3 Tips When You Break a Lease

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You’re sick and tired of the sewer running through your apartment, your neighbors and their pets won’t stop running around above you, your car has been broken into twice within the last month, and all you want to do is just leave your apartment. Too bad you still have 6 months left on your lease. Before you threaten your landlord with leaving him with an empty apartment, make sure you know these 3 tips when you break you lease.

1. Find a new apartment BEFORE you move out of your current hell hole

You may be excited that you’re about to get out of your lease, but make sure that you have a place to stay while transitioning from your current apartment to your new apartment. There have been many horror stories of tenants who break their lease because the situation was so bad and end up temporarily homeless.

Before you break your lease, be sure to find a new apartment that you can afford. If you can’t find an apartment complex that you can afford, you might want to consider having roomies, getting an apartment loan, or sucking it up and staying at the apartment you’re in now.

You should also be sure to research the new apartment. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in the same unpleasant situation in the future. ApartmentRatings.com lists many apartments with resident ratings to give you an insiders look at the complex. Look in your area to find your other options in apartment complexes.

Don’t sign your new lease until you’ve seen the apartment you will be occupying. It’s important that you know what you are getting before you actually move out of your old place, which could, unfortunately, be better than the new apartment complex.

2. Don’t burn any bridges

Although your landlord may be the devil, keep in mind that they may own other properties. Many apartment complexes are managed by the same company, which means there is a chance that the only other apartment you can afford will be under the same management as the one you’re trying to leave.

To prevent the current situation from recurring in the future, don’t burn any bridges. Although it may be tough to break your lease smoothly, especially since the reason you are breaking your lease is because you want to get out of that hell hole, you should at least try to find an easy out. This can include finding a buy-out clause in the lease which allows you to pay your way out of the responsibilities of the lease, or finding a new tenant to rent your apartment.

Once you have found your perfect apartment, call them and ask who their management company is. If it is the same landlord, by past experiences, you may decide you don’t want to take any chances and turn down the apartment. If breaking your previous lease had nothing to do with your landlord, then maybe keeping with the same management company is a good thing.

3. Keep in touch with your neighbors

The neighbors who loaned you a cup of sugar aren’t only working their nine to five jobs, they’re also secret spies. They pay attention to when people move out, what type of furniture they have, and who’s moving in. If you break a lease that ends in you paying rent until a new tenant moves in, then the latter part of your neighbor’s secret life is what should interest you.

Your neighbors will be able to contact you and inform you of the new tenant, which relieves you of your financial responsibilities to your landlord, since they are not allowed to collect double rent. If you’re friendly with a neighbor, be sure to give them your new number, address, and other contact information. Ask them to contact you as soon as they see your apartment occupied so you won’t be giving your hard earned money away.

Be sure to remember these tips when you are ready to break your lease. They could save you from having to live out of your car, having your apartment rental history ruined, and from paying out of the nose.

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299 Responses to “3 Tips When You Break a Lease”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This post is terrible. It’s under the category legal issues yet does not deal with any of the important legal issues with breaking a lease, such as a duty to mitigate by the landlord, the suggestion that you make requests in writing and wait a given period before leaving, etc.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with Guest. There needs to be clearer roads to breaking a lease legally including what contracts are involved, do you need a lawyer and what exactly to put into writing.

  3. Guest Says:

    Here’s what REALLY happens to you when you break a lease (more often with a professional management company, rather than a private owner.) If you abandon the unit and just leave the key on the kitchen counter or worse, don’t return them at all, you will get billed until they either find out you arent there because the bills are stacking up, or they go through the court system to evict you or get a money judgement against you. Then, if you actually have a long time left on your lease, they will bill your account accelerated rental charges (rent in lump-sum, since you are actually paying a monthly fee based on a total amount due in rent through the lease contract), and then it goes on your credit report. If you happen to leave the apartment filled with junk or uncleaned, you also get your deposit retained for damages. So, unless you are in dire straits and have no choice but to leave – you’re better off completing the lease or finding a subleaser, if your managment allows this. In the end, your account will get turned over to a hostile collection agency which will prevent you from getting another lease in your own name for a LOOONG time. When it comes to a private owner, they don’t have the same legal standing as a company in that they often cannot run a credit check on you or send you to a collection agency for amounts due. If you are one of those people who have had bad rental histories or have aweful credit, they are the best places to check into first.

  4. Guest Says:

    If you read carefully and understand the lease, it is quite clear what your responsibilities are and what you are liable for. Never sign documents unless you fully understand your obligations. Most legal contracts have penalties for not fufilling the terms. If you fail to pay your car payment or end your lease before it’s over, you have penalties. Same goes for any legal contract.

  5. Guest Says:

    All of your leases state how you can break a lease and if you read it you can ask questions while your there. My lease reads with a sixty day notice and a one month termination fee, which I elected to have, rather than paying until it was rerented. If it is a hell hole I would have never moved there in the first place. There are too many resources to guide you that you should never have to live in a “hell hole”, try the better business bureau, the police, apartment ratings, etc. do your research!

  6. Guest Says:

    Hi, I live in Kansas City, Missouri. I have a question, maybe someone can help? Ok 2 months ago, we moved into what we thought was an older, more peaceful apartment complex. Very soon after we moved in, our troubles began. See in the back of my apartment unit is a small shopping center and it has a bar there. We didn’t know it was there when we signed our lease and our landlord failed to mention it to us. Come to find out from my neighbors, that my apartment sat vacant for 4 1/2 years…hmmm wonder why? My neighbors also informed me that the bar can get very loud and that I should call the leasing manager about the noise and that she should be able to help us. 5 nights a week from 9 pm to 1:30 am, I have to listen to such loud dance music, people screaming and fighting in the parking lot of the bar and periodically the bar throws mass amounts of beer bottles out. They are so loud about the bottles that it wakes us up from our sleep once we have had the rare chance to fall asleep in the first place. Cars peel out of the parking lot and people laugh and carry on it just goes on for hours. My husband goes to bed about 9 pm when the partying begins, so his sleep in interrupted a great deal and he is a bad diabetic and needs his rest. Plus through out the night he is awakened by the bottles and screaming and so on. He then stays up until the bar closes at
    1:30, finally getting back to sleep about 2 am and then he is supposed to get up for work at 4 am. My sister stays with us and works all different hours, sometimes 16 hours a day and comes home to rest and yet is kept up half the night. The music is much louder in her room and she turns the tv on to drown out the noises. I am kept up a lot as well. Many nights I would like to turn in early but I am kept awake even while wearing some ear plugs. I have 10 months left on my lease and I guess we are not supposed to ever sleep during our time here. I called my landlord and asked if there was anything that could be done? She said that “No one else complains and you aren’t the closest to it. That there is nothing that can be done!” She made me feel like I was being a trouble maker. I just want a good nights sleep, so does my hubby and sis. Is there anything that I can do? Or do I have to stay awake for the next 10 months? My landlord does not care! She knew darn well about the noise here and never told us about the bar. Had I known it would be this bad, I would have chosen and different unit here. Also 4 1/2 years empty, does not seem right and I feel she wanted warm bodies in here just because she had some agenda. If I can’t get out of this place, I may have to get a lawyer to sue. Please some advice! Thanks!
    TD in KC

  7. Guest Says:

    Help, I lease from a private owner, I found out my new crazy neighbors are dealing drugs and I want out of my lease. My landlord refuses to let me out of my lease.What can I do?

  8. Guest Says:

    Sadly, my husband and I had no idea that his promotion/relocation in California was going to translate into a nightmare for us getting out of our lease. I had to give 30 day notice, pay for those days, pay a re-letting fee, and any accelerated rent prior to another tenant moving in. Worst of all, the manager was mean and petty when I tried to explain to him that I needed to leave quickly. He has not tallied our final bill and is taking his time to do so, (I turned in my apartment 5 working days ago). Now he is giving us a negative reference, telling the new complex that we still owe money. Does he have a deadline to give me a statement with final charges?

    We are supposed to move in to this new apartment within 6 days, we may wind up in Motel 6 with my two children.

  9. Guest Says:

    I am a private owner of a house that I rent. I have the same legal standing as a ‘company”, I can check a potential tennants credit report very easily and can turn uncollected rent form a broken lease over to a collection agency in the time it takes me to fax them a one-page signed form and the original signed lease agreement.

  10. Guest Says:

    I rented a very nice and expensive town house. My hours from work had been cut down and now I choose to pay rent than food! I shouldn’t have to make those types of decisions. I know that I jumped into quicksand, but is there anyway out??? HELP!

  11. Guest Says:

    I Have been living in privately owend rental house for 6 months, and we found out that our roommate has been snooping at my boyfriend and I in the shower. We can’t afford the house on our own, so we have to break our lease, is that bad for our credit?

  12. Guest Says:

    Hi Kansas City Resident.. In my state of Utah, state law requires landlords to give thier tenants “QUITENESS AND INJOYMENT” of the property/premisis. If the landlord does not provide this, the tenant would send a request by certified mail to the landlord to address and fix the issue. If landlord failed to comply, the tenant can terminate thier lease and turn around and sue the landlord in small claims court for relocation and all moving expenses.

    Check your local Legal Aid Society for advise. Check for any local tenant dispute resolution services in your area. Your husband is disabled and your landlord is supose to give reasonable accomodations to disabled people as definded by federal law and HUD.

    Tell your lanlord you’ll expose thier terrible service here:


  13. Guest Says:

    You could leave and not look back. If your new crazy neighbors are dealing drugs they could wind up with crazy debtors on their doorsteps with guns. How would you like to be caught in a gunfight? Do not call the police! It will just get you in even further trouble with the neighbors. My suggestion is to call a lawyer, if you don’t have cash legal aid might help.

  14. Guest Says:

    Well I am a private owner and this statement is completely wrong: “When it comes to a private owner, they don’t have the same legal standing as a company in that they often cannot run a credit check on you or send you to a collection agency for amounts due.”

    I do check credit history with credit reports and have had to send a bill to a collection agency. It was all very easy to accomplish. In fact you should run a check on yourself occassionally.

    I use rental agreements with renters that give me the same legal standing and responsibilities as any other rental company.

  15. Guest Says:

    I live in Kenosha, WI and rented a condo on Dec. 12, 2005. My lease was extended until May 2007 and I can no longer afford this condo. This situation is so messed up and the story is so long I can’t even get into it. How can I break the lease early and still get my deposit back? I had to deposit almost $4000 down on it because my credit was less than perfect. What do I do? My son is willing to purchase a very nice mobile home, in his name, but getting back alot if not all of that deposit kind of depends on using it as a down payment. Any advice out there?

