out our lease and taking the security deposit too.
    Can they rent out the apartment right after we leave if we buy out the lease? That would be like getting rent from two people for the same apartment… someone is going to move in 3 days after we move out and we still have to pay almost the rest of the lease.

  748. Guest Says:

    Tell the complex manager exactly what happened and get the police involved. Also try to get some legal counsel.

  749. Guest Says:

    Check your lease. Ours has a hold over provision, which states if your lease renews and you were sent a renewal, even if you didn’t return the renewal, if you pay the 13th month of rent, you renew the lease for the length of the original term.

  750. Guest Says:

    You signed the renewal, so you’re obligated, even if they could have given you a shorter term. They can’t MAKE you pay the buyout. You can take the buyout, which would sever your obligation immediately, or you can just tell them to put it back on the market, and your obligation would sever when it is re-rented. A buyout is NOT rent, though, so they can rent it for the day after you move and there’s no violation. Since they already have it rented, I wouldn’t pay the buyout, unless you signed something saying you would.

  751. Guest Says:

    Check your lease. It should have a provision about change of ownership.

  752. Guest Says:

    SIX months rent?? I wouldn’t do it. Check your lease, there should be a buyout provision that states two months, but not much more. Did the attorney look at the lease?

  753. Guest Says:

    The 3-day waiting period doesn’t apply to real estate rentals. (In PA, anyway.) If it’s as bad as you say it is, call the housing authority in your area and file a complaint. OR write your landlord and give him/her a reasonable number of days to fix the problem. If he/she doesn’t take care of it, break your lease. If he/she sends you to the credit bureau, dispute it, sending your documentation as proof.

  754. Guest Says:

    Don’t base your opinion on sites like this one where people complain about their landlords/apartments. People rarely write to say how wonderful things are.

  755. Guest Says:

    This is very similar to my situation, I have a roommate who is very loud in the middle of the night for needless reasons (cooking a five-course steak dinner right outside my door at 3 am, having loud and disrespectful friends over, etc.). My biggest problem with her however is that she has friends over, one in particular, who have threatened me. I have asked her in the past to be quieter (i have missed work and exams because of a lack of sleep caused by her antics), and I have also asked her not to have that particular friend over (which she won’t do because she has no self esteem and he’s the only person who will hang out with her on a regular basis). I’ve found plenty of other places to move to, but I’m stuck here until I can find a way out of this lease or a new roommate, which is proving difficult. If anyone knows what can be done about this, please respond!

  756. Guest Says:

    Does this make his end null and void?
    No, it does not. (They still where a legal representative to the owner)
    This varies state-to-state but, most states, say that you legally as a landlord cannot collect rent on the same unit twice. What that means is, if they have rented the apartment to someone else and this person has moved in…they cannot collect double rent. So you would only be legally responsible for the rent up until this new person started paying. Check your state landlord-tenant laws to be sure though. Hope that helps!!! =)

  757. Guest Says:

    First of all did you ask for a 6 month lease? It’s not the landlords resposiblity to make sure that you ask for what you really need. They of course would prefer and encourage you to sign a 12 month but, if you didn’t say that you needed short term lease then they really don’t need to ask, especially if you just went ahead a signed the papers. You pretty much just said in writing that was ok. As far as buying out the lease. You have 2 options. You can “buy out” the lease like you are choosing to do or “break the lease” either way, as long as you pay them what is owed, none of this will effect your credit, just your “rental history” if you try to use this place for a referral. You’ll need to check your state’s landloard tenant laws, but if they have someone moving in 3 days after you move out, in most states the landlord legally has to stop collecting rent from you once someone new moves in. Watch out though…when you break your lease a lot of companies add extra fees (releasing fee, repaying specials…etc.) As far as taking your security deposit, they are only allowed to use that for “damages” but, “loss of rent” is considered a “damage”. As, long as your rent is paid and you pay all the lease buy out fees, and your apartment has no damage, there should be no reason for them to take your security deposit.

  758. Guest Says:

    I thought you had 30 days??? Either way talk your way up to the top & demand help! If the landlord or company is indeed a good place/person they should help you out or atleast fix all this stuff. Leason to be learned…ALWAYS look at your apartment 1st before you sign the contract!!!

  759. Guest Says:

    My landlady told me a couple of months ago that she wanted us to find someplace else to live, due to some minor issues. (I didn’t mow the lawn, like I was supposed to, and we didn’t keep the house as spotlessly clean as she would have had it. I was late, by a week, on rent once, due to having to buy oil for the heater. Other than that, we have done everything we needed to.) So, I found a place, actually, I got a new job in PA, we’re in NY, and I need to move as soon as possible. I called her today, to let her know we had found a place, and would like to move out by the end of the month. Suddenly, she’s bringing up the lease, and telling me we can’t move, because of the lease, and everything. She also had told us, when we asked, that if we had to move due to a job relocation, we could, no problems. Do I have much to worry about?

  760. Guest Says:

    Have him arrested on false pretenses?? That’s pretty crappy advice. It’s also against the law.

  761. Guest Says:

    I signed a year lease that is up in August but want to get out as soon as possible. I have been living with an impossible roommate situation during this time and my landlord has done nothing to help. (I believe that the lease states that the landlord will make efforts to resolve roommate conflicts.) After months of unreturned phone calls, broken appointments, and no action, the situation has exacerbated and I no longer feel safe in my apartment. I have documented the lack of response from the landlord from the beginning. Would I be safe in breaking my lease and going against them in court?

  762. Guest Says:

    I am on month 3of12 any way when i moved in i to loved my place but now all the creepy things are starting to show up.Its like the mice are having a soccergame in my room.I am also very ill ive gotten scabbies from the carpet and have bad break outs to it.I have heart failure and a double bipass i am 32 and have to many sicknesses to ad this to my collection its not fair.can some one give me some advice.I have proof of this new illness.Can I break my lease? thanks to who ever can give me some info.

  763. Guest Says:

    wow thats bad I feel you should go this is a matter of life or death.Let your lawyer take care of it.Just make sure you have all your documents in place.It will take about 2to3 months.And no one can stop you from getting a safer place when it comes to your safety

  764. Guest Says:

    My landlady is demanding that I immediatly pay a rent increase because I got a pet, but the law in my states says a minimum of 60 days notice must be given for an increase to take effect. I have told her I will not pay but am wondering if this is also grounds to get out of my lease free and clear.

  765. Guest Says:

    my land lord is selling the house and he has repeatly called me about why i haven’t shown my apartment, even bothering me about my dog being in the apartment when people come to see the house arent able to come in. also i recieve a phone call every week from a realtor wanting to see the apartmet on the day i have to work, also he put in a lock box to allow realtors to come in. CAN I GET OUT OF MY LEASE.

  766. Guest Says:

    I am in the exact same situation. If I knew I could sign a 6 month lease…I would have. I am planning on buying a house and wont be out of my renewed lease until NOVEMBER!(they made me renew in aug even though my lease was up in nov.)

    I woke up the other morning and walked into the bathroom to find mouse droppings on the counter and when i opened the shower curtain there was a mouse running in circles like he was on a race track!

    I am about to make an offer on a house and am seriously thinking of just breaking the lease if legal advice doesnt get me anywhere….

    Our managment office has people on a waiting list for our apartments although they are such jerk they would claim they didnt have anyone and make us buy out our lease and have it rented at the same time!

  767. Guest Says:

    What does the lease say about pets? If it’s a fee, that’s not considered a rent increase.

  768. Guest Says:

    Call the housing authority in your area.

  769. Guest Says:

    I singed a 1 year lease about 4 month ago. i am ready to buy a home now. can i break my lease when i move in to my home?

  770. Guest Says:

    Work has relocated me! I live in Orange County CA. and live in these run down less than desirable apartments in the laguna hills area. My job recently changed and now I have been moved down to San Diego. I went to the property management office as soon as I knew I had another place to live down in San Diego, and they wouldn’t even listen to my story about work. This complex is huge, and the company that owns them have 15 other complexes that they manage so I know it isn’t an issue of money with them. Am I screwed on this one or what? I have 5 more months on the lease and can’t afford to pay rent in two cities!

  771. Guest Says:

    Honey men are stupid they say everything to try to put a scare in stupid women who listen to them. 90% of the time the scared punk isn’t going to do anything but look and feel stupid when you leave. Pray and raise your self esteem and do what you have to do for you and your child and don’t think to hard about what he has said. It’s called mental abuse. I had a stupid one in my life I was working 2 full time jobs and ended up in the hospital all 3 times I did this. He had a friend that was a police officer and told me that he would have me track down and they would find my car. I left anyway and those 2 knuckheads together could find me and I was right under there noses. Honey after 8 years and I finally left him for good I had nothing what he didn’t take from me he stole, sold or pawned. When I left I had to go into a battered woman shelter, but it was the best thing that could have happen. I got the best job of my life because the shelter was closing and the director asked if anyone had resumes and faxed mine to a government job. I started off making $12.99 and when I left I was at $15.49 in 2 years. God blessed me double for my trouble. I was able to furnish my apartment with beautiful new furniture and now I own my own business. As for the idoit he is in a small town in Arkansas still trying to get in touch with me by email because he can’t take care of himself. As for me I’m in PEACE!!!!

  772. Guest Says:

    Not really. They do not have to notify you to show the property. I’d try and work something out with the landlord…like a 24 hour notice or something. He can ask that for the realtors. That way you can at least put the dog up. But maybe you can ask to get out of the lease, which will probably not happen. But best would be to work something out with him in a nice way. It’s your best bet.

  773. Guest Says:

    Nope. Just like her demanding the rent increase. She can’t do it and you can’t get out. Plus she has to have to rent increase in writting. So take your time. Plus most private listing do not report to credit lines. So most people can just leave and omit telling the next landlord you ever lived there.

  774. Guest Says:

    Not really. It’s like co-signing for something. You promised to pay rent with that person for that length of time. Unless you can find someone to replace you and present that to the landlord.

  775. Guest Says:

    First of all, No just because you could have signed a 6 month verses a 12 month, no you can’t get out free and clear. For breaking the lease your forfeit you deposit and then get charged a reletting fee. Then you are responsible for the rent on the apartment until either your lease would have been up OR someone moves in. So yes rent stops when someone moves in. Talk to a lawyer. They can’t charge you for all those 6 months just 3 days they can charge you.

  776. Guest Says:

    My daughter and her friend rented a duplex near college. The friend got locked out and the person in the adjoining duplex told her she could get in her place by coming in his and going through the attic. We did not realize that this man and whoever else was in his apartment could have access to the girls apartment by going through the attic. On Dec 5 my daughter’s car was broken into in the middle of the day in the driveway and then a week ago the apartment was burglarized. Needless to say neither girl is living there but I wondered if there was any way to break this lease. We are in the 5th month of a 12 month lease.

  777. Guest Says:

    I have only lived in my apt for about 2 months now and my boyfriend and i just noticed that when in the basement looking up the floor is rotted underneath the bathtub and the toilet. I dont know what to do cause my landlord tries not to fix things how they should be fixed. I want to know if i can get out of my lease because we dont know if the bathtub is going to fall in while giving my daughter a bath or one of us taking a shower, i havent told the landlord of the problem yet just cause i know she wont do anything about it. if someone knows what we should do i would greatly appreciate it thanks alot.

  778. Guest Says:

    i signed my lease on 1/9/2007 paid all the money and the landlord said i will get a copy of my lease in the mail in 30 days, is that legal?, also the apartment is not in 100% move in condition, can i get my money back ?

  779. Guest Says:

    in Oregon No one can enter your home with out written 24 hours of notice unless it is an emergency.or you give permission.If someone does come in then you are entitled to one month free rent. Document these insidences and sue him.

  780. Guest Says:

    That sounds really strange that you’d have to wait 30 days to get a copy. I’d check with your local apartment association or check out the Landlord/Tenant laws of your state. It’s highly unlikely that you can get any money back for the apartment not being in 100% move-in condition. If it was uninhabitable, then possibly. How bad was it?

  781. Guest Says:

    We had that happen in an apartment we lived in — my husband was always worried he’d sit down on the toilet and end up in the basement! You need to let the landlord know (in writing) the problem and that she will be held responsible for any injuries that may arise due to the problem. Also give her a specific time (5 days?) to correct it. When she gets it fixed (or if she doesn’t at all), call the housing authority in your area and have them check it out. If it’s not okay, they will put her on notice.

  782. Guest Says:

    This is the kind of situation where I’m most likely to let someone out of a lease. Have them cry to the property manager, and it may get them out of it.

  783. Guest Says:

    Whether or not they let you out of the lease has nothing to do with how much money the company has. You signed a lease, then got transferred — why should they have to pay for the vacancy? See if your new employer will pay any fees to buy out the remainder of your lease. If not, see if you can sublet the apartment. (usually the landlord will have to approve the new tenant.) Try Craigslist or a similar site to post for someone looking to take over a lease in your area. If you don’t have any luck, bite the bullet and pay the buyout.

  784. Guest Says:

    I’m sure you can, but it will cost you. Check out your lease. There will probably be a provision outlining what you have to do to get out of your lease.

  785. Guest Says:

    Are you kidding me? Any member of an apartment association (and there are lots!) can report a deadbeat tenant to the credit bureaus.

  786. Guest Says:

    my husband and i got this apartment in sept 22, 2006 it’s now january 15, 2007 we cant take living here anymore!! the rent is $1014 plus utilities(trash,sewer,common electicity and water) which totals about about $1100 i never had to pay for trash or water in any apartment i have lived in. so when they told me this after the fact that i signed what was i suppose to say NOOO when i have car full of stuff and i came from california to colorado. now we want to break the lease cause we cant afford living here they told us it would be over 3000 to break the lease. my husband is in the military but he doesnt have order to go anywhere at least not right now he just got back from iraq. we cant afford to live here and we cant afford to break the lease WHAT CAN WE DO??? please please please help!!!

  787. Guest Says:

    I technically violated my lease agreement. We got a dog for Christmas and didn’t think it was a problem because so many of our neighbors all have cats and nobody cares. The copy of my lease agreement says nothing about not having pets. Upon further investigation, I realized my agreement is missing a page because the rules listed are missing a bunch of numbers. When we moved in last June, the woman at the office must have given me a copy of the agreement that is missing the page that talks about no pets. We’ve had the dog for almost a month and today we recieved a hand written “warning” about the dog, saying they recieved a complaint about it. It instructs us to speak to the office before they submit the complaint to the company in charge of our complex. If everyone else has a pet in the complex and my copy of the agreement says nothing about pets being prohibited, is there anything I can do?

  788. Guest Says:

    We signed a lease in May 2006 and my husband got transfered to a new city for work.
    About 2 months after we moved into our appartment we started having a lot of problems with an incredibly noisy upstairs neighbour. We started going to STRATA about this problem and we have been back and forth on this ever since and its never been resolved. Can that be a grounds to break the lease?

  789. Guest Says:

    I have signed a 12 month lease in houston texas. When me and my wife and my 3 month old son decided to move in, we did not know nothing about the appartment, other than it was the biggest appartment for a good price. since we have moved in, there has been police everywhere always looking for someone. recently someone was found dead in the pond near the appartment and we came to find out they lived accros from us. my wife is scared to live here fearing for her and our sons life. she is there alone all the time while im out at work we also have a gate at the entrance and it does not work. we have a problem with raccons living in the walls you can hear them all thru the night fighting and moving around in there is that sanitary? i know they must poop and pee in there i dont think that is healthy, what can i do i have about six months left i want out how can i get out?

  790. Guest Says:

    Me and my roommates recently signed a 1 year lease in Oct 06. The garage door broke 2 weeks ago and the landlord brought over a garage specialist to inspect it. The specialist said that one of us might have hit it, which isn’t true and now the landlord wants us to pay the whole amount to fix it, which total over $1000. We called other garage door places and had 2 other garage door specialist inspect it and it turn out both said that there was no indication of something hitting it and it was just normal wear and tear. We only lived there for 3 months, can the landlord force us to pay the for a brand new garage door? who should be responsible?

  791. Guest Says:

    if i am purchasing a new home will i be able to break my lease with out forfeiting my security deposit?

  792. Guest Says:

    I signed a year lease and then was layed off. Six months remain on the lease. My profession is not one that can be maintained in this tiny communmity. I requested that the landlandy begin showing the apartment. Are there any other options? Six more months here without employment in my field will result in a major loss. What options are there? I have been told that if one is layed off a 3 month notification should suffice???

  793. Guest Says:

    I’m having health issues with my new apartment. Not only am I asthmatic, but it’s very annoying that there is cigarette smoke coming through the vents/outlets/wall (I’m not sure which) in my apartment. I’ve contacted the landlord many times, and she just seems to shew me off the phone each time. It’s so bad that I can’t breathe while home…I end up staying at a friends place so often because it’s the worst at night. I’m not sure if she will be able to fix it or not, is there any way I can get out of my lease? I’m only in the first month of twelve. Any help would be great on the steps I need to take to get out of this horrible situation. Thanks!

  794. Guest Says:

    I moved out of my rental home, which I was under a contract. My landlord made it very difficult to find a renter to take over my lease, therefore she is suing me for backrent, late fee and the buy out fee can she sue me for them both(BACKRENT AND BUYOUT)fee? She was very discriminating toward people that wanted to rent the home, she would take the application and then send it back to them saying the place had been renter when it had not. what can i do?

  795. Guest Says:

    I am in a lease living in a condo With the owners of the actual unit. One of my chief complaints, other than the price and the way the ‘older’ tenants treat me like a child, is that upon moving in, I agreed that the owners would build a small office in the corner of the living room. But as of now, it is still under construction, but has expanded to take up more than half of the living room, and is a 3 room office. Does this give me an opportunity to move out, based on the fact that they are building on/in the rented unit without my agreement and without anything in the lease? or do i have to bite the bullet?
    Thank you!

  796. Guest Says:

    I have only been living in my apartment for a week now and I have had 2 complaints. I rented a smoking apartment and the complaints were for me smoking in my apartment. The landlord wants me to buy carpet and an air filter (which are not cheap) and start to go outside. As I said I rented this apartment as a smoking apartment so I didn’t have to go outside. Not to mention the neighbors who are very noisy early in the morning constantly complaining about me smoking. Can he make me stop smoking in my apartment or even evict me for it if I rented a smoking apartment?

  797. Guest Says:

    My sister and I moved into an apartment with a friend back in June. We signed a one year contract. After living with this friend, we realized that this girl was not at all what we expected. She turned out to be crazy! She demands that we do EVERYTHING that she says and since we have refussed she started trying to turn all of our friends and even our family against us. She signed us up for all of the most expensive programs like extended cable, etc. and expects us to pay 2/3 of EVEYRTHING even though we are not there most of the time. Then she moved her 3 dogs into the house!! The landlord raised our rent because of this. Then our roommate swears that the air conditioner, all lights, and televisions have to be on 24 hours a day for the dogs. The dogs have chewed up tons of OUR belongs and ruined the new carpet. Now our roommate has become friends with our landlord’s wife. She has told her all kinds of rumors about us. The other day our roommate called the landlord to our apartment. Not having a car at the house at the time, our roommate and the landlord didn’t realize I was in my bedroom and could hear EVERYTHING that was being said. They began talking bad about us and our family… complete lies… but they said some extremely horrible things about us, the landlord even called us names. This situation has become a complete NIGHTMARE!!! I am getting married next month and moving out but our landlord said that my sister would still have to pay for both of our rent. I am horified to have to leave my sister in this situation. She wants to move out, too. PLEASE, help us!!! Is there ANYway we can break this lease???

  798. Guest Says:

    i got robbed at gunpoint right outside my apt. I had parked my car down the block at 8 pm. when I got out of my car, I heard footsteps and was held up at gunpoint by two men – I was by myself. I do not feel safe parking at night anymore and in my neighborhood at all. Is this a legal reason to break my lease? I’m thinking it could be considered a Nuisance under the California Health and Safety Code section 17920.3.

    what do you think?

  799. Guest Says:

    things are wonderfull couldnt be happier i want to renew again and again!!! yipeee!!!!! my land lord is the best…

  800. Guest Says:

    i subletted a room for my friend until the lease was up in september, we decided to move into a new apartment next door (leased out by the same landlord) back in september. it’s an one year lease, and i’ve just about had it with living in this city and can transfer to the same position in the city i want to live in. what would be the best way to be able to move out by april? it’s not really the landlord i’m worried about as much as my roommate (my friend).

  801. Guest Says:

    My husband and I sold our house to move to a new city. We planned to rent for at least a year, perhaps two, while we get to know the area. We found a house to rent, took a look at it with a property manager (personal friend of the owner) while the previous tenants were still here. The house is old (turn of the century) and we understood that there would be some issues.

    We read the lease and the landlord had stated that the lessee (ie, us) would be responsible for repairs to the house. We refused and demanded a standard lease agreement, which he agreed to and we signed this new agreement.

