4 Strategies for Dealing with Noisy Upstairs Neighbors

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You have just crawled into bed after a long day of work and the noisy upstairs neighbors are at it again. It sounds like there is a live band playing in their living room and herd of buffalo is about to break through your ceiling. Anyone who has ever resided in a multi-level apartment building has probably experienced a little bit of noise from their upstairs neighbors. However, if your noisy ceiling mates are causing sleepless nights and constant annoyance, take action before it gets worse.

1. Timing

It is very possible that your noisy neighbor is totally unaware that their loud lifestyle is invading your space. It is up to you to let them know. The best time to talk to them about it would not be in the heat of the moment when it is loud and you are angry. If you’re tired and mad, chances are that you’re not going to be very patient. Plus if it is in the middle of the night, you don’t know what the neighbors are doing up there and whether they are in the right state of mind for conflict resolution. If they are drinking and partying, chances are it won’t be the most productive conversation.

2. Confrontation

Wait until the next morning and initiate a conversation. You can keep it casual without being aggressive. Just calmly explain to your neighbor that your shared ceiling and floor are very thin and transfer a lot of noise. Ask if they could keep the music down at certain hours or limit their multiple guests to weekend nights. Don’t expect miracles. A little extra noise is just a fact of life for those that share walls with others. In the best case scenario, the neighbor would be apologetic, promise to keep the noise down and keep that promise. However, if they are not compliant with your requests, you can take it to the next level.

3. Management

If you tried to resolve your conflict directly with the neighbor and they continue to be excessively loud, your next step would be to contact the apartment management. There are probably rules in your apartment lease that deal with noise and maybe even visitors. If the neighbors are extremely loud and ignorant of other tenants’ rights, chances are that other tenants have also reported them. If the management company is responsible, they will address the situation with the noisy neighbors.

4. Police Action

If your apartment management company refuses to take action against the offending tenants, it is appropriate to call the police when an incident occurs. Many towns have a noise ordinance that sets rules for how much noise a residence can make. Check out the noise laws in your area and determine if your neighbors may be in violation. The next time that their noise is getting out of control, call your local police. A warning from the police may be enough to make the neighbors realize that there are consequences to their excessive noise.

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  1. December 19, 2009 at 9:17 am, Leah Weir said:

    I’m having problems with my upstairs neighbors. They are talking too loud in the middle of the night and I can’t get no sleep for nothing. I need help in dealing with this matter. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thank-you.

    Leah Weir


  2. December 23, 2009 at 9:58 pm, Art of Noise said:

    The comment about neighbors talking too loud just seems a difficult one to apply. People do have a right to speak and exist in their own apartments, as do you! Why not try a bit of a “live and let live” approach to such harmless behavior? Our neighbors have loud small children who wake us up at all hours; our other neighbors often have friendly gatherings which can go late. This is all just part of apartment living.

    If the concern is just conversation, there is really no grounds for a complaint. You could try a friendly joking comment about it to the neighbors, but otherwise there is not much else you can do. Earplugs might be the best solution.


  3. January 19, 2010 at 3:09 pm, Lisa said:

    I’m having a difficult time with my upstairs neighbours with their “amorous personal relations”. While I do understand that they have their personal rights do I have any of my own when it comes to these delicate matters. The “romps” that begin at 1 in the morning in the middle of the week are leaving me with sleepless nights. I have left a note for them kindly advising them of the noise, but there has been no success. Do I have any rights? and what should my plan of action be?


  4. February 02, 2010 at 10:48 am, Shell said:

    I, too, am having trouble with the “personal relations” from the neighbors upstairs. They were arguing until midnight and apparently made up around 4 am when the very loud squeeking of the bed woke me and my daughter. Yes my daughter has asked me numerous times what they are doing up there. I’m going to try leaving a can of WD40 at their door and asking them to oil the springs….maybe they will take a hint.


  5. February 17, 2010 at 3:31 pm, Chris said:

    Sometimes it isn’t the fault of the upstairs neighbor. Unfortunately, sometimes it is poor upkeep.

    My downstairs neighbors called the police, the city, my landlord… it was a nightmare. Their complaint? They could hear me walking around my apartment at night.

    When that failed, they blamed “machine noise”. Which, of course, nobody could hear including the police. Finally I had to pin a notice on their door demanding that they either provide proof or that I was going to seek legal action.

    They were eventually evicted. I’m moving out… since the apartment is not being fixed up in this economy.


  6. March 13, 2010 at 2:15 am, Zissy said:

    The problem with my upstairs neighbors is a bit difficult. They have one little girl and a chihuahua. The little girl chases the dog across the apt. starting at 8am until midnight most days. Tonight it has stopped at 11:10pm. When I have tried to speak to them they say they don’t understand English. I don’t like to complain because it’s just a small girl and her dog but it’s hard for me to work from home when she is constantly running and running. I’ve told the landlord and he has spoken to them and now all I get is dirty looks. :(


  7. May 01, 2010 at 10:46 pm, Kali (Houston,TX ) said:

    I as an apartment resident have experienced all of the things I am reading about on here. Good to know that I am not the only one who has had noisy ass neighbors upstairs. But, it many cases it’s not really that your upstairs neighbors are excessively noisy. It is really poor construction of the apartment building. The building you and I are living in is not really built for our comfort, it is built for maximum profit for the apartment developer and his investors.
    The only ways to escape the noise from upstairs neighbors is to find yourself a townhouse style rental unit where you are in control of both the bottom floor and the 2nd floor; A rental house;
    or Earplugs. The point I wanted to make is that apartments basically suck, but they do provide low cost, low maintenance housing for people like you and I. It is definitely true what I have heard all my life “You get what you pay for”. Good luck to you all.


  8. May 12, 2010 at 8:39 pm, ACL said:

    I’m having the same problem as Lisa, except for my case it’s a single, male. In addition to the heavy walking, his “successful dates” are also a bit of a problem. It’s random, but when it occurs the entire bed moves, hitting the wall. I haven’t taken action yet, but for a topic as personal as it is what can I do?


  9. June 13, 2010 at 1:18 am, trodupon said:

    I have similar issues with noisy neighbors. They own a large dog that bounds across the floor at all hours of the day and at night, the human neighbors sleep most of the day and don’t “come to life” until late in the evening when they begin stomping, slamming, banging and crashing around.

    Unfortunately, their bedroom is directly above mine and that is where they make the majority of incessant noise. The great part is that the property management of the complex where I live refuses to do anything about it. They are going to relocate this resident when another apartment is available but they are doing nothing about the noise made by them while waiting for another apartment to open up.

