Top 5 Places to Get CHEAP Moving Boxes

October 26th, 2005 by

Packing up all of your precious old school CDs? Need to pack your apartment on a budget? The worst place to try to get CHEAP moving boxes is from a moving company, like U-Haul. Moving companies graduate the prices much higher than market price. Here are the top 5 places to get cheap moving boxes.

1. Be a good neighbor
The first place I suggest to look for cheap moving boxes are from your neighbors, especially new neighbors. If you have new neighbors, they probably needed boxes to move into the complex, and have most likely unpacked everything and no longer need the boxes. Be a good neighbor and take the used boxes off their hands.

2. Trash diving
I usually don’t condone digging through other people’s trash; however, there are many stores that have a lot of boxes that end up in the trash. A great example of this would be a shoe store, or a computer store where they just need the boxes for shipping, but afterwards, need to get rid of them.

3. Craigslist
On craigslist, depending on which city you are in, I have seen FREE boxes under the ‘for sale’ column and the ‘free’ link, every once in a while. This can be helpful since these people obviously want to get rid of their boxes and all you need to do is give them a call.

4. Wal-Mart
If the first three methods of getting cheap boxes don’t work for you, try going to your local Wal-Mart. The boxes are very reasonably priced and they have many sizes to fulfill your needs. Wal-Mart is also a great place to get tape, markers and any other moving supplies.

5. Other Websites
There are of course other websites. One is Boomerang Boxes which sells quality used boxes. You purchase used boxes, use them to move, and when you’re done, if the boxes are still in good shape, you can resell them to Boomerang Boxes. They work to save the environment by recycling the boxes that they can.

Another website you could visit is Uline, which has all your moving needs including boxes, tape, and packaging materials. Searching on Froogle and ebay are also good places to look for cheap boxes if you can’t find them anywhere else.

Good luck finding moving boxes.

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144 Responses to “Top 5 Places to Get CHEAP Moving Boxes”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hello get free boxes from any grocery store or liqour store.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    If you work in an office – printer paper boxes are great – have lids and two sizes, letter and legal.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Try – you can look for offers or, once you post one item to give away, you can post a “Wanted” notice – all free and local.

  4. Guest Says:

    I just purchased my new boxes from a site called and thought they had very good prices (and believe me i did my research). They only sell in bulk so depending on the size you would have to buy 10, 15 or 20 boxes of that size.

    Forget about used boxes, they always smell like the last person who used them. For example, I found somebody off one of those web site lists and they gave me 2 dozen used boxes free. Turns out that most of the boxes smelt like old wet sneakers and the rest like spoiled meat.

    In my opinion i would rather spend a couple of bucks to know that my clothing and such are in clean boxes.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    grocery store boxes are covered with cockroaches!

  6. Guest Says:

    Box City may be a good deal for moving boxes for people living in Los Angeles / Orange County, CA since they offer free next-day shipping.

  7. Guest Says:

    go to walmart in the middle of the night when they are stocking the shelves, and you can get as many free boxes as you need – they’ll let you take them home for free! (best boxes are usually in the paper goods, cereal, household, etc. aisles)

  8. Guest Says:

    Go to your local McDonald’s, they always have boxes that their products have come in. Especially ask for fry boxes, because they are the perfect size.

  9. Guest Says:

    Visit the backside of a strip mall. All the boxes are broken down and in recycle only dumpsters so they aren’t dirty. Shoe store boxes are great for packing books.

  10. Guest Says:

    uline has cheap boxes and a good suggestion panel too.

    they’re a bit stingy at times.. but if you got a lot of stuff it’s a great deal!

    just get some duct tape to ensure the boxes don’t gimp out on you.

  11. Guest Says:

    A real good place to get boxes is Lowes Home Improvement. They have an entire moving and storage section. Prices are very good.

  12. Guest Says:

    liquor stores are the way to go. i often move long distances between low paying academic jobs. For all the undergrad and graduate student-types out there:

    go to the local liquor stores. their boxes are small enough that they are still manageable when packed with books. Also, these boxes are pretty strong, as they need to withstand the weight of all the liqour originally packed inside.

    if you have lots of books that you plan on unpacking and shelving as soon as you get to your new place, forget organizing by subject. you’ll take care of that in the new place — pack by SIZE. put your mass market paperbacks in a pile so that you can use them to fill the empty space around larger hardbacks.

    If you are moving by car, lay flat items like sleeping bags and blankets on the bottom of your trunk. get all your liquor stores boxes of books & etc on top (they will compress the bulk down for you — just make sure they are clean, or use plastic for protection). move all your clothing in heavy trash bags. you’ll be able to make the most of all the spaces around the boxes!

    don’t forget to start to habituate your animals to their little carriers if they aren’t already. I usually bring out the carrier for a few days, then start putting the cat into the carrier and immeadiately reinforcing with her favorite food. after a few days, attach the door — close the door immeadiately when you put them in, reinforce and open the door. gradually you’ll be working up to longer amounts of time, and your pet will be more and more at home in their cozy travel nest!

