4 Reasons to Rent a Townhouse

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If you have the opportunity to rent a townhouse, you should. It’s a far better option than renting a unit in an apartment building. Renting a townhouse gives you the experience of living in your home, and in a rent-to-own arrangement, you could be living in the next home you own. Even if you have no intention of buying the townhouse you rent, it’s still better to rent a private home than to rent a regular apartment.

1 – Less People around You to Deal With

There are so many strangers to deal with in an apartment building. Even if you never speak to them, they can have an impact of the peace and enjoyment you experience in your apartment. For example, if one tenant above you plays loud music, and another tenant to the side of you has a barking dog, your apartment life will be stressful. The landlord can intervene, but many times it only causes friction between you and your neighbors, or the landlord doesn’t follow through with consequences and the behavior continues. In a townhouse, you eliminate or reduce the number of tenants you have to deal with. You may share a wall with one or two tenants. It’s still a lot easier than dealing with multiple tenants in an apartment building. Try to rent an end unit if you can so that you only share one neighbor.

2 – Newly Constructed

Many townhouses are newly constructed, but some units in apartment buildings are in desperate need of remodeling. You may pay more to rent a townhouse because of the new construction, but it’s worth it sometimes because of the money you’ll save on energy costs. For example, if you rent an apartment that’s not well insulated, or has old windows that let air in and out of the apartment, your heating and cooling usage will be high. That leads to high electric and gas bills. You would spend less money on energy costs in a townhouse that has newer construction and insulation. A townhouse is often more energy efficient.

3 – Better Arrangement for Roommates

The split-level feature of a townhouse, and the additional space it offers is better for roommates. You have more space to spread out and not feel as if you’re living on top of each other. It’s an even better arrangement if you rent a townhouse with a basement. You can decorate the basement and make it a living area for you or your roommate. You are limited in your options when renting a unit in an apartment building.

4 – Amenities

A townhouse is guaranteed to have a laundry area with a washer and dryer hookup. That’s not the case with an apartment unit in a building, although there might be a centralized laundry area for all tenants. You don’t have to leave your place to do laundry when you rent a townhouse. You’ll save time and money taking care of your laundry inside your townhouse.

Enjoy the benefits you gain when you rent a townhouse. Consider finding one first, before looking for a unit in an apartment building.

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