    We arrived at the house to move in and the house was in filthy condition. Nothing had been done to prepare it for us. In fact, we learned the previous tenants had moved out only the day before. We could not delay moving in, however, because we had a moving company sitting outside with all of our stuff. We complained and the property manager promised to inform the landlord of our dissatisfaction (which she copied me on).

    After living in the house for a month we began to run into various problems in the house…leaky faucet in the kitchen that would flood the counters, leaky pipe in the basement causing mold, kinked gas lines, a sinkhole in the backyard, and failure of the glue that held the vinyl floor down in the bathroom leaving the subfloor exposed to moisture.

    Repeated requests for repair have gone unheeded, except for fixing the leaking pipe in the basement. When the kitchen faucet completely failed and began gushing the only solution we had was to turn the water off to the entire house. This is because there are NO local shut off valves in the house due to it’s age. The landlord would not respond to request for a repair after 48 hours and we were forced to call a plumber ourselves. After much ranting and raving the landlord eventually re-imbursed us. However, he stated he would not do so again. In the meantime many other things need repair and he has yet to begin repair.

    So, we are fed up. We want out. Only, our lease extends until the end of July.

    However, we’ve found a house we want to buy, a real deal in our neighborhood. We’re so looking forward to being in control of things again.

    While I’ve complained about how terrible a landlord his is I didn’t think we had valid reasons for breaking the lease.

    Until I looked up the house on the county tax website, which posts all real estate transactions as public record.

    And I found out that my landlord is claiming homestead exemption on the house we’re renting from him. In fact, the house we’re renting is in Georgia and he lives on the west coast.

    Can I use that information to break my lease? Can I say that the lease itself is illegal so we are evicting ourselves?

  802. Guest Says:

    I don’t think that’s a legitimate reason to get out of a lease, sorry. If it happened on the landlord’s property, you could ask for security lighting in the parking areas and the entrance doors.

  803. Guest Says:

    Check your lease, or a roommate agreement if you had one, but unfortunately I think you’re stuck. Even if there was a buyout provision, you have to give up possession of the apartment, and if the evil roommate stays, you’re out of luck. You could try to take it to a district justice and see if you get a sympathetic one, but the best would be just to pay until the end of the lease and consider it a lesson learned. (Living with someone can be a great way to wreck a friendship!)

  804. Guest Says:

    There’s no way he can evict you for that, ESPECIALLY if you rented it as a “smoking” apartment. Tell him he can pay for any improvements if he wants to, but you don’t have to. As for the noisy neighbors, let the landlord know in writing there is a noise problem. There should be a provision in your lease (“quiet enjoyment” or something along those lines) to cite.

  805. Guest Says:

    Depends. Did you get anything in writing regarding this office?

  806. Guest Says:

    Yes, they can sue for BACK rent and a buyout. (back rent, meaning previous rent you did not pay, obviously.) What she can’t do is accelerate the rent (charge you rent through the end of the lease) AND charge you the buyout. As a matter of fact, she can’t force you to pay the buyout at all. The buyout is a fee you can choose to pay in order to sever your lease agreement. But if she really turned people away, get proof and present that at your court hearing.

  807. Guest Says:

    You should look at getting an air purifier. You could try calling your local housing authority, but I’m not sure they could do anything.

  808. Guest Says:

    I have lived in this apt for 2 months,when my husband and i moved in the apt was dirty..The carpet alone is sooo dirty that I don’t even think Sears could clean it..My problem is that we have to pay all utilities “no problem” but when you have to pay the water bill directly to management and they inreturn don’t pay the water bill well that is a RIP OFF..I refuse to pay anymore water bills to this management..On the bill it doesn’t even show you how much water you used like the electric company..Is this legal??? Please help..I am breaking my lease and I’ll take my chances with the courts..I have documentation to back up my story and complaint

  809. Guest Says:

    nope, he cannot make you go outside or pay for filters or even evict you, legally that is. Furthermore, the apt community should be paying for the solutions and not you. You are not in breach of your contract. I’ve been in this business for 20 yrs as onsite and regional manager….they are pushing you around. Sounds like slum lords to me.

  810. Guest Says:

    the apt manager should let you out of your lease with no expense to you to break it. contact the texas apartment assoc.

  811. Guest Says:

    Yes she can and if the lease states so, all of which is legal. It’s bad business but is practiced regularly. Even the right to decline an app.

  812. Guest Says:

    A couple years ago I had a horrible accident in my apartment that me paralyzed on the floor for hours before someone came to rescue me. After that I had major emotional issues being in my apartment because the incident was so scary. I wanted to break my lease and leave these awful memories behind–so my doctor wrote a letter to may landlord explaining that I had post traumatic stress disorder and needed to move. My landlord was an awful person but even she felt bad and let me out of my lease with only a month’s penalty payment.

  813. Guest Says:

    My mom signed the lease so I could live there. Now I want to get out. I feel trapped, crazy and suicidal. How can I get out of my lease without it hurting my mom’s credit, or finances?

  814. Guest Says:

    My husband was threatened with a gun pointed at his face last weekend on our property right in front of our apartment door – by someone he doesn’t know and for no reason. That person lives in our apartment complex too and we called the cops on him so now we’re afraid to leave the apartment or even open the blinds! We started looking for another apartment the next day but our leasing office won’t break the lease without penalty. We are thinking about contacting a lawyer since we don’t think it’s ok for our leasing office to make us pay to protect our lives – but what are our chances???

  815. Guest Says:

    I signed a lease on January 1st, 2007 for 6 months. My boyfriend and I are both on it. We are having some serious problems and he has no where to go so is not willing to move out. If i move out he is going to leave to and then we are breaking the lease. Is there anyway that i can have him evicted so that i can stay there or have him taken off the lease somehow?

  816. Guest Says:

    I have a question.
    A friend and I signed a 6months lease on a move in special. Things were going okay for the first two months, until I lost my job, and then my roommate. I made the leasing office aware of the situation I was in, and informed them I would late with that current months rent. A few days pass, I’m thinking everything is alright, until my ex roommate informs me the office is in process of eviction. I go to the office and it turns out they are under new management. And the current office manager already filed court papers to have me evicted, even though I tried to explain to her what was going on, and the previous arrangement with the other apartment manager. I have no idea which option would be fit, breaking the lease or just trying to battle it out for a while. If I stay, I will have a plethora of bills on my hand, like utlities, phone, the &500 charge of eviction, court cost, and then next months rent.

  817. Guest Says:

    Does your ex-roommate realize that he/she is also on the hook for this? Just because they left, they are (or should be) still on the lease and just as responsible as you are. But check the laws of your state. In PA, the landlord is required to give you 5 days written notice before filing for eviction. If they didn’t, bring it up in the hearing and ask for proof (don’t give them the heads up beforehand or they will probably write up something). That might cause the DJ to throw out the petition and make them start all over again, buying you a little time anyway.

  818. Guest Says:

    If one of my tenants came to me with this problem, I’d offer to transfer them to another unit, giving them a new lease without the boyfriend. (As long as she qualified on her own to pay the rent.) Then if the boyfriend stays, evict him. Check with your landlord and see if they have other apartments and that is an option.

  819. Guest Says:

    That’s a tough one. The landlord could evict the trouble-maker, but this person still obviously knows where you live, and it would most likely make the situation worse. Does the landlord have any other properties you could transfer to? Also, make sure the police are notified. This guy may have prior violations, and what he did could automatically land him in jail.

  820. Guest Says:

    Give the landlord notice to either find someone to take over your lease, or see if there’s a buyout option and ask if you can make payments. Otherwise, if you skip, your mother’s credit will suffer.

  821. Guest Says:

    Most likely your unit doesn’t have its own meter, so you are paying a portion of the bill, which is probably legal, depending on your state’s laws. As for them not paying, they could always say that the tenants weren’t paying, so they didn’t have the funds to pay. It’s a two-way street. Sounds like you want out and are just looking for an excuse.

  822. Guest Says:

    Wow. Maybe just the threat of turning him to taxing authorities will force his hand just to let you out of the lease. Give it a shot!

  823. Guest Says:

    If your roommate also wants to move out, then look into buying out of the lease or having someone take it over. If the roommate wants to stay, see if she can get someone to take over your portion by the time you want to leave. If she can’t, you are still responsible for the charges, whether or not you are living there.

  824. Guest Says:

    I am in a similar situation in Michigan. I fear for the lives of my family. I am trying to figure out what to do.

  825. Guest Says:

    If our rental agreement says “Penalty for Breaking Lease will be non refund of total deposit” does it actually protect us from getting sued for anything more than that?

  826. Guest Says:

    Me and my sister live together and aren’t getting along. I would like to move out and get off the lease. Does she have to let me off the lease? If so, how can I go about getting off the lease with out her letting me or do I have to break the lease? And can she still be on the lease if I break my part of it? Thank you.

  827. Guest Says:

    Beginning with the infestation of roaches. Before I signed the lease to move into these apartments I asked a leasing office if the apartments had roaches and I was told no. Since I’ve moved into the apartments I have seen roaches in the stairway, hallways, and inside of my apartments. Also the hallways smell of urine, are dirty and have old food in them at times.
    Then it’s an issue with security. I was told by a leasing office representative that this Is a secured building. The building doors are never locked , the gate has been broken three for weeks at a time, the security cameras in the building don’t work, there are homeless people resting in the halls, and there has been a number of false fire alarms on 1/23/07 , the security gate was broken. a suspect being chased by the police, entered the premises and was surrounded by the police .
    There has been illegal activity on the property such as, shooting , drug sells and usage, my license plates were stolen while in my apartment stall, fighting in the hallway.
    On a number of occasions I have been disturb by either extremely loud music or a television and when I called and wrote a letter to the leasing office nothing was done.
    I am still being disturb with loud music at all times of the night and morning by both neighbors.
    When I viewed the amenities of the apartments on it said that you offered, a business center ,a fitness center, a playground, storage, a Jacuzzi and spa . Then when I asked a Sterling Cove leasing office I was told that you don’t have a business center. There is no playground on this property, the Jacuzzi has never worked since I been here, and there is no spa. These things in this letter I am requesting that they are corrected Within a reasonable time frame.

  828. Guest Says:

    Sounds like it to me!

  829. Guest Says:

    You can’t break ‘part” of a lease. Either you break it and the landlord gets possession, or you don’t. If she can afford it on her own, and if she and the landlord agree, they can write a new lease without you on it. Or, you can get someone to take over your portion of the lease, as long as she and the landlord approve of the new person.

  830. Guest Says:

    Thank you for the response! It seems like that person is not on a lease in our apartment complex because his license plate didn’t show this address but his car is always there, I see it every day, so I think he just lives there but is not officially on the lease.
    We did call the cops the same night, that’s pretty much why we’re so afraid now. My husband is thinking about getting a gun to protect us but I don’t want a gun in my house. Our leasing office didn’t offer us anything other than the same thing they offer everybody else – break the lease and pay all those penalties (over $ 3,000!!!). I don’t know what we should do.

  831. Guest Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that! I know exactly what you’re going through and I wish you good luck with your situation !!!

  832. Guest Says:

    WE live in Ohio we need to break our lease. My family has lived here 5 months and we have 7 months left. It’s a rental house that suddenly isn’t big enough.Any suggestions on getting out early?

  833. Guest Says:

    I signed my lease in July and before moving in I was told by my landlord that the oven and the refridgerator would be replaced. It is now the end of January and I have had a broken AC/Heater for several months, the toilet needs replacing and i still have the same oven and refridgerator. Can I break my lease legally if my landlord is telling me she can not afford my repairs?

  834. Guest Says:

    If you feel suicidal… I think getting out of your lease should be the LEAST of yours or your mom’s worries. Get yourself to a doctor!

  835. Guest Says:

    7 months ago i signed a 12 month lease with 2 other guys. 4 months into the contract, i had enough of my roommates and moved in with family 90 miles away from the apartment. i have since transferred schools and am about to start a full-time job. they refuse to let me off the lease under pretty much any circumstances. i’ve been giving them 1/3 of the total rent each month, but i just don’t have time to put up with their crap anymore. am i responsible for just a third of the rent each month, or are all 3 of us collectively responsible for the entire thing? is it possible for me to buy out just a third of the remaining lease so i can be removed from the contract? or am i pretty much out of luck?

  836. Guest Says:

    Did you ask if they have other units available at another complex?

  837. Guest Says:

    My husband and I moved into an apartment in an expensive part of town where we pay 1155.00 a month. We have had nothing but problems since we moved in. First month we were here, we noticed that there was a small crack in the bottom of the door where the door jam and the door meet when we close it. The next day after noticing it, I came home to find a snake sitting INSIDE my house as I walked in my front door. Then, a few days later after finally finishing organizing my house, i figured i would vacuum. Needless to say, I kept hearing A LOT of sand being sucked up into the vacuum, especially around the areas where the carpet met the tile. This was really weird to me becuase although we had lived here a month, we and our guests did not wear shoes on our carpet. I didn’t think that we could track that much sand into the house after just a month. Well as it turns out, I remembered a dirt spot in our guest closet corner that we had seen and reported in our walkthrough the day we moved in. I went to clean it since I was vacuuming and noticed a TON of ants creating an ant mound. I quickly took pictures and vacuumed them up. It gets worse… I noticed that stemming from that spot, was a 2 foot crack going up the wall in the corner and I was actually able to pull back the carpet in that corner and see that the crack goes to the cement floor beneath the carpet and there is tons of sand. I truly believe that this is why I heard so much sand when I vacuumed on the other side of the house. I think that the ants have just inhabited the spaces under our carpet. I notified the apartment leasing office and also maintenance. By this time I have had to have them come and spray 3 times and this time when I told them of the crack and the ant mound, they simply said, “We’re not fixing the crack in the wall, all we’re gonna do is spray and that’s all”. Well obviously the spraying isn’t enough. Im still finding little trains of ants around my house and finding little dead ants everywhere. I dont know what to do and I really think that I pay WAY too much to deal with all of this. I mean 1155.00 dollars a month to live in an apartment where I’m constantly disgusted and itchy from seeing ants everywhere and management that wont do anything for us. So now we are trying to find a clause in our lease to break it but unfortunately the lease says NOTHING about what can be done if the management does not provide and habitable environment for the tenant, or what to do if the management refuses to fix the source of a an ongoing problem. The lease only states what can happen if the tenant does not abide by the lease terms and conditions. Does anyone have any advice on what we can do.

  838. Guest Says:

    Post a ad on craig’ and find someone to take over your portion of the contract and then at that time you will forfit the deposit to the two remaining roomates and the new guy won’t have to pay one. After the new guy moves in get signed off on the lease. There should be someone who will rent you room.

  839. Guest Says:

    Check your states laws but if the owner has not had the appliance looked at within 30 day’s of the work order you can start deductiong rent per day the items are not fixed. Be aware that people will say anything to get you to rent and if it is not in writting they do not have to perform. The items you have mentioned are luxury items and legaly do not have high priority like the roof, the water and electricity.

  840. Guest Says:

    Sell your stuff to someone who lives there already. You can take roaches with you. Find someone to take over the lease even if it costs you 50-100 dollars a month you safety is worth the money!

  841. Guest Says:

    File a restraining order against him not allwoing him within 100 feet of you. Costs about $100. If you are in a one bedroom find someone to take over your lease. If your in a two bedroom just get a roomate. it will help you to get over the bad break-up.

  842. Guest Says:

    Ask to transfer to a new apt. with a new deposit. At any cost always try to throw money at the problem it usually makes it easier for the manager to get approval.

  843. Guest Says:

    I live in a commercial/industrial unit in Los Angeles county. Here are our issues:

    1. Since we have moved in in October, our neighbors have had at least very loud 1-2 parties per month. The noise level keeps us up until 2-4 am. We had no idea the place was like this before we moved in. We have put in a complaint and received no response from the landlord.

    2. Our roof has leaked since we moved in, every time it rains due to standing water on the rooftop. So there for, it leaks for a number of days even after it rains. Our landlord sent some people to repair it, but it was an unsuccessfull reapir. We now have 3 leaks in the roof. Once of which is saturating the carpeting unless we put something under it to catch the water.

    3. Our stove has been working at half power (it takes 20-30 minutes for water to boil and our oven doesn’t reach beyond about 325 degrees) since January 12th.

    We requested these repairs, in writing, on the 15th of January and no one has come by to take a look it. We have only been given excuses as to why he can’t get anyone out to repair things.

    4. My mail has been stolen a number of times living in the unit (including a $1,500 security deposit from our last realitors and some homemade cookies). We cannot receive packages because we have no intercom available to us without having a 213 area code.

    5. We are fairly positive the people on the bottom floor deal drugs our of their unit, which continuously leads to security violations in the building. This is because the door that is supposed to be locked at all times is always left unlocked for the dealer’s customers to come in with ease.

    6. My fiance is moving to New York for a great job opportunity. We cannot afford to pay rent in both places, and I plan to move within 3 months anyway.. Judging by his behavior towards the other tenants requests, I have a feeling he wont like the idea of subletting the place and I really don’t think he will let us out of the lease without a huge penalty. :( So I think we are going to have to do this the hard way..

    Our lease is not up until September 30th.

    Help us.. PLEASE!

  844. Guest Says:

    i just bought a home but i have one more month left on my lease and i dont want to pay two notes is there anybody that can tell me what it is that i need to do cause my landloard wont let me go i kno that because its a home i have surtain rights but im not quite sure how they work. please anybody i need some help

  845. Guest Says:

    I am a Maintenance supervisor, and was really disturbed by your letter. ( or should I say PLEA for help). I am not sure what state you live in, but maybe you should check out your city codes. I know that would have taken care of on the same day you brought it to my attention. It is a easy fix, you just seem to have some lazy maintenance people. If it happens to be on an outside wall, you need to start checking it every so often, as the crack in the wall can cause moisture which will lead to mold which is not healthy for you. If this happens then you surely can get out of your lease. If you have children living in the apt with you they could easily get bitten by the ants, as well as yourselves. Here in Texas if you send a certified letter to the office requesting to have any maintenance done that has not been taken care of in the past, The office and Maintenance team has 7 working days to fix the problem to your satifaction or you can at that point break your lease legally. You really need to check into that as I think you could get by with that alone. Good Luck to you. I can only say I am sorry for you you should not put up with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  846. Guest Says:

    Seems to me that the Manager does not know the Fair Housing Laws that apply to all states. It is against the Law to say the complex is Secured. If they did use the word Security then you have them. I would go to Fair Housing /com and read up on your rights as a tennat and then go talk to your manager.. I bet she will listen then

  847. Guest Says:

    No not really. That means that you will not get your Deposit back. If you read all the print on the front of your lease, it talks about a releting fee that will have to be paid as well as rent on the apt for as long as it sits empty untill your lease is up. If you do not pay or attempt to make payments then they can sue you

  848. Guest Says:

    The apartment complex I live in is old 1969 and everymorning that I wake up my head feels light or sometimes a headache is it possible there is some kind of lead or other dangerous substance lurking in this building? When I open the windows and sleep I feel better the next morning or when I leave the apartment period I feel better.

  849. Guest Says:

    I have 7 months left on the 13 month lease I co-signed with my ex. He threatened my life- so I moved out- and continue to pay my portion of the rent, while he lives in it. He will not sign the lease over to me- he will not leave. He will not sublease. It got so bad- I filed two police reports on him, and am only one step away from getting a PPO- from him stalking me. He also gave me an STD- knowingly. He is controlling, and it is not safe to be near him- only living within walking distance of my family. I live in Michigan.. I want out of this life-threatening there anything I can do? I have even gone to a therapist, due to his violent tenchanices. Please help- where do I start? Is there anything I can do?

  850. Guest Says:

    you need to get a carbon monoxide detector. either that, there may be raydon in the apt

  851. Guest Says:

    I am in pretty much the same situation. Did you find out anything?

  852. Guest Says:

    Anything built before 1978 could contain lead paint, which your landlord is required to disclose to you. My fear, however, would be carbon monoxide. Go out and get a carbon monoxide detector IMMEDIATELY!!

  853. Guest Says:

    Buying a home has absolutely nothing to do with your lease. You’re stuck. Be happy it’s only one month.

  854. Guest Says:

    I had the smoking issue, now my lanlord is telling me that if i keep smoking i will get evicted. I have requested a copy of my lease since the day I signed it and he wont tell me how much I owe for this months rent (it is less because I moved in half way through January) or give me the deposit slips to pay the rent. My lanlord is now saying he lost mylease, so i am stuck without a copy. He is totally taking the noisy neighbors side too. They harass us everyday with yelling, cursing and loud banging and stomping. He wont even say anything to them. We have put up with it and not complained just to keep the peace and now he is saying we are high-maintenence tenants and he doesnt have time to deal with us. I am not stupid, I have proof of most of this, do you think I should contact a lawyer and is it legal for a lanlord to “lose” a lease that has been signed by me? I am afraid he is going to change it or something. What are some ways I can definately prove this type of stuff legally so it will hold up in court? I am beginning to think he isnt going to evict me for smoking in my smoking apartment, but he is going to evict me for not paying the rent even though I have tried to and it is his fault I haven’t. Thanks for all of the help!

