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Saving Money on Heating and Cooling in Your Apartment

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In the summer, your A/C makes 90- and 100-degree weather bearable, and in the winter, thanks to your heating, there’s no need to walk around your apartment wearing woolens and gloves to keep from freezing. But your astronomical bill during the height of these seasons must have alerted you to the fact that HVAC usage […] read more


Yard Sale Tips for Extra Summer Cash

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If you seem to be accumulating more stuff than you can squeeze into your apartment lately and you need some extra money, consider having a yard sale. I must admit to being a bit intimidated by my first yard sale because I had no idea what to expect and it seemed like a lot of […] read more

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Moving Mistakes That Can Break the Bank

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As a rule of thumb, moving house is an expensive affair. And if you’re facing a residential move yourself, you probably already know this indisputable fact either from previous personal experience or through unfortunate relocation stories that your friends might have shared with you. And in addition to being rather pricey, moving is also a […] read more

Going Green in Your Apartment

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By Jessica Ackerman You do not have to live in a house to incorporate green home ideas into your space.  In fact, apartment living is one of the best ways to go green, because the smaller space typically uses less energy than a house would.  Try some of the tips below to make going green […] read more

Average Utility Costs Per Month: What’s Normal?

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Although the average utility costs per month for an apartment can differ depending on factors such as the cost of living in your area and whether or not some utilities are included in rent, there are a few guidelines you can use to figure out if what you’re paying is normal. If you think you’re […] read more

How to Reduce the Average Utility Costs for an Apartment

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Reducing the average utility costs for an apartment can free up money you can put into savings each month, use to defray debt or put toward some other expenditures. If you want to pay less each month for utilities, consider the following methods of reducing usage: Make Your Apartment Energy Efficient One of the most […] read more

Reducing Plastic Use: Replace Water Bottles with a Filter

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Reducing plastic use in your apartment means less waste and recycling, immensely helping the evironment. When looking for an easy place to start, consider replacing your water bottles with a filter. Good-Tasting Water with Less Pollutants Many people cite taste and pollutants as reasons they keep buying plastic bottles of water. When opting to start […] read more

Television Buying Guide: How to Find Energy Efficient Sets

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A television buying guide can provide you with basic knowledge about the various types of televisions available in the market currently and can help find the right television for your lifestyle needs and one that’s energy efficient as well. It can also provide you with the latest reviews and ratings, the best pricing, and information […] read more

Ways to Find the Best Cable TV Deal

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Getting a good cable TV deal is a very important aspect that almost everyone fails to pay much attention to. People don’t mind spending a little extra on cable television because of the entertainment it offers. But it is important that you spend wisely. It you’re relocating or if your current service is about to […] read more