    I have been all over asking for help and advice and everything seems to point to what has already been pointed out here: living in apartments is awful.
    If you cannot afford to rent a house then invest in earplugs, a white noise machine and see what type of soundproofing the complex you live in will allow you to put up as a noise-barrier because asking for help seems only to result in YOU ending up being treated like you are the one causing the problem…


  10. October 29, 2010 at 10:34 am, Sadie said:

    My upstairs neighbor is unusually noisy. I can understand coping with the loud stepping but constantly dropping heavy stuff on the floor almost every day at dawn gets really annoying. So, this morning, after being awaken by what sounded like dozen of dumbbells hitting the floor, repeatedly, I decided to go pay the neighbor a visit. Mind you, she simply shouted from behind her comfortably closed door “what do you want?”, thus responding to my knocking on her door (hinting that she knew exactly why I was there). I kindly asked her if it would be possible for her to be more mindful in the morning because there are people living below her. Her reply was : “how about that party last night, huh?” Apparently, she was doing it purposely that particular morning because someone else on the second floor (she’s on the 3rd) was having a party last night. Who has to pay for it? Me!! It was her responsibility to go look for the party and kindly asked the people involved to quiet down. Instead, she decided to take revenge on the wrong people. Being unresponsive and quite rude about the whole thing, I immediately called management to report the incident. If it continues, I am afraid I will simply call the cop!!


  11. October 29, 2010 at 10:38 am, Sadie said:

    Please read “after being awakened” in my 3rd sentence.


  12. November 02, 2010 at 10:05 pm, Darryl said:

    I have been dealing with a family of three who have a 4 year old child with asthma. The child runs, jumps, stomps, bounces ball, drops toys, screams and throws tantrums all hours of the day and night. The parents don’t do anything about it or try to discipline him at all. Now, we don’t blame the child, we blame the irresponsible parents. We have talked with them and they always say yeah, yeah we will keep it down. I’m sure you all know how much that worked. We have a two and a half year old son and my wife is a full time student who has to study till sometimes 3 or 4 in the morning. Guess who is up and throwing tantrums and running wild? We have talked with the landlord who always hangs up on me. BTW, we own our condo. I told him that I will call him everytime they wake me up no matter what time it is. He gets really mad but, we have tried everything. The father now blames all the hyper activity on his son with asthma. He said he won’t discipline his son and now we have to find a way to stop all of this. I’m going to find out what the noise ordinance is for our city and try to take the renters to court. They say if you have enough proof of the noise, you can get the Judge to fine them everytime they are out of line. That’s why i’ve been documenting every minute of everyday the we are home. I write down dates and times. I email it and mail it to the landlord just to show the courts that I am trying to go through proper channels first. Next, I hope to see them in court.


  13. November 14, 2010 at 9:32 am, Tony said:

    I am a musician, I play the electric guitar but very rarely at home as I live in a studio complex. My upstairs neighbors have a stereo with a powered sub woofer which sits on the floor and is connected to their TV. They have the sub woofer up too loud and they turn it down when I complain BUT I suffer from arthritis in both knees so climbing the stairs to complain can be a real chore, they should know by now when it’s too loud and I shouldn’t have to remind them SO:
    I’ve decided to fight fire with fire. Whenever their sub is excessively loud I warm up my Marshall amp, plug in my ’56 Gibson Les Paul and let it rip with a few power chords.
    Now this Marshall is LOUD, so loud that you can hear it 500 metres away, so loud that the walls shake and windows break, so loud that I have permanent ear damage from the years of playing. so loud that my little dog has learned how to drag large cushions off the sofa and stick his bleeding little ears underneath to avoid the noise (he likes my company that much rather than just run away).
    SO LOUD that they turn their chintzy little sub woofer OFF not just down, for the rest of the night.
    It works every time.


  14. November 26, 2010 at 9:53 pm, Dwayne said:

    I live in a two family condo with a unit on the second fllor and my unit on the first floor. Ther is no insulation between the floors and even simple conversations are clearly heard downstairs. I have grown accustomed to some noise as it comes with living in a condo bu when the noise becomes excessive I too have resorted to tit for tat as it seems to be the only thing my neighbors understand. They have no children but three dogs and they are heavy as hell when it comes to walking around. The wife also seems to enjoy walking around in heels. When the noise becomes too loud, I turn to the local rap music station and let it play until three in the morning. This seems to work just fine.


  15. December 17, 2010 at 1:51 pm, jay said:

    it’s all about the rent money..nobody gives a shit about you..I have learned this the hard way.


  16. December 22, 2010 at 3:03 pm, Kikyo said:

    I have the same problems noisy neighbors upstairs, it sounds like an elephant is walking upstairs, have a lot of company coming every night noise, music, tv loud till 3am. I try talking to the owner of these apartments, it gets quiet for a night, then the noise persist over and over again. I ALSO CALLED THE POLICE SEVERAL TIMES BUT STILL THEY DON’T CARE AND CONTINUE MAKING NOISE!!! I TRIED CALLING THE OWNER AGAIN AND THIS IS WHAT SHE SAYS TO ME: YOU’RE SENSITIVE TO NOISE! SHE MADE ME SO MAD WHEN SHE SAID THAT TO ME, THAT I SAID WHY DON’T YOU COME OVER AND SPEND THE NIGHT OVER AND SEE HOW SENSITIVE I AM!!! CAN CAN I DO ABOUT IT???? PLEASE HELP!!!


  17. December 22, 2010 at 5:33 pm, Roz said:

    I am an amputee in a wheelchair and live downstairs from some really rude and noisey neighbors.They stomp and pace from room to room stomping all hours of the day and night!I have contacted the manager several times and the police about them. The police talked to them and the manager did too but they still slam things around,stomp,and if I say anything to them they yell profanities through the floor at me.I am kept up until 3 and 4 am most nights and have to go to dialysis at 5am 3 times a week!! This is starting to affect my health as I need sleep but they obviously don`t!!My manager said they aren`t awatre of what they are doing but they yell at me if I say anything,so that`s a bunch of you know what…My next door neighbor has also complained to the police and manager as well but to no avail.Please help me as I am on my last nerve here and my health is getting worse from no sleep!I have a 13 month lease and cannot move until May of 2011..This has been going on for 3 months now..What more can I do?? Thank you for your time..