  855. Guest Says:

    Mice in apartment AGAIN.
    I had weeks of fatigue, asthma symptoms, and full body rashes requiring steroids last fall, before we discovered that alleries to mice in the apartment were the culprit. Landlord brought in exterminators who took care of it over the course of about 2 months (mice in many apartments in the building). Now rashes and mice sightings are back. Also, my new husband and I are trying to get pregnant (may already be pregnant)- and the CDC recommends that you not be around mice for fear of passing infection to fetus. We’d like therefore to leave our lease (3 months early) and get out ASAP. Our landlords are a very rigid, corporate entity- but do you think they would/s hould be swayed by this?

  856. Guest Says:

    Let him take you to court to evict you. Show up at the hearing and defend yourself. No DJ would give him possession, especially if he doesn’t have a signed lease to back himself up. Make sure you pay your rent, though. Pay the whole amount, or what you think you owe, and have proof of how that was calculated. He could use non-payment of rent as a reason for eviction.

  857. Guest Says:

    my son is confused. His roommates are very dirty and slopy. They do not care about paying their rent on time. My son’s name is on the lease and now he wants out. He moved there in August 2006 for school. We do not know what to do. It is very hard for him to study and think about this problem everyday. He would like to move in another apartment closer to his school. What do you suggest?

  858. Guest Says:

    The people above have made noise ever since I signed on the lease here. They got three notices and where going to be evicted. The leasing office backed off. They would not move me for the same rent that I paid when I moved in and it had only been a week. They also told me that I would have to sign a new lease. I found out that I could sign a two month lease but the rent goes up 300 dollars. I just want out of here! They required a consigner when I signed up, which was my brother. He still has not signed the lease and sent it in. They are pushing me currently. I feel going into them and saying I don’t want to move all my stuff into another apartment for two months and then leave in order to get a new lease, I am leaving at the end of this month. What can I expect if I go this route?

  859. Guest Says:

    He needs to either (1) get someone his roommates and his landlord approve to take over his lease or (2) stick it out till the end of his lease (July 31, I’m assuming) and make it very clear to the landlord that he will not be renewing the lease, regardless of what the other roommates are doing.

  860. Guest Says:

    If you get a restraining order you can make him leave the apartment. I would notify the landlord of the situation and contact social services.

  861. Guest Says:

    I found out a month after my boyfriend signed his lease that I was pregnant. We found out in October and his lease is up in September. He is living with me at my parents house and working because we are trying to save money, but he still pays his half of the rent at his apartment. His roomate was a good friend of his who continually tries to get more money; for cable, heat, and electric (which my boyfriend is NEVER there – so why should he pay). He told him in October that he wanted out of the apartment, but his roommate has done nothing to help or even look for a new roommate. Neither him nor I can afford this and think the only way out is by paying the rest of his half of the rent ( $3000+ ) to pay for Feb-Sept. Please…any advice…

  862. Guest Says:

    California. I just leased a studio for one year. The “manager” is speading lies about me. What are the ways I can break the lease or how can I get evicted? No one needs to put up with that. Maybe that is why the vacancy level in this unit is so high.

  863. Guest Says:


  864. Guest Says:

    i singed a lease on my apt in minnesota 4 months ago and still have 8 months on my lease. i moved to las vegas to start a business. Now that my business is up and running i need to break my lease so that i can live out here and manage it. what can i do?

  865. Guest Says:

    Talk to the landlord. There’s probably a buy-out provision to the lease. Pay the buyout and sever your obligation.

  866. Guest Says:

    I signed a lease in August 06 and my husband and I want to get out. We have had termite, ants, mice problems. When we try to get things done, maintence takes a long time and they never came back to finish their work.We didn’t really have water available for about 2 days, we have had faucet problems and now there is a leak in our closet and some of my stuff is ruined, all we want is to get out. Help me please.

  867. Guest Says:

    If anyone can help with advice…It would be most appreciated. I recently moved out on my own from my parents. I moved to a different city,which is not too far away from them. My apartment is okay. Its not the worse place and its not the best place. In the beginning, everyone in the offices seemed nice until I moved in. There were things that needed to be repaired and should have been repaired before I moved in and I was told it would be repaired within a day or two. Eventually it was taken care of after I repeatedly called and complained and finally wrote a complaint letter. I am not satisfied with the way the staff here are and I really feel like I made a mistake. I feel as though I pay too much money for this small space to be disrespected by the staff. I want to move back to the city I am orginally from. The problem is, I am early in my least. Is there anyway that I could possibly get out of it before the end or am I stuck for the rest of the year?

  868. Guest Says:

    My boyfriend and i got this apartment about 6 months ago and we are finding out the hard way that the rent is more then we can fork out each month. we are paying them $1405 a month and definitely want to get a cheaper place, we hardly have enough money to pay the bills and necessities and definitely have no money to save as an emergency. i have no clue how to get out of the lease without it doing more harm than good…this place isnt even as nice as i thought it was, there are always questionable characters walking around at all hours of the night and the other night, the road outside the gates was blocked and there were a bunch of policeman in cars and mobile command units in the complex! the lady in the office said she cant say what happened except that it was domestic violence…i think it was much more if there were two police trailers, a bunch of police cars, and helicopters…so please help!!

  869. Guest Says:

    Any Advice Would Help

    I rented a condo & had sighned the lease prior to doing a move- in inspection. ON my move in day it was very appartent that there was pet urine all ove the home & I told the lady who came by to do the movein inspection of this. The ladnlord verbably refused to take care of it. I called out the city and they deemed the home unsanitary due to the urine so from the day I took posesion to the day I left was 3 days & the landlord is now sueing me for the full amount of rent & although I moved out of the home in October he never put the electric back in his name & I guess last week all the pipes busted in the home. He is saying that I am responsible for all the damages even though I moved out 4 months ago. He also did not put the home up for rent again. I dont know my rights & he says that he did not receive the keys in the mail back from me until December 14th which is crazy because I sent thenm certified mail on October 18th. Help

  870. Guest Says:

    Wow. you are a jerk for trying to screw over your old roommates.

    If he signed the lease, it’s understood that he has to pay his portion of the utlities, why should your roommates have to suffer because you can’t wrap it up.

  871. Guest Says:

    I had to break my lease due to medcal problems , need a new liver , the Dr. said i need to move to Portland Org for that transplant , I contated the manger and she told me that I would need a Dr.note or letter , i did and now they are taking actions, after she said it would be ok “Q” can i break that lease under that condictions

  872. Guest Says:

    I want to break my lease, I know its not a good idea, I am 5 months pregnant, thats not the only thing. I know that part is my fault, but now that her boyfriend has moved back from CA he is living with us even though I have stated many times that I don’t want him living with us, he is a good friend but an awful roommate. He doesn’t have a job and sits around the house all day and does nothing. I think he’s helped clean twice since he moved in November. Plus since she is helping pay for him she expects me to help her pay her bills. Therefore I can’t save up to start my own life, I constantly am borrowing money from my own family between paychecks to make it by b/c I’m paying her bills. If I refuse then we no longer have a phone or electricity so on so forth and she doesn’t pay the money back. I just want to get back on my own so I can’t get ready for the baby and get my life back together.

  873. Guest Says:

    My daughter rented apartment, her name is only on the lease. her boyfriend moved in. She no longer wants him there. She had to get out he is violent. How can she get him out.

  874. Guest Says:

    Do you have your certified mail receipt? That should help. Let him take you to court, and if you go with all your evidence, you should have no problem.

  875. Guest Says:


    YOU CAN’T be Sued, Garnished, or Anything JUST MOVE YOUR O.K. FORREAL!!!!! This is no joke you are fine go on and leave i say it’s o.k.honestly.

  876. Guest Says:

    Texas you say? The maintenance people do stuff there??? Wow! I’m moving! We’ve had a leak since march (11 months now) and it’s not showing mold (and I’ve got severe breathing problems that lessen away from the apartment…hmmm…) and apparently, that’s the standard in the city I live in from the reviews I’ve heard.

  877. Guest Says:

    I signed a lease on a Friday, When I moved in the next day, the whole apartment building smelled like marijuana, there were prostitutes standing around the building that night. Then on Sunday, my immediate next door neighbor, turned on (LOUD) gospel music around 7 A.M. and woke me up, leaving it on for almost 4 hours. I decided then that I didnt want to live there. I called the landlord on Monday morning and told them I wanted to leave, they told me I was still liable for deposit and payments up until someone else moved in. I was only there 2 days! IS there anything I can do to get out of paying for someplace I dont live?

  878. Guest Says:

    Does anyone know what Equity Properties policies are regarding an early termination of a lease outside of their 30 day window?

  879. Guest Says:

    i signed 12 month lease. NOW 6 months into the lease the lessor is showing our place. This seems a bit early

    1)can i legally have posters that expresses my opinion about the lessor visible for the new tennants?
    2)can they legally show our place in feb when the lease expires in aug?
    3)can they go into my room open closests etc and basically leave my personal possesions in view and grasp of those viewing the place. and can i lock the door of my room as to bar them out?

    Finally is the lessor responsible for loss of property resulting from them showing my place. showing this early leaves us vulnerable to burglary and larson for the remainder of the lease.

  880. Guest Says:

    There was a fire in my apartment building in February and I just renewed the lase in January. The lease says they will clean and soot is all over and through my apartment. They are now saying it is up to me to clean. I am nervous about what burned as the building has been cited for various violations after the fire. Is this enough to break a lease as I do think it is a safety issue. It is an older building in New York.

  881. Guest Says:

    hi i signed a 12 month lease 6 months ago and I am late with the rent I would like to pay the rent and give a 2 month notice saying that we will be moving we had mice really bad so we had to get a cat is it possible for us to break lease and still recieve security.

  882. Guest Says:

    She can file a restraining order against him and put down that she wants sole use of the apartment and when he gets served he will have to get his clothes and get out.

  883. Guest Says:

    Let them take you to court, and hopefully you’ll get a sympathetic DJ. If it gets sent to the Credit Bureau, write a dispute letter, outlining why you had to leave, and they will include it in the report.

  884. Guest Says:

    File a PFA.

  885. Guest Says:

    There should be a buyout provision somewhere in your lease where you can buy out the remainder of your lease for an amount (maybe two months’ rent). Look at it like a car lease — regardless of whether or not you’re driving the car, you still have to make the payments, right?

  886. Guest Says:

    If the landlord has a legitimate excuse to show the unit (i.e., it is student housing and you’ve indicated you will not be renewing), they can show it with 24 hours notice. The posters are kind of childish, don’t you think?

  887. Guest Says:

    Hi, i rcently(two months ago) signed a 12 months lease on my apartment with two of my friends. In the past few weeks one of my roomates is possibly going too jail for a fairly long time. (longer than the lease). I have talked to everyone i know or chill with and cannot find a roomate to fill his position. The best part is all the charges are completely bogus but he has some serious jail time because some kid ratted him out and said he did some stuff. Therefore my other roomate and myself get stuck with not nearly enough money to pay rent. Any advice? much appreciated

  888. Guest Says:

    My boyfriend and I moved to Newfoundland so I could attend University. Rent was going to be too expensive for us to afford on our own so my girlfriend moved in with us to assume 1/3 of the rent and utilities. Two months after moving in my girlfriend became severely depressed and anorexic and has since had to move out to seek medical attention. She refuses to pay any of the utilities and wants out of the lease. If she stops paying, my boyfriend and I can no longer afford rent. If she gives her medical excuse to the landlords and we can no longer afford the lease, can we get out of it?

  889. Guest Says:

    my husband and i signed a lease in may 2006. we lived in the apartments for 8 months and had an opportunity to purchase a house. my husband received a promotion and let our landlord know of our intentions to move on November 27, 2006. we then talked about our options for our break of lease. we were told that if we found people to move into our apartment the could ride out the rest of our lease with no problem. if we could not find tenants we would pay a fine of 1 month’s rent to break the lease. we moved out on January 27, 2006 and the tenants we found to move in on our lease were declined after a 3 week process. we thought we may have some trouble when signing on our house, the owner of the apartments did not return any of the multiple phone calls from our loan officer, inquiring about our rental information. so we wrote the check for $820.00 for the fine of breaking lease. during our walk through we were informed that we would now also be required to pay each month’s rent until they have found new tenants, with an additional fine of $820.00 for breaking the lease. it has now been over a month and the landlord has yet to find anyone to move in, even though our apartment is the only vacant one in the building. we have also contacted our landlord to ask for a copy of walk through and lease and were told to contact the corporate office, who has yet to respond. we can not afford to pay our house payment and rent! what can we do?

  890. Guest Says:

    California law prohibits landlords from showing the property without first calling and scheduling an appointment to show their (owner) property..The landlord is liable for any dmages that may occur to your personal property while showing the already rented place..The contract may have a early termination clause which will allow the landlord to release you from the lease..The contract cannot be breached if there is no clause stating the landlord can terminate the lease early.

  891. Guest Says:

    (1) Yes, she CAN be sued, and it can also go against her credit. Obviously, her wages can’t be garnished, but if she wants to buy a car, get insurance, or, hey, get a new apartment, this will adversely affect her chances. (2) “Just break it and move” is like saying “just file bankruptcy” — it’s morally wrong.

  892. Guest Says:

    Sorry, nothing you can do about that. Most leases and most state laws are quite clear about a landlord’s right to show the property prior to your lease ending. If you put up posters speaking badly about your landlord, the company, etc., the landlord could legally and successfully sue you. You cannot legally attempt to prevent your landlord from renting to someone else, unless you want the courts to force you to pay rent beyond your lease period – repaying damages to your landlord for the potential renter he lost because of you. Lastly, YES, they can look in your closets and NO you cannot legally lock your room to prevent them from entering.

    My advice is: suck it up, stop whining, clean your apartment so it shows very nicely – maybe the landlord will find a tenant very quickly this way and you won’t be bothered anymore! As a property manager, you are exactly the kind of person I HATE to deal with – whiny, complaining, rude, inconsiderate, selfish, spoiled, uncompromising, unaccommodating, and VINDICTIVE.

  893. Guest Says:

    My husband’s temp job ends on March 9th and right now he is paying rent for an apt in san diego and another one in van nuys (where i live). His landlord in san diego is very shady and always charges extra for his utilities each month…how can my husband get out of the lease if he will not be spending the entire month of march in his san diego apt? He pays rent and utilities on time for the past 3 months he has stayed there and only visits me here in van nuys on weekends.

  894. Guest Says:

    Well you can call the building inspector and have him check it and give u a report saying what is wrong with the buidling/ apratment.
    All buildings and units must meet fire codes and buidling codes, if not they are in huge shit.
    With the report from Inspector you can probably get out without having to pay anything

  895. Guest Says:

    My landlord has offered to break my lease early due to several displeasing circumstances I have had since I moved in last June. My lease is up May 31st and he has someone interested in my apartment that could move in May 1st. I would honestly love to move out asap, but I’ll take what I can get at this point. What type of document should be drafted that we sign of an early lease break? I want to make sure I don’t get screwed into loosing my deposit or having to pay a lease break fee (there is no list of penalties in my agreement in regards to breaking a lease early).

  896. Guest Says:

    I am having the same problem right now. My roommate just informed us that she is leaving and she doesn’t care about breaking the lease. Someone please help us.

  897. Guest Says:

    If you live in a apartment complex and they change management as well as some of the rules such as:
    1) Old Mgmt. (no dogs) New Mgmt. (allows dogs)
    This is what were trying to use to get out of our lease. Any one familiar or any advice out there.


  898. Guest Says:

    Call the cops

  899. Guest Says:

    Is there a cooling-off period? I signed a lease 4 days ago and realized it was a huge mistake. I haven’t even moved in yet. Am I stuck?

  900. Guest Says:

    Thats bull shit man. I’d be getting a lawyer.

  901. Guest Says:

    It doesn’t matter if he is there or not…he still owes his share of the utilities. I have been gone from my apartment for weeks at a time that doesn’t mean i don’t pay the bills for the amount of time that I was gone. That is not the way things work, hun. And if you say his roommate is not avidly looking for a new roommate then maybe your boyfriend should post an ad on craigslist himself?

  902. Guest Says:

    How completely insensitive can you be? You must be new in the Property Management Industry or just plain burnt out! Residents have rights as well as the management or owner. As a “Regional Property Manager,” I would question your ability how you treat your own residents. You need to take a new attitude toward the people who provide your paycheck. If you “hate to deal” with residents then you need a new career.

    To the person with the question about showing the unit. Do you plan to renew your lease? If you do, then there is no reason to show your unit. Typically a manager could show your unit after you give a “written notice” of intent to vacate. And typically, they will give you notice that they are entering your apartment or leave a notice that they were there. Speak to your manager about this. True, you may not change your locks. It is not a very good idea to leave posters with messages written on them. You do want to cooperate with your manager or individual owner and they will cooperate with you. If you are reasonable, calm and ask for their help, they will be helpful. If you are living in a large apartment community, professionally managed by a company, they usually have a model unit or floor plans and could show the location of the unit. Check the internet for your state’s statute laws.

    Best wishes to you.

  903. Guest Says:

    I signed a lease for 5 1/2 months. The home I am renting is normally a vacation rental, I am renting in the off season. I really need to break the lease, ever since we moved in we have had a mice problem. They rental agency said that there was nothing they could do except put mouse traps out. Well, that is not working there is still mouse poop everywhere and tares in my dogs food bags. They are doing construction on my house too, the are currently ripping a window out in my stairwell. We were never informed of this prior to signing our lease. Also ever since me and my room-mate moved in we have had head aches and sore throats every morning. It is a pretty old house so I believe it may have something to do with the air conditioning vents. Please some one help Jillian0821 at

  904. Guest Says:

    As a renter, you’re exactly what I would not want to rent from. No way no how should this guy be invading her privacy in such ways. 6 months prior to the lease end? You’re just as sick as he is if you think the renter is the one with the problem here. Whata moron!

  905. Guest Says:

    lol you must be a lessor… dickwad

  906. Guest Says:

    tell her to go down to the courthouse and file a restraining order if she feels he intends to cause her irreparable harm. once she obtains a temporary restraining order, (TRO) he cannot come in the home. so, once the cops come and tell him he has to leave, they’ll give him about 15 minutes to get his stuff. She should have her locks changed right away and be prepared to box up the rest of his stuff and take it to a storage place, and tell him to go pick it up there… often the first month is free. With TROs there will be a hearing scheduled during which the judge will decide whether to make the TRO permanent or not. If he does not feel the situation warrants a permanent restraining order, then he can come home. So, she may want to look into moving out between the TRO and the hearing if she is on a month to month. If she is on a lease, it may be difficult to move out without fees but sometimes if the property managers have another property they manage you can transfer your lease over there; or just move into a different apt. in the building and don’t tell anyone where she moved to, so do not fill out a mail forwarding. The boyfriend wouldn’t know where to find her. However, in Calif. all tenants are protected from being left out in the cold, (including him) so how long has he lived with her? If he lived there less than 30 days, he is only considered a visitor not a tenant. After 30 days if he paid rent to live there, he has tenant rights in California. Of course, if his name isn’t on anything, and he has no receipts for rent and received no bills there, it may be hard for him to prove he lived there. So, her moving out during the TRO may be a good solution… maybe she could just transfer to a different apt in the same complex (like a studio) and send him his stuff UPS COD in boxes. That way, if the TRO does not go permanent, he can’t come home because he doesn’t know where she lives.

  907. Guest Says:

    Heck, I would just get a doctor’s note that you are allergic to the mice, and doctor recommends you move.

    First though –send a written letter to the manager complaining about the mice and keep a copy. Second, call the health dept. and file a complaint and they will send someone out to take a report; they have to give you a copy of their report.

    So, now you have a copy of the letter to the manager, and a copy of the health dept report.

    Third, go to the doctor and get a note stating your allergic to mice and have asthma.

    Four: Send a second letter to the manager and attach the doctors note, explaining you are breaking your lease for the mice problem and your asthma caused by allergies. Give 30 days advance notice in writing. Do it 30 days’ prior to leaving, and send it certified.

    So– you are giving them 30 days notice of your intent to vacate, giving them time to find a new tenant. That is important because they can’t sue you for breaking a lease unless they have monetary damages to sue FOR, eg loss of rent monies. But if they had 30 days written notice that you are leaving, that is ample time for them to advertise the apartment and find a new renter. Once there is a new renter in there, they don’t have a monetary loss.

