Finding Fully Furnished Apartments for Rent

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Finding fully furnished apartments for rent may be necessary if you’re looking for a short-term rental, or if you’re unable to buy your own furniture. You risk paying for damages to your landlord’s belongings, and therefore you have to weigh the financial and stress costs of using someone else’s things. Here’s how to find one if you decide that a furnished rental will work fine for your situation:

College Campuses

Professors go on sabbaticals and look for other professionals to live in their apartments. You’ll never know, though, unless you scout college campuses. Sometimes, it’s as easy as reading an ad in the student-run newspaper. Professors will sometimes post ads for their furnished rentals there. If not, visit the various educational departments and look at the bulletin boards. These apartments can be harder to track down, but they’re a great find if you land one.

Luxury Apartments

Most cities have businesses that lease luxury apartments. If you have the budget and are looking for high-end apartment living, then check those out. You need only open up your phone book and look up luxury apartments. Call each to compare prices, amenities and services. Confirm what furniture is provided to make sure the apartment has what you’re looking for.


If you’re moving due to a job offer, check with your employer about housing. Some corporations have fully furnished apartments for rent that are offered only to employees. They may own furnished rentals themselves, or as part of a group of businesses. Don’t assume that your company is too small or too cheap to own or have access to one. Ask the human resources department whether that’s an option. If not, they may personally know of furnished apartments in the area, or refer you to a realtor.


One disadvantage of using a realtor to find a furnished rental is that you might end up paying more in rent to cover their commission. However, if you’re not turning up any apartments on your own, using a realtor to find an apartment might be the best option. Try to find one that already has apartments listed on their website (even if they’re unfurnished). At least you’ll know that they are involved in the local rental market.

It can be difficult to find fully furnished apartments for rent in some areas, that aren’t luxury apartments or corporate housing. Therefore, you’ll need to try using all the ways described above to help you find one.

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