  16. Guest Says:

    You need to contact the police if you suspect that kind of activity. The more paper trail the community has the better they are to evict someone.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I relocated from Houston to a hell-hole in Longview, Texas. I had no idea what this place was like. There is trash everywhere, raw sewage running from one of the buildings, 3 year old kids running around unsupervised, AND THE POOL IS STILL GREEN! The management here does not address ANY issues and passes the buck. I WILL BREAK MY LEASE. This post is OK. It works for my case. I agree with all 3 steps. I found this apartment through rent.com and it will be the last time I use that site! They have pretty pictures that are OUT OF DATE. I intend to hire an attorney to represent me in this matter. But the 1st step is essential … find a place to live first!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    hi… there is a sexual predator moving 2 blocks from us and we have a younger daughter.. he is actually a first degree sexual offender meaning the girl molested was under 13 years of age. I was wondering if this allows us to be able to break our lease if we feel unsafe… which we do.


  19. Guest Says:

    I am a resident of WA and moved out a month before my lease expired. I knew that I was going to lose a $990.00 security deposit but I thought I was giving them the required, written 20 days notice. They are now charging me $990.00 for the last month’s rent on the lease, for the month of July 2006. My friend has driven by my old apt and believes it to be rented. Am I still on the hook for the $990.00?
    Thanks for help!

  20. Guest Says:

    My upstairs neighbor, who up until a few days ago I thought was a nice, 9-5 single twenty something with just some strange hours, is buying HUGE quantities of drugs and distributing them to the neighbors. Without going into messy details, i’ve learned that my neighbor is without a doubt at least using drugs daily. I witness heavy traffic in and out, hear her upstairs at all hours of the day and night, and recently woke up to a dozen cop cars pounding on her door. I’ve asked her honestly if she’s a drug user, and she claims she just has insomnia. But dealers leaving her apartment who will chat me up to bum a cigarette or score a beer say otherwise. I don’t want to push the issue with her and risk looking like a narc, but I do NOT want to live under her anymore. What can i say to my leasing manager without looking accusatory or whiny? Should I just move? A few days after I asked her if she was a drug user, my back tires were slit. I’m really concerned how safe it is to live here. HELP!

  21. Guest Says:


  22. Guest Says:

    maybe someone out there has a suggestion for me. my landlord will not allow me to put someone else on the lease with me, and I can no longer afford to pay rent. In the lease it says that if you break the lease you have to pay equal to 3 months rent. I can not afford rent let alone 3 months of it at one time. Is there anything I can do?

  23. Guest Says:

    I would move out and find a cheaper place to live. Most landlords won’t just add a roommate on, they have to be qualified. And if your roommate has bad credit, there’s no way he/she can be added. Or, try to find a better qualified roommate.

  24. Guest Says:

    sueing doesn’t always solve anything. and “threatening to sue” doesn’t mean anything. I’ve been to court, it’s time consuming for both parties, and totally worthless. Settling is much easier for everyone involved. Most landlords have the money to go to court, so don’t be a loser.

  25. Guest Says:

    you need to contact the police. apartment managers cannot solve crimes— police do.

  26. Guest Says:

    nope, most leases don’t have an “unsafe” clause to terminate. Sexual predators can live wherever they want to.

  27. Guest Says:

    rental agreements aren’t part of your credit report (lots of people assume they are). If you leave oweing money, your landlord could put you in collections, and that is what is bad for your credit. Moving out and ensuring your balance is $0 is the best way, talk to your landlord.

  28. Guest Says:

    where do you live? the state you’re in makes the difference. In California, they would have 21 days to send you your statement of deposit showing your balance due, if any.

  29. Guest Says:

    Amen to that!!!!!

  30. Guest Says:

    it is terrible. my impression is that it was about ways to break your lease, as a scheme for tenants to use against innocent landlords…. this website sucks

  31. Guest Says:

    My neighbor hood is getting worse and worse by the day. Yesterday there was a shooting at a local church baptism and 1 person of the 3 shot was killed. About 3 months after we moved in, a local news station did a report on the increase in gangs in my area. We have had damage to the complex pool and other minor things such as egged cars and vandalism. I am at home alone at night when my fiance is working – they knew I would be home alone before we signed the lease and never mentioned anything about the local problems. Is there anyway I can get out of my lease since I feel unsafe and have been so scared someone is going to break in that I have problems sleeping?

  32. Guest Says:

    Found out I have RA and that i will no longer be able to do my current job. Will have to take a lesser paying job or none at all. I live alone and it is difficult just getting around now, so I have to move in with some family. However, I still have 2 months left on my lease, but cannot afford to pay now. Is it a binding law or if the apartment management is willing, can they let you out of the lease? Thanks

  33. Guest Says:

    This statement is not true. One of the very first things that every (qualified) attorney is taught in law school is that you can sue over anything. You may face a motion to dismiss, but you can sue. Further, in most states, you could assert fraud, i.e. that the landlord knew or should have known of the noisy condition associated with your unit and that it was a material factor in your signing the lease.

  34. Guest Says:

    I signed a lease that I have a buy out clause but I have to live here 6 months before I give a 60 day notice and pay one month termination fee. I have only been here 2 months so I have 4 months to go-but since I can’t give 2 month notice until I have been here 6 months it will even be longer!

  35. Guest Says:

    Yeah…he shouldn’t call the police! That might actually benefit someone besides himself in the long run.

    He should only care about himself, and just run away like a little coward!

    By the way, in the event you didn’t notice: That was sarcasm. People like you who will look the other way and let anything happen as long as it doesn’t affect you are helping ruin the world.

  36. Guest Says:

    Follow the steps suggested… find another place to move, then move. Be aware though, that you are still obligated to the terms of your existing lease. Discuss subletting options with your manager. It may be that if you find someone to take over your lease they will let you out with no penalty.

    Ultimately you are respnsible for your own safety, and you need to do your own research into the criminal activity of any given neighborhood. Contact your police department and ask for their crime stats for the area you are looking for. It’s public info, but the manager is not obliged to inform you of every crime that happens within a ten block radius.

  37. Guest Says:

    Did you see the property before you signed the lease? Surely the pool didn’t turn green AFTER you moved there, right? Rent.com puts up the pictures the property gives them, but it’s up to YOU to ensure that you are getting what you were marketed.

    Texas Deceptive Trade law may come into play, (your lawyer can advise better on this,) but that still doesn’t absolve you of the responsibility to view the property before signing the lease.

  38. Guest Says:

    “QUIETNESS AND ENJOYMENT” of the apartment is not being disturbed by any action on the part of the landlord. The landlord cannot be held responsible for the actions of the bar and its patrons.

    If your city has any kind of noise ordinance, I would suggest you notify the police and register complaints with them. You will likely have to register several complaints, but after repeated visits by law enforcement (and possibly fines associated with confirmed violations) things may well change.

  39. Guest Says:

    Actually it’s in the right catagory, since breaking a lease is a legal issue with very real legal (and financial) consequences. The points you raise are very precise issues which are going to vary from state to state, and even within each state, given the use of varying contract language.

    Remember, a lease is a legal contract. When you “break” a lease, you are breaking a contract, and the other party has very specific rights under both state law and the specific terms of the contract.

    This post does not address how to actually “break” a lease, but rather how to move out without putting yourself in contractual jeopardy.

    Breaking a lease is breaking a contract, which is breaking your word. I think we’ve all been tought since little children that that is not a good thing to do. It is better to find solutions to your problems within the legal framework of the contract, such as is discussed in this post.

  40. Guest Says:

    There is an outstanding number of ROACHES and the thing about that is that we waited to long for the office assistants to turn this in.Since we moved in on March our refrigerator has been leaking
    they send the maintence in but its still leaking.The manager never has time to talk shes always busy as we can see she does not care for residents. We concluding I have a 6month baby and she always has little different ant bites on her so what do you think we should do?

  41. Guest Says:

    What if you find out your neighbor is a registered Sex Offender and you have kids and dont feel safe living there? Is that a good reason and can you get out of your lease? If you are scared to let your kids go outside to play, because he has kidnapped kids before. His recent encounter was in July 2006.

  42. Guest Says:

    I just posted that same email, wonder what the answer would be.

  43. Guest Says:

    You must be a landlord, poor landlords.

  44. Guest Says:

    Your lease usually has a lease break clause. As long as you fullfill the terms of that, you are still completing your side of the deal and it will not look bad.

  45. Guest Says:

    Hello. I live in Tampa Florida and I just bought a condominium, I still have two more months on my apt lease, they told me that I have to let them know 60 days ahead and pay 720 dollars for breaking a contract. my rent is only 640. What can I do to get out of the contract? I can’t afford to pay the rent and the mortage at the same time. I’m disabled and I live on a second floor, can i use that as an excuse to move, since that was one of the reason I bought a first floor condo.

  46. Guest Says:

    i am in the same boat

  47. Guest Says:

    Start a neighborhood watch program or just talk to a few neighbors and look out for each other. Also talk to your daughter! You could also talk to your landlord about sub-letting. Find another tenant that the landlord approves of and then you can find a safer place to live.

  48. Guest Says:

    Is there an initial period of time in which you can change your mind after signing a lease? Does the law allow me to cancel a signed lease agreement if I do so within 72 hours or anything along those lines? I live in Michigan. Just signed a lease and moved into a duplex. The people across the street are dealing drugs; there is HEAVY traffic in and out, including people parking in my driveway and in front of my home to go in and out of the house across the street. I am in fear of my safety. Single mom with 2 kids.

  49. Guest Says:

    I am also living in increasingly dangerous environment. So much so that the local sherriffs office has been passing out “Beware” fliers about a rapist that has been attacking single women living in the back of the apts, along the woody edge. Of course that’s exactly where I (single woman) live. In addition to this there have been 2 shootings (1 fatal) and numerous break ins in the last 3 or 4 months. I am terrified at night, and often leave to stay with friends or family. I should be able to break my lease without consequences. The apts. also sent around a flier stating that we must do what we have to do to feel more secure b/c there is no security provided by them. Does this “whatever we have to do” include breaking the lease

  50. Guest Says:

    Hi, I am renting a house in Illinois, since I moved there has been so many issues concerning repairs. I have been talking back and forth with my landlord and is getting nothing resolved. I have even had to doctor on a wingworm on my son, There was a gas leak there that my landlord tried to tell me didn’t exist, Now the elctricity is flickering all the time and i’m sure in a matter of time this house will catch fire, The other major issue is the carpet is old, dirty, and molded it smells like were raising animals. I have been going through this since may. My landlord assured me would make the necessary repiars, then asked me to leave but didn’t issue me a notice, she wants me to give her a thirty day notice. Oh did i forget to mention that I am having plumbing issues too. I’m moving. It’s to dangerous for my children. Help me please. What can I do ?

