5 Ways to Eliminate Trash Can Odor in Your Apartment

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Trash can odor can sometimes be impossible to cover up. More often than not, the only way to eliminate trash can odor is to stop it before it starts. This means removing the things that might be smelly and having the appropriate tools to eliminate any overwhelming smells. Below are 5 steps to follow to eliminate trash can odor in your house.

1. Air Out the House

Even if you have taken out the trash and sprayed an air freshener, the smell might remain in your house. The only way to remove a lingering trash can smell is to air out the house:

  • Open all doors and windows
  • Turn on a fan to make sure that the air circulates, if there is not a strong breeze
  • Leave the doors and windows open for at least five to six hours

If the odor is particularly bad, and it is potentially sitting in the fabrics or carpet of your home, leave the doors open longer. Unless it is particularly cold or hot outside and you have a pet that will be affected by the weather, leave the windows and doors open for as long as possible, even multiple days in a row.

2. Change the Air Filter

Much of a house’s smell gets caught in the air filter attached to the A/C unit. Changing your air filter frequently can eliminate current and reduce future trash can smells. Additionally, many air filters are now designed to absorb or release a pleasant smell into the air so that odors will be masked. Change the air filter at the same time as you begin to air out the house.

3. Use an Odor Masking Garbage Bag

Odor masking garbage bags appeared on the market a few years ago and, lo and behold, they actually work. Coming in all sizes and textures, these bags are treated with a smell to mask the scent of stinky garbage. While these bags will not do the job of eliminating trash can odors themselves, they will help you in that goal.

4. Use a Can with a Lid

Using a garbage can that has a lid can help enormously in eliminating trash can odors. The lid acts as a physical barrier to trap smells inside. Therefore, the only time odors will be released is when the lid is opened. Try to open the lid as little as possible to reduce the amount of smell released into the room.

5. Wash Frequently

It’s not just garbage that smells, but also the can. Use a harsh cleaner to spray the inside of the can, and the lid if there is one. Run water over the entire can and spray again. Let soak and then thoroughly rinse and let the can dry before putting a bag inside and using the can. You may need to scrub the can to completely remove any food particles that may smell.

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