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Advice for First Time Renters

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The glamour and excitement of finding a new apartment can sometimes lead prospective renters down the wrong path. In all of the hustle and bustle, whether it be a pushy landlord or landlady, an impending move-in deadline, or the lure of finally having your own place, many significant details can fall by the wayside or […] read more


New to Renting? The Basics: What You Need to Know

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Renters run the gamut from those who have been renting their whole lives and are now in their 60’s, 70’s and beyond to folks who are completely new to renting an apartment. The latter category includes new residents or immigrants (Welcome!), and those who’ve always lived in a (non-rental) house, a condo, a coop or […] read more

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Dealing with Apartment Complex Parking

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It’s a wonderful thing to have a means of transportation readily available if you live in an apartment. Weekday mornings might find you bidding your cat, dog and parakeet adieu, grabbing the car keys from the kitchen table and bounding down your townhouse steps. Whipping out your remote, you press a button and quickly locate […] read more


Questions to Ask before Signing Your New Lease

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You’ve finally found the apartment of your dreams and now it’s time to sign your lease. For first time renters, there are usually two types of people: Those that are so excited, they initial every page and potentially sell their soul on the bottom line. Then, there’s the individuals who read over every clause and […] read more


Best Bike Cities for Renters

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Do you own a bike? More important, do you ride? Then you already know the many facets of bike riding without which you’d be plenty bereft: you get around quickly, cheaply, lightly; you can opt for a scenic route without worrying about running out of gas, or of car-friendly roads; you can pull your dog […] read more


What Rental Management Looks for in Tenants

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You found the perfect apartment – a five-story walk up in the prettiest part of town – and there’s a dog park nearby for Fido. You applied with the rental or property management firm and you’re waiting to hear. It’s only been a few days, but every time you pass by your erstwhile new home, […] read more

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Red Flags to Identify before Renting an Apartment

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Before renting an apartment, you will want to check it out first. This doesn’t mean show up once and do a simple walk through of the place and then sign the lease. That’s a cursory viewing of a place at best and can’t really be considered due diligence. By spending more time looking at the […] read more


Calculating Your Actual Living Costs

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When you’re looking for an apartment or any other type of rental property, you are probably focused on all of the things you consider “must haves.” Price may be another consideration, as it should be. What many renters fail to think about, however, is something that will have serious financial implications once you get settled […] read more

How to Assess Apartment Security: Stay-Safe Tips for Renters

As we enter prime moving season, many novice and veteran apartment hunters may be more focused on finding an affordable apartment than a safe apartment. There’s no need to worry, you can find both by checking for these safety features in any prospective rental. read more