  51. Guest Says:

    Hi I live in Illinois, and I am pregnant with my second child. Since moving into my apartment 4 months ago my car has been vandalized with $4500.00 worth of damage!! The neighbors get drunk and fight to the point where my eight month old screams out of fright, and I can’t sleep anymore b/c I worry about him!! I have to constantly get up and check on him b/c the fights usually start around 2 a.m. Is there anyway for me to get out of here??

  52. Guest Says:

    I have never posted anywhere before but I have gotten such good info here I thought I would run down my case.. I have just left my husband with my young child and leased my first apartment for a 12 month term. At the time, the property manager assured me if I wanted to leave early that they would have no problem “re-renting” the unit. I am very unhappy here, not near any of my family and have very loud neighbors. Now that I want to leave, I looked closer at my lease and it states they would collect the full amount of the lease if I left early and I would also be responsible for the gas bill. How can I get power at another place if they can keep my name on here? I think the manager told me that just so I would sign even though I am going through alot emotionally.. Help!

  53. Guest Says:

    As a landlord myself I can tell you that breaking a lease differs according to the lease itself. Read over your lease carefully, it should explain how you can go about breaking it. There is almost always some sort of penalty involved, and usually the landlord wants to know about it at least 30 days in advance.

    There are some terrible landlords out there, but most of them are just trying to make ends meet. When you leave before your lease is over, not only do they have to keep paying their mortgage (whether or not someone is living there), but they usually have to pay to advertise their apartment too (which is why there is usually a penalty of 1-2 months rent).

    Never sign a contract without reading it first (ask questions if you don’t understand something). And, by the way, as a private owner I can and do run credit checks on all of my tenants. If you don’t give me permission to run a check, I will not rent to you.

    Landlords hate broken leases as much as you do. Trust me, we’re not giddy when a tenant tells us “I’m outta here!” (except in a few cases when a tenant was particularly disruptive).

  54. Guest Says:

    Anyone know about breaking a lease to buy a home in Wisconsin?

  55. Guest Says:

    can someone help me get with who to contact to get out of a lease. I entered a 1 year lease as a co tenant in june when i was going through marital problems and my husband and I have reconciled and I am stuck paying my half of the rent. I have not lived in the apt and do not plan to. I am struggling to pay this and help support my house payment and childrens needs. Is there any way I can break a lease the other co tenant refuses to find another roommate and says I am stuck. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Guest Says:

    Unfortunatley, sexual offenders/predators have rights too. As long as they are obeying the law, they can live anywhere they want to. This is not a reason to get out of the lease, especially if you signed the lease before this person moved into your neighborhood. Your landlord has no contril over who moves in down the street. I would suggest finding someone to take over the remainder of your lease.

  57. Guest Says:

    Speak to your roommate about friends she may have and also your landlords about a roommate release.Then you can get someone else to take over but they would need be acceptable to both your roommate and the landlord.

  58. Guest Says:

    I am a single female who just signed a 6 month lease. I didn’t realize how dangerous the neighborhood was and there are drug-dealers that knock on my door late at night to sell drugs and shootings in the area. Can I break my lease?! It has only been three days since I signed the lease…can I get out on unsafe living conditions?!!

  59. Guest Says:

    Let me know if you find out anything about this. My daughter was just hustled into a lease when she thought it was only a form to give her preference if anyone wanted to rent it before the next morning when she was to look at another apartment. It was only when she got home and saw the words in regular lease size print the words ‘resedential leaase” that she saw she had been taken, She called within the hour to void it but was told too bad.
    with cars there is a mandatory cooling off law. Why doesn’t one have the same right once they escape the agent’s pressure to read the contract carefully and change their mind? One you are only going to have to drive. The other you have to live in.

  60. Guest Says:

    Depending on the particular laws of your area, this may differ. But I work in property management in Georgia, and there are clear things you can do to break this lease without penalty, as your landlord has proven to be…less than efficient. Call it the lemon law of leasing.
    If you have unattended emergency issues (i.e. gas leaks, power problems and running sewage) your landlord MUST fix them or allow you out of your lease. And you can sue if he/she does not do so. Most importantly, if you have ever had any flooding in your apartment (due to the plumbing or anything else) they have 30 days to comply with safety issues, because mold/mildew in the carpet will cause sickness. If he/she does not comply, you may even be able to go as far as to press charges for child endangerment…although that might be a stretch. At the least, you are entitled to a clean break of your lease and your deposit back.

  61. Guest Says:


  62. Guest Says:

    HELP!! I live in Western New York and I have a 1 year lease with a landlord that has just sold the property to another person. I have been looking for a new home and found a perfect one that better suits my situation. Is there a way to get out of my lease which has 4 months remaining without penalty or with minimal cost to me?

  63. Guest Says:

    I moved into a privately owned house and signed a lease with my then boyfriend. He makes significantly more than I do but I can say that the decision was not based on credit. I spoke to the landlord and she said she liked me and would let us lease the house. Two months later my boyfriend and I have broken up and he wants his name off of the lease as do I since I am getting back with my ex-husband. Is there anyway we can have his name taken off of the lease? I’ve asked my landlord but she said her decision was based on both of our incomes. My lease does have an early out clause but I love my house and don’t want to leave. I just want his name off of the lease. What can I do?

  64. Guest Says:

    There have been break-ins in our apartment complex and we no longer feel safe. The management tells us that they’ve got an agreement with the police to patrol twice a day as well as stepped up private security. Can we still argue that we’re breaking our lease (for hopefully no/less penalty) because we don’t feel safe? I don’t have an ounce of faith in their patrols.

  65. Guest Says:

    By any chance is this in downtown Rochester, NY?

  66. Guest Says:

    Yeah-but once they file for bankruptcy-YOU LOSE!
    They is FREE!!!!!

  67. Guest Says:

    I don’t know how you can successfully break a lease. Have you thought about using water purifiers? you can get them for sink faucets and shower faucets. I think most the big department stores sell them. I hope this helps.

  68. Guest Says:

    the first week i moved into my apartment i had ants eat more than $300 worth of groceries (stuff that hadnt even been opened yet)..i have to call the office every week..literally about this situation..they even are in my bathroom around my shampoo bottles and eat holes in my clothes in my closet..also my a/c was broke..i complained about it for 2 wks and all they did was come and put freon in it and said to give it about a week or so and see how that helps..well it didnt help at all and i was stuck w/no a/c for 2 whole weeks..i live in south texas where it is always hot so that was not a very comfortable situation..when i complained about it they came and put a small window unit in my bedroom and told me to keep my room door shut so that i could at least sleep at night..i also ended up getting hit w/ a $400 electric bill due to the fact that my ac had not been working properly and kept running for that month..not to mention someone in the parking lot hit my car..and just yesterday someone broke into my other car and completely vandalized it..stole my stereo, ripped my back seat trying to get into my trunk, tore the door panel off of car, and my neighbors apartment just got broken into and she was mugged..it is ridiculous that i can not sleep comfortably at night because i am constantly having to get up and go outside and check on my car..when i first moved into these apartments i was inticed by having the landlords say that it is a safe community because they have closed gates (where we all create our own pin # to enter the apartments) which the gate is never closed, as well as i was told that there are cameras up all throughout the apartments. when my car was broken into i went to ask about the cameras and was told the cameras do not record nor do they have anyone watching surveillance so what is the purpose of the cameras…i am a 21 yr old female college student and live by myself..i feel threatened living here and only have 3 months left on my lease but want to get out of it right now.any suggestions as to what i can do?????

  69. Guest Says:

    My fiance works for his father’s company and wants to relocate us to a different city. We still have 6 months left on our lease, so how do we break it? It is pretty much a go for relocating…do we have to just suck it up and lose our deposit? or is there more fees we are going to have to pay? How do we approach or management?

  70. Guest Says:

    I’m currently involved in a 1 year lease of an apartment. The lease that I signed back in March indicates that it is a 1 year lease. It indicates the amount of $$ I put for a security desposit. It indicates the do’s and don’ts per the landlord (keep noise at a minimum, no garbage in hall, etc.) It indicates that a 30 day notice is required from the tenant if the tenant wants to moveout. Nowhere in the lease does it state what the consequences are to the tenant “breaking” the lease earier than giving a year commitment.

    I gave my 30 days today. They told me they want to take me to court and explained that they have no basis to do so as the lease does not explain or mention anything along these lines. Am I in the right?

    Any advice or suggestions are much appreciated!

  71. Guest Says:

    My boyfriend and I just moved into an apartment in Baton Rouge yesterday and it is awful. The A/C is broken and the windows don’t have screens, and something must have died behind the sheetrock in the kitchen. Does anyone know about some kind of way to terminate a lease after only 24 to 48 hours of signing it without penalization?

  72. Guest Says:

    They will probably make you pay a re-let fee. Generally 85% of a months lease. You may not lose your deposit, it depends on the condition you left the apartment.

  73. Guest Says:

    a young female relative rented an apt with a 1 year lease .. the following problems happened
    1. water comes in one wall when it rains ..
    2. an electrical short (smoke sparks) happened inside the wet wall .. the problem was traced to illegal wire terminations inside the wall (outside a box) .. the wires were crushed by the wallboard and shorted .. they were wrapped in drywall tape!!!.. after about 2 weeks an electrician repaired the problem (maybe) (photoes were taken)
    3. now, agian in wet weather, the wall got wet inside and a smell of burning insulation happened.. a circuit breaker tripped several times .. the landlord instructed this young lady to turn the circuit breaker back on and wait for it to blow again (so that her maintainence could later find the problem) .. agian the carpet in that room is soaking wet and smells.
    4. the complex was infested with fleas .. even the resident landlord had problems .. the girl suffered from many many flea bites (documented in pictures) .. she had the apt fumigated at her own expense but the landlord didnt follow thru on the other apts or adjcent yard .. so the fleas came back over and over .. the apt has been bug bombed several times and totally treated 3 times but still flees come back in a few weeks .. this is leaving scars on the young lady and could be a health hazard …
    5. while investigating the electrical problems we discovered that the outside security light and a building sump pump is connected to this apt’s meter thus she is paying for these apt wide services ..

    there is 6 months left on the lease and the young lady has had enough .. she won a bid to buy a condiminium thus would like to now terminate her lease .. the landlord will not cooperate and has yet to repair the second time fire in the wall problem. we are concerned that the illegal wireing may be building or even complex wide.

    we think this is a very dangerous situation and have instructed the girl to never turn on the circuit breaker until the wireing is properly fixed. we had to run an extension cord into her room from another area in order for her clock to work …

    she can no longer get a roommate because of the fleas, wet carpet and other problems so is stuck with the full rent and cant even sublet because of this ..

    so we are wondering what steps to take to get her out of this situation, avoid retaliation by the landlord (credit record and such) and allow her to take posession of her new condominium .. the lease problem could jeopardize her home loan although she has been tentitively approved.

    we called the fire martial the last time and he said they would not hesitate to chop holes in the wall to get at the problem .. but we feel this may be a little drastic and may invoke retaliation by the landlord…

    what steps should we take in ohio ??? thanks harry

  74. Guest Says:


  75. Guest Says:

    Easy! let the fire dept. do there thing and get it all on tape. If you cannot get it on tape then write down why they did what they did and have a fireman sign it(a supervisor). Hire a independent electrition(not the one your landlord uses) to make a written statement about the wiring. The main thing is you have to prove that your landload was neglagent and wreakless in not getting the problems fixed in a timely matter,thus putting you in danger.If this all sounds to overwhelming then just tell your landloard you are going to take your evidence(footage,statements)and hire an attorney. If you don’t stand up for yourself NOW then you will be walked on the rest of your life.Do what you know is right and never let anyone tell you different!!!

