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Colorful children bathroom with toilet

Rethinking Apartment Bathrooms

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You are not alone if you want to make your bathroom more than a quick stop-in closet. I mean, we all need to use a bathroom for our morning and evening ablutions, and periodically throughout the day to keep the internal piping moving along, but we ALSO consider it a spa of sorts, don’t we? […] read more

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Ideas for a Tiny Laundry Area

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There is nothing like a stylish, neat and spacious laundry room to make an apartment look AND feel “pulled together”. Too often, especially in a tiny apartment, this spot becomes a dumping ground of sorts. It’s where stuff that you can’t figure out what to do with goes. This makes it an inefficient as well […] read more


Happy Apartment, Happy You!

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What does your apartment feel like? Does it generate some positive vibes in you? Walking through your front door, you should to be met with a sense of happiness, pleasure and relaxation. If your apartment is a bit lacking in spirit, we have some ideas on how your home can help improve your mood. Surround yourself […] read more

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Apartment Accessory Storage

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With the effortless ability that most renters have to accumulate junk, we are often forced to come up with creative ways to store our accessories. Here are a few ideas to maximize your storage options and still be able to find what you need in a pinch. Winter is right around the corner, and you […] read more

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One Room Living

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If you’d rather live on your own than with roommates, you may be looking at studio apartments. One room living isn’t difficult, can be fun and will help you keep your ‘stuff’ level down. Here are some ideas. Up high and down low are your storage mantras. Hang shelving (gives the illusion of more space […] read more


De-cluttering To Make Your Apartment More Livable

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Many apartments are big on character and tight on space. That’s just the nature of the beast. If you’re in a large building complex, these units have been designed to be situated closely together to allow for the building of more rental space – very often back-to-back (or side-door-next-to-side-door). This maximizes profits for the owner […] read more


Storage Hacks for Small Apartments

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Although the idea of squeezing out every last bit of storage space from a limited apartment may sound daunting, in reality, it is an opportunity to become more organized and resourceful than ever before. By utilizing neglected empty space, turning your storage into design focal points, and finding multiple uses for a single item, your […] read more

Effective Noise-Reduction for Apartments

  There are few things more frustrating than moving into a cute new apartment that has all the comforts of home, sports newly renovated facilities, and suits you to a “t”… only to discover that the acoustics are bad: you hear echoes, and the ceilings and floors reverberate so sharply that a simple walk through […] read more

Make Your Small Space Seem Spacious

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Beauty is supposedly in the eye of the beholder, and lucky for those of us in tiny apartments, so is the feel of roominess. Here are a few tips to make your living area seem more spacious. We’ve said it before and we’ll keep on saying – don’t underestimate the power of a large mirror. […] read more