  13. Guest Says:

    For clean boxes go to a Walgreens or Oscos.

  14. Guest Says:

    I found a great site which delivers overnight for free, I ordered last week and they got here next day, the are called Boxes Overnight or
    Check them out,

  15. Guest Says:

    Borders Bookstore has great boxes. They are clean, smell like books and are a great size. Call them right after they open and they will hold boxes aside for you throughout the day.

  16. Guest Says:

    If you have a friend, neighbor, or relative that works in a hospital, ask them. I work in a hospital and if I had to make a guess we run through enough boxes in a month that you could probably build a 2BR 2.5BA house out of cardboard and furnish it with cardboard.

    In other words, we get a LOT of boxes. I’ve moved twice in the past ten years and both times got pretty much everything I needed in one trip without having to prowl around in back of liquor stores and whatnot.

    This pretty much is a “you have to know someone” kind of thing though, I don’t think you could just walk up to the information desk and have them direct you to where the boxes are broken down and stored for recycling.

  17. Guest Says:

    Thank you, Yes I am impressed and the site (Boxes Overnight)was easy to work with. I just got them today and darn best deal going.

  18. Guest Says:

    Cosmetics stores, large chain department stores, clothing stores, and just about anywhere that sells a mass ammount of varried items will have boxes on slow shopping days, usually very early or very late in the day. They send mixed boxes from the warehouse, so they are usually a good size.

  19. Guest Says:

    try starbucks! they get orders every day. all kinds of sizes! and they can’t wait to get rid of them. bonus points! chances are there’s a starbucks near you!

  20. Guest Says:

    Grocery Stores now compact their boxes for recycling to make that extra buck

  21. Guest Says:

    So, I’ve been reading through this whole page and checking out the links you all have mentioned and just thought I’d let you know that these four websites are all the same:

    It’s the same website just under several different aliases. They all offer the same products at the same prices and all with free shipping (which you can’t beat). U-Line’s per box price is cheaper but when you factor in the shipping, the above is a bit cheaper. Same with KHL Express. I will probably go with one of the websites above for my boxes…which let you know how it goes.

    Happy box hunting!

  22. Guest Says:

    Check out

    Check out your local ‘Freecycle’ group. People are always posting moving boxes, or post your own request for them and responses will come out of the woodwork! Go to to find your local group.

  23. Guest Says:

    Liquor boxes are terrific. They are sturdy and only come in a couple of different sizes which is valuable in the moving truck. Also the store usually slices them open so the lid is intact.

  24. Guest Says:

    I am with (We are the company listed under #5) We only get used boxes in the thousands at a time from large companies who want to be Earth-Friendly instead of throwing their boxes in landfills (such a Guess Jeans). They are all very clean and high quality. After all, your new clothes came in those boxes. We also get new boxes that are overuns or misprinted from the major box manufacturers. They typically shred these boxes into little peices and send them to China, but we try to rescue them first! Our boxes are so good, we have NEVER had to replace or refund a used box! If we wouldn’t put our own clothes in it, it goes straight to the recycler!

    We are a very high-tech company, and that allows us to be very efficient, which allows us to have the cheapest prices and still send out your boxes the SAME DAY you order!

    We hope you will support us, do something good for the environment, and save a bunch of money in the process!

  25. Guest Says:

    i used to work there they only get orders once a week

  26. Guest Says:

    Don’t get your boxes from the trash!!! I just finished unpacking and 1/2 my stuff smells! Didn’t notice anything when I was packing but maybe when it warmed up so did the microbe’s on the box – YOU never know where they have been or what was in them – EVEN if they look clean! Should have bought them from one of the listings above.

  27. Guest Says:

    using liquour boxes is the best!!!
    Most liquor stores empty wine and whiskey boxes daily and stack them in the store or outside in back of store. they are sturdy
    for packing books and great for stacking
    and they are FREE–get the ones with tops in tact, so you can close them and secure the top without having to tape them shut

  28. Guest Says:

    You should look for a local used moving box dealer. They usually have new and used if you have to have new. I bought mine at Best Price Boxes in North Richland Hills, Texas. They deliver for free and they are cheap. About a buck a box. They are only in the Dallas, Fort Worth area though but, the guy in there told me there are used box stores in every major city now.

  29. Guest Says:

    Thank for the great advice! I was online to find tips on Book boxes.

    Again Thanks

  30. Guest Says:

    USA Box Company has the cheapest prices on moving boxes. It isn’t even close. They are a real box company, not just a guy running a website and reselling boxes like the other sites listed here. usaboxco-dot-com is the site.

  31. Guest Says:

    My local The UPS Store had great moving boxes and the cheapest in the area. I compared Uhaul, Uline, Home Depot and Walmart. Their prices were at least 10% less. I bought numberous bundles and negotiated a deeper discount. The store manager even drop shipped some boxes to my place of work straight from his supplier via UPS. The store is at 1950 E Greyhound Pass; Carmel, IN

  32. Guest Says:

    USA Hope you run your Box Company better than you leave posts, Ever heard of spell-check?