  18. June 07, 2011 at 12:49 am, NT said:

    I have a female neighbor upstairs. She just moved in last month. Last Friday I came home from work and whoever she had up their with her were playing drums.. and the bass was loud..now mind you when I had moved in my apartment a year ago, I was assured that you would not be able to hear the neighbors, because it has cement walls. Not true. I had went upstairs to ask them could they not play the drums.. anyway who has drums in an apartment complex. That is just not right. Anyway, I had knocked on the door, several times. Once they did stop, they must have looked out of the peep hole and thought so what and got louder, so I had knocked on the door louder..yes I had yelled because they were ignoring me and I only wanted them to stop. Well now ever since that incident .. she walks real hard, purposely drops things, and this will go on until 2am . I mean the apartment is only so big…I do not want to call the police.. but if it continues I am going to contact the landlord. I can’t move out, because I had just signed my new lease in April… I have to be at work at 7:30am..I don’t know what to do


  19. June 27, 2011 at 10:40 pm, DJM said:

    A broom handle tapping on the ceiling once in a while might help. Of course it caused one Neandertal electric bass playing SOB who lived with his “estranged” wife to rood rage at us, and the police started coming by on their own to check on things and he ended up getting arrested for thugging up to one, but hey it took care of what the complex could not. He wasn’t even a lessee, as in wasn’t on the lease.

    We left that apartment to buy a home after Our apartment flooded for the umpteenth time when it rained and black mold was everywhere and my work suits / clothes in the closet were ruined all because they “fixed” a balcony over our bedroom… We lived with huge garbage cans in our bedroom because the ceiling was a seive.

    Now, I love having a home in a quiet neighborhood where the cops are serious about the noise ordinance. I will be sad if we ever have to move. The only thing I don’t like other than our mortgage serviced – who is the spawn of Satan – is having to pay for all the upkeep and repairs. It wa nice having a handyman on call that I didn’t have to pay. And taxes.


  20. February 18, 2012 at 9:52 pm, Cami said:

    Well, I’m dealing with the same situation–times six. A husband, his wife, and their 4 (younger) daughters). For the past few days (though they claim that they’ve JUST started moving in today), they’ve created noises such as stomping, loud footsteps as their girls are running, etc. I talked to them today and the wife was very understanding and explained that she has been a manager of an apartment complex before and she understands what it means to be considerate to the downstairs neighbors when it comes to noise. The husband seemed a little…ticked. He acted like I was yelling in his face and was very rude to me–even though I was on my nicest behavior. I explained to them that the noise is very loud and very obnoxious and that if they could keep it down just a tad, that would be awesome. The husband walked away, shaking his head, while I said to him, “It’s just a part of being considerate towards the people downstairs…”

    Today is Saturday, and I’m going to speak to management on Monday if the noise has not subsided in the slightest bit.


  21. March 10, 2012 at 10:09 pm, Chase said:

    Last year I rented my 1st floor apartment and my only complaint is the occasional noise from the neighbors upstairs. I’m able to ignore the normal sounds of walking, stuff being dropped and the Sunday exercise machine. But since my apartment is a duplicate of the ones around mine, their bedroom is square above mine. That said, the couple upstairs make the most noise at around 10:00 at night in a joint session.

    Once I had decided it wasn’t a noise I was going to tolerate, I knocked on their door and politely explained the situation. They seemed genuinely shocked I could hear them and, for the better part of a month, their escapades ceased. But as time passed, they started up again. Particularly one night when they both came home drunk and fucked like overweight rabbits at 3:00am. Woke me up as well as the neighbor that shares their wall, I later found out.

    That following morning I knocked on their door and was, unsurprisingly, met with no response. Hangover or just dead asleep, not sure which. I decided to go a different route after that. The job I work at sells greeting cards. I bought a “Congratulations on the baby!” card, addressed it to their unit and dropped it in the mail. These two don’t have a kid and are at that young age where the thought of popping out a child is a terror worse than death.

    I haven’t heard them having sex since.


  22. March 15, 2012 at 12:23 pm, latrice said:

    My upstairs neighbor have an alarm that vibrates every 20 min & it goes off for hours!! It sounds like its vibrating in my room. I asked them to move it or turn it off they said they would but never did. I think I am going to write them a letter because I cannot live like this!!


  23. April 06, 2012 at 10:26 pm, Lying neighbors said:

    I feel for everyone who has written. I am in a battle with my upstairs neighbors as well. One walks like a baby elephant though banging the wall to match the footsteps noise has helped curb that.
    Then, last month, they started running an air purifier or some such device all fricking night and day in their bedroom which is right above mine.
    You try sleeping with whu,whu,whu,whu,whu,whu,whu,whu noise all night long. Sometimes they move it to the living room too. The whu,whu,whu,whu noise and then the high pitch whine of the device is so annoying. I went up and talked to the wife who, with fan noise audible in the background, lied to my face about having a device running. I called the next night and asked her to turn off the device. She denied having one on, but magically the noise stopped.
    The next night I’d had enough and phoned and read her the riot act about the noise by-law in the building.
    I’ve resorted to turning on the bathroom fan all night for “white noise” to drown out their device noise at night but am worried about disturbing other owners.
    Today I’ve played music in the bedroom all day and into the evening. I don’t think I can sleep with the music on but maybe it will get the message across.
    The building management are going to send them a letter also.
    My next step will be talking to the neighbors to see if they are also being affected and encourage them to complain.
    I just purchased this place and have only been here for 7 months.
    I first comlained about their noise when I moved in and they wrote this bull-crap note lying about having kids running around upstairs and on their balcony – unbelievable.
    I’ve started looking for a new residence while continuing to work to correct this issue.
    Luckily I am on the strata for this building, so hopefully can have it resolved soon.
    It still amazes me that people think they can lie to your face and behave inconsideratley towards their neighbors without any accountability.


  24. April 08, 2012 at 9:03 pm, Inconsiderate Neighbors said:

    I can’t believe that so many people are having the same problem as I with the most ignorant, inconsiderate upstairs neighbors. I have been nice, patient, angry and even generous towards these people and yet nothing has changed. The more I complain, the worse they get. I have given them a total of three rugs, yet they drop barbells on the floor daily, play loud music and wake me up from my sleep and every time I call the police, they stop for a little while and then they deliberately tap on the floor every couple seconds, like a dripping tap, the landlord refuses to address the problem and tells me to find my own house if I don’t want to be disturbed. Well after so many police calls and attempts to make peace with these idiots, I have taken the landlord to court for disturbance of peace and I hope that the judge will grant a solution. I can’t believe that people can be so evil, inconsiderate and ignorant.