  76. Guest Says:

    Hire a lawyer!

  77. Guest Says:

    My roommate and i are living in an apartment where we were involved in a home invasion a gun was shot in our house and we were woken up by gun point and the attackers came back while police were there and went on a high speed chase. we no longer feel safe and want to move we havent lived there very long, but also he told me the other day when i went in to get my locks change that when people move out he just switches the handles… how can we get out without having a penalty from the lease?

  78. Guest Says:

    I am kind of in the same boat. I just bought a condo and I close at the end of this month. Initially, I was told since I have been here over a year that I could give a 60 day notice and one month rent to get out. I called in this week and they told me that it is actually 1250 and a 60 day notice! Then I went in tonight to get the paperwork and find out why I am getting different stories and I was told that now it is 1250 termination fee plus paying 60 days of rent. My rent is 695.00 a month and my lease isn’t over until February. The property used to be under a different company name but now it is owned by a new company. As this high cost of breaking my lease is listed in the agreement of the previous owner, the new companies rules is only one months rent. However, they said because I signed it with the original owner, they are making me pay the higher rate to terminate my lease. Any help out there with this????

  79. Guest Says:

    Hello, I signed a one year lease in July 2006 in Maryland. The landlord knew that I wanted this apartment because it’s near a great high school for my son: I didn’t want any zoning issues. To make a long story short, my son was not admitted into the school, because the apartment was not registered as a rental in this city. As a result, my son had to move back with his mother. The landlord did provide a letter in which she admits that the property was not registered at the time of the lease signing, but she has since registered the apartment. My question is whether I can legally break the lease because of the owner’s documented negligence?

  80. Guest Says:

    We live in Nj and signed a 12mo lease 6mos ago. We have a 3 year old little boy and just found out we are pregnant w/ twins. We are in a 2 br apartment and want to get a house in the next couple of months in order to get settled before the babies come in 5 mos. My landlord said that would ‘absolutely not’ make an exception for us breaking the lease and we’ll have to pay 3300 to get out of it. It is a big company and this was the manager of this particular property that told me this. Is there ANY way we can negotiate or get out of this lease w/o paying an arm and leg?? It just seems like someone could have a little bit of heart for us. The thought of moving out when our lease is up w/ 2 newborns and a 3 yr old is very daunting and overwhelming and we just wanted some understanding. Is there anything we could possibly to do?

  81. Guest Says:

    There is not a whole lot that can be done. It is hard as an apartment manager to treat any one person differently than the other when it comes to any situations. What I would suggest is that you go ahead and put in your notice to vacate for the end of your lease about 90 days in advance (if this is allowed in your state?) This way you can find that perfect new home and move in before your lease is up. Make sure that your manager knows that it is vacant. You will still pay the rent for the till the end of your lease, but maybe there is a chance that that new tenant may come along and your manager has nothing available, but wait!, there is a vacant apartment that I know I can move them into. Trust me a manager does not want to make any upset and to be able to call you possibly 2 months before your lease is up and give you good news that you won’t have to pay anymore is a win-win situation for everyone. I do not know the laws in NJ, but here I have suggested that to a few of my tenants. We are not heartless and do understand, but with federal housing laws it is diffucult to be understanding when we are suppose to be consistant with everyone or there could be a lawsuite. Think about it, is it going to be cheaper to pay rent for 3 months or have to pay the buy out? Good luck with your twins!

  82. Guest Says:

    You will go by what was on the original lease contract. Do not let them tell you any different. Your leases is a legal binding contract.

  83. Guest Says:

    Did the owner give you in writing that the school was in the property’s registered district? If not, then I would say that wouldn’t constitute breaking the lease. Word of mouth is not a legally binding document. Check your lease and make sure your name and address are all correct and spelled right. If any of those are incorrect or mispelled it is not legally binding.

  84. Guest Says:

    What state do you live in? You can’t add a co-signer/lease holder, but you can (atleast in my state) add a occupant to a lease as long as they meet the rental qualifications.

  85. Guest Says:

    Yes you can break that lease. I doubt it is legal. I mean look at the prenup Steven Spielberg and his exwife signed- not valid. Your landlord has nothing to stand on. Move out, there’s no way he’ll try to prosecute you for that. If he does- he’ll lose and he’ll have to pay your legal fees!

  86. Guest Says:

    This is correct. Just because the company changed does not mean your lease has changed. They new company needs to honor the original.

  87. Guest Says:

    Read your lease agreement. Usually, they do not ensure safety of the residents in any way. So it is probably impossible to break it on those grounds without peanalty. However, they may let you out of the lease if they feel your experience is a big black eye on the community. I can imagine you are very distressed by this experience, so let the community know, and maybe even better yet, let all your neighbors know. If multiple apartments are calling them in regards to your story, the community will probably reach an agreement with you.

  88. Guest Says:

    Find someone else willing to take over your lease. That should be possible under your contract, sometimes for a fee (like, a $40 fee, not $3300). Usually a landlord is required to accept a reasonable replacement tenant–in other words, they’re required to accept a good replacement, but not some bum off the street that won’t be able to pay.

  89. Guest Says:

    False advertising?
    Is false advertising grounds for legally breaking a lease?

    The property I currently rent from listed having a pool a website through which I found them, and they haven’t updated it. They told me the pool was going to be open for the summer, but they never did.

    Any ideas?
    I really cannot stand this god-forsaken place anyways, but just trying to find anyway to break the lease.

  90. Guest Says:

    I live in Michigan in a townhouse with my fiance. But my fiance just got a job in Maryland, so we need to move in 2 months. My lease says that I can sublease, but it doesn’t mention anything about an early out clause or the penalty if we break the lease without finding someone to sublet. I feel very bad about it, but does anyone know what happens, particularly in Michigan, if you break the lease without finding someone to take it over?

  91. Guest Says:

    I live in Illinois and signed a 1 year lease in August 2006 to rent a 2BR condo. The advert for the condo clearly said “parking Included” and I’ve had a parking spot since I moved in. But two weeks ago, I got a letter from the condo management saying that since I am just a renter amongst condo owners some of whom have had to park on the streets, then I have to forfeit my parking spot as a renter so that an owner can use my parking spot.
    My car got towed away and it cost me $130 to get it back.

    Is there a breach of contract here?
    Can I sue?
    Can I terminate the lease?

    Thank you.

  92. Guest Says:

    I moved into my 1br apart in Aug of 2006, and for the past two weeks going on three I’ve been dealing with mice that keeps coming into my kitchen, and wandering throughout my apt. I’m so disgusted by mice and I hate coming home seeing a dead one everyday. Would this be a legitimate reason to break my lease??? I’ve even asked about moving to the second floor of another building, and I was told on several occasions that maitenance would look to see where the mice are coming from, and that they will patch up the wholes with some type of foam or something to keep them out. Its been a whole week and nothing yet…….I dont know what else to do…….PLEASE HELP ME!

  93. Guest Says:

    Landlords are not aways “innocent,” and neither are tenants. If either landlords or tenants are blatantly defaulting on an obligation, there should be some way to end the relationship, erring on the favor of the entity not defaulting on their obligation. Unfortunately, my experience has been that leases typically err on the side of the landlord, regardless of the guilt or “innocence” of tenant.

  94. Guest Says:

    If you get a good answer please forward to me as well. mail@mandieonline.com Your not alone!

  95. Guest Says:

    I signed a nine month lease for a room at a house. The landlord’s son is co-owner of the house and also co-landlord, apparently. He and the other guy who rents one of the rooms out smoke pot everyday, in the house, and they didn’t let me know of this until after I’d signed the lease.
    I have another place lined up, I’ve looked for other potential tenants to take over the lease, but have been unsuccessful. I’ve let the other guys know of my plans to move out. I’ve recently learned that there is a law here, in Ohio, that requires the landlord to search for another tenant, and also a law that requires a landlord to immediately evict tenants who use/sell drugs on the premesis or allow friends to do so. They often have friends over to get high.
    I don’t want it to go there, and I think the answer is obvious, but do I have a legal edge if I were to ask for a termination of the lease?

  96. Guest Says:

    I just signed a 3 month lease on a condo and when I went to move in the condo assc. told me i can not move in because it needs to be a 6 month lease and know the realtor told me that i can not get out of my lease i have to sign a 6 month lease and make a side deal that i will move out in 3 months just to make the condo assc. think ill be there for 6 months is this legal

  97. Guest Says:

    i have a similar problem. let me know what can be done please. galant-102@hotmail.com

    my bf and i are broken up as well.

  98. Guest Says:

    I live in The State of Maryland in New Apartments by a developer/rental office, who says you can break your lease only if you buy one of thier properties. Sounds like hogwash to me, but I think it is unfair not to be able to break your lease for buying any home as long as you can prove it. What can I do?