    To protect yourself, you could also pay for an ad in the local paper, and advertise the apartment for once month prior to your leaving, showing that you helped them to find a tenant. Keep a photocopy of it, and give them a copy of it with the keys when you leave. If the occupancy is tight in your area, they should have no trouble finding another tenant. So, the most you would loose is the cost of the ad which you placed in good faith…(I just wouldn’t mention mice.) Also put a For Rent sign in the window of your apartment with your phone number. That way, they cannot say that there were no people willing to rent it and it sat vacant for the remainder of your lease–so they are going to sue you for monetary loss. Because, if you got all the phone calls and wrote the peoples contact info down and then referred them to the manager, you know they could have rented it easily. If they did try and sue you for monetary losses, you could show a judge the ad, and the names of all the people who replied to it, who you then referred to the manager.

    You can also take pictures of the mice, or at least keep a copy of the letter you sent to the manager complaining about the mice. In California there is an ‘implied warranty of habitability’. It means that they have to provide you with a living space that is habitable. If the mice return continually, it isn’t clean and may not be habitable since they carry disease, and you have allergies and asthma.
    So, they may be breaking their warranty of habitability (which is in the Calif. housing codes). You can break your lease on those grounds because if they break that, then they are effectively breaking the lease contract, since leases cannot conflict with housing laws or the lease null and void.

    Just keep copies of everything, and make sure they know that you have copies.

  908. Guest Says:

    Well I don’t know what state you live in. But in California, possession is 9 tenths (9/10) of the law so I would leave immediately and turn in your keys along with a letter why youre leaving and KEEP A COPY OF IT…but you may certainly lose your deposit depending upon how long it takes them to find a new tenant. But if you turn in your keys right away and clean it really good, they can rent it out right away– so they would have no monetary damages to sue you for.

    Turn in your keys, write a letter, documenting why youre leaving right away, and keep a copy. If you haven’t turned in your keys take pictures showing how clean you left it, and turn the keys in with a letter and state you have pictures of the clean apartment. Give them the receipt for the carpet cleaning, so they don’t charge you for that against your deposit. See?

    They can’t collect monies in court, unless they lost monies. But if they rent it out right away to someone else, and you already paid rent for that same month, they would owe you money, because it isn’t legal for them to collect money from two tenants for the same unit at the same time.

    I would also place an ad in the paper for the vacant apartment and every time someone calls you, get their info and keep a record of it. Refer them to the manager, and then you have proof that some potential tenants called and wanted to rent it just in case they do charge against your deposit or take you to court, you can show the judge that you helped them find a new tenant. They are not allowed to leave it vacant and not try to rent it out and collect from you; they have to try and find a new tenant.

  909. Guest Says:

    I want to break my lease, I know its not a good idea, I am 5 months pregnant, thats not the only thing. I know that part is my fault, but now that her boyfriend has moved back from CA he is living with us even though I have stated many times that I don’t want him living with us, he is a good friend but an awful roommate. He doesn’t have a job and sits around the house all day and does nothing. I think he’s helped clean twice since he moved in November. Plus since she is helping pay for him she expects me to help her pay her bills. Therefore I can’t save up to start my own life, I constantly am borrowing money from my own family between paychecks to make it by b/c I’m paying her bills. If I refuse then we no longer have a phone or electricity so on so forth and she doesn’t pay the money back.I am also the one that has a pet prescription to have a dog. She is the one that had a dog right away, when I went to get one, she wouldn’t allow it. Also her dog is not fixed and it does not have its shots, which can be unhealthy if it bit me or a child, what about possible diseases it could have?? On top of that I informed her quite some time ago that I have allergies to birds, I can’t be around them all the feathers/dust/ fecal matter I can’t breathe around it. Well she went and purchased them anyways. On top of that she has been verbally abusing me everytime I try to go back and stay @ the apt and tells me that as long as I stay there I will not get another days sleep. First of all I’m pregnant obviously I need sleep, secondly I have been dealing with biopsies and test that have all come back not good for cervical cancer, I jsut can’t deal with all of this anymore even my doctor sys this is an extremely unhealthy enviroment for me. I went to management @ the head office and told them about my ordeal. They said they would send out a letter, but if she lied, which they said she probably would, they said there was nothing I could do about it. and that I’m stuck with the lease. They are not pursuing this @ all. They have not even checked to see if he lives there other than taking her word for it, and forget about doing anything about her dog. Also, my roommate is now forcing me to pay 1/2 the rent rather than splitting it 3 ways even tho I’m not staying there. Therefore making it impossible to find a new place to live. I just want to get back on my own so I can get ready for the baby and get my life back together. PLEASE ANYONE WHO READS THIS PLEASE HELP, I DEFINITELY NEED THE ADVICE. I’M TIRED OF BEING PUSHED OVER!!!!

  910. Guest Says:

    Ok, Me and My Brother Live in an apartment where there is water leaking from upstairs into the wall. Now there is mold covering the wall and they have know of this problem for over a month now and they have not fixed it. Is there a way we could break the lease?

  911. Guest Says:

    Pick better roommates.

  912. Guest Says:

    Ever heard of the “Right to Peaceful Enjoyment”. Every renter is entitled to peaceful enjoyment of the space they are leasing. So If a leaser is in the rents space several times a month it would be VERY easy to prove and have a legal way to break the lease early with little to no cash changing hands. Especially if the renter did not know in advance that the rented space would be shown 6 months prior to the end of the lease contract.

    What if the renter would have been willing to sign a new lease agreement at the end of the current one. The leaser has just lost that possibility.

  913. Guest Says:


  914. Guest Says:


  915. Guest Says:

    my apt looks ok, but in the 2 months I’ve been here, the water heater burst the main pipe and flooded my entire bedroom. the water heater says right on it it should not be outside in climates under 30 degrees and mine is in an outdoor closest. my water was off for 2 days. i lived in one room with my mattress in my kitchen. the boxspring was soaked. nobody gave a damn. i called and asked about mold and all the office said was, “we’ve had numerous, numerous ones of those.” and then they said it was probably my fault cause my heat was at 68 and not the recommended 70 ($$). and it’s really expensive. i want out.

  916. Guest Says:

    how come so many of you people are retarded? dont sign a freakin lease in the first place if the apartment is crap. Think about it before you sign a 12-month lease, because you are usually obligated to pay all 12 months of rent. IDIOTS!

  917. Guest Says:

    Gated APT. I have complained about homeless ppl in the trash at night once already and have seen them two more times and then again tonight. I will be complaining to maangement again about this…

    Anyway I can use it to get out of lease “feeling unsanfe” ?

  918. Guest Says:

    I have a 12 month lease I had signed back in November of 2006. I want to move out and break the lease. There is nothing wrong with the apartment and the landlord is very attentive to my requests. However, I have little Thugs that hang at the corner and I have a thirteen year old boy. They have made comments to myself walking by. I also fear they could and might attack my son. Is this a valid reason to break my lease? When I moved in they were not at the corner now they are all the time. I even asked the landlord if there was gang activity in this neighborhood. PL

  919. Guest Says:

    I have had problems since the day I moved in. I had planned to move in on a Friday, management told me that my Apt. had termites, they were going to spray on Friday, so I had to change all my plans to move on Friday and move on Saturday. Saturday I came down with a U-Hal and they told me that they still haven’t sprayed for termites. I was in a position where I had no where to go, so I moved all my stuff into the Apt. A couple days later they finally sprayed. The first things I noticed about the Apt, was that the Fan in my bedroom doesn’t work, one of the kitchen light doesn’t work and the other kitchen light turns on/off by itself. My bathroom sink was clogged, bathtub was clogged, One of the bathroom drawer has glitter and beads everywhere. My shower head broke off. I have reported all of these things to management several times since I moved in and still nobody has come by to fix it. I have been living here for almost 5 months. I found a Crack pipe in my closet, and there are cockroaches everywhere. They run all over when you turn the lights on. I have found them on my walls, in my pantries, all over my counter tops. It discussing to think about this. It’s shocking to me to think an apartment complex can be run like this. Something needs to be done, only being allowed to sign a 1 year lease sucks cause now I want to move out and don’t have 1,300 to break my lease. Could I fight this and win and not have to pay 1,300 to break my lease? Someone please help me.

  920. Guest Says:

    I need some help. I just recently moved out an appartement and now they are trying to get every single penny out of me. When we just moved into the place, my car gets stolen en I had to pay for everything that comes with that for thowing etc. Going on with my story the garbage cans are always overloaded, people loitering at the front and my husband was asked twice if he sold drugs or knew someone who did, we got harrassed by one of the tenants who is now being evicted. At Christmas time they stole a reed out of my neighybours door. Can you believe that?? My grill from my car got ripped off and the management doesn’t do anything about that, the cops are always there either picking up a juvenilee or because of a disturbance. On top of that they slid the landlords tires and vandalized her car, what made her also leave the property. It is by this time that my husband and I decided to move out because someone try to jack my friend’s car when he came over to visit. That was just the last straw for us, so we decided to move out and we did it within a week. The management had the nerve to tell us that we had to pay for 2 weeks in march eventhough the circumstances why we left and what we went through after the car getting stolen, vandalized, my car get something ripped out of, being approached by drugaddicts and our friend’s car getting jacked. Nevertheless we wrote them a check now they want to get money out of it because of the ‘damages’ we did and that the sure deposit wasn’t enough. They want us to pay $300 for a complete paint job for which they already did, but they use cheap paint and thats why the walls got markings from the furniture, and what they call a ‘complete cleaning’ where one of the tenants refused to pay for these services because after they cleaned her carpets, her white socks turned black. Isn’t this called ‘normal wear and tear’? Could someone please help because I think this is BS!!!

  921. Guest Says:

    I have very bad health and need to have surgery. My son has invited me to move into his house where there are no steps. I need that feature after the surgery. There are steps in my building and I need to break the lease. I have Diabetes, Congestive heart failure, kidney failure, and peripheral vascular disease. Do you think I’ll be able to get out? My lease is up in October.

  922. Guest Says:

    There was a carbon monoxide leak in my building 3 weeks ago. There was no detector in the building. For a month I slept over 12 hours a day and had headaches. I don’t know why the landlord did not install a CO detector. Is that grounds to break a lease?

  923. Guest Says:

    You’re a d—. Read the fine print. Units can NOT be shown or entered by anyone other than the tenant, unless under the following: Abandonment, Illegal Activiy, or Eviction. You’re just a slimy landlord. A showing only 6 months into a 12 month lease is shady, if not unprofessional. Every apartment I have viewed was vacant, and I would not be shown an occupied apartment. There are laws protecting a persons right to privacy and property.

  924. Guest Says:

    yeah maybe you should have some f—ing strangers walking through your place looking at your belongings. s— 6mos prior to the end of the lease thats a little extreme

  925. Guest Says:

    I recently singed a lease on January ’07 to rerent the appartment that I am currently in for the next school year (’07-’08). My current lease ends in May ’07 and the next one does not begin until Aug ’07. I hate the place that I am in and no longer wish to live here anymore. I notified my landlord that I wished to break next years lease but he is still going to hold me to it even though it does not begin for half a year. Can he still hold me to it?

  926. Guest Says:

    You’re really nice.

  927. Guest Says:

    Yep. But you can tell him to put it back on the market and try to rerent it before your lease ends, and by law he is required to do so.

  928. Guest Says:

    I don’t believe CO detectors are required, but you can check with your state laws.

  929. Guest Says:

    If you give him notice that you do not wish to lease next year and that you want him to actively persue renting your unit to someone else, he has an obligation to do that. He can not charge two seperate tenants for one apartment.

  930. Guest Says:

    You should give them the notice they require prior to lease ending… 30, 60 days, giving them an opportunity to re-rent the apartment. If they re-rent the apartment, you are no longer responsible for the rent.

  931. Guest Says:

    Have you given the landlord an opportunity to correct the problem. Are the thugs on the property? If the situation is something that the landlord can actually control but fails to, with documentation, you may be able to talk your way out of the balance of your lease. If it is not in the landlords control, then request the landlord allow you out of your lease with a minimal lease break fee.

  932. Guest Says:

    You will be held to the Terms of the Lease that you signed. Regarless of when the Lease actually starts. If you could actually back out of a lease before it begins, apartment communities could never pre-lease aparments. You will be held accountable. TRY TO FIND ANOTHER PERSON TO TAKE OVER YOUR LEASE.

    If you community does not allow subletting, you can add a roommate, then take yourself off the lease at the same time. As long as the other person qualifies for the apartment without your help.

    Good Luck.

  933. Guest Says:

    wow are you a landlord? probably…..

  934. Guest Says:

    I moved to this apartment and now there are termites everywhere, I already told the landlord but she is not taking care of this situation. I am very busy person and I don’t have time to go and look for another place, I have contract here with my landlord for another 6 months and its very hard for me to move my stuff. Any ADVICE? It will be appreciated.

    ps … this apartment belongs to this huge company in california

  935. Guest Says:

    I am trying to get my parents (in Texas) out of their apartment lease due to health reasons. My father was placed in an alzheimers “facility” and my mother is now hospitalized with congestive heart failure, pulonary fibrosis, out of control diabetes and more. Returning to the apartment is not an option. They MUST be moved out-of-state to a facility close to family members.

    I phoned the apartment manager on Poppy Drive in Dallas to inquire as to options, but was told that “even if they die, we will pursue their estate for the rent!”

    Now I’m just a little bit angry and am in need of some additional options!

  936. Guest Says:

    We really need advice. My husband and I (students) signed a 3-year lease (I know, I know; it was stupid) for a condominium we could just manage to afford based on anticipated income from a scholarship, school loans, and a nonprofit job the funding for which was suddenly and unexpectedly terminated in December. Shocked by how expensive the rent was (New Haven, CT) we had been looking for months for a place to live before moving (from 1,000 miles away),and finally in the last few weeks settled for this extremely expensive condo because it meant we could manage with only one car and it was within walking distance of school, helping offset (partly) the high rent. But contrary to our every expectation, since we arrived nothing has worked out: school here was a gross mistake and the money from that source is gone, the job is gone (we are now both working hourly-rate jobs just to pay the rent), and we are fast falling behind with all our other bills. The landlord lives in another state and is unwilling to let us out of the lease but says we can sublet, which we are really afraid to do as we have no assets and no ability to pay if the new tenants default (the balance of the lease liability at this point is $50,000) — of course we desperately want to return to our home state but at this point can’t even afford to move. I do recognize our own culpability in this situation but wonder whether we might have any negotiating room for terminating the lease with ample notice to quit and forfeiting our deposit — here’s why. From the day we moved in we were extremely unhappy with our decision to rent this place and felt we had really let ourselves be taken advantage of. Unable to set foot on the property (we were 1000 miles away), we rented based on photos, the ad describing the place, and price comparisons from craigslist and other web sources — a bad idea, but if we had any alternative to renting sight-unseen we surely didn’t see it at the time. And I know what I’m about to say might seem trivial in view of direr problems, but there seemed such a volume of misrepresentations. After actually getting here, we discovered that the “hardwood floors” were only Pergo and that the “safe neighborhood” was so unsafe that our car was broken into within days and the window smashed (repaired at our cost, of course) and we were advised by police not to take walks at night. The “modern appliances” were not modern — we have already had to replace the dishwasher (15 years old) and have the furnace repaired. We had to call in a plumber our first week to repair the leaking toilet and call in roofers to caulk the leaking window casements in the bedroom the second month. The drapes were four different lengths and worn to shreds at the bottom; the “balcony off master bedroom” was rotted and inaccessible, the “view of beautiful garden” was of a 4×4-foot square of soil at the bottom of concrete walls, and the smoke detector did not work, was missing its cover, and needed replacing. I had to scrub the kitchen floor on my hands and knees it was so filthy, the place had not been painted in years and the paint was flaking and cracking — I could go on. The condo was advertised for $1800/month but when we were offered the lease, another $300/month was tacked on to cover the landlord’s “condo association fee,” which we were shocked about but agreed to halve because by that time we were within days of needing to move and were fearful of losing the place. I know we must seem like idiots and these things seem like trifles, but I feel that our naive trust in “good faith” and our inability to look at the place resulted in our being grossly misused. In retrospect, this all seems a fair example of why there might be another side to caveat emptor. It seems to me that, despite the notoriously high rents here, the exorbitant cost of this place should have merited more than what we are actually paying for, and that the misleading description and the sheer number of problems we’ve encountered (we’ve been here 6 months) should carry some negotiating weight, not to mention the fact that I took it upon myself to have fixed what could be fixed (with the landlord’s permission) and deduct the cost from the rent, saving her endless headaches and time and trouble. The facts? — (1) the owner-landlord is a lawyer, but (2) we honestly cannot afford to pay the rent any longer nor can we fork up the balance of the lease, and aside from our pittance of wages we have no assets. Any ideas for how to handle this situation honorably? This owner seems to be completely inflexible about money.

  937. Guest Says:

    Ask the office if they have a courtesy patrol, if they do, get the number and call them out to kick the bums out, once word gets around to the bums they might pick another place to go.

  938. Guest Says:

    I feel for you BUT, you should have been a smarter apt. shopper. If what you are saying is true and they are really that bad then you would have noticed it way before you moved in and signed the lease. You should of drove the property at night and day and see who is loitering out there. Or you could of got a free police report from the local police and found out how many times the cops get called over there and why. What I’m saying is that when you really pay attention at the outside you can tell if they will be a nice community or if you will be moving into the ghetto. Take my advice and check out the apartments at night, or why they have such a great special, maybe too many people are moving out.

  939. Guest Says:



    There’s a pretty good chance you can get documentation from your doctor and take your landlord to town with Americans with Disabilities Act and Fair Housing Act. Both of these are federal laws and most states have even more protections for people with disabilities- look in both your state Social or Health code and your state Property code for the protections that cover your situation. You’d be amazed at how protective the law is over you!

    Many landlords who are even vaguely familiar with the terms of ADA/FHA will be grateful not to get sued to bits by YOU if you drop a good solid ADA violation in front of them. There are also pretty stiff criminal penalties including hefty fines for violating these laws, too.

    That’s what I’m doing- I have a service animal currently in training to assist me, and my complex is pressuring me to leave because they can’t charge me “pet” rent. So I’m leaving, and I’m suing for discrimination. Trying to push me out for asserting my right to live a functional and normal life as a person with disabilities is discrimination, and I’ll be laughing all the way to court!

  940. Guest Says:

    Look, I don’t know about breaking your lease, but ask your doctor whether your living circumstances ( birds, unvaccinated dog, stress of having to live with an unknown person / illegal roomate, financial losses related to this living situation, etc ) are endangering you and your unborn child’s health. Get a letter from the doctor stating this and file it with corroborative photographs with your apartment management. Then call your local welfare agency and request an emergency voucher for subsidized housing to protect your unborn child — these documents will back up the validity of your request. Also, call animal control about the dog without shots. I bet the birds don’t have any health certificates either. Good luck to you and your baby.

  941. Guest Says:

    Hi, my roommate and I are trying to get out of a lease so we can move into a new house. The landlord has not fixed a hole in the window caused by a tornado in over a month, our security system which is not promised in the contract but was verbally promised doesn’t work, he took money that fema gave us for a new refrigerator and pocketed it, according to his daughter, and he chraged extra rent over he summer for a 5th roommate, even though we aren’t allowed to sublet.

    By the way, I’m a student, and I live with his daughter. Oh, he also lives in pennsylvania and i live in new orleans, and he NEVER does anythign, he has his kids do it.

    I want to move out in may, i can’t afford a lawyer, and I need the deposit back.

    My plan is to not pay april, let him take the deposit, and move out in may. How much trouble am I looking at, and would it be worth it for him to pursue it in court?

  942. Guest Says:

    Hello. I live in Phoenix, AZ metro area.
    I have lived in Arizona for many years. Granted this is a desert state… however, people may have preconceived ideas of the old days, it is really not that way.
    It is very citified here. You may expect to see some less then desireable insect life here or there, and esp in more remote areas, or less populated areas.
    I live in the heart of town. And, we are infested with scorpions. I don’t mean one or two , here or there. I mean, INFESTED! You just see them crawling all over the floors, the walls, and get freaked out having to open a shower curtain, your closet, sitting on a toilet, opening a drawer, and you cannot be without shoes at any given time, other then bed or showering.
    They are trying to alleviate the issue, been unsucessful so far. A new company bought the property a few months ago from a private owner. The rents gone sky high after lease terminates, and asking to get out would be a problem, no demand here. Most apartments around me are now empty. Other then the freaking out and being stung, which I have been once in a quite tender area…. I have an autoimmune disease and a neuromuscular disease. So, the venom is of exceptional issue for me. I get very ill from a sting. One woman here had a newborn baby become very ill from a sting, the baby almost died, and pets have been very sick or killed. On one bldg, they are lifting off some roof and getting in the wall, as they are just nested in the walls, plumbing, etc…
    They have offered to move some people to a different bldg, which is really just to pacify, as they are infested as well. They say some bldgs are not as bad as others. I think it safe to say that having dozens of scorpions a day in your apartment and all outside of it is not ok. It is also early, March. In spring, they come full force, in summer like an army.
    I have three months left on my lease. May seem minimal, but it is not when you are inundated with poisonous uninvited tenants.And , they are being more active this year. We are also now getting roach problems, etc.. Although I see dead bugs all over, due to scorpions getting to them, and this is inside and outside. Any ideas on what to do? Regular spraying with a pesticide company does not work.
    Even the new manager who I spoke with today said she admits, she is really freaked out by the mass bombardment. Interestingly enough, most places here really don’t have this problem in the metro areas.Are there any type of rules or laws that consider this unsafe living arrangements?
    Thanks. Sign me, watch your step

  943. Guest Says:

    My boyfriend and I have a roommate who told us she wanted out of the lease to move back in with her mom, because aparently her mom is having “financial” troubles. When we told her we wouldn’t sign her off, because then we’d be stuck with her part of the rent too, she threatened to file for a protective order against my boyfriend by making false accusations of him threatening to hurt her (domestic violence) via a text message. We have gotten some legal advice and everyone has told us that she wouldn’t have a case with only a text message as proof and that she’d have to prove it was repeated, and of course, it wasn’t. Does anyone have any experience with this type of situation? She’s just trying to weasel her way out of this lease…and I’m so frustrated! I’m in Texas.

