Country Style Decorating Ideas for Apartments

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Decorating your apartment helps you add your own flavor to an otherwise ordinary living space. A country style can help you feel more like you’re in rural America, even if you’re living in the heart of a big city. Here are some country style decorating ideas for an apartment.

Country Style Furniture

Start with a couch. Shop around to find one covered with homespun cloth. Look for chairs and a kitchen table made with knotty pine wood. A wooden rocking chair in the corner of the living room is a nice touch. Shop antique stores and flea markets for wooden end tables. Drape a lace or checkered cloth over these. An antique grandfather clock is another great addition if it fits your decorating budget. Waist-high wooden bookcases work as well, but only if they’re stocked with hardbound or leatherbound classics (newer books stand out too much).

Country Curtains

The main country styles for curtains are lace or large square checkered patterns. Use light colors that will allow plenty of sunlight to bleed through into the living room, kitchen and bedroom.

Wall Decorations

Shop around for antique wooden picture frames. A darker wood than your furniture can help highlight pictures even further. Frame black and white photos or rural prints to help add a rustic feel to the room. Hanging a checkered quilt on a wall is another option. You could also hang a wooden framed antique clock with Roman numerals.

Bedroom Ideas

The bed is the centerpiece for a country style bedroom. Round knotted pine for the bed posts or a nice exposed cedar bark work well for a country feel. You could also search for an antique style four-post bed with privacy curtains. Use a country-themed quilt for the bed.

Bedroom furniture should maintain the exposed wood theme: knotted pine chests or standing cabinets draped with white lace. A wooden rocking chair could also work in the bedroom if you have enough space. Search for a bedroom mirror that’s framed with antique wood. Place an antique wooden chest at the foot of the bed to store extra sheets and quilts.

Kitchen Ideas

Continue with exposed wood and simple patterns for cloth. Drape a checkered or lace table cloth over the kitchen table. Search for wooden bowls and utensils to add to the rural feel, as well as antique pots and pans. Add a wooden spice rack to the kitchen counter or wall, to store spices or other jars. Kitchen table centerpieces with wheat and wicker designs are a nice touch, along with scented candles.

It can be a challenge to collect everything for the right country design in your apartment. Your personal tastes may vary and it can be difficult to track down just the right pieces. Take your time when it comes to decorating and search for good deals on antiques, either through the Internet or flea markets and yard sales. You want to have what works for you, and it’s an investment that you can carry with you for future home decorating.

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