  25. April 30, 2012 at 11:19 pm, Johnny patient said:

    Just purchased a condo in Ca. Bottom unit of a 4 plex….I understand dropping crap and creeky floors even the occasional party on weekends. My problem is my upstairs neighbors thought it a good idea to buy and use a treadmill on an upstairs condo built in 1968. My pictures rattle, and it thumps like a raped ape. My girlfriend works afternoons and into the night so she likes to sleep until 10-11 am but 9 am every morning rowdy piper and macho man randy savage are having a cage match above us. It’s so loud my iPhone pics it up when I record. I left a note giving ok times (never in my opinion should someone use a treadmill full bore in an upstairs unit) but gave times 12-5 pm and we will see what happens. I’m extremely tolerant to everyday noise even loud walking and such but to get out of bed and have a cup of joe on sunday morn only to hear that and have every picture on my wall rattle like crazy is lame.


  26. June 14, 2012 at 7:49 pm, hate mean people said:

    I live in apartment downstairs alone and above me are a young mother (without a clue) and 3 young kids and visiting family and boyfriend (all in a small 2 bdrm apt); She is thin but walks as if she has cement attached to her feet, sounds like bigfoot, and kids jumping on beds and landing on floor (my ceiling), bouncing balls, throwing things on floor (my ceiling) and running up and down the hallway above me; sometimes awake all night until 5 in the am stomping around, etc; I’ve talked 4 times to apt manager and he now says the young girls father helped her get this apt and he lives here in an apt too, so the Mgr is now taking it easy on the upstairs tenant because her father has an apt here too and he does not want to have 2 empty apts if he evicts her; I’ve called police 4 times for noise complaint and does no good; Kids throw everything in the sun off the balcony, broken plastic, pooper scooper, pennies, clothing, bread bags, trash and half of it lands on my patio; they have a dog and I have NEVER EVER seen anyone walk the dog outside; very sad for that poor dog; I know I should not make negative comments about trailer parks but it just seems to me like they need to get back on that turnip truck they fell off of and go back to their trailer park and fry something; I’m about to move out and I’ve lived here over 10 years and do like it here.


  27. June 14, 2012 at 8:39 pm, hate mean people said:

    Bought some Bose Noise Canceling Headphones at Best Buy; cost $312.00 but the best investment ever in maintaining my sanity; Tempted to move to an apartment complex that has only 1 story apartments with no one above you; I don’t hear neighbors beside me, just above me and if you get some idiots who just fell off the turnip truck moving from their trailer park, you’re in for some very interesting life lessons. They share a truck with their other family members that is old and is mostly gray with a red hood and one white door and on the other side a white fender; I can’t help but feel sorry for them but the noise makes me crazy until I put on my Bose Noise Canceling Headphones and then I’m fine. I could probably make some money writing a story about those people above me and then afford to buy my own house.


  28. June 14, 2012 at 8:45 pm, hate mean people said:

    A long time ago I had guy living above me in an apartment who I discovered was having prostitutes come over upstairs; I could hear everything; sometimes he would call one to come over in the am before he left for work, one day the girl left her car running outside and was in a hurry and left keys in her car and locked door and when she came out of the apartment 15 minutes later and discovered she locked herself out of her running car in the road she kicked her tire and the guy upstairs had to come down and pry open her car door. I think I’m about to move to a 55 and over retirement community. . . this kind of thing certainly would not be happening there.


  29. July 10, 2012 at 5:22 am, tony said:

    ignorant, inconsiderate upstairs neighbors, they also stomp at 3 am and finally the noise die down at 7am, but this noise keeps me away, the lady walks like a elephant, and I know she is doing this on purpose after I complained on her, but the manager she said she cannot control people’s life, but what about my peace? and my little kids, I’m fed up with this situation, I want to end my lease but the cancellation fees are outrageous $1350, I don’t have this kind of money, what can I do, I still have 8 months of my lease.


  30. July 14, 2012 at 7:05 pm, sick and tired said:

    I have some Einsteins above me here in Plainville. I wonder why people in general just dont get it. Is it education? Upbringing? Or they lived in a house before hand and have had a silver spoon yanked from their mouthes. I have written 2 letters. I dont mind normal living,thats expected. But these air samples let the kids run free from 6AM to 11:45 PM. Bouncing basket balls,jumping off the couches and chairs, running up and down hallway at full gallop. I know kids play,thats fine,,this is a joke. Last week the 3 year olds were walking on their SUV roof in the rain,sliding down the windshield…while dumb dum daddy was on phone inside basketball court.Kids are never guided,always trailing behind the mother,bouncing to and fro,running in all diections.Even my 2 children ask me whats wrong with them. I just say we have rules and abide by societies guidelines for behavior. While some people just dont get it, nor care about others. I see now these parents are seperated…he isnt a salesman on long trips. hes a duh….duh duh. childish message to him and his blond dummy…phugh you!!!


  31. August 15, 2012 at 3:00 am, The 2 S.P's said:

    I understand & sympathize with all who’s written here.. We too have neighbours from hell..
    however we are blessed with 2 apartments : 1 above us & 1 below us. :-( who are new immigrants, with 2 elderly parents, their daughter and her husband and their 4 kids living in a 2 bdrm apartment, in one.
    While the new immigrants who moved in below I think are related. they too have an old couple, their son and his wife with 3 loud screaming kids.
    I don’t believe they have phones so they yell to each other from upstairs above me, to downstairs below me in a high pitch language, but they always yell over one another so it sounds like they are always fighting or something..
    They never attend to their screaming crying kids who pound, slam doors, cry all hours if the day and night.. it sounds like a bloody bowling alley above me and below me.. Day and night.
    6 months ago I received a letter from property manager saying I was to stop all the loud noise and screaming…???? huh?

    So I proved the property manager wrong as it wasn’t me making noise it was upstairs and below me.. I recorded everything to prove myself innocent.. then I started complaining about all the excess noise because It was horrible, day and night.
    But then the property manager tells me to stop complaining. I have to let kids be kids and not to complain… yet this all started because they sent me a letter to cease and stop from all the noise..
    Now this summer the tenants above have started pouring bleach down on us saying they are cleaning bird crap from balcony.. but they killed all our plants, tomatoe plants, house plants, ruined our balcony with dirty bleach and bird poop..
    Yet cops say they don’t speak English … so what we going to do?? They say talk to landlord, who do sent give a dam, because we just have to deal with it.
    They community lawyer even said noise complaints are so hard to prove and fight in landlord tenant board. Even with all the proof I have.. it will be me who will have to move.
    It will be me who will have to pay for movers, because tenants who are new immigrants to Canada, especially with kids can get away with SO much more than me, a person with severe disabilities.