  33. Guest Says:

    I was moving last month from the Oshawa area. I just googled “boxes and moving supplies oshawa” and found a new company called Boxes on the move. Their prices were cheap and they even delivered. It was worth spending the few bucks not having to search liqour stores for used small boxes. Forget about the smelly grocery store boxes. Thanks Boxes on the move. I will use you again next time I move. Ask for Ken.

  34. Guest Says:

    I tried and i want to thank this site for the helpful tip! I seen the how to load the truck link which offered great advise and just wanted to pass this information along. My wife was thrilled to get the supplies the next day.

    Ron Barrett

  35. Guest Says:

    I think it’s really super that they have this message board about boxes because gee whiz, I never would have figured out how to get boxes by myself. Boxes are a very complicated business!

  36. Guest Says:

    Another good place to look for boxes is a grocery store.
    You just have to ask the right people. I work in the floral department at a grocery store in Texas and we have large boxes that we just throw away, if someone asks me if they can have them, I always give them to them.

  37. Guest Says:

    Grocery stores are definitely willing to help. I stopped at one to get boxes for some friends we were helping move (who hadn’t bothered to get ANY boxes themselves…) and asked at the service counter. They were more than willing, and actually had a whole room full of boxes right in the front of the store, I assume for just that purpose!

  38. Guest Says:

    Spend the extra money and get good boxes, I’ve looked around the Durham area and found Boxes on the move. They had the best prices I could find and they even delivered right to my door. I didn’t have to go hunting through the garbage wasting money on gas driving around Oshawa. They had all my boxes and moving supplies.

    I even put their business card right on my fridge, the number is (905)720-2005.

    DO NOT get boxes from a grocery store. They are no good for packing and who knows what critters are crawling in them. ugh.

  39. Guest Says:

    My wife and I looked online at all the above sites and also priced around our area.

    Public Storage had some great prices on their moving boxes. They have Moving Packs just like the online guys, and for about the same price, but you don’t have to worry about shipping.

    UPS was ridiculously expensive ($7 for one medium box).

  40. Guest Says:

    I looked at the storage places and they have the low grade (which cant hold any weight in the boxes) for about the same price as the online sites. I had a problem hauling wardrobe boxes during my last move and would rather have them shipped to my apartment for free. If you look around you can find free shipping and the online boxes are 100% guaranteed which if you look closely at what you are buying you will see its a good deal to buy online. Check the rating of the box and the manufacture – the difference if apparent. Hope this helps.

  41. Guest Says:

    Hey…I was looking into moving supplies and found that there a gazillion companies that have online sites from the same warehouse.


    They offer free shipping, usually within 1 day. We got our stuff two days after we ordered it.

    They use the same supplier as U-Haul and UPS, but don’t mark-up as much since they are so small.

  42. Guest Says: has the lowest prices I found on the net, I was checking out the other information on this site and it has some good information for moving. I havent ordered yet but I see it has a 4 page rank which is pretty darn good. I will be ordering and let you know how it goes.

  43. Guest Says:

    Thanks everyone

  44. Guest Says:

    I Purchased a 4 room Moving Kit from and im very happy with the prices they offered. My box kit arrived the next day by ups and the quality was very good! I give thumbs up to this company.

  45. Guest Says:

    go to the back of any store and there are tons of boxes! thats how I moved all of my stuff my last move.

  46. Guest Says:

    Thank you for posting this. I visited this store and the prices were the lowest I found. They followed me home with the boxes because I couldn’t fit them all in my little car. The delivery guy even showed me how to pack my mirror. Definitely recommend.

  47. Guest Says:

    Avoid LocalMovingSupplies

    Do not use localmovingsupplies-dot-com
    esp there service in which they up sell boxes but do not specify shipping cost (the process is deceptive and does not clarify that customer pays shipping). I bought boxes for $203 but they charged whopping $297 with shipping, plus they made another charge of $278 which I was able to get credited (that also in two stages $100 and $178!). Plus charge comes from different company that only has bill and not the order info!

  48. Guest Says:

    I have tons of boxes from my move that Mayflower did for me. Does anyone know any place that sells used boxes who might take all my boxes back?

  49. Guest Says:

    Yeah but you just have to be careful of critters (roaches) that lay eggs or hide in old food boxes. I’d rather go to Target and get mine.

  50. Guest Says:

    DiscountMovingBoxes-dot-net has some good deals on guaranteed moving boxes and supplies, I am planning to purchase some in the next few days. I was searching and ran across this site which looks pretty good!

  51. Guest Says:

    I am moving in 3 weeks, and need boxes, how much do you want for yours and how many are there?

  52. Guest Says:

    Ever heard of punctuation?
    I thought we were here to talk about boxes.
    I love boxes!

  53. Guest Says:

    Are you anywhere near LA? We need boxes for our move in 2 weeks.