  99. Guest Says:

    I’m renting this home I’ve only been there 2 weeks the place was a mess when i saw it but I thought they would fix it and clean it before we moved in but I was wrong they havent done anything my girlfriend had to clean everything she asked the Lessor why it wasnt clean she told that she’s not responsible for cleaning. They said they would fix what needs fixing but I am living here and can’t be waiting arund until they have time to fix it . The place also smells like mold, they are 2 windows that are covered with plywood that she was suppose to have repaird and still hasnt done anything worest of all there is a light bulb in the shower!! and she tried to act like she didnt know it was there all she did was take the light bulb out but the wires are still uncovered and there . I told I can’t stay there and risk my health I asked to come and meet with me she made an appointment she didnt show up we asked why she said I have better things to do so I told her I am moving I will pay her for the 2 weeks I was here and thats it. so if she wants to take it to court I have taken pictures of the whole place and called the health department put in a complaint and they are sending someone to go check the house and see if it passes the inspection which I doubt. Also no where on her lease does it say anything about termenating the lease or Consciousness She hasnt even giving me a copy of the signed lease and her son has the nerve to tell me that she the lessor doesnt have to sign the lease ! …

  100. Guest Says:

    I recently signed a lease with a roommate– she moved in but I haven’t yet. Some issues arose that led to us having a falling out and now I refuse to move into the apt. She refuses to get a new roommate or move and will not sign the release to get me off of the lease until I pay her $5,000 dollars (the cumulative balance of what she was paying before in rent for a 1 bdrm and what she will have to pay for the new apt.)
    If I don’t pay this, she says that she will sue me for my portion of the rent for the entire lease term ($11,000).
    Does she have the right to do this?

  101. Guest Says:

    You will probably need to proove you qualify income wise

  102. Guest Says:

    I moved into a house of April of 2006 its a year lease. with 2 friends. Will the one moved out in May of 2006. I dont have any say in my house the one roommate that still live here had her friend live here and they have there friends over all the time doing drug. I do not belive in drug use. Her and i have been in one fight. Both of them broke into my room twice when i was at work and when i went out. I have three police reports on her and my landlord will not let me out. will the last time i called the cops they found a stolen car in my garage, now becase i called the cops my roomate has threatened my life. I dont not feel safe in my house or when i leave my house Im scared to go to work and come home to find all my stuff gone and i’m scared to stay home and someone brake into my room and try to hurt or kill me.Its not fair because everything they do like drug and i have nothing to do with i could get arrested for it and the only reason why they didnt get arrest for the stolen car is because the cop knew i have nothing to do with it so if they get a arrested they would have to aressted me its not fair i dont do anything.
    So please some one help me… I cant live here anymore i dont feel safe

  103. Guest Says:

    If I were in your situation, I would ask my friend if she’d be willing to move into a smaller/cheaper apartment within the same complex/apartment management company. Most apartment complexes will allow you to move to a bigger or smaller apartment within the same complex without charging you or considering it breaking the lease. Talk to the management of the complex to find out if they would allow your friend to switch to a different unit, if it would save her some money.

    Good luck

  104. Guest Says:

    what state do you live in?

  105. Guest Says:

    I have a situation where my landlord refuses to show the utility bill (which has gone up to $200) and simply types out what our charges are for the month. We have an agreement to pay 1/3 of the utility bill and he is indicating that the utility bill for the house is $600. He has refused to cooperate and demands that the bill be paid and if late he will charge all late fees. He also states that the request is resulting in a $50/hr charge for his time. He is a very difficult person and I have found out that previous tenants have taken him to court for the same situation. I can’t stand living here any more and want to break my lease. I have 6 more months left on my lease but I want out now. What should I do??

  106. Guest Says:

    Holy crap man, that is ridicolus. Ill make it very easy for you though, your LIFE is worth more than your RENTAL HISTORY.

  107. Guest Says:

    I was once in a lease with a craptastic land lord, we had some issues that kept on piling up, I ended up paying for a mold inspector to come out who of course found mold (it was a 20 yr old house) and suggested mold remediation. My landlord let me out of the lease very quickly, refunded the rest of the months rent and got my deposit back that same week. He would have had to pay for another place for me to stay and the remediation, which was worth more then letting me out of the lease. It was funny.. im in Texas.

  108. Guest Says:

    My Husband and I signed a lease in September for a year. He passed away in December, (he was our sole income). Now on SS along I can’t afford to stay here. Is there a easy way out of this lease?

  109. Guest Says:

    Contact your local news station. They’re usually pretty good at shining bright lights (literally & figuratively) on shady landlords like this. Since this isn’t the first time he’s tried this, maybe his being exposed to the entire viewing area will help you a bit. Wish I could offer more help. Good luck to you. I wish I could hear how this ends.

  110. Guest Says:

    This makes me wonder if you even viewed the apartment prior to signing. Prevention is the best cure, you know…

  111. Guest Says:

    I live in Oregon. My husband and I signed a One year lease with a specific rental company. The landlord refused to fix windows that didn’t open, and has yet to cover the water heater that sits 3 inches from the stove.

    In the last year, our roof has leaked, our bathroom and upstairs windows have black mold on them….part of our roof came off and the carport collapsed.

    We were informed that our lease had been trasfereed to another rental company which informed us after taking pictures of the entire house that it was going up for sale…

    We asked to have the owners break the lease, or if possible make the lease void since we hadn’t signed with the new rental company and they refused.

    Now we have to take time out of our jobs and careers to show the house to potential buyers, for owners who haven’t fixed anything and refuse to break the lease…



  112. Guest Says:

    I think it would be really shitty of you to screw up these people’s lives b/c of your problems with them. You didn’t say anything about the landlord’s response about breaking your lease – I’m sure if you say that you don’t want to go the legal route because they’re illicit activities would come up and get them in trouble, they will have no problem letting you out of your lease. Just talk to them.

  113. Guest Says:

    Call your local housing authority and they will send an inspector. Take photographs of the entry and any droppings.

  114. Guest Says:

    you said the advertisement spoke of parking, but didn’t mention your lease. Is parking in your lease? If not, I don’t think you have any legal recourse. If you still have the advertisement, you might be able to use it legally to ask for a reduction in rent, but taking your landlord to court over this will probanly be expensive as well as time-consuming.

  115. Guest Says:

    You lose your deposit; it may go on your credit report, as well

  116. Guest Says:

    These are all things you should have noted BEFORE you moved in and signed a lease. Why did you move in if these things were so messed up?

  117. Guest Says:

    if the landlord no longer owns the property, I would assume you need to sign a new lease with the new owner, and the old landlord is to turn over the deposit. Check with your local tenants association.

  118. Guest Says:

    Start making police reports and let the landlord know you are doing so; if any break-ins happen due to negligence (broken locks, etc.) you may be able to use that to break the lease legally.

  119. Guest Says:

    Utility companies almost always (and in some cases, have to legally) offer service for ppl with bad credit if a deposit is made

  120. Guest Says:

    the landlord is not responsible for notifying you of these things. I think it’s the tenant’s responsibility to research it on their own.

  121. Guest Says:

    Some states,like NY, have a roommate law, which allows the tenant to legally share the apt. with another adult, without having to put them on the lease.

  122. Guest Says:

    I think your only option is to find an acceptable tenant to take over your lease.

  123. Guest Says:

    If you “didn’t know” the bar was there, you obviously didn’t do your homework. It is OBVIOUS to anyone that a bar can get loud, why should the landlord have to tell you about it?

  124. Guest Says:

    Talk to the management. They are like you, they have to live somewhere. They may understand your situation. After all, they don’t want a tennant that won’t ever be able to pay the rent. Plus it will cost them money to go to court to be able to legally evict you.
    I got into a place where the management knows I’m disabled and barely receive enough money to pay the rent. Now that’s what I call an understanding landlord, especially when a renter is supposed to have an income that’s twice the amount of the rent! I think they didn’t want to see me out on the street and hopefully your landlord will feel the same way and be kind enough to let you out of your lease.
    P.S. You are entitled to most of your husband’s Social Security benefits. They would be called “survivors” benefits I believe. I Hope this helps you!

  125. Guest Says:

    I moved to AZ and I signed a 3 months lease. Last month I resigned a month to month lease. In the contract it says that I have to give them a 30 days notice on the first of the month so that I am not held responsible for the next month’s lease. I went into the office and asked if it is ok for me to give them a notice between the 1st and the 15th of the month if I find a house during that 2 week period and they said yes!

    Now I found a house and I am in a process of buying it and the office is telling me that I cannot turn my papers now since it is after the 1st of the month and that anything they have told me is not taken under consideration. I am thinking about filling the papers and leaving the apartment vacant on March 31st. I will not pay them April’s rent (I will break the lease).

    What is the worst that can happen?

    They are owned by P.B.Bell out in Arizona!


  126. Guest Says:

    moved into an brand new apartment complex in november of 06…first tenants since it was built…have had various problems with management support and professionalism…have a 2 bedroom apartment and average electric bill is 250$ a month, which based on average from last apartments of around 80$ a month i think it is a bit excessive…one bedroom will not get any warmer than about 62degrees on any given day while the rest of the place can maintain about 70degrees. i have made various complaints to management and they claim that there may be some insulation shortage or something of the sort, however they have yet to do anything about it. there is no fire extinguisher in the apartment, and the door recently had to be broken open because of a faulty lock…to date the door is still scratched and and needs painted, and teh remenants of busting the door open is still all over the entry way, they still have not cleaned it up. after complaints about all of the above nothing has been done by management to help our problems. How can i go at terminating the lease without having to pay the ridiculous lease termination fees and just end this chaos and move on? any help would be appreciated…i live in indianapolis area by the way…thanks for any assistance

  127. Anonymous Says:

    How long does a broken lease stay on your rental history?

  128. Guest Says:

    I’m in the same situation. in fact i could easley record all the stuff on my cell. Did you find anything about how to get out of the lease? I have to get out of there.Any info would help.

  129. Guest Says:

    if my car got stolen from my apartment complex can i break my lease? If anyone knows how plz let me know

  130. Guest Says:

    My husband & I signed a 1 year lease that we need to get out of. The lease states:

    “The term of the lease is for 12 months beginning 10-1-06 and ending 9-30-07. If tenant continues to occupy the leased premises after the end of the term, the tenancy will be tenancy at will, this lease shall be automatically renewed on a month-to month basis. tenant must give agent at least a 30 day written notice of intent to vacate the leased premises. if a 30 day written notice is not given, the tenant forfeits the security deposit. if tenant does not fill their full lease term, tenant agrees to forfeit their security deposit.”

    The landlord says that since we are breaking a lease, we are responsible for the remaining rent. But it does not say that anywhere in the lease. I look at the above statement as saying I’ll loose my deposit if I break the lease and that is it. Am I correct in assuming this?

  131. Guest Says:

    My daughter moved into an apartment with a friend, they both signed a 6 month lease. To make a long story short her friend moved out leaving all her stuff there and my daughter is now stuck with the bill. As a father I moved her out of the into another one. Just the other day she got summons to court. Before she left the apartment she gave the landlord a written notice and a forwarding address. She moved all her good and cleaned her portion of the apartment. We live in AZ. What can she do to prepare for court? Other than money :}

  132. Guest Says:

    The apartments I live in has a sewage problem, today there is sewage by the window of my downstair neighbor, when you walk out side your door it’s a ungodly smell that hits you in the face. How can I get out of my lease?

