Great Dogs for Apartment Living: Bulldog

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They’re not only popular as college mascots around the country: bulldogs are also great dogs for apartments. They’re the perfect fit for a small living space, and they’re less active than most dog breeds. Here are some reasons why a bulldog might be right for you.

They’re Friendly

Don’t let their fierce appearance fool you. These dogs tend to be big softies. They bond very well with children, and they’re very protective. They’re also a gentle breed, and they make a great pet for the whole family. A bulldog might get so attached to you, it won’t want to venture off on its own on a walk. It will want to stay close to you.

Another great note about their disposition for apartment living: bulldogs rarely bark. When something does get their attention enough to cause them to bark, look out! Bulldog owners often tell stories of the first time they heard their pet bark, and how much it startled them.

They’re Inactive

Bulldogs are not an active breed. At most, they can handle about a half mile walk. Fair warning: that’s a quarter of a mile from home, and a quarter of a mile back. Otherwise you’ll be lugging the dog the rest of the way, and that’s not something you want to do (see below). They do a lot of laying around, and therefore make a good pet for someone with a less active lifestyle. They do, however, need exercise on a daily basis, to prevent them from becoming extremely overweight.


Bulldogs are short, which makes them a good fit for apartments. They’re also very stocky. When full grown, they can weigh around 50 pounds. They’re not ideal for a lapdog, in other words. Unlike some small breeds of dog, they won’t do a lot of sprinting around your apartment. This means fewer accidents when it comes to knocking over furniture or other items.

Health Considerations

Bulldogs are very heavy and inactive, and therefore don’t do well in extreme heat. You’ll want to keep your apartment modestly cool for them, and avoid taking them out for prolonged periods on hot days.

Bulldogs are famous for slobbering a lot, because of overheating. Because of this, you need to clean the folds on their face on a daily basis. This helps prevent infections.


Dog slobber is the biggest concern when it comes to apartment cleanliness and bulldogs. However, they don’t tend to go through heavy shedding periods, and they’re easy to house train.


Like any dog, patience and persistence are needed to train this breed up. They can be stubborn at times (especially if they don’t feel like moving off the sofa). However, because of the strong attachment they develop to their owners, they become eager to please, and they’re very obedient overall.

Bulldogs are low maintenance pets, which makes them good dogs for apartment living. Their loyalty and companionship makes up for the few shortcomings that these dogs have. If you’re wanting a pet that requires minimal exercise and will fit well in your apartment, a bulldog can be a great choice.


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