  54. Guest Says:

    dip—-! everything in his post is spelled right!

  55. Guest Says:

    I advise people to use banana boxes for books they are sturdy and free at your local grocers shop i have some good advise on boxes to use and packing tips on my site

    Removal box packs for your house move moving home and need removal boxes buy online and get discount on all removal boxes and packing materials buy cheap boxes now and have delivered next day

  56. Guest Says:

    Go to your grocers and get banana boxes

  57. Guest Says:


  58. Guest Says:

    I got my boxes, GREAT DEAL, Best part was Free Shipping, Thank you
    Thank you Oh my Apt.

  59. Guest Says:

    Nice way to self promote. You are one guy running local in PA.

  60. Guest Says:

    where are you located??

  61. Guest Says:

    I am unsure if I should buy boxes or just keep searching for free ones. I live in south jersey and nobody seems to have any boxes to spare. And after reading some of the comments I am wondering if I really want free boxes from a grocery store or liquor store. Money is not abundant for me, but I am not sure if I am saving money by using dirty free boxes. Has anyone had a problem using grocery store boxes before? Time is running out for me…moving day is coming really soon..Any suggestions would be great?

  62. Guest Says:

    Your guys’ pathetic scare tactics to drum up business for your “boxes” businesses is awfully transparent. I’d buy boxes only to save time looking for some. Otherwise, buying boxes is pretty much like paying top dollar for water. Pretty much a waste of money.

  63. Guest Says:

    I would never use used moving boxes. I have moves 4 times this year and have seen the aftermath inside of used boxes. Roach eggs, spiders etc. I know after some time the seams weaken from being stored in the heat and if you have fragile items packed a good possibility is they could get damaged. The grocery, multiply this problem! Most of your storage facilites sell boxes but at a much higher price because they think you are moving at the last minute. I know the boxes from this company, lowest guaranteed price and guaranteed strong, I buy from here and the shipping is free. It is a hassel to try to move wardrobe boxes in your car because they are so big. International paper manufacture’s these boxes and they are a fortune 500 company, that is where my trust is. If you need moving tips this is a great all around informational site. I hope your move goes well and wish you the best.

  64. Guest Says:

    I would like to buy wardrobe boxes. Have anyone bought these? Looks like a box can hold a few clothes.. but very expensive …
    Do you guys think it is worh while to buy??

    Please reply me ~

  65. Guest Says:

    How many of these comments about grocery boxes having roaches are coming from folks promoting their own box companies? Seriously, most folks are not interested in paying for moving boxes.

  66. Guest Says:

    Sound like this person is promoting theirself as an A HOLE…….WAH WAH…… What a loser!

  67. Guest Says:

    I’ve got moving boxes and blankets from, mostly because I needed blankets anyway and they have ready-to-use moving kits, that include boxes and blankets.

  68. Guest Says:

    try your local landfill, there you should be able to easily clear out the boxes and re-use them. Make sure they are not soiled beyond reusing. I find that somtimes if you use a box which has been sitting around for a while they tend to get maggits. Dont pack your personal items in these boxes girls…lol… Maggits arent bad to have around, they just tend to multiply and end up in unlikely places. So thats it for now, thanks to this site for being such A H’s for posting this to to their stupid site.

  69. Guest Says:

    Ask for boxes at your local convience store. Most of the products they get are prepackaged, so no bugs. And they are will to hold the boxes for you, cause they won’t have to go through the work of compacting.

  70. Guest Says:

    I have moves 4 times this year and have seen the aftermath inside of used boxes. Roach eggs, spiders etc. I know after some time the seams weaken from being stored in the heat and if you have fragile items packed a good possibility is they could get damaged. The grocery, multiply this problem! Most of your storage facilites sell boxes but at a much higher price because they think you are moving at the last minute. I know the boxes from this company, lowest guaranteed price and guaranteed strong, I buy from here and the shipping is free. It is a hassel to try to move wardrobe boxes in your car because they are so big. International paper manufacture’s these boxes and they are a fortune 500 company, that is where my trust is. If you need moving tips this is a great all around informational site. I hope your move goes well and wish you the best.

  71. Guest Says:

    It’s true, there are a lot of Moving Box affiliate sites out there. I found one recently here: It looks pretty decent, and they even have a cute little mascot that reminds me of that cartoon character Ziggy.

  72. Guest Says:

    Wardrobe boxes are great,if you buy from a good company. Cheaper does not mean better. Average price for a good set of 3 is around $35-50 – but well worth it because you can use them as temporary storage for non-seasonal clothes if you need to and they’ll last for quite a while. I used mine for over a couple of years with great success. I’ve had great luck with them, but don’t try to get one in your car, better have a truck or van or look forward to it not fitting or getting stuck and being destroyed in the process. AND I AM NOT IN THE BUSINES OF SELLING BOXES, SO THIS IS NOT A PROMO, IT IS TRUE EXPERIENCE TALKING BABE. Go for it, a good value and makes moving clothes a breeze.