  133. Guest Says:

    Yes you can claim that your lease has been broken you should contact your local housing rights office and they should be able to help you with filling the adequate papers so that you can leave that hell hole with the piece of mind that you are not liable for anything as for you taking time out of your job to show the house that is in fact not necessary as a tenant you are paying for a home to live in and therefore the person renting to you is required to give you a 48 hr notice before showing the house and if such a notice doesnt fit your schedule you have every legal right to refuse so dont let them keep abusing you
    good luck

  134. Guest Says:

    Were they both on the lease? If so, if she still has a copy of that lease that can help out a lot, since they’re both on it(if they are). How many days notice did she give? If she was paying her rent on time throughout her lease term and her freind skipped out before hers was up. Then her freind should be the one summoned to court not your daughter. My guess is that if your daughter still has that copy of the lease agreement is to bring it, and payment receipts (rent receipts) as proof of timely rent payments throughout her lease term with her to court as evidence.

  135. Guest Says:

    I live in North Carolina in a 1 bdrm apt. and just signed a one year lease with my boyfriend. We’ve been together 10 years but it’s not working out and I’m ready to leave. What are my options to breaking the lease?? Please help… I want out!

  136. Guest Says:

    I just got into a 1 year lease back in February..I learned that I may be going to jail for a year..if found guilty for a something I’m going to trial for..My girlfriend does not want to be caught in the lease if I do end up going to court and they take me right away..I’m scared to death not about the legal but what will happen to her..she just found out she is pregnant and will not be able to afford the rent for this place..I honestly don’t know what to do..I contacted the landlord and said that she wanted off the lease because we weren’t doing so well and that if she wanted to move she didn’t want to be obligated to the lease..I was told to fill out an app for the rent because we got this apartment through someone she had previously rented from..My credit sucks..what can I do?

  137. Guest Says:

    if its any place like mine, then probably not. another tenant tried to break into my apartment, did manage to break into my next door neighbor’s apartment, and even after getting arrested for it, management still would not evict him, nor let us out of our leases. they moved him into a different apartment, but is only about a 30 second walk from where he knows we live.

  138. Guest Says:

    In north carolina, does the security desposit accumulate interest or not?

    I have a landlord that charges late fees for rent that is turned in on time, but doesn’t clear the bank by the 5th (its not my fault if they don’t take it there!!!).

    I also had a period of time where I had no power for almost 48 hours in a row. The landlord claimed to have fixed the problem, however the power went out for 15-20 minutes once every hour. I spent hundreds of dollors replacing electronic equipment and food. I agrued and got a portion of my rent returned.

    Now that the security deposit is about to be returned he was first trying to withhold it because i had been pet sitting for 3 days without paying a pet deposit, and now claiming the return will be with no interest.

    Considering my past I’m not sure if this is true, can anyone help me? I just want to get my deposit and move on!!!

  139. Guest Says:

    I signed a one year lease in March2007, I now have the opportunity to build my own home but I’d have to end my lease 6 mos early. I also have some legitamate complaints: 1. Lanlord said he’d change the lock on the side door and give me a key bcause he couldn’t find the right one, He hasn’t yet. 2. I found a roach in the bathtub. 3. Appears to be some faulty wiring in the one box. 4. Water comes in the basement doors. 5. The other tenant(who is the landlords girlfriend) has a kid who is always getting into my son’s outside toys and he’s broken some of them. Plus he makes a complete mess with silly string and garbage on my side of the house. Can I legally end my lease w/o paying for the remainder of it?

  140. Guest Says:

    What if my lease doesn’t state any break a lease clause. It only stated that if I as a tenate default on a payment than I will be notify in writing to move out three days that I receive the notice. Or if tenant’s absence from the apartment for fourteen consecutive days while any portion of the rent is unpaid shall be deemed an abandonment, and this tenacy shall, at the option of Lessor, terminate without further notice. Will the landlord report me for bad rental history and will it effect my credit history.

  141. Guest Says:

    My husband and I just purchased our first apartment. During the closing process we gave our landlord a heads-up that we’d be moving out early and asked him if he’d like us to find some new tenants for the apartment. He said no and that this was his responsibility and right.

    A month or more later we got married and went away on our honeymoon. During this time he sent us an email saying that he had decided to sell the apartment, he wouldn’t accept a new tenant or a sublet, and he was expecting us to pay four months rent until the lease officially ends.

    This can’t be right. Don’t we have rights in this situation?

  142. Guest Says:

    yes you can get out of your lease legally. I have been reading a lot on Landlord/Tenant laws and it states that is a spouse becomes deceased or terminally ill and the income is no longer there to provide rental payment you can legally come out of a lease.

  143. Guest Says:

    My husband and I signed a one year lease aggreement in May of last year. 6 months after, we ended up transfering apt because of mold in our original one. We are young and were just happy to be getting out of the moldy apt (which they didnt fix properly) and they had us sign another lease (year) which uped our rent $220.00. Granted we got a bigger apt but we have been told since that its not legal. Is this true?
    Also in our new apt we have had constant complaints with neighboors yelling at 2,3, and 4 in the morning, vandelism in the parking lot pool area (right accross from our apt), it took the maintenance ppl a week to “fix” our dishwasher from putting dirt/grease on our dishes and when they did fix it put the dirty moldy “debry” they found on my couch! Not to mention the drug raid that took place in the unit behind mine (same building just other side). My husband and I dont feel safe at all. I dont like to walk my dogs at night, and I dont feel safe even walking to my car.
    We have this great oppurtunity to get a house in the next 6-7 weeks but we dont know about breaking our lease. PLEASE HELP is there a legal way we can get out, or are we just going to have to break it??

  144. Guest Says:

    I signed a one year lease in april 2007. I found another place thats available to me that will save me $400 a month. I can no longer afford to live in the apartment that im in. Is there anything i can do to break the lease?

  145. Guest Says:

    Is there anything I can do? I applied for an apartment on the 1st of june, gave my security deposite on the 8th of june. I was assuming since they took my security deposit I was getting the place wich I was to move in the 25th of june. On the 13th of june at 4:59pm I was told the application was turned down for credit. I offered a co-signer or higher security deposit. I was told by the staff I could do this when I mentioned my credit situation on 1st june. But they told me on the 13th of june I could not and before I go pick up my deposit. I was wondering is there anything I could do since they put me in a situation of being close to homeless. I don’t blame them for the reason to denie but it took forever and I felt they gave me false hope. Thank you.

  146. Guest Says:

    I am in a short-term summer sublet. I visited the apartment before agreeing to live here and it seemed clean, whenI moved in, the place was a DISASTER. I had already paid for a month and a half before moving on. The original renter was pressuring me to pay the full amount. There are mice, and I had to do a ton of cleaning. The renter’s mom (my contact as this guy was vacationing) said I’d have to pay in excess of $50 to clean it if I called a service. So, I waited out the month and a half and found an alternative.

    There is no sublease – in fact I found out that it is an illegal sublet and he told the manager that I am just visiting. I had originally planned on staying another month – am I legally bound at all?

  147. Guest Says:

    So I’m in Ohio, and my roommate and I both signed a “seperate but equal” lease last fall for our apartment. We both recently graduated from college, but he’s in ROTC and has orders out of state starting in a couple days, which gets him off the lease scott-free, but I’m stuck paying the full rent for the last 2 months. We know people that rented from this same agency that had this same situation last year, but they reduced the rent for the person that was stuck in the lease to half, but after trying talk to the company for a month and a half they very bluntly told us that they wouldn’t reduce the rate for me. I know most places require 30 days so I’m going to pay for July and get moved out early.

    Does anyone know if they’ll just keep my security deposit or if they’re going to try and make me pay the full price for August too? I can’t afford this place by myself and this doesn’t feel like a “seperate but equal” situation to me.

  148. Guest Says:

    i know a 60 day notice of termination won’t affect your credit (an eviction does however). but will a notice effect your chances of finding a new apartment…just assume the person has been on a month to month lease.

  149. Guest Says:

    Hi, i signed a lease in GA for a year and moved in on January 30th. Now,5 month later, i want to move out, because i’ve got a great opportunity to get my own condo. Is there any way to avoid double rent?

  150. Guest Says:

    Let me first say that I am NOT a lawyer; I don’t even know which state you live in, so I don’t know where to start helping you look for your state’s applicable laws.

    In WA, where I live, I recently read that one could break their lease legally if certain things were going wrong. I believe it fell under the category of not making the place liveable and not making necessary repairs when it was requested.

    From all you have named off, I think (this is highly speculative here) that you would have a worthy case if it to came to a court for a judgement. I can’t see a judge making you stay or pay from all that you’ve described. That being said, you might try to find another tenant to fill your place as it is something called re-assigning your lease…. finding someone else who want it so the place doesn’t stand vacant. Just be careful that you don’t make any false claims or that new tenant may come for you. I wouldn’t lie about anything in avertising for your apartment, just don’t give a ton of info. Start your ad with the same thing you mentioned here, stating that you want out of your lease because you are buying a home. If your rent is low or something else that makes it an attractive compromise to someone, like the size of the unit, or lack of units like it available in your area, you may get someone sooner than you think. I recently reassigned my apartment and got out of my 12 month lease without paying one red cent more than I was planning to pay. We were out by end of June.
    Reply back with questions or at least what state, amount of rent, and what possessed you to stay with the same apartment complex after the mold issue?? I’m just thinking that would be the only thing a judge would also question you on.. like a clue something was wrong and a good original reason to get out without penalty..
    also, did you get to see the bigger unit before signing that newer more expensive lease?
    -Kris, WA

  151. Guest Says:

    Myself, my fiance and our two children are currently renting a two bedroom apartment in indianapolis. We just signed our third lease in March (07), but we have the opportunity to move into a bigger place with his mother. The only reason we have considered sharing a place with her is because it would help out financially and she would be there to help with the kids so that I could go to school and work as well. Well, the place we rent from now is an older building. The windows don’t stay up unless you prop them up, not to mention they let out all of the air conditioning or heat, which make our bills sky high. The air stops working literally once or twice a month, and most recently it took them a month to come out and fix the faucet in our bathtub. And don’t even get me started on all of the other things going wrong with the place. (ie: the people they are moving in around us) I am just afraid it is going to be a big fight to get out of our lease. Are these liable reasons to get out of our lease without a court battle?