  32. August 15, 2012 at 8:41 pm, Upstairs Crazy Legs said:

    Someone moved in above me and has loud feet. I’m gonna give them one verbal warning and then I’m gonna either fight them (if it’s a guy) or bash their car/property in (girl). The end.


  33. September 03, 2012 at 10:18 pm, rex said:

    Crazy Legs, I wish we could do that & get away with it. Some people in this world truly deserve a severe beating.


  34. September 09, 2012 at 7:53 pm, cindy said:

    I’ve got the same problems; family of four with two kids aged 3 and 5. They chase each other all day, running, jumping, diving. Landlord has twlked to them twice with no help. Now I think they are doing it on purpose because they know I complained about them. I found a different place to move to but unfortunately I am still under lease. So I’ll make some recordings as proof of what I’m dealing with and HOPE my landlord wont sue me for breaking the lease. Coincidently, they put this 2-family up for sale immediately after I started complaining. I bet anything that’s why the lady who lived here before me moved. If the cheap landlords would just install thick pad and carpet, it wouldn’t be so bad but no… they like the “charm” of hardwood floors. Well their charm is going to cost them!


  35. September 29, 2012 at 8:30 pm, kathy said:

    I have an upstairs neighbor with an 11 year old son The kid NEVER goes outside instead he plays indoors all day..is room is directly above mine and his favorite thing to do is jump off his bed and on to he floor …alllllllllllll day running around jumping..After reaching my breaking point I composed myself thinking maybe the mother just didn’t realize how loud it actually is..sooo I went up and told her “Hey I understand you have a kid and kids will be kids but I work at 4a can you plz just stop him from jumping?” her response was ” No he can do whatever he wants he is a kid and I am not going to change who he is.” whaaaaaaaaat???? I said “I don’t want to change who he is I want him to be respectful of the fact that people live below.” she said “No.” in fact she from that point on began jumping up and down eith him yelling through the floor “is that bothering you?” and laughing this goes on for hours…Today I came home from work walked into the building as she was leaving and her son was staying home as she got into her car she yelled to the kid “make sure to make as much noise as possible.” WTF??? I have left email and phone call complaints with the landlord I am currently waiting for a resolution…I am at my wits end


  36. October 02, 2012 at 6:39 am, This is insane! said:

    This is some bullshit! I have the most irritating upstairs neighbors ever! Three very overweight women, one average sized man, and two kids (5 year old boy and a 6 month old baby) in a two bed apartment. The family is a little odd and I tried to ignore the noise for a time. About a week. But its so unbearable I can’t take it anymore. I have tried talking to the landlord, but the noise continues even though the landlord has left notes on their door, informing them in person. Nothing has worked. They let their kids pound and bang and run a muck until like four or five in the morning. Their older child screams, runs around, goes back and forth from loudly playing inside their apartment to loudly playing outside. All of this happens the same time each night for countless hours. I have a two year old toddler who is constantly being woken up because ether people upstairs have no respect. I tried talking to them once, but these people just blankly stared at me like I was speaking a foreign language even though they speak fluent English. They play dumb, though, so i’m not sure what to do. One of the three women works late, so I can understand that, but the noise lasts for hours. It sounds like a stampede up there and they don’t seem to care. Their five year old is so unruly, and their infant isn’t that loud, but the infant is allowed to play with toys that are dropped at all hours of the night and i’m just fed up. If you’re going to let your kids play at ungodly times of the night, at least make them play at a tolerable level. Kids pay, but wtf do they think this is, a McDonalds 24 hour play place! ! ! They don’t even try to make their kid listen, they just scream at him from their window. Omg, I can’t take this anymore. It is now almost six in the morning and these people are showing no signs of stopping. Why can’t they just STFU, DAMN!


  37. October 02, 2012 at 9:15 am, Tyler said:

    Mine is a fat old mental patient who walks around like a herded cow at all time of the night, and vacums at around 8-9 in the morning to 10-11 at night, how do you deal with this mother—–?


  38. October 21, 2012 at 1:42 am, This is insane! said:

    @Tyler……. Lol, I know right! I would demand that the landlord either move you or him! I would be livid if I was put below a mental patient. Oh the humanity.


  39. November 14, 2012 at 9:10 am, Tearingmahairout!! said:

    You know the thing is these a holes upstairs must have just moved in about three months or so ago because I don’t ever remember it being like this. I moved in about 7 months ago and every thing was fine…..Now all I hear is chairs being dragged back n forth back n forth..I actually think the sound is going to put me in the nut house!! And not just that, there little kid (about 5 or so ) runs back n forth thumping as loud as she can, they drop things over and over’ I don’t get it, do these people constantly have butter smothered all over there fingers? I mean y? Y can’t u hold on to something for less than a Minuit at all times????
    I have went upstairs to talk to them twice so far, the first time I was very nice and asked if I could buy those little pads to stick to the bottom of there chairs and got a reply of ” oh… Da bang bang?”
    Ya the freakin bang bang lady!!!
    The last time I went up and she did not even answer the door,just a ” who is it?” Well,we’ll I thought u didn’t speak a no engli?
    Anyway I don’t know what to do as I have a very hard time ever telling on anybody or epically calling no damn cops but I donno, it’s getting pretty bad.
    Help :-(


  40. November 29, 2012 at 7:13 am, Sleepless in Seattle said:

    I’m up at 4:00am, researching what I can do to have my neighbor evicted, as he is destroying my health by deliberately waking me up several times each night. He doesn’t like my snoring, which is the result of my severe obstructive sleep apnea (which is untreatable), and is totally involuntary. Rather than take reasonable measures of his own, such as moving his bed away from our common wall, or wearing ear plugs to bed (both of which I have done, in an effort to escape being awakened by him), he instead bangs on the wall and wakes me up. He is in violation of the laws against disturbing the peace, as well as the terms of his lease agreement, yet I am unable to get the offsite management to do anything, nor will the police take any action. The police have told me they can’t do anything unless he is “making noise” when they arrive on the scene. Well, of course they would find no one making any noise because they guy isn’t playing loud music or anything of that nature. He beating on the wall, and this only occurs once every few hours or so. In order for the police to witness it, they would have to be here in my apartment with me while I’m asleep in order to hear it.

    I have checked the local and state landlord-tenant laws, as well as the nuisance and noise abatement laws, and the latter seems to be aimed at complaints of on-going noise from stereos, etc. Not a word about this sort of activity.