  73. Guest Says:

    I got all of my boxes from a few big grocery stores around my area. They seemed as happy to give them to me as I was to take them. The best ones to use are banana boxes and apple boxes.

  74. Guest Says:

    Quick fact: 6 out of every 7 people that have Herpes contracted the virus by using used boxes, like the ones commonly found at your local grocery store. Convenient? Cheap? You decide. Be safe and buy through

  75. Guest Says:

    This can’t be true!!!

  76. Guest Says:

    My wife and I looked online at all the sites and also priced around our area.
    Boxes Overnight had some great prices on their moving boxes and you don’t have to worry about shipping because its free.
    UPS was ridiculously expensive ($7 for one medium box).

  77. Guest Says:

    This seems like a scare tactic to send people to the website mentioned. I have used boxes from grocery and department stores several times (I lived in 7 different places while in college), and I am herpes free. I urge everyone to be a savvy consumer and look out for people that are trying to scare you into buying their product.

  78. Guest Says:

    I’m a doctor and this is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard!! One out of three women nationwide have herpes and one out of 5 men have herpes. Most cases are when someone with an open sore on their mouth or their genitals has unprotected sex with an uninfected person. the only other possible mode of transmission is sometimes (VERY RARELY- I’ve never seen it and I’ve been practicing around 15 years) a person with a history of herpes with no active cold sore as unprotected sex with someone (no condom, no valtrex) and gives it to them. The only way to get it is through sex, and it’s actually not that easy to get unless you are having unprotected sex with someone who has ACTIVE herpes.

  79. Guest Says:

    Retard its maggots not maggits

  80. Guest Says:

    I don’t see the problem with using grocery store boxes, I mean they’re only boxes. And hopefully YOUR grocery store doesn’t have maggots, roaches, or rats; I know mine sure doesn’t.

  81. Guest Says:

    Moving boxes ( at our site are very inexpensive. But if you want free boxes I would suggest sending an e-mail blast out to friends and family. Most of the time somebody has a friend, co-worker, or extended family member moving. Don’t forget most moving boxes are biodegradable, so you can tear up your old moving boxes into small pieces for your garden bed.

  82. Guest Says:

    Hey.. I am intrested in getting those boxes. We believe in recycing boxes by using them more than once. Check our web EXODUSBOXES.COM we are in Dallas.

  83. Guest Says:

    bicycle shops have great boxes for framed artwork, etc.

  84. Guest Says:

    try your local landfill, there you should be able to easily clear out the boxes and re-use them. Make sure they are not soiled beyond reusing. I find that somtimes if you use a box which has been sitting around for a while they tend to get maggits. Dont pack your personal items in these boxes girls…lol… Maggits arent bad to have around, they just tend to multiply and end up in unlikely places. So thats it for now, thanks to this site for being such A H’s for posting this to to their stupid site.

  85. Guest Says:



  86. Guest Says:

    You people are all pretty big losers

  87. Guest Says:

    Get therapy before its too late.

  88. Guest Says:

    Digg for loose gravel and see the foam begin to dry up. Sit down to find the sit-down kind of things you werent looking around the block fourty cents worth. My money is on 6-7 and hope to win the lottery soon to fix my pimped out ride which is financed through the payday lender at 1000% financing. I guess this makes you an idiot for reading this till the end!

  89. Guest Says:

    You guys are funny! Its amazing how obvious it is that some of y’all are representatives from moving box companies.

  90. Guest Says:

    Thank you!!! There is no excuse for stupid.

  91. Guest Says:

    just go to Walmart at 11:15pm and get tons of free clean boxes. The employees are more then happy to avoid a trip to the back. The boxes are clean and direct from the manufactures. Paying $2+ a box is silly.

  92. Guest Says:

    I admit there are plenty of ways to get free moving boxes. If you are willing to put in the effort in asking people you know or going to stores and asking for remnant boxes, most will be happy to help. However, there are people who view their time just as valuable as money. For these people, buying moving supplies online is a quick and easy way to get the necessary items to pack your belongings. Some of the large moving companies also sell moving boxes on their websites. North Amercian Van Lines offers the ability to purchase moving boxes online. In addition to selling boxes, Allied Van Lines offers tips on which types of moving boxes are best suited for your stuff.

  93. Guest Says:

    Liquor stores are okay, but I find their boxes are often on the small side.

    I had good luck going to a grocery store and asking for egg boxes. These have to be sturdy and easy to carry (or else you end up with a ton of broken eggs). I went to an A&P and they showed me to a pile of Eggland’s Best boxes. They’re 2x1x1 with handle holes. I find them easy to carry because they’re wide but don’t stick out to far. Plus they have new ones every day, so go stock up!

  94. Guest Says:

    Oh Gees, I would never buy from North American, Their prices are too inflated! just like their moving rates.