  152. Guest Says:

    In May 2007 I signed a 1yr sublease for a room in a house in New York State. (The girl’s cousin owns the house and the girl is the subleasor, I’m the subleasee).

    Before I signed, I asked what I would need to do in order to break the sublease, if I ever needed to. The girl replied, “Just give 30 days notice”.

    Come July 2007 I gave my 30 days notice. She then came back stating her cousin wont accept it and I would need to continue paying rent until she found a new roommate.

    (I felt the need to leave, as she would repeatedly ask me to not be at the house certain days/times so that she could have sex with her boyfriend all over the house)

    Meanwhile, the other roommate decided to put his notice in and this angered the cousin, so she’s selling her house. I was told to get my cat out of there so that the house could be shown.

    In order to do that, I had to get a new place.

    The sublease agreement does not state anything in regards to breaking or terminating a lease. It is “silent” in this regards. I would state that it’s open for interpretation.

    Do I have to pay August 2007 rent?

    I can’t seem to find anything online regarding this specific issue and the laws that may protect me.

  153. Guest Says:

    assuming the person is leasing on a month to month basis, then no, giving notice of intent to vacate will not affect your credit or chances of finding a new place…

  154. Guest Says:

    I am ready to move out of my curent apartment. Since I been here it was filter with bugs ranging from large water bugs to a small scorpian. They have found a dead body in front of the complex. Today the complex left a letter to residents to say they have had several break ins. I have 8 months to go on my lease and hate it. There are a lot of young teenagers wander idle. I hear all types of traffic in my bulding. Men hang out on the stairwell. I am miserable. Help!

  155. Guest Says:

    Thank you MOM!

  156. Guest Says:

    Hi, I live in Southfield, MI and i signed a lease in jan07 for one year and i lost my job in april, and till now i have been surviving and now i have to break a lease in August end. Some body told me that acc. to MI state law i don’t have to pay any panelty for breaking lease.

    Can somebody advise me on this

  157. Guest Says:

    I live in California and recently signed a 1 year least with an apartment complex. They called me and told me that I had got the apartment, but was having trouble getting my current landlords to fax over rental verification. They were in contact with my landlords by phone and fax, but still no form from my landlords. I get a call from the management and they leave a message on my voicemail stating that they did not receive the rental verification form back and that they were keeping my deposit. Is this legal, being that I was not at fault here.

  158. Guest Says:

    I live in SC and just moved into an apt complex.I signed a one year lease 10 days ago and want to leave because people are always outside all times of the night and the other night there were a bunch of cops looking for people. It’s supposed to be gated but the gates are always open. Would I be able to get out of this since it’s still early?

  159. Guest Says:

    California tenant
    I have signed a year lease with (now only 4 months into lease) a very miserable person who insists on making her tenants miserable as well.
    It states in the lease that we are to “satisfy ourselves of neighborhood conditions, high-speed internet….at tenants expense”. We have scheduled multiple appointments to have the cable modem installed through our current cable company. She refuses access to them but the problem is from her unit. It works fine from the street to her unit, but not the rest of the building. She has threatened anyone coming onto her property and has put new pad locks on both gates leading to access of the buliding – a deliberate act to prevent us from getting access to utilities. The cable company has already put in a request for easement code violation. She will not even allow them access to there existing box on her back patio.
    We’ve agreed to mediation before legal proceedings on our lease, but if she is in fact in violation of our lease agreement – what steps do we need to take to break our lease?
    Or has she alredy broken the lease?

  160. Guest Says:

    What can I do.. I live in Texas and my daughter and I found these apartments that seemed to be great. Well we have lived here for 2 months now and I have roaches, (which I have never had in my life 0 I have OCD) and my apartment has already flooded once due to my upstairs neighbors. The kids here are unruley and have no supervision at all. They are always messing with the cars and running up and down the hall ways. My daughter and I are planning on moving in with my boyfriend that owns his house. I have complained to the apartment managers about work that needs to be done but nothing gets done. Can I break my leaase without getting into any trouble??

  161. Guest Says:


    I signed a one year lease and have about 4 more months left. I and my roomate are both struggling, I lost my job and her hours were cut.

    Is there a way to break the lease without it affecitng me?

  162. Guest Says:

    my little brother just moved into his apartment.3 weeks ago..monday night his car was stollen…today he got a call while at work requesting that he come home,only to find his house had been robbed..tv,x-box…and even worse rent money..rent is due in just a few days his land lord saysoh well what can he do?

  163. Guest Says:

    We just signed a one yr. lease in P.a. for my son due to a transfer on our part out of state, one month into his lease he lost his job, we would like to know how to break this lease if he has to transfer out of state to find a job

  164. Guest Says:

    Did you find out anything on the MI state law??? I am in a situation where I would like to break my lease too….

  165. Guest Says:

    My rental contract was for a year. It plainly states the contract begins and ends on the first of a month re: you can’t sign a lease in the middle of a month. I ended my lease one month early. The landlord allowed someone else to put their stuff in there 8 days of a month I had already paid in full for. Their lease started the final month of my contract. Can my landlord keep my security deposit as a penalty for not fulfilling my lease even though he has a new tenant paying? Isn’t this collecting double rent per say?

  166. Guest Says:

    I live in MA. and have been here for 4 yrs. Since the second year living here I’ve had several medical problems that doctors can’t find out what’s wrong. Last year I had surgery, had most of my insides taken out, gall bladder, spleen, appendix due to a bacterial infection, unknown source. I noticed that we have a lot of black mold in the home, the landlord states that it’s not mold. Can his mold be related to my health issues and also others living in the home always have colds and allergy symptoms. Do I have any legal rights?

  167. Guest Says:

    I just signed a lease in California. I was told that I could move my things in over the weekend but the lease was effective Monday 15 Oct. I was told to remove the lockbox off the door. I noticed that the carpet wasn’t cleaned like it was said to have been and there was much more work to be done. I put my furniture in the kitchen out of the way and removed the lockbox. I came back in the evening and there was a nasty note on my door with an unhappy face on it and was told the apt. was NOT ready and to call them asap. I did that and left a message telling them that the lockbox was back on the door. Now I am afraid they aren’t doing me right and I want to cancel my lease. I don’t know if there is a 72 hour rule or not. Does anyone have that info?

  168. Guest Says:

    We live in california and just signed a lease on a home. My husband was hurt on the job and we want to move back to our home state while he is unable to work. How do we go about breaking our lease?

  169. Guest Says:

    My roommate & I signed the lease at the same time & as of now we have not paid rent in a month & a half, does my landlord have the right to let my roommate get out of the lease ?

  170. Guest Says:

    I live in Illinois and signed a 6 month lease at the beginning of this month. I do not move into the apartment until Nov 1st. Unfortunately I am no longer employed in Illinois and am moving to another state. Do you have a right to cancel my lease and not have to do a buy-out?

  171. Anonymous Says:

    I am a single father with 4 children in a 2 bedroom apt. When I moved into this apt. there were only 3 of us. I now have my other 2 children living with me. When I moved in, landlord stated there could only be 2 people to a bedroom. I now have 1 person too many in this apt. does this give me an allowance to terminate my lease early without any penalties? I live in Nevada.

  172. Guest Says:

    i signed a lease, payed the security deposit and first months rent all at the same time i filled out my application… then they back dated it so it looks like i signed everything on the first instead of the second… then 2 hours after i signed the lease i wanted to get out of it….. is their a 72 hour ..no penalty termination? this is a big company so it is not hard for them to find tenants and i never even picked up the keys yet from the manager…. what should i do? is their any clause were they can keep my money and not let me live their just because i wanted to terminate my lease?

  173. Guest Says:

    Hi, My ex landlord is suing me because I broke my lease 2 years ago. I lived there for 1 1/2 years.
    I signed a one year renewal in the spring. Since day one I have a continous leak in my bathroom. My landlord who is not a plumber kept fixing it himself and underneath the ceiling tile there was a bunch of heavy plastic. I sent a few certified letters asking him to fix the leak. I did have mold in the bathroom. You can’t keep having a leak that is never fixed and not have mold.
    I also had to pay my own heat and hot water. When I rented the apt my landlord said it would be $80 per month. It turned out to be between $180 and $300 per month. He fixed the heat too and it never shut off just kept runing. The electric company told me not to use the heat but to instead use portables.
    With the mold and heat issues did I have grounds to break my lease? I gave him a months notice and he had 1 1/2 month security.
    My Email is boggie7@optonline.net

  174. Guest Says:

    I am leaving in a rented 1 bedroom apartment. Recently, a 2 bedroom became available in my building and I told to Management Company that I was interested switching the apartments. They agreed with that, however they asked me to pay rent for both apartments until they rent out my actual apartment or until my lease from 1 bedroom apartment is up (they told me that I am breaking the lease which is up at the end of March). I was trying to tell them that I am not leaving the building, I am just switching the apartments and there shouln’t be any charges on breaking the lease.
    Any advice on this?

  175. Guest Says:

    would like to use FL buyout clause to terminate, i understand that i do NOT have to evacuate for the month’s rent that i am paying as the “penalty” for early termination of my lease right? which is the specific FL statute that regulates the terms of the buyout clause?

  176. Anonymous Says:

    You might want to get more details regarding this “statute” that you are referring to. It is true that Florida adopted very strong laws protecting renters in situations where the resident elected to terminate their lease early. Some management companies were requiring payments that were the equivalent of 3 month’s worth of rent and then charging them as an “early termination penalty”.

    It’s true that it is no longer the case, but you might still be responsible for the rent due through the end of your lease term or for the time between when you vacate the premises and the landlord is able to lease the unit to someone else.

    David Kotowski
    Handle It! Marketing

  177. Guest Says:

    My roommate and I signed a lease until the end of February of 2008. We want to leave at the end of december because we can not afford it. She lost her job and I havent made enough ever. We are both broke and havent had any luck finding a someone to sublet it. We have to break it nd need help finding out how. They told us we’d have to pay 2 months rent to break it, and it’s no where in our lease. ! HELP>

  178. Guest Says:

    I live in Ohio. I have signed a year lease with a landlord on a private home. We need to terminate early (4 Months). We have perchased a home. We were up front with the landlord and asked for an early termination. We told him we would indemnify him for the 4 months.He wants more money to terminate early. He also says early termination would forfeit our deposit. Its in our contract, but ohio law states that its illegal to do so.We thought we might give him 30 day notice to vacate, pay him through the end of the contract.Return the home in perfect condition and hope he returns our deposit in 30 days. We are afraid he wont and possession is 9 tenths of the law.We have made every effort ot neogotiate with him.What should we do?