  944. Guest Says:

    We signed a 1 year lease but recently bought a house.we are planning to transfer on june 2007 and already informed the landlord about it . we are renting a single family one bedroom unit . We are 5 in the family and my children are age 16,14 and 13. The one room where we all sleep is to small for us can we make this also us a reason for breaking the lease

  945. Guest Says:

    I’m pregnant is that a good enough reason to get out of a lease?

  946. Guest Says:

    My sister, my boyfriend, and I just signed a lease on a townhome for 1 year. We have not even moved all the way in yet and we want to get out of the lease because my sister and I are at eachothers throats lately and have no idea why we signed another lease toegther. Is there anyway we can get out of the lease?

  947. Guest Says:

    To anyone who is having legal issues with their landlords (like I am). You’re online here long enough to complain about and/or explain the situation. Do yourself a HUGE favor and instead of asking for advice from people who aren’t legally qualified, do the research yourself! I’m not trying to sound callous or heartless, but in all honesty, search engines are very useful and you should use them! Not to mention you need to keep a written record of everything that has gone wrong- take pictures too, it’ll help- just in case you go to court. Too much evidence is better than showing up empty-handed, people!

    I recommend first dropping by and putting in your zipcode to find the general laws in the area which you live in. Then take what you’ve learned there and search to see if specific local/state/federal laws have been violated. It will help you break your lease far more painlessly than if you have no idea what the law actually says…. Remember, you are dealing with contract law because you signed the lease! If you can’t find any local laws online, don’t hesitate to contact your City Coucil or City Hall for copies of the local landlord/tenant law sections of your area’s municipal code. The Freedom of Information Act says that you have a legal right to things like this, so use your resources to the fullest!!

  948. Guest Says:

    My friends and I are living in an apartment. We had signed the lease last April. The lease agreement says that we will be occupying the premises from May 2006 to April 2007. Now we hadn’t given our 90 days notice because we thought we wouldnt have to since our lease does end in April. I went to the super-intendent and she said that i can’t move out in April because I haven’t given my 90 days notices. I don’t understand this. Our contract with this apartment does end in April, so how is it possible that we have to stay longer than our contract? HELP!

  949. Guest Says:

    REAL helpful.
    Sorry I have no valid advice to the True problem, but Good Lord, did you have to be sarcastic to someone who is just seeking advice?

  950. Guest Says:

    one morning i got up getting ready for work i notice a man peeping in my windows i stay on the lower floor and i been so frighting to stay at my apartment since then is there anyway i can get out my lease cause am frighten so bad that i dont even stay in the apatment at night no more i go home and get some clothes and stay at my friends place go to work then go check at my place to see if everything okay before dark falls.IS THERE ANYWAY I CAN BREAK MY LEASE I TOLD THE MANAGER WHAT HAPPENED SHE ACT AS SHE DIDNT CARE.

  951. Guest Says:

    break in.
    My apartment has recently been broke into (by a neighbor). A police report was filed and the neighbor was evicted. In my lease it states, “if all lease agreements are met by tenant, the landlord will provide a peaceful enviroment.” Is this reason enough for me to break my lease? What shall I do?

  952. Guest Says:

    I signed a 12 month lease i for a two bedroom loft apartment i was really eager to move i ve been there for 4 months but as soon as i moved in i noticed writting on the walls in the dishwasher was old food and roaches the bathroom floor and tub was molded with mildew and the apt i viewed was promised to me to be the same and it turned out to be hoorible. now when i take a shower my kitchen rains and my stove dont work and the water from my shower up stairs broke my microwave i am in pure hell and im paying 700 dollars for an apartment can anybody help?

  953. Guest Says:

    according to the law an apartment must be health friendly if you have mold growing and can get proof from your doctor that indeed this is hazzardes to your over all health you can break lease.sometimes the health department will give the landlord 2weeks to fix the problem.

  954. Guest Says:

    unfortunaly your out of luck on that.the landlord did provide a peaceful inviroment,but you cant control human behavior or acts of god .you can request a night security guard and get appartment insurance so take lots of picture.

  955. Guest Says:

    sounds like your living in camden ap.just kidding. Well its leagal because those small prints in your contract say so.give your 90 days notice right now.the worst that can happen now is you’ll be charged $100 or so more per month than normal.also see if they posted a note or letter by your door promting you to give them 90days notice.

  956. Guest Says:

    you know what buddy I think your in luck .there is a small clause in the law that if your purchasing a new home you can break lease.

  957. Guest Says:

    well this is common or similar.first see if a friend can move in and let her find one.If she just moves out theres going to be hell to can take her to small claim court house and sue for rent,water, electric, most cases you would win.please save your receipts on everything.

  958. Guest Says:

    you know one of the great things of being a renter is power of word of mouth .I had a problem similar to this and you know what i did .I made sure future guest knew the ins and out the good and the bad.Infact I stayed around the office Quite abit .its not against the law aslong as you stay your distance.sooner or later they’ll give in and terminate your lease.Heck even write memos by the laundry facilities.

  959. Guest Says:

    I just rented a place then found online that I’m surrounded by registered sex offenders… Just a heads up to everyone, do this research first!!! It’s very hard to sleep at night when you know your nextdoor neighbor is a convicted rappist.

  960. Guest Says:

    Close your curtains.

  961. Guest Says:

    I really need some advice i have been living in my apartment for 7 months, I have noticed as time has gone on that the neighborhood is very unsafe. I have been hearing a lot of shooting in the area some as early as my children walking home from school. I came home today and noticed a gunshot hole through my front door, the bullet went through the security door, through my stairs and into my basement. I have three children ages 11,6 and 2, I filed a police report would this be a legal reason to break my lease citing unsafe living conditions. Last year an 8 year old was killed standing in her living room by a stray bullet through the window, I’m a nervous wreck help !!!

  962. Guest Says:

    I live in a apartment and as so as I moved in I saw cockroaches. The apartment was fogged, bombed and professionally sprayed. My 5 year old son has been getting diarrhea soon after we moved in and was getting it at least twice a month. Can I get out of my lease because of this.

  963. Guest Says:

    Just an idea for people who need to get out of leases early that don’t have any early termination clause: How about getting kicked out? Borrow a pet in an apartment that doesn’t allow them, leave your tv or stereo on loud all the time, etc. Eventually, they’ll want you to get out.

    I wonder, how would it work for a tenant to have a contract for the landlord to sign? I’ve never tried, but think I will in the future. I want to write up an agreement about
    *the property’s living conditions, especially after hearing all these horror stories, as well as
    *an iron-clad way to get out early (especially in the event my employment changes) without paying more than one or maybe two months’ rent (including advance notification i.e. one month notification plus one month extra rent).

    To get a tenant in an otherwise empty space, I bet some places would be willing to go compromise on a few issues if tenants requested it in advance. Those that are absolutely unwilling to budge on unrealistic lease terms aren’t the ones you want to be doing business with anyway.

    Again, I’ve never tried, but I think some sort of tenant’s rights protecting agreement/contract should become commonplace. The status quo does everything to protect the landlord and little to protect the tenants.

  964. Guest Says:

    Violent Crime vs. Breaking a Lease. We had someone come to our door and put a gun to my son’s head and rob us and leave. Obviously we no longer feel safe here and moved out. I have heard rumor about a law that if a violent crime is perpetrated against you in your reantal property, the landlord has to let you out of the lease without penalty. Anyone heard of this or know where I can find this law? I am in AZ. They are charging me almost $3500, including – get this – a fee for insufficient notice of lease termination. Had I had sufficient notice of this home invasion, I may have been able to comply with that . . . silly me!

  965. Guest Says:

    And to add to that… the reason that Apartment Communities require your Notice to Vacate is so we can pre-lease your apartment. I didn’[t understand any of that until I got into the business. Your lease will automatically roll over to a Month to Month lease when it expires, and you will STILL need to give them the 90 day notice.

  966. Guest Says:

    Most of the time a landlord will be willing to work with you. It may be helpful to find a replacement for yourself before you propose anything to your landlord. That way, they can simply scratch your name off and write the other person’s name in.

  967. Guest Says:

    That won’t work unfortunately. He will be able to go after you for April and May’s rent as well as all legal fees and a Fee for breaking your contract…. and he’ll get to keep your deposit!! Your landlord sounds like that kind of person.

  968. Guest Says:

    Oh my God! How horrible! I am in the Multi-Family Housing Industry and reading that just broke my heart! They actually can’t charge you a deposit or Pet Rent. Good for you for suing over this!!

  969. Guest Says:

    To the people in New Haven w/ the 3-year lease:

    1. If you are going to try to fight this based on the misrepresentation of your apartment, be ready for an expensive, lengthy and bitter legal fight that will suck you dry. I suggest that you not try to fight your landlord in court; you will almost certainly lose, and you certainly won’t come out ahead. If you pick a fight with this person over the condition of the unit and other minutae, you are going to get your ivy-league grad-heads ripped off. Not only that, but you won’t be able to do what I suggest down in ( ) below.

    2. On the other hand, and I’m not saying this in an unsympathetic way, I think you should just suck it up, move out, and face whatever consequences there will be–and I suspect they won’t be as onerous for you as the consequences of staying put. If you move out and stop paying rent, the owner will probably try to rent it out again anyway, so as not to lose whatever number of months-to-years of rent that she could get. And remember, if the condo gets rented out, you’re off the hook for the remainder of your lease, thereby reducing your liability.

    3. Be reasonable on yourselves–you were taken advantage of in a tight rental market, renting an overpriced slum with a 3 year lease, under pressure, from a slumlord. And she’s playing nasty with you. So go ahead and push back a bit: If your ex-landlord tries to sue you for the lease remainder, just tell her that if she forces you to pay, you will be forced to file for bankruptcy, as you don’t have the money to pay her. If you go BK she can’t touch you anymore. This may be enough to get her to back off. Only file BK if she does try to get your money (through garnishments or by other means).

    4. Honorable doesn’t mean that you have to honor other people’s outrageous demands that they basically coerced you into, even if you did do your part to blunder into it. Neither is it dishonorable to be poor and to not have the funds to meet such outrageous demands upon you; nor is it dishonorable to have such severe setbacks, such enormous changes in fortune and circumstances, that you need to get out of a prior commitment–honorable people understand these things, and cut other people some slack.

    Your landlord, who probably has a lot of money and considerable power already, but little sympathy, isn’t being honorable, but crass and greedy. You need to re-tool your concept of honorable, which has nothing to do with being upper-middle class and having enough money to pay for anything you want or need. Honorable means being gracious and generous and kind, meeting your obligations when at all possible, but giving relief to others when it is demonstrable that they cannot meet their obligations.

    Now, my saying this doesn’t mean I think you’re “entitled” to release; it only means that in a good world, you would be. Your part in this good world is to be respectful to your landlord, humble even, and ask her to let you off the hook. This is why I hope you haven’t picked any fights yet with her over details, because it’s not a fight you’re after–you want out of your lease, and it’s more likely to happen if you approach it with humility rather than arrogance, no matter how justified you feel you are.

    5. I’d start by writing your landlord a letter, and telling her some of what you said in your post here. Be sure to tell her that you are poor, working hard, and unable to make ends meet, and that you need her to relent and let you out of your lease so you can move back home and start over. (It is honorable for the puny and beleaguered to ask the powerful for succor).

    And I hope she does it. You are welcome to contact me at chuck50954 at yahoo dot com if you want some more guidance. Best wishes.

  970. Anonymous Says:

    I have never heard of such a law anywhere in the country, however, if you contact the Arizona Apartment Association legal department they may be able to answer this question for you. You can find their contact on their website or on the NAA – national web site.

    This is not to be taken as legal advice but hope it helps in your effort.


  971. Anonymous Says:

    If you are kicked out of an apartment in most states it is the same if not worse than if you broke the lease. In addition to the fact that the apartment community can take multiple legal measures that could potentially hurt you for a very long time. The best approach is to be professional, reason with the manager and be honest. You will find most times they do what they can to help. Though it may not be the agreement you want it will be better than most alternatives. Tons of people try the tricks listed above and management companies are smart to it all. Management typically respects and will work with those that do what I mentioned above.

  972. Anonymous Says:

    Depending on your lease the only way you can use this is to prove that this situation poses a direct health hazard to your family. You can do this by getting documentation from a medical doctor stating what they believe the illness is a direct result of the problem you stated. It may take more than this but in some states it would be enough.

  973. Anonymous Says:

    Read the terms of your lease regarding maintenance. Put everything in writing and keep good records, this will be the only way you have an argument for default by the apartment community. Depending on your state your lease may state when and how the community must comply.

  974. Anonymous Says:

    Depending on your lease at the end of the term it likely renews on a month to month basis if you don’t give notice to vacate. Therefore, you are still responsible for the 90 day notice. Read the section where the notice criteria is listed.

    This is not to be taken as legal advice but hope it helps in your effort.


  975. Anonymous Says:

    Typically yes, sorry.

  976. Anonymous Says:

    Probably unlikely at this point unless you have done some serious documentation. Read the maintenance section of your lease and the default by owner section. It should help out. Don’t do repair request over the phone only do them in writing.

  977. Anonymous Says:

    Not typically. By code they are only required to do what the city say they should which a carbon monoxide detector is usually not something you see in apartments.

  978. Anonymous Says:

    As unfortunate as the situation is – the apartment manager is correct…I would offer them a buyout. I would go to them with a proposal of what you would be willing to pay to get out. Realistically the reletting fee and 1 or 2 months rent is what we see. To show good faith tell them you will pay through the notice period. The alternative option for the community is that your parents just don’t pay due to their age, health and future needs. This is at least what you want them to think. It is either take your settlement or they get nothing. Be kind and professional and typically they will see it your way and you should find a middle ground. The managers job is to give you the answer she did on the first call. Hope that gives you something to work with.

  979. Guest Says:

    Interestingly enough…i am having the same problem as you. have you gotten any replies?

  980. Guest Says:

    Your problem, while quite unfortunate, is not the fault of the landlord.

  981. Guest Says:

    I rented a place and paid a contractor to sand and refinish the hardwood floors (at my own expense). My downstairs neighbor didn’t like the way the hardwood floor contractor plugged in the cord to the sanding machine that was connected to the electriacl box. To make a long story short, the neighbor came in to my appartment and took out a utility knife and cut the $150.00 electrical cord to the sander. I filed a police report, but the landlord did not evict the tenant. I am really scared of the downstairs tenant because of his actions and I am not moving in the triplex. The landlord says I am still responsible for the lease and need to find someone to sublease the unit, however I don’t want to be responsible for subleasing it with the tenant still living on the property. Am I responsible for the lease with the downstairs tenant still living there?

  982. Guest Says:

    I am used to apartments that give a ‘notice’ to the tennant that lease renewal is coming due soon and the amount of the renewal if they renew for another year. Check to see if they sent your renewal or put it on your door. Some apts now only require a 30 day notice making things easier for all.

  983. Guest Says:

    Yes, you are responsible for the lease. Why don’t you move in and file a restraining order against the other tenant?

  984. Guest Says:

    Dr. Recommendations to move

    I have lived in my new apartment for 3 months and soon after I started feeling very sick. Nausea, dizzy, insomnia, migraines and the list goes on it has only got worse by the day so I visited my physician when symptons began and he perscribed medication to make a long story short 6 visits later and too many meds to list he recommend I move. So on his recommendation I turned in my notice.Clause in lease.
    –RELEASE OF RESIDENT. Unless you’re entitled to terminate this Lease Contract under paragraph 10,16,23,31 or 37 you will not be released from this Lease Contract for any reason–including but not limited to voluntary or involuntary school withdrawal or transfer, voluntary or involuntary job transfer, marriage, separation, divorce, reconciliation, loss of co-resident, loss of employment, bad health, death, or property purchase.
    The lease agent is telling me that I miss read it and that these are a list of reasons, that you can not use? HELP

  985. Guest Says:

    My husband and I moved into a 2 bedroom, 2 bath with 2 walk-in closets with a friend from college. Everything was fine. She agreed to pay $1200 and we paid $1800. We charged her $100 a month for utilites which included water, gas, sewer, trash, cable,electricity, internet. About two and a half months ago she decided to move her boyfriend in which we were reluctant to allow. He continually, along with my roommate kept insisting that he would get a job but never did. We asked for the rent and half of the penalty for breaking the lease (we had to because she was threatening to leave). Last week she wrote us a check for the amount and while we were away, snuck out of the apartment taking most of her things with her. She also stopped payment on the check. We are all on the lease but the management company says that we are still responsible for the entire thing because nothing in our lease specifies how much we all pay individually. What do I do? Please help if you have any suggestions.

  986. Guest Says:

    I am a college student who currently lives in a college-affiliated apartment complex in a 4 bedroom townhouse. The apartment is all inclusive, as well as being fully furnished–I have lived in my apartment for 9 months now, and the AC has only worked for MAYBE 2 of the 9. Being in the deep south, it hasn’t gotten below 85 inside since November. The toilet upstairs hasn’t worked since the day I moved in, and the office has been made aware of that several times.
    My bed was a mattress on the floor for 4 months before it was fixed, one is STILL a mattress on the floor and the other 2 have broken boxsprings. The coffeetable is being propped up with the leg that was broken off before we moved in. The microwave door has a large crack in it. The dryer door doesn’t close all the way and the timer on it is broken. The toilet downstairs had water gushing out from the bottom (where it meets the floor) and when the office was called about it, they said they would send someone right away. I turned the water off but water still kept coming out. 20 minutes later I personally went to the office to see what was going on and they STILL hadn’t sent anyone. Now, a few days short of a month later, the carpets are still torn up and laying all over the place, the carpet padding was removed and not replaced, the flooring in the bathroom is now nothing more than splintery wood, and the whole apartment smells like mildew. Also, while management was in the apartment ripping up the carpets, they found a bunch of EMPTY clay pots in a spare closet and called the police on us because they thought we were growing marijuana. The police searched the entire apartment and found NOTHING and then proceeded to lecture us about an orange road cone in the living room WHICH WAS THERE WHEN WE MOVED IN. I NEED to move out of this place. It is ridiculous the way I have been treated, and the management in the office is VERY rude to me when I complain about things STILL not being fixed. Is this all grounds for breaking my lease, and should I be compensated for past months rent where my AC and toilet (and everything else) didn’t work, since the cost of all that is SUPPOSED to be included!?

  987. Guest Says:

    So I just signed a Lease today after a “tour”. I did some research and from my understanding the place seemed ok. Even after the “tour” I felt somewhat comfortable about the property. The agent clearly said “This is a very quite community with NO crime and a wonderful maintenance guy”. But, I recently found an apartment rating website that stated the total opposite. People had posts about 3 separate car thefts with in the last month and apartment break ins…ect. I am kinda freaked out. Monday i am going to look at a crime map and see just how bad it is. I have not moved in yet and my move in date is not till 30+ days. What are my options here? I have thought of having my Boss write a formal letter stating i was being moved to the head office. I know this “legally” wouldnt constitute for me breaking a lease but i thought that they might be more willing to consider since i have not even moved in yet. Or, if they dont coroperate, how about I have a lawyer friend write a letter stating the that the leasing agent misrepresented the property? Hell, I do not know. But, I think i might have to find a way out. Any suggestions?

  988. Guest Says:

    i broke my lease because of roaches and mold i owe $2,000 what can i do so that i wont have to pay them??

  989. Guest Says:

    what does that have to do with anything?