    The walls here are like tissue paper. I can hear him sneeze! He just banged on the wall as I was typing this, because he could hear my laptop keyboard!

    I have lived here almost 3 years, now, and he only moved in a little over a year ago. I have never had this type of issue with anyone in that apartment before, and he is the third neighbor I’ve had on that side since I moved in. At first, my only complaint about this guy was his coming in late at night, slamming his door, bringing his friends in with him and partying until 4:00am. I contacted the management and they got him to stop that. Since then, the management has changed to the present do-nothings, who won’t respond to my letters, emails, voicemail messages or anything else. I have researched trying to sue them for non-performance of the lease agreement, but the laws tend to favor the landlord, not the tenant.


  41. December 17, 2012 at 1:13 am, I Hate My Neighbor said:

    @Sleepless in Seattle, I would be pissed too if I could hear someone snoring all night. That is YOUR issue, medical or not. Your neighbors shouldn’t have to listen to it. Get some Breathe Right strips or see a doctor.

    My upstairs neighbor has a fat little corgi that barks constantly when she isn’t home (which is most of the time) and when she is home, it runs back and forth at all hours. I have a 9yo daughter who is constantly woken up in the middle of the night by this miserable creature and there is little I can do. Management doesn’t care. I’m going to have to find some creative solutions.


  42. December 31, 2012 at 6:59 pm, Tenants Above Me Don't Care said:

    Reading all these comments, I now know, I am not alone. I live in an muti-family apartment building with 69 apartments. There are only one bedroom and studio apartments in this building. The building is overcrowded and the landlord or Property Manager have to know this. I live in a large studio apartment. The tenants above me moved in about 6 months ago at 1 a.m. I knew then, this was a bad Omen because a well managed property wouldn’t let tenants move in at this late night early morning. It’s a young guy and girl with a child. I had to go upstairs 3 times when they first moved in because they were playing ball with and running in the apartment with their child like wild ‘savages’. The last time I went up there, the young woman stated to me, management knew she had a child and the tenants about her sometimes made noise. I told her, this had nothing to do with me and she should complain to management. Last night during the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys game, the tenants above me starting dropping hard objects on the floor and they have carpet. I hit the ceiling hard with the broom several times. In retailiation, they stomped hard on the floor. They did it twice. I didn’t want a confrontation with these animals because I don’t want to get into trouble. I call 911 and the police came and went upstairs. I also sent an email to the Property Manager and landlord. They were quite the rest of last night. Guess what, they started the hard walking and stomping tonight, New Year’s Eve. There 2 or 3 year old kid have awaken me at 2 a.m. in the morning screaming and crying or the couple have woke me up fucking so loud, the bed was banging against the floor. To all on here, thank you because I had become depressed thinking, I was alone. I’m 57 years old on disability. I am going to see if I can move into a senior citizen building in a nice area. I pray that I win a financial blessing to move the hell up out of here. Rents in Washington, D.C. is very expensive in Northwest and apartments start around $1,800 up to $7,000.

    Happy New Year!!!


  43. January 04, 2013 at 3:31 pm, Cara Thompson said:

    I am the upstairs neighbor and I’m looing for advice. I am sad because I had no idea how noisy my four year old and I are until my downstairs neighbor posted a nasty mean status update calling us degenerate trash and so on bc she has to work long shifts and has a baby herself and gets up at 5 am for work. The thing is I work late at night and simply walking up my stairs after work disturbs her apparently. When my daughter and I get home from school, I go to work and her heavy set dad watches her. They both walk so loudly even though I tell them every day to stop!!! Now my neighbors hate me. I am trying to find an apartment that is one story or something because I have lived here for three years and I have noticed that the walls must be very thin. I am scared to live! I have no privacy and bad anxiety. I don’t want to be on bad terms wth my neighbors! I try to gt my four year old to stop walking like that by putting her in time out and taking away tv, or toys, but it is like beating my head with a brick.


  44. January 14, 2013 at 1:08 pm, Fed Up With The Scumbags Above said:

    After reading all the other comments on here my neighbour issues don’t seem that bad but they are really because I am here writing this. I have an oldish couple above me who walk like they have bags of coal strapped to their feet, stomp stomp stomp. They cannot shut doors or windows they have to slam them and loud (I guess this is to let the apartment block that they are home maybe?) But the worse is every weekend from Friday to Sunday they have visitors who stay over which consists of their son and his missus, their 2 or 3 year old kid and a large dog – all in a 2 bedroomed apartment! The kid runs about squealing and shrieking all weekend until after 11pm which isn’t right as he should be in bed by then. This noise has done me right in and totally stressed me out over the past few year or so. I work full time and hate my weekends at home which isn’t how life is suppose to be. I complained to the landlord and things did calm down a bit but its esculated again and i am peeeed off. I can’t continue to shout shut the f*** up you scumbags at the ceiling or bang something to vent my frustration. So, in my living room i have 4 ft speakers to my music system, i don’t like to play these (daft i know) as i have a nice neighbour below me and i don’t want to upset her with the music. So on top of these speakers each weekend when the kid starts running wild i place a very large pile of books and on top i place my little stereo and point it at the ceiling and i let the music play, normally drum and bass or heavy dance music and boy they don’t like it. At first they get the kid to run faster and harder but i just make sure the volume is on high and i go and do something in another room. Ok its not fixing the problem but i am fed up of putting up with crap from them so i let them have it and loud! I have even gone out to the gym and left the music on – i have had enough of playing Miss Nice. So to everyone who has noisy neighbours above – no its not you, you are not being unreasonable as not everyone is as considerate as you are. Yes it does get you down and make you feel like you don’t want to go be at home but unless you can move or you have confidence your landlord will sort it then you have got to give as good as you get. Invest in some heavy music and get the speakers as near to your ceiling as possible and let them have it……….worth a try anyway.


  45. January 24, 2013 at 2:05 am, worried said:

    I have upstairs neighbors who are Hispanic. I smell pot coming from my air vents every once in a while, but that’s not even the worst. The man shouts profanities at the woman at night when I’m sleeping and threatens her physically. Tonight it escalated and he beat the crap out of her. She was screaming bloody murder as I could hear each pound. I did not hesitate and called 911 immediately… they came and knocked on their door about 20 times but no answer from them. Unfortunately since they got dead quiet almost immediately after the first knock the officers could not do a thing. Tomorrow I am going to complain with apt management and hopefully get what this bastard deserves. I only hope the woman has some sense to stand up for herself. Although I am still worried because I have not herd a peep out of her for 3 hours now. Ive only heard the man walking around… I hope she is ok and praying for her.