  179. Guest Says:

    if thats no where in your lease you should be able to move out and if they take you to court, point that out to the judge. plus, I’m sure that when you signed that lease they checked to see if you had the proper income to pay the bills and if you didn’t then they would have said “no”. so since you don’t make the proper income now then they shouldn’t be allowed to hold you there

  180. Guest Says:

    Moving away 150 miles from place: I got a new job and moved from Hamilton Canada to Rochester NY. My job is not going well and i may have to quit the job and move back to Hamilton, Canada and find job there. My apartment rental lease is still 6 months left. Can i move 150 miles from this place and break the lease. Thanks for your advice

  181. Guest Says:

    please help! My mother, an Illinois resident, died in Sept., 2007 in her apartment. Now her landlord has informed me that I owe money because my mom broke her lease. That I must pay up until Jan., 2008 PLUS any future months that the apartment is not rented. My name was not on the lease of course. Am I liable??

  182. Guest Says:

    Help me
    I just signed a 1 yr lease nov 2007. I was not able to look at the apartment before i signed the lease, as i was not ready. upon moving in, the apartment is infested with roaches. the apartment was not fully ready. i had a clogged bathroom sink, vanity mirror missing from the bathroom. there are no screens in the windows, one of the bedroom doors has a hole in it and maintenance taped over it and painted. bathtub ran without the knobs being turned on. and a host of other complaints. to date the only thing that has been fixed was the bathtub. i want to break my lease! i am very unhappy, what can I do? someone please respond. i live in GA

  183. Guest Says:

    OK I need some help and advice! We rented an apartment and signed a 1 year lease. We left after 6 months because the police were there daily and there were all kinds of problems and it just got ridiculous and we felt that it was an unsafe enviroment to raise our children. I have police records and the police were called out OVER 100 times within that 6month period, and we had gone through our 4th manager within those 6 months as well! I had typed out a 30 day written notice that we were leaving and the landlord at that time signed our written notice acknowledging that we were leaving but said we had to pay 3 months rent to break our lease but had no written agreement that stated that was what we had to pay and that was also NOT written in the lease. What should we do and is there anyway we can win our case without paying penaltys?

  184. Guest Says:

    ROCHESTER,NY needs help…
    I’ve moved in my apartment in the end of July of o7 and my lease is up Aug 1 08 everything was going great until I notice mices and fleas. I told the landlord about it he didn’t do anything so I bomb the house for fleas 9 times and the landlord final got someone in for the mices but i still have the same problem and i want to get out of my lease so how can I break my lease?

  185. Guest Says:

    No, no, no you do not have to pay her rent–if your name is not on the lease, you are not liable for the rent! And even if you were on the lease, death is a valid reason for breaking the agreement. Your mother’s landlord sounds like the lowest of the low.
    you don’t even need to get a lawyer because no judge would even agree to hear his case.
    Sorry about your mom and best of luck

  186. Guest Says:

    I’ve worked in the Property Management field for the last 5 years in the VA all states have diffrent landlord tenant acts but i’m pretty sure that if you contact the landlord in writing stating the problem let him/her know they have 30 days to correct the problem or you will seek legal action this will get their attention and probably get the problem resolved it seems like the home is almost inhabitable keep all your service request and if they don’t correct the problem within the 30 days file a claim in civil court I hope this helps

  187. Guest Says:

    Well first what state do you live in?
    Research the landlord tenant act as well as your lease. 3 months rent penalty seems like a lot most communities charge a lease break fee or hold you rent responsible until the end of your lease or the apartment is re-rented.

  188. Guest Says:

    Most communities provide you with a move in inspection sheet, did you complete that form when you moved in? If so did you receive a copy of it? You should put your complaint in writing and submit it to the Property Manager let them know how unhappy you are and see if it’s possible to transfer to another apartment. One thing you should remember in the future is that you should always stay in contact w/the apartment complex you’re planning to move into you should stop by periodically or call the leasing office to find out how the maint. is going in your future home also ask to view the apartment before move in the apartment maint and cleaning is usually completed at least 24 hours before you move in

  189. Guest Says:

    This seems more like a legal question as far as if you’re responsible or not for your mother’s apartment I would definently contact a lawyer on that end. Most leases do state that you’re unable to break your lease due to death see if you can get a copy of the lease to review it.

  190. Guest Says:

    Well that depends on if your lease has a job transfer clause

  191. Guest Says:

    The apartment community is not liable because you lost your job they can still hold you responsible for the apartment because you signed a contract. Its just like owning a home if you lose your job the bank will still reposess your home

  192. Guest Says:

    My fiance and I had to move out of state to be closer to his new job. It was very difficult for us to apartment search in person so we did most of it online. Where we were living before (Chicago) we both had very good paying jobs. We have been living in Iowa for 3 months now and I am still having trouble finding steady work. We don’t make enough money to afford rent on this place any longer. We need to break our lease and move somewhere that costs less in monthly rent. We have an apartment lined up that we would like to apply for, however I am not sure how to go about breaking a lease since I have never had to do this before. Our lease isn’t over until October 2008. Please help and tell me what our options are. The apartment complex we are in right now is telling us it will cost us $500 to break the lease, and then we will have to pay our monthly rent until someone moves in to replace us. We simply cannot afford this.

  193. Guest Says:

    I live in Denver Colorado and want to break my lease, I’ve been at my current residence for 5 months and the place I live in is a HELL HOLE! I have classic neighbors that are into everything I am doing and not their own business, and I have to turn my music OFF at 10, even if we have it at a reasonable volume, does anyone know any laws or what not about breaking my lease and not paying a ton of money? Any help would be much appreciated!!!!

  194. Guest Says:

    Hi, my fiancee and I want to break our 1 year lease that started Aug 1 2007 because we are incredibly unhappy with the place we are living in, and we have decided to move down south. We already have a place lined up for when we can move but we were curious how to go about breaking ourlease without having to forfit the remainder of the rent. If we left in May, we’d owe 2 more months of rent (950/month!). We just got another copy of our lease and it does not state specifically anywhere that if the tenants decide to break the lease or abandon teh apartment that they owe the remainder, it just states that if tenants do leave or don’t pay, then the landlord has the right to terminate the lease. If it doesn’t specifically say anything about owing the rest of the rent if you leave/break the lease, does that mean we don’t have to? Or is it something that’s usually implied? help is greatly appreciated!

  195. Guest Says:

    Well, I was in a hurry to find an apartment and just yesterday signed a one year lease for a place that I thought seemed good for the price. I took the apartment as is, knowing that it is a bit run down, but after signing the lease and taking a really thorough look at the apartment I think there are issues with mold, maybe construction problems (there are cracks and holes all along the floor and ceiling) and roaches and mice. i know i should have checked into this before signing anything but I was getting desperate. Does anyone know if or how i can get out of this?

  196. Guest Says:

    I live in Dallas, Texas. Do you know if I can break a lease within 24 hours?

  197. Guest Says:

    The landlord CANNOT force you to relenquish your sec. depo…..also…if it is IN the contract that makes the contract unenforcable and unconsionable and most likely the entire contract will NOT be recognised in court

  198. Guest Says:

    My girlfriend skipped the state of Nevada with my son and left me holding the bag for all of the bills. I rerented the house to get out of the lease, did all the cleaning paid all the utilies and now she has contact the lanlord and they are sending the security deposite of 1000.00 to her in oregan. I was the main signer on the lease because her credit sucked she was a cosigner is she entilted to the deposite? what should I do to get the deposite back?

  199. Anonymous Says:

    Hell Hole in Houston

    I moved into my current apartment June of 2006. It is in a high rent district of Houston-Galleria area The apartment is real close to my job and close to my son’s school. It was not in the best of shape but I was assured by the leasing agent they were about to remodeled. I live on the second floor, every so often I smell sewage in both bathrooms, prompting me to open all windows in the place. 2nd, the tenants upstairs must have a built in bowling alley because it sounds like one every night from 11pm to about 1am. There is a weird smell that comes from the boiler every time I use the air or heater. I don’t know how this can be but if my neighbor cooks anything, the smell is release into my apartment through the vents. They replace the stairwells but it shakes and I think it is unstable and I fear my son (who is disable and walks with canes) will fall over. My patio is a hot mess. when ever they repainted last, instead of stripping the old paint, they painted over that and it is peeling with a black substance-I’m guessing mold underneath. My lease is not up until 6/30/08, can I legally break my lease under these circumstances or should I continue to complain and keep a paper trail until my lease is up?


  200. Guest Says:

    I signed a 12-month lease in middle GA. I thought I had to give my apartment complex a 30-day notice that I was leaving but when I went into the office to give my notice they informed me that I had to give a 60-day notice. My apartment complex didn’t leave me a note or anything on my door to remind that it had a 60-day policy. I gave my notice with 43 day left until my lease ends. So, my apartment complex wants to make me go month to month and pay for my apartment at market value. I moved in on a special rate (600/month) and now they want me to pay the market rate (900/month) Can they really force me to stay an extra month and pay a month to month fee? Is there any way I can get out of continuing my contract with my apartment complex without anything bad going on my credit?

  201. Guest Says:

    I’m going through almost the same thing. Though my lease won’t be up until Feb 09!!! (lucky you!) I’ve been here for a little over 2 months and I have a roach problem (never have before!) i’ve tried to deal with it, and put up traps and other insecticides, but no success! I can’t deal anymore, and I feel like i live in poverty!! Also, I have an 8 mont old who spends most of his time on the floor(crawling, playing) I can’t deny him his fun time, but I don’t want him to get sick. I learned that roaches cause serious diseases, and i’m worried about that.I wanted to know if you’ve found out yet if you can break your lease due to your circumstances. Maybe I could break mine too. good luck!

  202. Guest Says:

    Help!!! I just I moved into my apartment Dec 07 & i”m ready to move out NOW!!! We discovered we have roaches & i just can’t live like this. Roaches cause all kinds of diseases, and I have an 8 month old son who has to be on the floor most of the time(crawling, playing etc.)I feel depressed and uncomfortable in my own home. I”m pretty sure I know why I have the roaches…My neighbors are disgusting! They have huge trash bags on their patio, that are wide open & you can dee the “to go” boxes in there with ketchup and a half eaten sandwich in it. also they have cigarette butts all over the place, and a shopping cart!!! I can’t imagine what the inside looks like! these are all heath hazards!! I’ve mentioned this to the people in the leasing office, but nothing has been done! I took my camcorder and filmed my neighbors nasty patio, (incase I needed proof) and that was Jan 20th! the trash (and shopping cart) are still there!! Are these circumstances enough to break my lease?

  203. Guest Says:


  204. