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Holiday Decorating for Small Spaces

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Are you getting excited for the holidays? If you love all the spirit that goes along with holiday decorating, don’t feel you will be missing out because of your apartment. A small space is just as much fun to decorate – and it’s probably easier, cheaper and quicker to put away come the New Year! […] read more

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Go Mad for Motifs

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How daring of an interior decorator are you? Do you play it safe with a neutral palette and classic furnishings? Or are your rooms a paint box of color and mixed up furniture? Either way, let’s take a look at some ideas for using patterns and prints throughout your home. If you are already daring, […] read more


Skip these Simple Design Mistakes

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There are a lot of blogs, websites, Pinterest pages and more devoted to interior design. They seem to make throwing together a gorgeous living room look so easy. But decorating is a serious business, and even in a humble apartment, mistakes can be made. These aren’t life-changing blunders to be sure, but they might make […] read more

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5 Fun Decorating Hacks for Renters

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Being a renter definitely has its benefits. No yards to maintain, no snow removal in the dead of winter, and, if something goes wrong, you can just call the landlord to solve your problem. However, when it comes to decorating your place, this does pose some limitations as to what you can do to make […] read more

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Making Second-Hand Furniture Work in Your Apartment

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Decorating and furnishing your apartment with second-hand or throw-away items…it doesn’t sound so promising, does it? However, once you’ve tried it, you’ll see it’s a great and thrifty idea, especially when you’re first starting out, or if you’re short on cash. You may especially be strapped if you’ve just moved. Moving can take its financial […] read more


Get the Mid-Century Modern Look

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If you follow design trends, you can’t help but have heard of mid-century modern – the currently hot look for interiors. An architectural, interior, product and graphic design movement, it encompasses developments in modern design, architecture and urban development from roughly 1933 to 1965. It can be described as uncomplicated, with natural lines, contemporary patterns, […] read more

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Furniture Placement How-to

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If you are just moving in to a new apartment or your rooms could use a fresh look, consider furniture placement. In a new place putting down the furniture in the best possible places is important for setting the look and feel of the room. If you are dying to redecorate but funds don’t allow […] read more


6 Easy Rental Updates Your Landlord Won’t Mind

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Unless you’re paying an arm and a leg, rental apartments are often boring and outdated. While you dream of a full-fledged renovation project, living in a place you don’t own means you can forget about a remodeling project. Even basic things like painting the walls may not be possible depending on your landlord. That doesn’t […] read more

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Accent Walls and Statement Pieces

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Make any room in your apartment a conversation waiting to happen by creating an accent wall or adding a statement piece. Depending on what you go for, this might not even cost you a dime. Creating an accent (sometimes called gallery) wall can give your room a whole new dynamic. These are most common in […] read more