Comparing a Studio and a One-Bedroom Apartment

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Renters often search for studio and one bedroom apartments at the same time. The major difference is that the bedroom is sectioned off and is in its own living area, whereas the studio apartment is one large living space. Which should you choose? Here’s a comparison of one bedroom and studio apartments:

Laundry Hook-Ups

Studio apartments often don’t have the ability to do laundry in the apartment. However, some one bedroom apartments have laundry hookups, and may even come with a washer and dryer. This is a big deal if you want the convenience of being able to do laundry on your own time, and without sharing machines with strangers. An apartment building could offer tenants a separate laundry facility on the premises, making this a moot point. However, nothing beats being able to do laundry without the need to leave your own apartment and without paying quarters for the privilege of doing laundry.

Cheaper Rent

It’s generally cheaper to rent a studio than a one bedroom apartment. However, sometimes the difference is only $50, $60 or $75 per month. When you take into account the other benefits of renting a one bedroom apartment, the difference may not be worth it. At the same time, if you don’t expect to make much money at a job, if you’re building up a small business or when you’re on a tight budget, that extra amount is no small matter. It’s money that you need to go towards buying groceries, buying car fuel or to pay for other utilities.

More Space

A one bedroom apartment may not be much larger than a studio apartment, but it will look and feel like it. If you’re a bit claustrophobic, studio living is not for you. The sensation of being cramped may never leave, and you’ll be miserable in your apartment. On the other hand, if you don’t mind having less space, including storage space, for a cheaper price, then a studio apartment is a good deal. For example, a college student won’t mind having a limited space in a studio apartment, but a businessman who works at home may not care for it.

Privacy for Other Renter

Many couples choose to rent either a studio or one bedroom apartment. In a studio apartment, you won’t have any privacy other than when you go the bathroom. You can if you rent a one bedroom apartment. Let’s say you want to get some work done without distraction, or you want to be alone for short while. In a studio apartment, your spouse is always “there.” However, because the bedroom is separate in a one bedroom apartment, you can feel as if you’re alone, even if you’re in a tiny apartment.

Compare these factors as you make a decision on whether to rent a studio or one bedroom apartment. Once you sign the lease agreement, you’re committed to either one for some time.

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