Fireplace Decorating Ideas for Your Bare Mantle

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Fireplace decorating ideas aren’t complicated if you follow basic guidelines. You can combine several mantle ideas, or just one. Here are ideas for decorating your bare mantle:

1. Candelabras

Hang two candelabras on either end of your fireplace mantle, six inches up on the wall. Make sure that they’re aligned perfectly so that they give your mantle an even look. You can buy these at your local antique store, or estate sales, which are a fun way to shop around for unique looking candelabras and other objects for your mantle.

2. Candles and Candle Holders

Put candles in candle holders on the mantle itself. You can put two candles side-by-side just inside either of the two candelabras you hang up, or in between two larger objects on the mantle. Try to find unique candle holders that will stand out. Glass holders are one of the best mantle ideas to give your fireplace an elegant look.

If your living room has more of a modern decor, then play around with bold colors and shapes for your candles and candle holders. For example, you might choose red and yellow apple candle holders to display in sets of three across your mantle. You might only choose to put candles on your mantle (and no other objects), which can give your room a warm glow when they’re lit. 

3. Framed Photos

Adding a personal touch and showcasing the tenant’s personality is key to decorating small apartments. One way to do that is to put framed photos of yourself or your family on the mantle. For example, put a large framed wedding photo in the middle of the mantle. Include one or two smaller framed photos of your family on either end of the mantle. You can put the smaller photos in between the candles and candelabras. Try to go beyond a basic wooden frame, and instead buy a frame that has a unique design. Silver and gold frames may complement your fireplace’s rustic look.

4. Framed Artwork

An alternative to your framed photos is framed artwork. You can place a large framed painting or sketch directly on your mantle or six inches up on the wall. Put it right in the center of the mantle, so that it becomes a focal point. You should avoid a standard print that you could find in a dollar store, if possible. Put your own work up, or a friend’s. Go to garage sales and try to find unique pieces that will stand out.

5. Hardcover Reference Books

A small stack of large and small hardcover reference books is another fireplace decorating idea to consider. It brings a classic look to your room, and can help fill an empty space on your mantle. Try stacking three larger books, with three smaller books on top. Make sure that the binding is facing out in the room for people to read the titles. You can place your stack directly under one of the candelabras. You don’t want to stack too many books, because your mantle will look cluttered.

Now that you’ve got a few fireplace decorating ideas for your bare mantle, you’re ready to start decorating. You don’t have to use all of these ideas, but one or two can help make your mantle (the focal point in your living room), more pleasing to the eye.

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