5 Tips for Efficient Ironing

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Ironing wrinkles and creases in your clothing is a necessary part of doing laundry. Unfortunately, the chore is often frustrating and time-consuming. However, there are several different ways you can reduce the amount of time the task will take.

1. Lie Clothes Flat After Washing

Believe it or not, the majority of wrinkles you will want to remove from your clothes will appear after they are taken out of the dryer. Therefore, it is best to immediately remove those items that easily wrinkle or you know will need to be ironed from the dryer and lie them flat on a table or the back of a chair. This will remove the number of wrinkles, reducing the time you will need to spend ironing.

2. Use a Starch Spray or Distilled Water

Aerosol starch sprays help your iron to remove wrinkles. Typically, these sprays come in a variety of levels ranging from light to heavy. Light starch sprays will leave your clothing less stiff than heavy starch sprays. To determine which spray will work best for you, consider how firm you want your clothing to be after ironing.

Distilled water will also help with ironing, but will not leave any residue on the fabrics. Regular tap water may contain chemicals that will stain clothing, which is why distilled, or purified water, is the best type of water to use. By spraying the water onto your clothing while ironing, you will create more steam. Distilled water is a great option for those with sensitive skin or who do not like the feel of starch.

3. Learn the Methods

There are proper ways to iron certain items of clothing which, if followed, will drastically reduce the amount of time spent ironing. The order of ironing a dress shirt is: collar, yolk, sleeves, back and then front of the shirt. This series practically eliminates the chance of creasing a previously ironed area, meaning you will not have to repeat the task. This procedure can be repeated on other types of shirts. For pants and shorts, iron the seat and front of the shorts first before the legs.

4. Pull Taut

The key to ironing without creating more wrinkles is to make sure that all the pieces are smoothed or pulled taunt when on the ironing board. Iron small sections of the item using only the top third of the iron, focusing the pointed edge of the iron on the hard to reach areas. One hand can be used to move the fabric while the other maneuvers the iron itself.

5. Use the Tapered Edge of the Board

While ironing boards are typically quite large you will really only need to use the tapered half of the board for the task. This edge can be used for shoulders and yolks of shirts and the seat of pants. You will be surprised how stretching the fabric over the edge and pulling it taunt makes ironing a breeze. This does not mean that the rest of the board is without purpose. The length of the board is best used for ironing trouser legs, the bottoms of shorts or skirts.

One of the best things about ironing is that, since you can place the board anywhere you want, it is easily done while watching television or listening to the radio. By following these tips, you will soon not consider ironing to be a chore.

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