  46. January 24, 2013 at 3:50 pm, Sam said:

    I have stupid neighbors, they yell and fight, and jam country music. My husband has a night shift job, and im tempted to go out there and set their asses straight. I may be short and stalky and not intimidating, but im tired of the shit.


  47. February 03, 2013 at 11:06 pm, Peter said:

    Noisy upstairs neighbors are all a part of a growing number of people in society who think that “it’s all about me”. These people do not acknowledge the rights, needs, or importance of anyone but themselves and it goes way beyond the apartment problem. These are the same folks who hog parking spaces (parking in two and not one), they spend an hour texting on the weight machine at the gym (while others wait in line to use it), they engage in social conversations with people behind the window/s at the Post Office while there is a long line behind them, they do the same at the bank (with the teller), they weave from lane to lane on the highway, but push you aside without saying excuse me on the subway, they talk loudly on their cell phone in the restaurant so all other customers can hear it, they simply do not consider anyone but themselves. In their minds, nothing is justified unless it’s to their benefit. Many of these folks are commenting on these forums about noisy neighbors as well. If you turned the tables, however, and they were downstairs, they would react as any human being would.


  48. February 05, 2013 at 6:08 pm, Kiki said:

    I have an Asian family of four that live above me. The noise has
    been going on for a year now. The kids jump and run constantly, 24/7, they never
    Sleep and the parents don’t discipline them. I have complained
    To the management three times now and each time they said they have left a message on my neighbor’s machine telling them there has been a
    Noise complaint. If anything, it’s getting worse. My grades are suffering because I can’t concentrate enough to study. I’m becoming anxious and depressed. I’m at my wit’s end. My next door
    Neighbor found out I complained and scoffed at me, telling me I should let children be children. Yes, but at what cost?


  49. February 07, 2013 at 2:52 pm, Shelia said:

    I just moved into an apartment 2 weeks ago. The neighbors who live above me are foreign exchange students around 20 to 22 years of age. I have spoken to them on 3 occasions about how loud their walking is to me. They apologize and claim that they will be more cautious but then turn around that same night and continue. They are in and out of the bedroom above me constantly til 2 and 3 in the morning. It is so loud that it sounds as if they are about to come through the floor. I counted several nights they made 30 trips in and out of the bedroom within an hour. And these were all after midnight. They have an outdoor table set up in their dining area for beer pong! Mattresses on the floors with no frames or anything. Dorm room living in what is supposed to be a “family-oriented” complex. I have called the office about it and they keep telling me to call the courtesy officer. Well how is the officer to approach them with an anonymous complaint about walking too heavy and too late at night????? So I called the courtesy officer last night at 11:24 pm and left a message. The greeting states that the officer will return my call. So I left a message with my phone number and he’s never called me back.

    I called the management companies corporate office. Spoke to the regional guy and told him that issue among others. He said unfortunately there’s nothing they can do about the walking. Then proceeded to ask if it’s an option for me to move to an upstairs unit would that be ok. I asked how would my stuff get moved and he said that I would be responsible for the move. I told him that I didn’t feel that it was my financial responsibility to move myself to another unit since I have not broken any rules nor disturbed anyone. And that maybe they should move the tenants above me to a first floor unit. It doesn’t matter who moves in below them, they are going to have the same complaint and the leasing office will still be dealing with that tenant.

    What are my options? I do know that I have my rights to peace and enjoyment along with quality of life. My quality of life is being ruined with only able to get 4-5 hours of sleep every night.


  50. February 17, 2013 at 9:57 pm, Fed Up said:

    Let me start by saying that my mother, brother, and I have been living in a bottom floor apartment now for almost 6 years. The neighbours above us before these hellions moved in were so quiet, I didn’t even know they had moved. Now i’m wishing they hadn’t.

    A family of four moved in upstairs the day before Thanksgiving (so about three months ago) and it’s been the worst three months of my life. They have a four year old son and a one year old daughter, who both run, jump, shriek, and tumble around on the floor from 8am til sometimes midnight. At first, we tried to talk to the parents. They are both passive-aggressive, and make it seem like we are the ones being unreasonable. The mother seems to be a bit more understanding than the father, who has basically told my mother off and said it was perfectly fine for his children to run around all day. Their parenting skills are atrocious. They scream at the kids (which other people in the apartment building have also complained about) and claim they “can’t control their children”. We should not have to deal with noise that wakes us up every single morning because they are terrible parents. They also play their music with the bass turned way up early in the morning. It’s ridiculous.

    My mother has complained the the landlord twice, and we have found out the father isn’t even on the lease. I have severe anxiety and also wrote my own letter to the landlord, and she has told us there are “floor problems” in the apartment above ours that will be fixed in March. Somehow, I doubt it will help, but I can keep an open mind, and keep using my ear plugs.


  51. May 05, 2013 at 9:57 am, kerrie said:

    My neighbors been so loud for months the girl can’t weigh more then 90 pounds but she walks like she weighs 500. On top her walking she love to pace her floor wearing high heel boots so the heavy walking is 100% worse. Then they fight all hours of the night everyday and their pot smoking is so thick I have gotten headaches from the smell from it coming through the vents. I have did little complaining to landlords since they moved in and now this last month I finally told the landlord everything and they put it all on me and my husband saying they never fight its us. We sell drugs, etc and landlord actually don’t know who to believe now even though I’ve been saying stuff for months now. Ready to tear off their heads next time they wake my child, or he asks what’s that smell again. I had to start calling the cops all the time to get proof who is doing what and I did and landlord still don’t know who to believe when they never had to call the cops on me. Grrrr so fed up can’t wait lease is up in two months I’m gone they can listen to the next people complain now