  990. Guest Says:

    My fiance and I just transferred from smaller one bedroom to a larger one bedroom in the same apartment complex. When we did the walk through everything seemed great, it smelled a little, but we didn’t think anything of it because it hadn’t been cleaned yet. Well, shortly after moving in, our bedroom began to reek of urine. I mean it smelled so bad that you would have to step outside of the apartment in order to breath. After notifying our landlord, she came to inspect it and said that she couldn’t smell anything (which just couldnt be true), but she would “try” to get someone in here to clean the carpets in late April. Well we couldnt wait that long so we used a steam cleaner ourselves. We have spent over 8 hours cleaning that carpet and each bucket of water is nothing but urine, and it smells more now then it did before. We have moved our bed into the living room, and even then we can’t really handle the smell. Is this legal? Do we really have to wait that long to get it taken care of. It seems to me that this would be considered an unsanitary living condition. We don’t even thinking it’s animal urine, but rather human urine. What can we do?

  991. Guest Says:

    Sometimes the ‘urine’ smell is actually mold in the padding. It may need to be replaced. Give the landlord a specific deadline to take care of it, and if it is not met, contact the housing authority in your area.

  992. Guest Says:

    Don’t believe all you read on these apartment rating websites. People can and will be vindictive. (I personally have seen several lies about the apartment complex I work for. If people don’t get all their deposit back, they never think it’s their fault.) Check with your local police authority (make sure to call the NON emergency number) and ask for crime statistics in the area. You may be pleasantly surprised.

  993. Guest Says:

    Sue the roommate civilly for fraud.

  994. Anonymous Says:

    She is correct. Unless the apartment is directly causing you to get ill and the doctor will document and “testify” to the fact. You may still be in for a fight as it is a civil contact issue but it is something better than what you have to work with.

  995. Anonymous Says:

    The best and quickest way to solve the problem is one of two things: when you have pet “odor” in an apartment it can be urine all the way down to the concrete or subfloor. Even if you change carpet and the subfloor isn’t treated you won’t solve the problem. This can easily be done by simply painting it or doing an enzyme treatment. A local -large and reputable carpet cleaning company can do this. The other is that if it is only a carpet issue the carpet company can do the same enzyme treatement on the carpet and pad. I would shoot for the first option and get the complex to replace the carpet. Once you start systematically putting everything in writing they will see you are serious and will likely do what you want but you have to do just that.

  996. Anonymous Says:

    Probably nothing. You can’t break a lease under any circumstance for that unless you can prove it is a health hazard and that you reported it to them and they failed to rectify it. -the mold that is. THe roaches are just too bad you have to report it and allow ample time for them to treat. Even so they can’t control mother nature. Most time residents scream mold it is usually mildew they created themself so be sure as to what you are complaining about.

  997. Guest Says:

    Landlords lying?

    I have simple repairs that need to be done in my apartment of which after repeated notice have not been taken care of. I was advised to file for a rent decrease and to have a hearing at city hall. At this hearing the representative from the management company produced numerous ‘false’ documents to try and prove that repairs had been made. I was livid! I’m not sure what will happen next for the city has instructed an inspector to check and see for themselves due to a discrepency in the evidence.

    In addition to this, for months I have been suspicious that my resident manager has been entering my apartment unannouced while I am gone during the day. And recently found out that he did the same to a previous female tenant so my suspicion has been proved. I seriously thought I was going crazy for a while because I would come home and one of my locks would be unlocked and I would swear to myself that I had locked it. My neighbor below me also has heard someone come in during the day on numerous occasions.

    I am hoping to set up some kind of surveillance to catch him which will be an obvious out of my lease. However, if he is on to me or doesn’t come in anymore is there any other way I can get out of the lease? I feel uncomfortable in my own home and feel like I am being harrassed by the company which manages my building. I am afraid if I file for harrassment they will come up with more false documents to try and prove their innocence. Am I really stuck??

  998. Guest Says:

    CAMDEN OASIS: I had the same thing happen to me. We lived in a studio on the wrong side of town. Young kids (myself and my boyfriend) and our 3 month old daughter. A neighbor a couple doors down always bothered me. He tried following me when I would walk to the corner store. He even grabbed my arm passing by him. My boyfriend had it one day when he had touched my ass. My boyfriend’s brother and girlfriend were at my apt. too. They ended up confronting him to leave me alone and he ran off. We went about our business with Dinner. Come to find out there are 15 guys right outside my door with bats and knives. They ended up fighting a couple doors down. I locked my door with my daughter in my arms. Not thinking 2 guys were going to kick in my door and grab me with my daughter in my arms. My boyfriend seen them bust into my apt. He ran and took them out of there. I didn’t have a phone to call the cops. My boyfriend’s friend pulled up by suprise and had a registered gun in his car. He would never use it knowing he will get in trouble since the gun was in his name. The fight was getting out of control. He pulled it out to scare all 15 guys away. It worked. He went home also. I went to the office the next morning after packing all my things up. I told them I will no longer live in that apartment after what happened. They did not evict the tenant who started the whole thing. I moved to another 2 bedroom on a better side of town and continued to pay rent there. I had no job only my boyfriend making minimum wage at Pizza hut at the time. My mom had to pay rent at the apt so that we can keep up with our rent at our new 2 bedroom. They would not let us break our lease. After 3 months my mom refused to pay rent at a place I was not living at. So I was finally evicted. Now I am working in Escrow and my fiance is converting apts to condos. we want to buy a house but we have all these stupid fees CAMDEN OASIS on NELLIS AND CHEYENNE (totally a bad part of town) apt is charging for us not feeling safe in our own home and moving out. It is on my credit and forever will because I refuse to pay them I believe they don’t deserve that money for the way they treated us after the fact.

  999. Guest Says:

    You’re a moron. What you have in writing is what is guaranteed. Retard! Have your loser “lawyer friend” write your letter. If she/he is a good lawyer, they’ll tell you that you’re obligated since you signed the lease.

  1000. Guest Says:

    Getting “kicked” out does not release you from the finacial responsibilities of the lease agreement

  1001. Guest Says:

    My apartment complex wants to charge me an additional month’s rent at the market rate (substantially higher than my rent) claiming that I failed to give sufficient notice prior to moving out. When I signed the lease, I specifically described my situation, which was that my home had sold much faster than I expected, and I decided to rent for 6 months or less just to give me the opportunity to find the right house without being rushed. The complex understood that. When I signed the lease and requested a copy, the person in the office refused to give me a copy saying it would have to be signed by management first, and that she would send me a copy later. I didn’t think anything about it, and before I knew it, the six months had passed and I was ready to move in to my new house. I still had not received a copy of the lease, but was not concerned. With my last rent payment, I gave notice that I was moving out at the expiration of the lease. I received a call back that I had not given 60 days notice and they were going to charge me an extra month’s rent at the market rate, plus utilities, for failure to give appropriate notice. Is there anything I can do? I don’t want to waste more than a thousand dollars for nothing!!

  1002. Guest Says:

    My daughter and one of her friends moved into a 3 bedroom apartment (Texas) as this was all that was available. They both signed the contract for 1 year. In the past 2 months, her friend seems to never have enough money to help pay the electricity nor the cable bill but definitely enjoys the benefits of both and often invites her friends over to enjoy them as well while my daughter is at work. This friend smokes so much that the apartment reeks of smoke and this is a no smoking apartment. My daughter has spent more time at home than in the apartment because she cannot tolerate the smoke. Now, this same friend has decided she wants to move back home with her folks. Is there any way of my daughter getting out of this contract? She only works part time and goes full time to college so there is no way she can pay all this on her own. She does not like the thought of inviting someone else in to help pay the rent as she has done this in the past and got royally screwed over. And then again, myself, I would not just be willing to up and have a stranger living in the same apartment with me either. If someone has some good sound advice, sound it off please. We need some help.

  1003. Guest Says:

    my apartment i have lived at for 3 years was sold this month. Several of the tenants and i have dogs. This was allowed by our previous landlord. I just received a notice on my door stating that effective in 30 days there is a “no pet policy”. It says if we cannot comply then we are to give 30 day notice. Is this legal? I signed a “month to month” lease but it was for a year. can they do that?

  1004. Guest Says:

    My sister and her boyfriend were in a relationship that turned bad a month after renewing their lease for another year. She moved her doughter and her self out of the apartment. She can not sign a lease with another apartment unless she can release herself out of the current lease. The boyfriend is willing to sign her off the current lease however he can not provide proof (bartender) of income to satify managment of the apartment to place the lease solely under his name. What can my sister do?

  1005. Guest Says:

    I have water-stains on my ceiling and currently roaches are popping out, i generally want to move to another apartment in my apartment complex is that possible, because it’s been there for at least 4 weeks.

  1006. Guest Says:

    Needing to break our lease ASAP, we have a few issues that are still confusing us. First and foremost, we have filed Numerous complaints about mold, rotting fences, homeless people on premises BECAUSE of the rotting fences with holes, ridiculous amounts of noise from our 9 neighbors in the one bedroom above us, and theft from the back patio…..NOTHING has been done to resolve any of this. We are fed up. Have been in the apartments about 4 months, found a home to rent with none of these problems. Now, here are the issues i need help with.

    1) The security deposit. I have read in some laws that if the rental has no damage and there is no current unpaid rent, the landlord is required to refund our WHOLE deposit, but since we would be breaking the lease does that matter?

    2) Should we repaint the walls, shampoo the carpet and do the normal move out procedures? If we dont could they hold our deposit and use it to do that? We have already paid this months rent and we are planning to be out by May 5th.

    I would REALLY appreciate some responses as to what i should do, please EMAIL me…. daniellwells at gmail dot com

  1007. Guest Says:

    Unless you informed your landlord of the problem and they haven’t fixed it in a reasonable amount of time, then you’re stuck with your lease. Also note that you are responsible for informing your landlord if there are bugs pouring out of your ceiling, so you hopefully did that already. If it’s taken them a month to not fix the problem, I’d seek legal advice.

  1008. Guest Says:

    i moved in to a rental house in january soon after i started getting headeaches and my asthma-which hasnt bothered me since 5 grade about 15 years ago started all of a sudden flaring up. my son who also has asthma started having problems with breathing and nosebleeds and snoring which he never has done before-he is 7-should not be snoring! Well any way before i moved in we walked through and the place seemed really cute hardwood floors good sized bedrooms it had a basement which our previous house up the street did not and they allowed pets so i could keep the cat that i kind of “inherited” from a friend who just kind of grew on me. I signed the lease with the understanding that the carpets were going to be cleaned and walls were to be painted and a window that was broken was to be replaced. When i came back a few days later to clean before we moved furniture in etc i realized that none of this had been done. The carpets smelled like dog urine, there were mouse droppings in the closets, the linoleum in the kitchem smells like wet dog(can u tell the prev tenents had dogs? where did thier pet deposit go?) the paint job was very sloppily done and there were huge puddles of water in the basement (there had been dry weather for quite some time and rained the day before we moved). As we were moving things in i also found out from one of my friends moving me that what i though was “dirt” on the basement walls was in fact mold after further investigation later black mold i have contacted my landlord at least 3 times the first time the very next day after we moved in. I gave them the benefit of the doubt since it was the middle of winter but her it is april and nothing has happened i decided last week to take this further and go to the local health dept they have sent a 10 day notice to comply and to take further action after that if the mold and water leaks are not fixed. They also added that it might have helped if i put the complaints in writing to my landlord–which i have nt done, i have always had a casual relationship with prev landlords-some of them have seemed to be part of family sending christmas cards, gifts whn my daughter was borm etc i guess that is not the case this time as they do not seem to have any concern about my or my childrens health i feel like i was taken advantage of because i am a woman by myself and would not know how to spot such problems like this myself. I have pictures and all calls to him were made on cell phone so i would have the itemized call list to prove a call was made at least do i have this in my favor or am i just up a creek because i did nt put requests in writing??? help! me! please!

  1009. Guest Says:

    i am in this exact same situation except my complex wants to charge me 2 months AFTER my 60-day notice plus “renovation” charges-even though it seems that these apartments haven’t been renovated since they were built in the 80′s. If anyone could give some advice it would be greatly appreciated email keliphant04 at yahoo dot com

  1010. Guest Says:

    my brother and his fiance signed a six month lease a week ago and as they were moving in they found roaches. the landlord was notified and the place was sprayed but 2 days later more roaches were found. they want out of the lease but the landlord says in order for that to happen they will have to forfeit the deposit and 1st and last months rent. they live in colorado is this legal?

  1011. Guest Says:

    Good Evening,

    I find myself in a strange situation. I recently purchased a townhome after my lease was complete. I decided that I wanted to rent out my townhome for a year and made arrangements to rent an apartment in the same complex I had lived in. I lived in this complex for 5 1/2 years because it was always nice and the rent was reasonable. At the time I was living at the apt complex I took up smoking again and smoked inside my apt on occassion.

    I was actually fortunate enough to get the same apt back because it had only been a little over a month since I had given it up for my townhome. My apt now has new paint and new carpet which is much better than the old, but there is a problem. When I first inspected the apartment recently it had a faint smell to it. I attributed the smell to new carpet and new paint. After spending one night in it I thought that an animal might have died in there. I had to use vicks vapo rub under my nose to get some rest.

    I notified management of this immediately. They went to take a look and said they smelled nothing. After a couple of days they bombed the apt with some form of perfume or treatment. It did work for a night but the smell is slowly coming back. The smell is disturbing and it could actually be leftover nicotine from my presence. Since I rarely smoke anymore the smell is more and more disturbing and for the past week I have tried to avoid the apt as much as possible.

    I had a discussion with the management about my options. I can really only break the lease if I can find someone to take it. They were very kind and helpful but of course it comes down to “well you did sign the lease.” What simple options do I have here?

    I would like to remove myself from the lease because of the smell that I didn’t really know existed till after I spent a day and night there. Also, I have the party boys living across the hall from me and a gaggle of children below who like to run around and bounce balls off the floor and wall. I want to get out of this lease immediately without any penalties …what can I do?


  1012. Guest Says:

    “But you cannot be evicted for any reason that is not in the
    RTA. For example, you cannot be evicted just for having a
    pet unless it bothers or causes problems for other people in
    the building — even if your lease says no pets.”

    This quote is from CLEO tenant law series.

  1013. Guest Says:

    my boyfriend and i leave in our own places he just got the lease for other 6 months and i have one for 12 months and we have been thinking of living to geather what can we do

  1014. Guest Says:

    I moved into a condo in South Florida 5 days ago. On the first day I lived there, the toilet did not flush properly and the air conditioning was not cooling. I contacted the front office, and they told me that maintanence is the responsibility of the landlord. I contacted my landlord who told me he thought he had purchased a brand-new unit. On Friday (two days after I moved in), my toilet would not flush at all. My landlord called the front office and they said theyw ould send someone out to look at it by Tuesday. I woke up in the middle of the night tonight (it’s 4:41 am Monday morning) to find my entire bathroom, part of the hallway, and part of my bedroom flooded. What can I do? I really don’t want to live here anymore, and I feel as if I should not pay 970/month for a piece of crap.

  1015. Guest Says:

    Actually, after seeking legal advice, I found out that because the landlord failed to “control” the situation by not taking action to evict the tenant that committed the crime inside the rental unit, I am not responsible for the remainder of the lease. So, according to my attorney the person who replied that I should just “file a restraining order” is incorrect. And it makes no sense to file a restraining order against someone who lives directly below you…how is that suppose to work?? Because the lanlord is uncoorperative, I had to file a small claims court case, so I will update the message after the judge decides.

  1016. Guest Says:

    depending on the state you have a certain amount of days to back out of the lease. Look it up on google landlord tenant laws of your state.

  1017. Guest Says:

    Ok here is my problem. We have lived in the same place for almost 2 years. My husband is the only one who singed the lease I havent. On the lease it states that all tenants must sign the lease. But in the lease my landlord has marked through things and when he brought up the lease it was only 3 pages when we singed. Now when he brought it back to us 3 more pages are on the back side of the lease. (so it looks like my husband signed the middle of the lease). Can he get in trouble for this? Also We had the health dept. out here and he has the sewer going out in the woods and our well water is contaminted (however you spell it) can I brake a lease for this? I have small children and they can not drink the water. What should I do? Thanks for all the help. Please email me at

  1018. Guest Says:

    I would tell the landlord that the living conditions are uninhabitable and that you want out of your lease. Period. Your lease should state that you can break it if the unit is not in livable shape, which, as you know, is not.

  1019. Guest Says:

    wait until his lease is up and just have him move in with you.

  1020. Guest Says:

    CONSTRUCTION SITE NEXT DOOR. We moved into our house six months ago and though the Landlord said construction was planned on the house next door they also said that they couldn’t find out any information on when it was likely to begin and that this had been the situation for a long time. We took a chance and signed a year lease, we were desperate. We have a three year old who needed to settle and the location of the property was ideal, but now the construction has begun and the noise is unbearable. We have six months left on the lease and the Landlord has said he’s holding us to it. He also said we could get other tennants but who is going rent this place with the building site next door. My son hates the noise and refuses to play outside. It actually distresses the little guy. Also the dust. It’s a nightmare. I can’t even buy garden furniture because sitting outside is out of the question and it would get destroyed anyway with all the dirt these guys are digging up. As for my car. Oh my god. There’s about an inch of dust on it EVERY DAY. I can’t live like this. Does anyone know what I can do?

  1021. Guest Says:

    Really sketchy situation…

    I’m a college student, and at 7 in the morning I woke up to one of the maintence workers opening my door with his key. I was sleeping and wasn’t wearing much clothing. There was nothing wrong with my apartment he just claimed there was a noise complaint from the dentist below and never showed paper claiming the complaint. This is not the first time this guy has done this. On my lease it states that my landlord could enter at reasonable hours and does not mention maintence people. Is 7 am really a reasonable hour? This happened months ago but the guy really creeps me out.

    Fire alarms have also been pulled a lot and the maintence people are harassing my boyfriend and I by saying we did it. There are NO CAMERAS in the halls and we actually didn’t do it. These people will not stop harassing us. They also have been telling us WE need to find out who did it. It’s not our responsibility to do they’re job. This place is ridiculous. Could we sue for harassment?

  1022. Guest Says:

    Can I break a lease if I don’t feel safe and have police reports to prove it? There was someone shot at my apartments last night and this is the 2nd one in a year. I do not like and I do not want to stay there anymore, but I just re-signed my least a couple of months ago.

  1023. Guest Says:

    No you can’t. You have a signed contract. What makes it worse is that you renewed.

  1024. Guest Says:

    If you signed a lease dont sign a new lease till the current one is complete the dogs are legal to be there till the current lease is up and any pet deposits have to be returned at the end of the current lease.

  1025. Guest Says:

    Our lease (management company in PA) has a clause that states the landlord can terminate your lease for any reason with a thirty day notice.

  1026. Guest Says:

    My family just moved into a new apt complex that does not provide enough parking space… after 10 pm you can see cars driving around trying to get space… the first week we had to go to some friends’ house to stay overnight because we got tired to wait for an empty parking space. All they have is covered parking at an aditional cost; but still we believe they are limited.
    In addition, we just read all the bad reviews that this complex has regarding parking. We wish we had known all this before… now we are stack.. Any solution? Irving, Texas

  1027. Guest Says:

    A simple solution to ensure that your apartment will not be entered without your consent when you are home is to add a door chain (like the ones in hotels). First check your lease to make sure that it does not violate any terms; you also may need to notify management prior to installation (which would also be specified in the lease).

    And you would need lots of proof of the harassment in order to even think of sue (i.e. records of phone calls, meetings, etc). Lodging official complaints now would greatly help your case if the harassment continues.

  1028. Guest Says:

    Pay for a reserved/covered spot. They can’t oversell covered spots if there are a limited number (and if they do you can break your parking lease). If you’re not willing to pay for a spot, then you have to sacrifice convenience and must plan accordingly when leaving your apartment complex to ensure that you will return when spaces are available.

  1029. Guest Says:

    If it states in the lease (which you signed, making it a legal, binding contract, regardless of if you really read the whole thing) that you must give 60 days notice, then you must give 60 days notice, with or without you actually have a copy of the lease. The only loophole that might be there is if when signing the lease it specifically stated that you would be given a copy of the lease, which could be difficult to prove that you didn’t receive it (but you would have to go check with management to view their copy of the lease).

  1030. Guest Says:

    Your landlord can’t do anything about it. You may be able to file a complaint with your city/town if the noise is truly unbearable. Check your local noise ordinance.

    Easy solution, take your son to the park.

  1031. Guest Says:

    I signed a lease on an apartment 9 months ago. Since the second month of the lease my landlord has come to me with complaints such as the dog barking (he is included in the lease). He demanded that I send him to obedience school wich I did. He still complains. I live in a four tenant house all of the tenants have dogs they all bark. So I left a camera in front of the dogs kennel when I wasn’t home to see if he was doing the barking he was not it was next door. The next complaint from the landlord was the electric bill which is included with the lease. I installed new energy efficient light bulbs and reduced my light and tv usage. Then he complained about the heat bill. At which I replied what heat, since it usualy is about 50 degrees in here. Then he complained about my dogs foot pitter patter on the floor when I get home from work. Now he is complaining about music that I am not playing. All these complaints came after he found out from a neighbor that I was gay. Since then the naighbors have been a buzz about all the things they think of me and my girlfriend. One day I was taking my dog to the bathroom and overheard the landlord and my neighbor talking. The neighbor was claiming me and my where having sex outside in the car which is rediculous because we are so careful not to show effection near my building. The tails get taller on down the line. This situation has me so depressed and feeling like a prisoner in this apartment. I have a section 8 standard lease please offer me some advise.

