6 Storage Solutions for a Small Apartment

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Small apartments are notorious for lack of storage space. With limited space, we need to get creative in how we store items, lay them out, and more. Sometimes this task is challenging, but there is always a way to overcome it and make the most out of your space.

1. 2 in 1 Concepts

There are many different forms of a 2 in 1 concept: a storage item that serves two purposes. The item gaining the most popularity is a coffee table that you can store things in as well. Most of the 2 in 1 coffee tables lift up and out on a hinge. This space can be used for many items including blankets, movies, remote controls, magazines, books, and more.

Another great dual function item is an ottoman that provides storage, and can be used as a stool, table or leg rest.

2. Build Up Not Out

When it comes to storage, instead of building wider, build up. This is especially true for the laundry area, as well as our bedrooms. Use storage bins to store items that need to be grouped and stack them. Use over-the-toilet or over-the-laundry shelving. Items that are not used regularly should be the furthest up. Other ideas could be a hutch with shelves placed on a dresser, headboard with shelving, or a bookcase that spans up the wall.

3. Organize Your Closet

By simply organizing your closet, you will gain more storage space. Put items in storage bins and stack them. You can also hang a clothes pole that remains folded when not in use (there is a lever you can pull to bring it down to your level). With that, you are utilizing empty space.

4. Consider Wall Space

Remember you can hang just about anything! There are various sized hooks available to use, that can hold large amounts a weight. This concept works great in the kitchen. Hang pots and pans on the wall for extra cabinet space; they look decorative and serve a purpose!

5. Bed Storage

There are many beds that come with storage drawers built underneath. If you do not have a bed with built in drawers, you can always use storage bins to organize items and slip them under the bed neatly. Afraid it will look bad? Get a bed skirt to hide it.

6. Space Behind Doors

How many doors do you have in your apartment? Consider what you can hang behind them. Hang a thin shoe holder behind a door or use over-the-door hooks for your coats, umbrellas, bags, hats or scarves.

With just a little creativity, you can turn your small apartment into an efficient space that stores many beloved items!


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