6 Ways to Cover Up an Ugly Wall Color

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An ugly wall color shouldn’t stop you from renting an otherwise fine apartment. With a few simple tricks, you can cover it up and not be embarrassed when you invite company over. Here are a few ways to cover up an ugly wall color so that you can enjoy your living space:

1 – Repaint the Walls

Ask your landlord if you can paint the walls. If he says “Yes,” then paint them with a wall color that you like. You might consider sponge painting, although that can be more difficult to do than a regular paint job.

2 – Cover it with Wall Paper

If you don’t want to paint, try putting up new wall paper instead. If you’re nervous about painting the walls, but wouldn’t mind painting wallpaper, then buy wallpaper that you can paint. You can also just buy regular wallpaper. There are many patterns and colors to choose from that can match your decoration style. You can even buy textured wall paper to spruce up a room, but it does cost more.

3 – Use Fabric

Consider using fabric in place of wallpaper. Try to find used or cheap fabric to keep costs down. You can staple the fabric, but you’ll have to deal with the holes when you’re ready to move out. It’s much better to deal with staple holes than nail holes though, and staples are easier to remove. You can use strips of fabric that are cut to wallpaper size or hang up one large piece.

4 – Hide it Under Draperies

Using draperies on walls can work as a great design element if you do it right. You can install a curtain rod, and hang draperies on it as if the wall were a window. These look great behind a couch or other large furniture, but they can work anywhere on the wall. It will force people to focus on the draperies and not the ugly wall color.

5 – Place Furniture in Front of it

You may be able to hide the ugly wall color behind furniture, such as bookcases or chest of drawers. Decorating the furniture can be another trick to draw eyes away from the wall to something else. For example, the focus on the area of the wall where you place bookcases will be the books on the shelves and not the wall. You could also add vases and collectibles for decoration and to act as a focal point.

6 – Cheap Wall Art

Wall art won’t cover up the walls, but it may minimize the effects of ugly wall color. Large posters and artwork can draw attention away from the color to the art. This solution may not work for all colors though. Some colors won’t blend in well, and the addition of artwork will only create an eyesore.

Your budget as well as what the landlord allows will help you to determine which of these ways to use. You don’t have to live with ugly wall color, because at least one of these methods should work for you.

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