  52. June 17, 2013 at 10:00 pm, Precious said:

    I have been living in the same 3 family home for the last 7 years. They have never raised the rent since I moved in, it was quiet, peaceful for 7 years. The first floor was an older lady, the second was the owner/son and me on the third, we all worked and were quietly home at different times of day or night. We all saw each other so sporadically, I only saw the son to give him the rent money.
    Unfortunately he moved to Europe to get married and live there. Sadly a few weeks ago the older lady passed away suddenly.
    First I absolutely hate his sister in the 7 years I have lived there I have seen her less than 4 times, he always handled everything and there was nothing to handle. I am an excellent tenant, rent on time, clog drains, old smoke alarms, painted and polished hardwood floors I did it myself. She does not know what she is doing, she is a liar and hypocrite. I can’t stand it.
    So a month ago this flamboyant, ignorant queen moved in on the second floor. I have no problem with gay/lesbian/black/brown/yellow people. I don’t have issues with who he is I have a problem with his behavior and thinking he moved in a minute ago and can change the rules and just take over. I have always taken my shoes off down stairs and leave them behind the door, he her to tell me to move them because he will have guests coming in and this douche bag has 2 entrances and I have one because I am on the third floor. Not wanting to cause problems and being neighborly I did, so that gave him the balls to think he can do whatever. No ma’am. He has been moving in since May 1st everyday bring in furniture, dropping, dragging things around for hours on end and there are dogs and I was told no pets. When I called her to tell her she said oh they are moving in. One Monday morning I came back from work and there was crap all over the front porch covered in tarps. It’s ok for me or my guests to see that crap. I blew my fuse, I went in screamed and made all kinds of noise. I texted her she ignored me, later I called her she said she hadn’t received the
    texts. Pure lies, when I text her to get the rent money you respond.She is obviously for some reason stuck in his ass, she had the nurse to tell me he owns a store in the mall. I don’t give a flying hoot who he is or what he does we both pay rent and should be treated equal. He is gay he should know more about that. A week later the crap was still on the porch and I realized I was my own on this and would take the law into my hands.
    So what I do is in response to all the noise and bitch ass behavior I play my music so loud that it puts him out of the house or shuts him up. One day from 5pm to 11pm he dragged, dropped and stomped I waited until he was quiet in bed and my home theatre system is on top of his bedroom I blasted the music from 12am until it stopped at 3am. All I did was go into my bedroom shut the door, turn the AC on and went to sleep and I will continue to do it.
    This weekend it came to a head, for someone who has the house owners stuck in his ass he has no idea which mail box or door bell is his but quick to have them tell me to move my shoes instead of asking about his apartment and it’s operations.
    So I guess he ordered food and didn’t care to tell the delivery guy which door bell to ring. They have rang 2 times before and I ignored it but I am so tired of his BS. I went down stairs totally ignored him and told the delivery guy to ring the second door bell next time and proceeded to go back to my apartment. This short dumpy, old, bad skin had the nurve to ask me which door bell is his. I told him to ask the people that rented him the apartment not me, he got aggressive and told me I had a bad attitude and I was a bitch. Oh My God I let him have it, I called him all kinds of names under the son. A screaming match ensued, his dogs barking, his gay “cousin” came out to see. He tried to calm the situation but this flamboyant queen was so immature and he charged at me. I told him to go ahead, I will knock his head off and call the police. He quieted down some after that and the weekend but he is still acting like the ass hole that he is. I will be a bitch all day everyday I have been called worse by better.
    Thank God for my mom I called her she made me feel better and my boyfriend spent the weekend. I never thought that I would have this problem but it’s here and I am going to handle it. As long as I am home I he will never sleep or relax, I will drop, drag things and play loud music any time. To anybody who has a bad neighbor, don’t play nice. Give it right back to them, it’s your home too, you pay rent, enjoy it and fuck the slumlord.

    Thank God for my mom I called her and I felt better and my boyfriend came over to spend the weekend. Helped me forget


  53. November 24, 2013 at 10:53 pm, Kimberly said:

    I’m dealing with the same thing this woman has two kids and also married her 2 year old jumps off the couch I’m beyond pissed off and tired


  54. January 30, 2014 at 7:49 pm, Jon said:

    I have an Asian couple who lives above me. They don’t work, and if they are students it is online because they NEVER LEAVE. They sleep through the day and wake up at 2 in the afternoon, and from then until 3 in the morning they are constantly stomping, fighting, yelling, running garbage disposal excessively, and opening and slamming shut their sliding glass door minimum 20 times… It is ridiculous. They are obnoxious and disrespectful. The managers or police wont do anything. My lease ends in 6 months, so then I am moving to a different apartment and making sure it is upstairs.


  55. February 27, 2014 at 3:53 pm, James J said:

    I have an problem with the tenant up stairs who loves to blast music in the middle of the night. Every since she moved in in October i have had the displeasure of hearing her two children race around the apartment, drop, bang and cause all kinds of noise starting as early as 6 a.m. Recently that noise subsided with the replacement of her loud music. For the last week she starts up her music at about 11pm and carries it on until about 5a.m. I have reported her to management..it persist. last night i called the police..and as soon as they left she turned it back up. My next line of action is to go up there, which i’ve been trying to avoid because i know how angry i can get if disrespected. I’m short on options, patience and sleep. Anybody have a suggestion?


  56. March 30, 2014 at 6:54 pm, Lisa Schimpf said:

    I have a neighbor that blasts their stereo below me and I have a new neighbor above me that has a grandchild that she lets run wild nonstop and coming from someone with two children ages 4 and 5 i am about to lose my mind!!! I have asked both neighbors to one turn down the radio and two to please get your grandchild to stop running and jumping. I am respectful of my neighbors but obviously i got the short end of the stick cuz not only do i have one crappey neighbor i have two. I have called my landlord and made a complaint and she advised me that if this isnt happening after 11pm theres really nothing they are going to be able to do. I NEED HELP!!! Whats my next step from here without involving the police hopefully.


  57. April 13, 2014 at 4:19 pm, Karren said:

    I moved to the woods to get away from all the traffic & noise. I found an awesome job at the local hospital & thought I found the perfect place to live. After spending all my savings relocating, I find out that the guy who lives above me is unemployed & has no intentions of ever going back to work. I was told twice by the landlord prior to me moving in, that the guy had a full-time job and that he was very quiet. WHAT A LIE! Had I been told the truth that he was home full-time, I could of rented elsewhere. I had many options. But now I’m on a (1) yea lease & totally stuck. The landlord said I could buy out but I don’t have thousands of dollars to do that. I tried to make friends with the guy upstairs, hoping that would help, but he’s a total —- who wants to be left alone. He washes his laundry day & night, making the pipes clink constantly & he never sleeps. I have no idea why he walks on the ceiling so much since our places are the same size & tiny. It’s like he paces back & forth because he is bored or something. I feel like he is in charge of the entire place, not just a renter like myself. He walks around outside like he is the president or something. He hogs the parking spaces we share, he never leaves to go do anything so I can have the apartments to myself. It’s really horrible. I feel so depressed & sad here in my new place now. All the excitement of this new adventure is gone due to one very loud, selfish, asshole who lives upstairs from me. One full year of my life is now going to be wasted due to this stupid loser human being.


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