  1032. Guest Says:

    I signed a one year apartment lease agreement with 2 other friends and paid the last months rent and the security deposit. My Problem is I don’t want to stay here and I need to get out of it. I haven’t moved in yet all I did was sign it and pay the deposit and security deposit. Is there anything I can do to get out of it? My two friends don’t mind me leaving they said they’d find someone before their terms begin. Is there some sort of fee or excuse I can use to get out???

  1033. Guest Says:

    we have a lease in a duplex, one end of the duplex has been condemend because the outer wall is seperating from the fondation and the floor has fell in on one side, my end of the duplexs outer wall is also begining to seperate is that grounds for terminating my lease?

  1034. Guest Says:

    I signed a lease for a shore house for one week. In the lease it says NOTHING about refunds or breakng the contract early or anything like that. I told the landlord about 2 months before the time of lease that i changed my mind about the rental and would like my money back.. i had sent half $1000 + $500(secutiry) to her. She is telling me that she is keeping the money and i still owe her the rest since i signed the lease.. What is really true?

  1035. Guest Says:

    If you can prove that its because your gay, depending on what state your in, you may be able to break the lease and sue the landlord for discrimination. You could walk away with a decent size check in your pocket!

  1036. Guest Says:

    Here’s my problem. I have a very good chance of transferring to a different college next semester, BUT I signed a one year apartment lease agreement with 2 other friends and paid the last months rent and the security deposit for next semester.

    I don’t want to pay monthly rent for a place where I’m not going to be. I haven’t moved in as my lease agreement starts in mid- August. All I did was sign the lease and paid the deposit and security deposit. I thought i was going to live there.
    Is there anything I can do to get out of it? My two friends don’t mind me leaving they said they’d find someone before their terms begin if I can get out of it. Is there some sort of fee or excuse I can use to get out??? I already know about subletting (transfer lease to someone else) and I’m in the process of finding someone but there’s only 3 weeks of school left. I really need help!

  1037. Guest Says:

    i moved into an apt. that was built in 1969. the landlord had me sign a document stating they told me about the lead-base paint there. however, they did not tell me that the former tenants smoked meth on a daily basis (i found out from the neighbor downstairs but she does not want me to say anything to the landlord b/c she said they will know it was her that told me). the apt. was repainted but it holds a smell like human crap thoughout the entire apt. my daughter who lives with me is 7 months pregnant. are we being poisoned by the exposure?

  1038. Guest Says:

    This sounds like discrimination. I would contact the authorities of your state that regulate landlords.

  1039. Guest Says:

    If you do not get anywhere with the harassment, the Maintance person can not come into your apartment because of a noise complaint. Contact the authorites.

  1040. Guest Says:

    Hope she dont get sued… have the person she is living with sign a paper saying she is living there and take to a bank where they can make it legal. I had the same thing happen, but the person lost the apartment and we got sued for damages and lease breaking. Try to hold off since it is a month and get an apartment then… GOod luck

  1041. Guest Says:

    did you take pictures… that is the best thing to do… if not you just messed yourself over.,.

  1042. Guest Says:

    I believe from past experience that all pages of a contract have to have your initials. Check with your local tennant group in your state. Hopefully, you kept a copy of your original lease without his 3 new pages. Good luck.

  1043. Guest Says:

    does this aply to ohio residence as well? I want to break my lease but in my contract it says that I have to pay out the remainder of my lease if I leave.

  1044. Guest Says:

    My story is kind of strange and I am not sure how to proceed, or what is a “fair” agreement.
    My boyfriend and I got a house together. At the signing of the lease, he thought his credit would ruin our chances of getting the place, so my landlord just took my credit and approved us. She didn’t put his name on the lease however, just because she didn’t run his credit, but is well aware he is living there. I put all the money down on the place which was $1550.00 (which is cheap considering) Well as luck has it, the relationship isn’t working out, and he is moving out. I am willing to ‘pro-rate him” for the days he isn’t in the home. But what is a ‘fair’ amount to ask for ‘breaking the lease”? In most cases when you break the lease you forfit your deposit, since he didn’t put anything down, I don’t know what to do. Assuming he will be a gentleman, an know he has an obligation to me and the responsibily for the house.
    I am confused and have no idea how to do this. Its already starting to turn crappy.

  1045. Guest Says:

    My husband and I moved into a one bedroom apartment in November and signed a one year lease for it. Two weeks later we found out we were pregnant…not something we had planned. We notified the landlord in March of our desire to terminate the lease after we realized this place was wasy too small for three of us and he said he would talk to the owned about it. We hadn’t heard from him until today and he told us he would take us to court. There is not two month rule in our lease, but we have given him plenty of notice as we would like to move out by July at the lastest. He said the only way we could legally break it is if we move 50 miles away, someone dies, or we find someone to replace us. Now this apartment is tiny for us as it is and there has been the same vacant one downstairs for a month now, so I think a replacement would be difficult to find. Is there anyway we can get out of this lease?

  1046. Guest Says:

    if this meth lab theory is true , by law your landlord should have given you discloser about it, however after the meth lab was closed down, the city inspectors would not have cleared it for rerenting had it been dangerous to the next tenant. bottom line ….CALL THE CITY they should be able to assist you, i am an Engineer at a local complex in Aurora,Co. If you call the city and file a complaint they WILL HAVE to investigate it by law. If it is found to be unsafe you landlord can be sued, as for your neighbor being scared to admit this happendfor fear of being retaliated against she should file a complaint too.

  1047. Guest Says:

    This is simple. I am an apartment owner. You as the sole party on the lease are the only responsible party. Your best solution is to find a roommate until the expiration of the lease.

    Until the end of the lease, you are solely responsible for every penny. You should have had his name on it if you wanted him to be bound to pay his “fair share.”

  1048. Guest Says:

    I am an apartment owner, and you are obligated to pay your share unless you can find someone to make a new lease with the others that the owner accepts. Until that time that the owner signs a new lease replacing you, you are obligated for every penny for the duration.

  1049. Guest Says:

    I am an apartment owner. Almost invariably your previous lease was described as being “junior, or subordinate” to the ownership or mortgage. This means that your lease is only good with the party who owns the property, or pays a mortgage for it (landlord, owner, person who legally operates your unit). That said, unless your lease was “recorded” publicly at the local courthouse, the new owner can do as he/she feels. You can be thrown out not only immediately should they choose not to keep you, they can literally yank you out of the premises at the moment the sale is made.

    If I were you, I’d start looking for a new place that allows pets, or find a kennel for your Rover. Until you sign anything, nothing you are doing there is legal or binding between you and the new owner. Your previous lease is only good for starting the fireplace or using if you run out of toilet paper.

  1050. Guest Says:

    I broke my lease years ago because I had a peepin tom which came back 3 times!! Even after he saw that I had a man there (friend staying with me) My car got broken in to and painted with grafitti as well. I explained my fear of living there and they said I could “transfer” to another complex at my own expense and deposits would still apply…..I tried to get the police report of when the peeper was caught…(by the police) but seems like he fell through the cracks now a rent collection agency is harrasing me on a regular basis. Is there anything I can do?? now the back rent is around 8,000.00

  1051. Guest Says:

    I signed a year lease with my boyfriend. The relationship quickly went south. We DO NOT get along, I have begged him to move out, or I said that I would AND pay him 300.00 a month to help out with rent (although he makes more money than I do). It’s really screwing me up to feel as though I can’t do anything. I can’t live here with him, I hate the sight of him. However, i can not afford to pay for two apartments. Any advice? I desperately need out.

  1052. Guest Says:

    We moved in February 1st. Signed a 13month lease. And From Day one we’ve gone into the office and requested face to face with the manager and secrutary Maintaince requests as they write them down. They always tell us that they’ll send the maintaince men to our apartment as soon as they come into the office. That has been since Feb. And our maintaince requests have never been done. We have had to call the police 3 times on our neighbors for being too loud.

    Since a lease states that if your maintaince requests are not responded to within a resonable amount of time you are intitled to break your lease. Would that really work if we were to walk into the office and hand them a 30day move out notice because of the reasons stated?

  1053. Guest Says:

    i would love a way out of my lease. i live in a one bedroom next to a lake. there is surposed to be landscaping and there is MUD everywhere. i have complained but to no avail. also 2 cars have been broken into in the last month. also the fitness center promised to us is also non functional, and yesterday i found roaches.

    i asked about switching apartments bc mine is too small and they said no. they said i would have to pay rent on both. outrageous. they also said if i break my lease i have to pay rent till november when its up… i thought you just had to pay untill you find a sublet?

    i’m thinking of secretly subletting i hate this place and i’m not comfortable living here alone. i’m a very small girl in a horrible complex. is there anyway out?

  1054. Guest Says:

    I am considering renting a condo but might have to relocate to a different state. The lease is for a year and I don’t want to put myself in a situation where I can accept a viable job opportunity because I’m trapped in an expensive lease. Should I have a 60 day move out clause where I can get out of the lease with a 60 day notice or not get into this lease situation at all? If I have to pay out a 60 day lease this will stay cost me 5k, which is a lot of money to pay for a place that where I’m not currently living.

  1055. Guest Says:



  1056. Guest Says:

    loser he owes you nothing, get a life

  1057. Guest Says:

    If there are no other damages.
    It is legal to show your apt as long as he gives you a 12 hr notice

  1058. Guest Says:

    First of all, you should make sure that management is aware of what your maintenance man is doing. Make sure you ALWAYS put your complaints in writing. I manage several properties & have tenants who try to sue for issues that I was never aware of. Make sure management has had a chance to resolve the issue before you can procede legally. No, it is not your job to find out who is violating lease terms, that is the reason for the property manager & for the courtesy officer.

  1059. Guest Says:

    I had a similar situation at one of my properties last week, and apparently the awful stench was due to faulty plumbing in that building. The neighbor was flushing rags down the toilet & screwed up plumbing for the complainant as well. The complainant was a great tenant who had been here for years, and I did not want to risk losing him. He had to put down an additional deposit for the new apartment, but this was just to make sure that there were no other damages. He will be receiving his full deposit for the previous unit since everything was left in mint condition. Perhaps your landlord will be willing to do this rather than risk losing you as a tenant.

  1060. Guest Says:

    Since you did not sign the lease, then you are not bound to it. Your husband on the other hand, is bound to whatever he signed. If his initials are not on those pages, then they are not part of the contract. Make sure that those extra pages were not actually just the back of the pages he did initial. If in fact it is the back of an initialed page, then YES, he did sign ALL pages of that lease.

  1061. Guest Says:

    Make sure that all of your requests are in writing & get pictures if possible! If your landlord files for eviction, you must be able to prove that attempts to get the situation rectified were made. Otherwise, who is to say that the issues were not made up just to break a contract.

  1062. Guest Says:

    I just signed a two year lease on a great condo outside of Seattle. On the 5th day of using the washer and dryer in this unit I began to smell some serious mold coming from that area. On the tenth day of living in this fine unit I came home from work, opened the front door and nearly got bowled over by the stench of mold. I covered my mouth and nose and pulled out the washer and dryer and found black stachybotritis mold growing all over the carpet under the machines. It wreaked to high heaven!. The carpeting was drenched and the mold was growing up the wall.

    The landlord claims she had no knowledge of this problem and the previous tenant never complained. I found out the previous tenent died in this unit from resperatory problems that turned into pneumonia last November.

    My daughter will be coming home from boarding school in June. She has chronic asthma. The current moldy atmosphere here is not healthy for asthma patients.

    My new landlord hired her handy man to take a look at the problem and he pulled the moldy carpeting out and found it had spread into the drywall,the living room wall, the studs, and subfloor. The spores are airborne now since he stirred everything up and getting all over my furniture and floating through the house. I have only been here three weeks.

    I don’t want to stay here now. Though I dread the thought of moving all of my stuff again, I want to break this two year lease I signed on April 1, 2007… Is this mold issue solid ground to break my lease? My daughter is super sensitive to molds and I’m having trouble breathing just from the short time I’ve been here. My lips are tingling and my mouth and throat are coated with a bitter taste.

    The landlord has hired the handy man to try and fix the problem while I’m away visiting my daughter this week. I don’t know if he’s qualified to do this kind of work. I’m very worried. The previous tenant died from pneumonia and breathing related issues. I’m told this was just a coincidence. Stachybotritis is the black mold identified in the “Sick Schools” across the country???????Any advice out there? I live outside of the Seattle city limits.

  1063. Guest Says:

    How long does a broken lease stay on your record, I broke a lease 4 years ago.

  1064. Guest Says:

    As long as your boyfriend is financially able to qualify on his own than you can move out any time you would like, just make sure to tell the landlord so they can remove you from the lease, otherwise you’ll be liable for any damages your ex-boyfriend might leave after move out. Your landlord may ask you to have a form notorized. The best bet is to talk to your landlord.

  1065. Guest Says:

    If the apartment has new carpet and new paint, I wouldn’t think that the smell of tobacco would linger unless you smoked in the apartment non stop. SOmethimes rodents have been known to get stuck inside of the walls and die, so that is a possibility. You can’t break your lease for this reason, just keep talking to your landlord until the problem is solved or your lease is up and you can move out.

  1066. Guest Says:

    How can you sign a month to month lease for a year? That would be a one year lease. That would be the first step, find out when your lease ends.
    Second, yes if you are on a month to month lease that means that at the beggining of each month, or in your case, each lease term, your landlord can change anything, including pet policy, rent amounts, etc.

  1067. Guest Says:

    No. There is a paragraph in your lease worded as Default or something similiar. to prove that you have submitted the requests, you will need to put them in writing and send certified or have them initil or stamp them recd. They then have a certain amount of time to repair or show that they are in the process if it takes longer than allowed. If they do not respond at all then you have cause. Read that portion very carefully, it explains how you may break your contract if repairs aren’t done.

  1068. Guest Says:

    If you can find a qualified person a lot of places will let residency transfer at no penalty to you. A new contract will be typed. Your deposit is not looked at as yours specifically, it is the unit deposit. So you will have to work that out with your friends, they should pay you for it upfront.

  1069. Guest Says:

    If domestic abuse has been an issue and you have police reports to back it, by law the apartment has to let you out with no penalties. Or you both give notice and work out the costs of breaking your lease, or tell him you’ll pay it.

  1070. Guest Says:

    He did not break the lease. He owes nothing contractually to you or the landlord. This happens a lot where it works in advantage to get in, but when something bad happens it only affects the person on the lease.

  1071. Guest Says:

    i have signed a lease for one year . with in the 2nd month my land lord asked me not to have friends or family over , unless he was told before hand. i aslo over heard him outside my window refering to me as a niger and that he wanted to take a baseball bat to one of my friends , he also seemed confused as of why he rented to a black woman in the first place.the vocabulary in this conversation was more discussing , insulting and hateful. i would like to know if there is anyway out of my lease or if i can take any othere action to protect myself in this matter . thank you …
    miss johnson

  1072. Guest Says:

    I have lived in my apartment for 3 years. I am in between my 1 year lease and I have 4 months left in my lease. I am on a 1,000/month lease in town in california. Now the rent has increase to 1225. I am trying hard to find someone to replace me. But I am not getting response due to the high rent. FYI – I cannot sublease as per the apartment terms, I can only help the management find people for this apartment. I talked to the apartment management about high rent and they are not willing to decrease the rent for the new comer. Is there any way I can get out of this problem without paying rent for the rest of the lease. I will have to move out since I am buying a house.

  1073. Guest Says:

    My lease says that if the tenant vacates prior to the end of the lease he/she would forfeit all the deposit. It does not mention if I need to pay the rent after I break the lease. Do you think if I can move out without further loss except deposit.

    My landlord got cancer and is very crazy. The apartment is unbearable. I really want to get out of there ASAP. Could someone here can answer my question above. Thanks much.

  1074. Guest Says:

    I signed a lease for one year in March 07. My father just passed away and now I need to Move in with my Mother and take care of her. As well I have about 10 ——– which I am sure some are illeagal living across from me that hang outside my window drinking all night. I have complained to the office and asked why I have to sign a lease and agree to their terms when they don’t. They are only suppose to allow 4 people to a 2 bedroom apartment when there is 10 in one. I have had nothing but problems with these apartment. I have had notices on my door almost every month saying I owe late fees for not paying rent on time, when I did. They just could never keep anyone in the office long enough to keep track. They seem to have a new creww in there that may not be to bad though. I have had 4 flat tires in a matter of a couple of months as if the air was just let out, cannot prove it though. But anyway my main concern is, is there anyway of getting out of my lease so I can take care of my mother. Thank you…

  1075. Guest Says:

    If both my husband and I are typed on the Lease, but he never signed it, only I did, is it still legal?

  1076. Guest Says:

    Even though your husband is mentioned in the lease as a leaseholder tenant, he can only be bound if he has signed the lease. Leases run under the statute of fruads, which requires written proof. Courts see leases as contracts. Therefore, unless he signed it, he is not obligated to remain living there, nor pay rent. That can put you in a pickle if the two of you split and he moves out.

  1077. Guest Says:

    If your lease expressly says that the deposit may be kept in full if you break the terms of the lease, then they can take it. This is considered a contract and you must abide by its terms. However, if you vacate before the end of your lease term, you can be forced to pay costs associated with your early termination, such as repairs, cleaning fees, fees to re-rent the property (including advertising expenses), and also rent for as long as your lease is for. For example, if you leave 3 months early, you can expect to pay 3 months of rent. Luckly, the landlord has what is called “the duty to mitigate damages” and must attempt to re-rent the apartment. If he/she finds new tenants, they are legally not allowed to charge “double rent” so you will be only responsible for the rent until the end of the lease term or until the apartment is re-leased. Good luck.

    You need to clarify “unbearable.” If certain basic living conditions are not met (unsafe, no utilities available, air conditioner broken, a flood, mold damage, leaky roof) then you can do what is called a “constructive eviction” but I would consult your local Legal Aid first. You have to notify them in writing and give reasonable time for them to remedy the situation. If your landlord is as crazy as you say, they may not fix the stuff and then you can escape!

  1078. Guest Says:

    I recently signed a lease with a friend who has not paid anything towards his share of rent and utilities for 4 months. We are both listed on the lease. He claims he does not make enough money anymore, but refuses to look for a new job. I need to get a room mate that will actually pay his fair share. How can I get this person off the lease?

  1079. Guest Says:

    In all states, all you have to do to legally break a lease is notify the leassor of violations of your lease and give them 10 days to correct the lease. Make sure you list each and every violation of the lease in your letter. If after the 10 days have expired and the violations have not been fixed, send the leassor a second letter stating your right to refuse to pay rent for the violations of your lease and give them 15 days to correct the problem. If you still don’t get a response, you can legally break your lease since the leassor was in breach of contract. You can also find out your legal rights by using yahoo! or google search engines and type the in the name of your state, ie, State of Tennessee Landlord Tenant Rights. This usually takes you directly to your states laws.

  1080. Guest Says:

    It is illegal for a lease to contain any information about forfeiting any deposit monies. This statement is in violation of HUD quidelines. A question for you, When you signed your lease, did your landlord notify you in writting where, as in what financial instiute, your deposits would be deposited?

  1081. Guest Says:

    California law says the rent cannot be increased without a minumum of 30 days prior notice and the reason of the rent increase. If I recall correctly, Cal law also set a limit for rent increase and it was not at a rate of 22.5%. I beleive it was only at a rate of 10% at a rate not to exceed 2 rent increases in a 12 month period.

  1082. Guest Says:

    I want to end our lease. The apartment we live in is a two bedroom, the small bedroom ALWAYS smells like cat pee, and it’s my sons bedroom. They have put 2 odor bombs, but it doesn’t help. What can I do??

  1083. Guest Says:

    I signed a lease without reading it. The landlord was in a hurry and i was desperate for a place to live. I was told several things that conflict with the contract. I believe it is illegal for her to rent the place anyway, (in-law unit). How can i break this lease i know i will lose my deposit, but i just want out and i din’t want to pay for the rest of the year HELP!

  1084. Guest Says:

    My boyfriend recently signed a one year lease with an apartment complex. Now he’s going into the national guards for training and prefers to no longer have the apartment. I, myself, prefer my apartment and do not wish to move into his. Can service get him out of the lease? If so, what do wwe need to present to the complex to legally get him out of the lease. He has only lived there a month. Help!