  95. Guest Says:

    I’ve found the best used boxes to be printer paper boxes. They are sturdy, have lids and a consistent size for stacking. I use them for storage, number them and keep an index card file of what’s inside. The only problem is I no longer work so I don’t have easy access to them. But if you do, they are great AND Free. I’ve heard about roaches in the glue of boxes but have never experienced that with any boxes. Just silver fish when I lived back East. I’ve moved a total of 30 times & have LOTS of box experience.

  96. Guest Says: has free shipping and great prices for moving boxes. They ship direct from warehouses across the U.S. so you should have them delivered the next day!

    I also bought moving labels from Moving Targets. That product completely simplified my move. I would definitely buy them again.


  97. Guest Says:

    where is dot BZ? Which Country are they sell boxes from?

  98. Guest Says: also has moving boxes.

  99. Guest Says: has free shipping for moving boxes and supplies.

    I also used a product called Moving Targets ( That totally organized my move. I highly recommend it.

  100. Guest Says:

    I’ve got moving boxes and blankets from,
    mostly because I needed blankets anyway and they have ready-to-use moving kits, that include boxes and blankets people.

  101. Guest Says: launched recently as another option for buying and selling used boxes. Our focus is on making the transaction simple and profitable for everyone involved. We hope to encourage retailers to get their boxes reused instead of throwing away or recycling.

    Buyer prices for moving size boxes are $0.38-$1.25 per box depending on size and seller.

  102. Guest Says:

    are u giving the boxes away ill take them

  103. Guest Says:

    I have moves 4 times this year and have seen the aftermath inside of used boxes. Roach eggs, spiders etc. I know after some time the seams weaken from being stored in the heat and if you have fragile items packed a good possibility is they could get damaged. The grocery, multiply this problem! Most of your storage facilites sell boxes but at a much higher price because they think you are moving at the last minute. I know the boxes from this company, lowest guaranteed price and guaranteed strong, I buy from here and the shipping is free. It is a hassel to try to move wardrobe boxes in your car because they are so big. International paper manufacture’s these boxes and they are a fortune 500 company, that is where my trust is. If you need moving tips this is a great all around informational site. I hope your move goes well and wish you the best.

  104. Guest Says:

    I don’t work for a box company that masquerades as real customers to secretly promote themselves. I’m sure 24 people were so satisfied that they felt compelled to blog about the unparalleled experience of buying boxes from that company- one ad was pasted here 3x with different opening sentences. I figure if they’re really so great, they do a good business right? And they can afford to pay for real advertising. Havn’t seen one promo for UPS here- I’m sure they are pricey, but they’re also busy, too busy to make phony customer reviews.

    As for the grocery store- don’t do it man. The prettiest, cleanest looking, most pricey grocery stores have employee only zones that would shock the hell outta you. Unless you personally know an employee there that would honestly tell you if it was gross, save yourself the roach eggs.

    Liquor stores are a great source- even better are shoe stores- they constantly get new footwear in with changing seasons, and even better this time of year- TOY STORES. This is their biggest time of year, they’re getting tons of stuff in every morning! Most deliveries come sat or tues-thurs in the morning, so be there to ask around 2pm- I used to work in a big one, we happily gave out boxes to anyone who asked. Saves the employees a trip to the compactor, and roaches aren’t particularly fond of toys. Also stores with big holiday inventories- all of those ornaments, stockings, and lights came in big boxes.

    I’m looking for a wardrobe box if anyone has any suggestions on a good place to get them.

  105. Guest Says:

    Dah I dont work for a box company but I sure like, they are so fast with their shipping, I am looking for free boxes if anyone can help, Im like the other blogger, “out of a job and too much time on my hands” so I am wasting time here trying to impress everyone that can read! Dah – does anyone have suggestions on how to get some free wardrobe boxes? What a goof Ball

  106. Tim Kroner Says:

    Try Boxes Overnight, Tips and great prices

  107. Cat Says:

    Honestly, all these options are great but my local UPS store is selling boxes for a little over a dollar a box. You can’t beat that.

  108. Philadelphia Movers Says:

    Like Cat said, UPS might be a good way to go unless your moving company can provide a better deal.

  109. Guest Says:

    I drive for a local freight company in Denver, CO and have gotten free good used medium boxes from Alsco, a uniform company. But then again that was three years ago and maybe I asked at a good time, they were happy to give me about 25 boxes because I was moving there freight. I believe there is a company in Grand Junction as well. Good luck on your hunt for boxes and your move. Brighton, Colorado

  110. cottonlily Says:

    The best place to get boxes is from work. You know what’s been in them, where they’ve been and who’s handled them. I work in an office and we have boxes for everything – paper, ink cartridges, new computers, etc. Getting boxes from a grocery store is the worst! btdt! Even if they look ok let them get hot or the least bit damp and all your stuff will smell like the back of a produce truck. I’m all for recycling and reusing but I would not get boxes from the trash or boxes that have had food in them.

  111. lawton apartments Says:

    the best place to find moving boxes is at supermarkets behind the parking lot.