  1085. Guest Says:

    I have been renting a room in a house for a year and a half with no lease signed. The woman that owned the house also lived here (I helped them make their mortgage payment by renting one of the open rooms). Now that she has moved in with her fiance, I signed a year lease last month along with two other friends but we needed four people to live here to make ends meet. We were promised the basement room would be finished by the time the lease officially started and it has yet to be finished (now a month into the lease). We can’t afford to pay the rent and I want to get out of the lease. Is there any way to do this without incurring any penalties? I signed the lease but not the pre-inspection because I wanted to make sure everything I knew in the house that needed to be fixed was fixed. I also don’t have a copy of the lease she promised me over a month ago.

  1086. Guest Says:

    I would either have them use a black-light to test for urine or hire a company yourself and if they find urine, and still refuse to remedy the situation-give them a certified letter-return receipt requested, that you are breaking your lease due to this health concern. Good luck.

  1087. Guest Says:

    Unfortunately, most leases (definately the TAA one), clearly state that the only legal agreements are the ones in writing. You will have to try another angle to get out of your lease. This one won’t work.

  1088. Guest Says:

    If you both applied for the apartment together(signed applications together) and only one of you signed the lease, and you are married-the lease will still hold up in a court of law. The apartment community may not be able to hold him financially responsible for the lease. They will go after you, though.

  1089. Guest Says:

    I would like to expand on this a bit. Be careful when pursuing this method to break a lease. In most states the law clearly states that the violation must affect the health and well-being of a “normal” person. This does not make an exception for people with allergies…light sleepers…or even people being inconvenienced with lack of amenities promised.
    Withholding rent in some states will cause you to lose your rights to repair and remedy. Do put your complaints in writing and do certify mail those complaints-if severe enough to cause you trouble with your health and you are in normal health. Otherwise this method will not get you out of a lease. I have a bit of experience with this myself. :)

  1090. Guest Says:

    No. …unless the problem is something that can be proven to materially affect the health of a “normal person”. If it is start a chain of certified letters stating your intent to break the lease if not remedied in a reasonable time frame.

  1091. Guest Says:

    Check with your city and find out what the maximum occupancy guidelines are for the size of apartment you are in. This may present a loophole for you. Good luck.

  1092. Guest Says:

    Getting out before Lease officially starts.

    I moved into my apartment and my lease is up on 31 July 2007. I got a notice to renew my contract by May 15th of 2007 or else the rent would go up.

    I renewed the lease that officially starts 1 Aug 2007. Due to family problems, I’m going to need to move and my lease is for a year.

    Today is 28 April 2007. My lease states that I have to give them a 60 day notice and have to pay 80% of a reletting charge.

    It is more than 60 days before my new lease starts and I am willing to stay till the end of my old lease. Can I get out of a new lease BEFORE it officially starts??

  1093. Guest Says:

    I have lived in the same apartment complex for 2 and half years. We’ve never missed or was late on rent. We have always helped our landlord out with doing miscellaneous jobs around here and have even showed vacant units to interested, future tenants. Our landlord is very lazy! She definately doesn’t keep up with the “Up Keep” around here. She puts it off on everyone else that lives here. There is black mold in our apartment, there’s bugs, stained carpet, rotting trim, and the paint is peeling from the ceilings! Every time we bring something to her attention, she automatically blames us for it, or says she’ll eventually take care of it (which never happens). We have also had our apartment broken in to (the burgalers almost got in,but my boyfriend scared them away) We also have a 8 month old son and we are terrified that this incident may happen again. The neighborhood isn’t the best, and something always seems to be going on (criminally). We want out of our lease desperately!! She told us that if she lets us get out of our lease early, then she’ll have to let everyone else do the same. Four people are already leaving because of her negligence and rude attitude. Is there any way that we might be able to get out of our lease, and quickly?

  1094. Guest Says:

    I signed a one year lease six months ago. I am moving out of state b/c my husband got a new job. There are no statements or clauses for breaking the lease in the lease agreement, except for moving for a job. Do you think this would qualify since I was not relocated, but chose to take another job?

  1095. Guest Says:

    Thanks a lot for reply. Just to clarify, I have actually signed a 1 year lease and would be moving to a house that i just bought before completion of 1 year lease. The rent for me for this 1 year period is $1000. I have 4 more months of lease left in the 1 year lease and now I have to move. According to apartment management I would be responsible for paying the rent of $1000/month for this 4 more months till the lease ends, unless I/or apartment management can find someone to replace me, this new person should signup for a 6 months of fresh lease and his/her rent would be 1225 according to management.

    I am upset because I am finding difficulty to find anyone to pay 1225 to replace me for 6 month fresh lease. I am not even allowed to sublease according to the lease agreement I had signed. I believe they are being unreasonalble to me. My apartment is in fremont, ca. I don’t think I deserve this after living for 3 years in this apartment. According to me they should allow me to market this apartment for $1000 for atleast till the end of my lease, so that I can find a replacement and have him sign a fresh lease with mangement. Please advice how I can come out of this problem.

  1096. Guest Says:

    Carpet soaked due to flooding. Management only dried it out but did not offer to clean it.
    A Family friend lives in a apartment that just had some flooding problems. They moved in last year and have had no problems and just signed the lease for one more year. The new lease doesnt start until August. When they moved in last year the carpet was new….. With the recent flood their apartment floors was flooded and the carpet was soaked…
    Luckily none of the personal property was damaged.We are worried about mold and want the carpets replaced. Can we demand they replace the carpets due to the recent flooding?? Can they ask for a different apartment on a higher floor before the new lease starts?

  1097. Guest Says:

    I moved into an apart in january. they started two months of construction that just recently ended they didnt tell me about before signing. it was incredible loud and disturbing. in addition, they added an intercom system outside my window that beeps and keeps me up. and the stairwell is outside and people coming and going is very loud. is there anyway i can get them to reimburse or simply break the lease legally? oh yea, i’m in the military and expecting a permanent change of station in about 6 months…6 months before the lease is supposed to end. i know i’m covered but what about my roommate who isnt in the military?

  1098. Guest Says:

    You can’t demand replacement due to your fear of mold. IF mold were already present. . . this is a different thing. But, it takes time for mold to grow and this sounds like a recent event. Usually, when the carpet is dried, and preferrably the pad/tack strip is replaced, you have little chance of growing mold.

    If you are really concerned, I am sure that the management would allow you to pay for the replacement of the carpet.

  1099. Guest Says:

    It depends. If they are going to allow your husband to break the lease for his job transfer, they have to allow you out as well. This is a change of terms. IF the agreement was made between the three of you: hubby, self and management- it must stay as such unless all parties are released from the agreement.

  1100. Guest Says:

    If the company has any morals, they will allow you out. You have the ability to give them a 90 day notice to re-rent your home. The lease contract, may not become effective until 8/1. You will need to look at the effective date on your lease, but I am sure that you should be able to pull out of that situation.

  1101. Guest Says:

    We would allow him out with orders that state he needs to relocate for the military. Some communities require 60 or 30 notice along with these orders. You may want to look into the Sailor’s leave act. This is the passage that protects service people.

  1102. Guest Says:

    This is a normal occurence. The longer you stay in one place, the lower your rent will usually be.

    Your best bet would be to give notice and take your chances that the landlord will be able to re-rent the unit quickly. Most people do not want to rent sight-unseen. If you get out and allow your landlord to fix up the place, it might appeal more to prospective residents. If you are definitely buying a house. . . you won’t use it anyway, right?

  1103. Guest Says:

    Breaking a lease?

    I am a cosigner on a 1 year lease. My girlfriend on several occasions became so enraged that she kicked me out. I know she has no legal grounds of eviction since she did not go to the landlord to have him do this. I finally left because the situation was so bad, but now I am being told that I am responsible for the remaining rent. Is there anything that I can do, because I left under those circumstances? Thank you

  1104. Guest Says:

    Can you break a rental lease with an apartment complex if after reviewing your contract with a microscope, discover that the names are wrong?
    My last name is completely wrong (Not even close) and my boyfriend’s first name is spelled wrong and so is his last name? They have us as married, but we aren’t? I’ve been told that all names must be correct for a contract to be legally binding, but I want to be sure before I say anything. These people are like dealing with the mob.

  1105. Guest Says:

    Can you break your lease
    if repairs have’nt been made to repair severe leaks in bedrooms due to roof problems?

  1106. Guest Says:

    yes, you can legally break a rental lease with an apartment complex that had spelled your names wrong, because the names have to be spelled exactly as to your i.d. card. good luck!

  1107. Guest Says:

    yes, i advice you to kick your ex-girlfriend out of the apartment by legal action, and you move back into the unit & pay the rent until the lease is over. good luck!

  1108. Guest Says:

    My lease was over a few months ago… We’ve been on a month to month since…. I found a new apartment to move into because I have termites all over my room and my sons bed; the tub is clogged and I’ve asked for it to be fixed a few times and I’m still waiting…I called the office that leases for this building and they said if I move this month I will loose my security deposit. So what I am I suppose to do now?? I’m suppose to pay this months rent, live in a disguisting place with a clogged tub I can’t even give my child a bath….. What do I do??

  1109. Guest Says:

    My roommate and I’s lease was up on May 31st. In March, we went and asked them if there was anyway we could get out of the lease early. They told us if we found someone to rent our apartment or if they found someone to rent our apartment before May 31st that we could get out early. So, we gave our 30 days notice for April 21st- only if we found a replacement by that date, otherwise we were told we could stay at the apartment. They told us we would be “rent responsible” for April and May…if our apartment was not rented. This was all understood. So, at the end of March my roommate decided to look on our apartments website (Post Apartments) and saw that our apartment was “reserved”. She called the office and they said yes, our apartment was being rented and we had to be out by the 21st…so my roommate and I had 2 weeks to find a place to live- we found one and moved out on the 21st of April. Then, upon returning from vacation we recieved a rent notice in the mail…for May rent. Apparently, the girls who were going to move into our apartment “changed their minds” and so now we are being punished for that decision and expected to pay a full months rent…on top of our new rent at our new place. It seems to me that its our apartment complex fault for not having those girls sign a lease before they told us to move out. I don’t understand how we can be held responsible when we were told we had to be out so the girls could be in by the 30th. I talked to the people at the apartment today and they were not helpful at all and I told them I was going to get my lawyer involved and she said if that’s waht I need to do then I should it. So, I guess my question is do my rommate and I have a case? Is it worth getting involved in court over this? I just don’t really know what the best step.

  1110. Guest Says:

    My husband left me and my son about 2 months ago with no assistance. The lease is in both our names. I work part time and go to school full time and I am having a very hard time keeping up with the rent. Do you think it is possible to break this lease with assistance through legal aid? I just need to find a cheaper place.

  1111. Guest Says:

    I signed a lease quickly on a Sunday the 29th of April. Due to family issues I found out Sunday night I would no longer be able to afford the apartment. I called to cancel the very next morning. They are holding me responsible for the lease until another tenant is found, and who knows how long that will be because I heard they are in the process of changing managers. Is there absolutely nothing I can do?

  1112. Guest Says:

    not sure about other states, but here in Delaware by state law, you can break your lease by simply getting a letter from your job -current or new-saying that you are transfering at least 100 miles away. So if you are in good with human resources- then no problems getting out of your lease here!!

  1113. Guest Says:

    Me and my roommate signed a year lease but our apartment got broken into i dont feel safe here people are always getting shot and im scared for my life. i cant even walk to the store thats not even 2 min. away walking distance. I feel like i have to stay inside my apartment at all times but when it got broken into that was it. what should i do to get out of this lease. we signed it in march.

  1114. Guest Says:

    If you give proper 30 or 60 day notice and pay any penalties this will aloow mgmt to pre-lease to another prospective tenant and allow you to move with the minimal amount of any penalties and mgmt will be grateful that you did not just up and leave on them. Go talk to mgmt about this.

  1115. Guest Says:

    chances are you need to replace the pad and have a pet treatment done, possibly at your expense since theres no proof what or who caused it.

  1116. Guest Says:

    unfortunately, it will follow you like any other credit charge off and even worse an eviction will put a judgement on your credit which shows total irresponsibility as a rente.

  1117. Guest Says:

    I live with 3 other roomates and go to Texas Tech. I recently found a good intership opportunity for the summer in Minnesota. One of my other roomates is going to be gone all summer as well. Our landlord informed us that we are obligated for the rent regardless. I’m sure you know exactly how I feel. Pay $400 for rent I won’t be able to use? Can I utilize the job-transfer rule on this one to get of the lease?

  1118. Guest Says:

    Up and leave??

    My husband and I signed a lease in Nov ’06 and he has gotten a job offer in CA starting in the beginning of July (we are taking it because I will be able to stay home with our son due June 11th instead of go back to work which I would have to do if we stay in GA). I have read our lease and it states that early termination requires 60 days written notice and 3 months rent. I have consulted my attorney bro-in-law and he told me just to try and talk it over with our leasing manager to work out a deal, maybe only pay one months rent, first and if they don’t agree to that then just to ‘abandon ship’. He told me the only way they can come after us is to seize existing property that we own (we don’t own any), seize assets in our bank accounts (we are closing the local GA account that we have paid rent with) and to garnish wages (my husband will be working in the family business across the country). His point was that we don’t have too much longer left on our lease and it wouldn’t be worth it for the apartment complex to take any action against us because they won’t be able to find us out in CA.

    My question is, has anyone else just up and left their apartment without notice, if so what were the consequences, if any???

  1119. Guest Says:

    You need to document your repair requests in writing to the management office.Make sure you date them and keep a copy for your records. Also, take pictures of the severe waterleaks. Good luck!

  1120. Guest Says:

    It is always better to try and resolve these matters in the proper manner. I am surprised that an attorney (family member or otherwise) would advise you to “abandon ship”.

    Typically, the termination clause of 3 months rent would include the 60 day written notice. For instance, if you are planning to give notice June 1st, you would pay rent until August 31st and that would satisfy the termination agreement. Keep in mind, this varies from state to state. I suggest referring to your lease and speaking with mangement for further clarification.

    If you “skip out” leaving rent that is owed, mangaement can exercise several remedies to recover the rent that is owed. This will be placed on your credit and will remain until the debt is paid. It is not worth it.

  1121. Guest Says:

    we just moved to wilmington,nc due to a job transfer. we’ve been here since april 19th,07. first off the apartment that we paid for before we got here wasn’t ready( 2 week notice) when we arrived in state. we had to get a different apartment and we had all our mail and utitlites on at the org. assigned apartment. we took the 2nd because we had a u-haul full of furntiure and a 4 year old, not to mention that my husband had to be at his new job in 2 days. first we aren’t getting our mail that came to first apartment that we were assigned too, they moved in 3 college students since and we are not getting our checks that show that they have been sent to our org. apartment on the 28th of april. we go to the office and ask and of course no checks! we had to pay to get utilities TRANSFERED AGAIN because our org. apartment wasn’t ready. and to top it all off we have FLEAS!!!!!!! in this apartment, this is a pet friendly community,(which states–small dogs nothing over 25lbs.– there are so many dogs here that are HUGE- great danes, lab’s you name it-which my daughter is scared of, so when people are out walking their dogs she comes in the house NOT FAIR.. we pay for this unit and in your lease and website you say small pets these 200+ dogs are not SMALL! we don’t own any pets but we are constantly getting bit. i went today to ask about a transfer into a different unit and was told we had to be here at least 6 months to do so and pay a extra 400 dollars. i was like we just moved in here not even 3 weeks ago and already have paid 1500 plus the constant utility transfer due to you not having our apartment ready. is there any way we can get out of this lease or at least contact the corporate office and ask for another set of apartments that they own thats in our area as well as the price. 1014 is alot to pay for rent on an apartment that have FLEAS!

  1122. Guest Says:

    Do I get my deposit back after breaking lease ?
    I gave them 2 month notice with certified mail and returned receipts. Apartment has lots of mold everywhere
    even though after replacing wall. water leaks from the ceiling and go to the walls. Every month water leaks from somewhere, there maintenance and management so bad
    they take minimum 2 to 4 weeks to fixed that problems.
    and its raise again. thats why I am breaking lease

  1123. Guest Says:

    I renewed a 1yrs lease and now I need to move out of state because I am getting married to my former boyfriend. We lost contact when we sold our home and were moving out of state in 2004. His appendix ruptured at a roadside rest. Gangrene set in. He lost 3 ft of his intestines and part of his stomach. He always said he would find me and marry me. I have turned in a required 30 day notice. I have struggled for 3 yrs. to pay my rent 1yr 2months here never late. The complex has a non-refundable $100 and $200 refundable, but they want 1 month rent before they will refund my $200.00. I am leaving State over 300 miles and don’t have rent money and can’t afford to stay here.I can’t afford medical Insurance, when I get married I will have his coverage. I take high blood pressure med. and this stress is causing more. They can keep my $200.00 but they want one month rent before $650.00 I don’t have.

  1124. Guest Says:

    I lived in an apartment in NC and had a family emergency in CA. I sold everything I could in yard sales over two weeks, and took just what I could carry out to CA. My lease still had 8 months on it. I didn’t tell the landlord or any neighbors. That was 6 years ago. It never showed up on my credit. No one bothered looking for me and it doesn’t show up on my rental history. I can’t promise the same will happen to you though. Good luck!

  1125. Guest Says:

    I just signed a lease starting in August in San Antonio expecting to start school there in September. However, in the meantime I’ve decided to accept a job offer outside Houston. If I haven’t actually moved in yet, and the lease hasn’t officially started, are there any remedies for getting out of it (especially paying a full year’s worth of rent)?

  1126. Guest Says:

    me and my husband rented a condo and the owner does not want to do any repairs we decided to move but we signed a lease is the lease any good if the put in the wrong county

  1127. Guest Says:

    My ex and I moved in to a two bedroom apartment, but he cheated on me and we parted ways. I’m still stuck in the lease, but no longer staying there. I would like to know if there are options as far as replacing myself on the lease? Is this something he has to agree to? He refuses to let me find someone to take over my half of the rent. I’m done paying for a place I dont live in!!! What are my options?

  1128. Guest Says:

    What job transfer rule?

  1129. Guest Says:

    I just rented a house with a rent to own option we moved in on 12/19/2006 and the option fee is $10,000 and $500.00 goes into a escrow account the lease is for 2 years the asking price is 555,000 and now the houses are not worth it and the owner does not want to sell the property at fair market value they want what they paid and will not adjust the rent to reflect the new sales price and we cant afford the rent any longer what do i do we have received several three day notices and we plan on moving out soon but we dont want an eviction we both agreed it is not working out verbally on the phone whats going to happen? Help

  1130. Guest Says:

    I have had a similar problem… did anyone respond to you with any options?

  1131. Guest Says:

    My cousin and her friend have an apartment that the lease is up June 3rd. Well they turned in the paperwork that was supposed to be turned in 60 days in advance a few days too late. Then mgmt sent them a notice saying they now have to pay up to June 18. They already have a new place lined up and would like to be out of this one by June 3rd. Should they pay the amount up to the 18th or just give them some of it and leave or not pay any at all and move out by the 3rd like the original lease stated?

  1132. Guest Says:

    Look people, after reading a dozen or so of these posts, and then thinking about all of the crap that goes on in the real world, why aren’t you all just doing the right thing and refusing to sign leases? Of course I’m aware that leases are so prevalent that it would be nearly impossible to find a place to live if you did this (at least for a month in any given rental market until property owners got the idea). But I’m talking about implementing a principle because of what’s right, not doing what is easy. At one time, there were no leases for rental property. They were put into place by a**hole landlords, with the help of scumbag attorneys, for the sole purpose of screwing over those who can’t afford to buy a house. You have the ability to eliminate them simply by refusing them. I’m saying we need to start a coordinated boycott of leases now, and we could get rid of them within 1 year.

    Everybody should remember that leases are fundamentally wrong. I have about 5 or 6 reasons formally written down, but basically they sum up to this: if you own and live in a house, you can sell it at any time, perhaps with a reasonable cost for cleaning and such, and move, as long as it has value in the market; but a lease allows a landlord to extort money from renters and prohibit them from moving about freely, even though the apartment ostensibly has value, and could be re-rented with a minimal cost, just like a house-owner selling a house. Landlords complain that it’s a hardship to have to re-rent an apartment. But if it’s such a great apartment, then a renter should be inspired to stay there. So if renters keep moving, it’s probably really because the apartment is overpriced compared to its value in the market. Leases are a device used to inflate prices of rental property, and to maintain rental housing as an industry, as a profit-making business, extorting money out of those less fortunate, rather than to allow housing to be a basic, compassionate good, like food, clothing, and healthcare. There are a rare few landlords who are exceptions to these facts, of course. But remember: the fundamental purpose of rental housing is to take advantage of you. That being said, every renter should boycott leases, but almost none of you ever have the backbone to stand up for anything.

  1133. Guest Says:

    I just signed a year lease on may 1st.I wont actually be in the apt till June and the landlord knows this.As of now, there are about 3 boxes in there.I just found out about a job interview for a job in another state I have wanted.I gave the land lord a months rent for may and a security deposit.How can I get out of this if the job is offered to me? He is a really sweet old man and I feel bad, but couldnt he just keep my sec