  112. Misty Says:

    I work at a toy store, and while we have PLENTY of boxes, in wonderful sizes, we are not allowed to give them away…even to employees. I’m moving and looking for boxes. The irony here is that I work for a toy store and also a shipping service…surrounded by boxes I’m not allowed to have. Don’t waste your time going to big stores and asking for boxes, most of them aren’t allowed to give their boxes away. I’m assuming it has something to do with the printing on the box from the manufacturer…licensing and whatnot.
    Also, I’m a little worried about the roach egg business all over this page…has any actual person experienced this or only reps for companies who sell boxes?

  113. John Bodach Says:

    Had a great experience purchasing moving boxes from
    They weren’t free, but they were inexpensive and came quickly, just my 2 cents.

  114. Bro Says:

    so sick of moving day boxes, they are self promoting idiots, do you think people are stupid.

  115. kitten Says:

    thanks so much for this post! i looked on craigslist and found someone giving away a ton of boxes for free, literally less than a mile away. i’m so happy i took the time to check elsewhere instead of spending $150 on one of those “moving day kits.”

  116. Savannah Says:

    Moving Box Rentals Buys and Sells New and Used Boxes.

  117. Dan Says:

    Many cities have businesses that sell used moving boxes. Look in the phone book.

    More free sources are the wanted sections of online classified ads like Craigslist and Kijiji. Also look into for boxes and packing supplies.

  118. Joni Says:

    I always look at he grocery store for moving boxes, I have had great luck there.

  119. Penfold Says:

    I have no company to promote, with that said… I have heard alot of tales about those wonderful “Banana Boxes” being full of all kinds of fun south american bugs and their eggs! Boxes from a grocery store are fine and dandy, but leave the foreign produce boxes right where you found em! Anytime I have moved, I just go to my local mall and wander the back hallways behind the stores. Any store without a compactor on sight leaves them out to be picked up by the mall itself. Big box stores like Macys, Pennys, Sears and whatnot are usually reluctant to give up boxes because they get money from the cardboard bales that they send back….. trust me, operations managers are dicks, and don’t want to give up that $2.19 they earn per bale for their budget! Im actually on my way now to start searchin for a few boxes myself… hope I helped?

  120. Jordan Says:

    If you live in Mesa, AZ or the SOutheast Valley, call THE BOX SHOP at NWC of Power and Broadway next to SBUX. Cheapest in town and they deliver.

  121. Nancy Says:

    Got some great suggestions from the posting + first 10 or so comments….when I stopped and hit the road to try out the tips. Thot I’d share my success…especially cause I wanted boxes TODAY! (Sat morning 9-noon)

    This is what i got:
    ~8 from Barnes ‘n Nobles
    ~10 from Babies R Us (told to come back for even more later)
    0 + attitude from the other chain/knock off bookstore…whose name I guess I’ve supressed.
    …………………..Then the motherload:
    Filled my car with boxes to my heart’s desire @ the local super sized liquor store! It was like finding the gold at the end of a treasure map :)

    And I only took like 30% of the boxes they were throwing out. Some very sturdy, some perfect for delicate glasses with box dividers and such, some not as fresh as you’d prefer, but hey…so I wont store my clothes in em. They have- after all- been lugged around on huge trucks and stuff. Overall, perfect for my books, kitchenware/pots & picture frames/decorations.

    Thanks to all for my saving me $$$$. BTW, Craigslist got me real cheap movers too. $35/hr (covers 2 movers!)

  122. moving guy Says:

    The best way for me to get free boxes are grocery stores, every time we move we get all our boxes from there. Never had a problem.

  123. Catherine Says:

    Okay……. If you have to buy new boxes as I do, since I am hiring a moving company, because I am moving from California to Texas. Moving companies add on boxes and wrapping of things like your mattresses, TV’s pictures and etc, and I am trying to avoid all these excess fees. After hours of research, I have found Uhaul has the best prices on all the special boxes for electronics, bubble wrap, mattress covers, lamp boxes, picture boxes and such, plus free shipping on orders over $25. Now, this is may not be the same if you plan to buy these boxes in quantity, but for 1 or 2 of different special boxes and wrapping supplies, UHaul gave me the best price overall.

    For all your regular size boxes 1.5cu or 3.0 cu or 4.5cu boxes, go to your local Home Depot store.

    For used boxes definately go to craigslist.

    Best Price Recap….
    New specialty boxes go to

    New small medium and large boxes visit your local Home Depot

  124. El cheapo Says:

    Sams club has a bin in the middle of the registers just for people to take their boxes!!!

  125. Bill L Says:

    I had good luck with Boxes Overnght, Ordered online and rcieved them the next day.

  126. Ash Sud Says:

    Why use a cardboard box made from trees which only lasts for up to 3 moves? Eventually that cardboard box will end up in a landfill. Rent a reusable moving box made from 100% recycled plastic because it will work for hundreds of moves before it needs to be replaced. My company, ZippGo, rents these reusable moving boxes and delivers them right to your door. Reusable moving boxes are not only crush proof, water proof, and tear proof, but they also make packing your stuff 400% faster than using cardboard boxes. You will save time, money, and the Earth.

    Check us out! or call us toll free at (800) 723-7017


    Ash Sud
    (800) 723-7017

  127. Brian Says:

    Don’t use any of these websites… it’s people that work there just trying to advertise for the. I will be blunt about it… if you are paying more than $2 a box you are a retard.

  128. Suzanne Lanoue Says: is cheaper than any of the places you mentioned for buying, plus they have free shipping.
    Plus they ship it really quickly and if there are any problems with the boxes, they replace them immediately.

  129. Rachel Says:

    Try your local recycling center. They have cardboard bins that are full of boxes in all shapes and sizes.

  130. Loser Souzer Says: is cheaper than any of the yooo places you mentionid for buying, plus they have free shipping.soooo
    Plus they shep it really quick and if there are any problems with the boxes, they replace them immediately. I think. da

  131. Kim Says:

    You can get small ($0.67), med ($0.97), and large ($1.37) moving boxes at Home Depot. They also have wardrobe boxes, if you want those. I’m not sure how much they are. You can’t buy the boxes online for the as cheap of prices. Also, if you need good moving boxes for books, go to your local liquor stores to ask them for the boxes they break down–it’s nice and free. is also a good place. However, you might have to go to some shady places to pick up the boxes.

    If you end up paying more than $2/box, you might as well buy the plastic reusable ones from wal-mart so that you can reuse it for every move. This is what my husband and I did when we had our first big move together, and anticipated that we’d be moving at least another 3-4 times for school/work. Over the years, we’ve accumulated more than will fit in those plastic bins, so half of our boxes are plastic and the other half are the cardboard ones.

  132. Kim Says:

    If you don’t care that you don’t have uniform moving boxes, go to your local grocery store to get them for free. Also, you can ask nursing homes for their broken down boxes, too. I work as a therapist in long-term care and see them breaking down boxes all of the time. The last place is kind of a weird suggestion, but I’m thinking they have a lot of boxes from medical and food supplies.

  133. Says:

    Great post. This article will really help someone to find quality used cardboard boxes for free!

  134. Says:

    When finished with your moving boxes, post them on craigslist for re-use.

  135. Dan Says:

    Many decent size cities have a used box company. In Denver, CO. there is Johnston Box on Federal a couple of blocks north of I-70. No only do they have moving boxes and supplies, but they also have other boxes that I buy for shipping smaller items that are not big enough for a regular moving box.

    Another good box for moving and storage are the boxes that computer paper comes in. There are strong boxes with a good lid that will keep out dust. You can get these either where you work or I saw a guy get some from an office supply store when they were setting up a display to sell just the packages of paper.

  136. Michael Says:

    After moving several times…finding stowaways in many of the “used boxes” I found from many stores…and researching many box stores….being on a limited income.. I wanted to share what I found. BOXES for only 96 cents at HOME DEPOT! NEW! You cannot beat that! And I do not work for them either! Worked for me!

  137. Anonymous Says:

    Just saw ‘very’ reasonably priced boxes on Home Depot’s web site – half the cost of other places – and even cheaper than the used cardboard box site. Why would I pay double for a box that’s used?

    Can’t speak to the quality of the boxes as I’ve yet to purchase them since I’m just beginning the quest for prices, etc.

  138. Rusty Owens Says:

    Bed Bath and Beyond is the best place to get moving boxes. Why? Because they are free and the store manager will happily give you all the boxes you need. You can even tell them what sizes you need! All you have to do is call ahead one or two days and they will hold some for you. Then all you do is pick them up! Oh and a tip, ask for double corrugated, they last a lot longer.

  139. Sharon Says:

    This is great advice! I also have several techniques for saving on packing supplies such as paper and bubble wrap. Check this out!

  140. Lisa Says:

    Walmart hands down! Paid from .88c – $1.28. Three different sizes of boxes within these prices. Smallest are great for CDs or books, second LPs, third clothes! And they’re brand new!

  141. Chris Braden Says:

    The VERY BEST places to get NEW shipping boxes is at Home Depot. I bought medium boxes there for $1.14 each, less than half of what U-Haul charges for similar boxes. On top of that, if
    you are military, you can ask for and receive a 10% discount.

  142. Michelle Says:

    I ask specifically for APPLE BOXES from the grocery store! They are constructed wonderfully for moving, DO NOT SMELL, and are approximately the same size, so organizing them works great. I have moved multiple times and always used apple boxes and they have been great. They are FREE and many times come with the packaging that was used with the apples, which I use for my breakables!


  143. Zippy Says:

    Avoid most of the recommendations from the users on this site, as they are just advertising for their crappy companies (which are probably out of business by now). You are better off buying new boxes at either walmart or home depot.

  144. Greg Says:

    Walmart stores, and most other retailers have set up credit programs for their cardboard boxes, and so are encouraged to reuse or return them to warehouse.

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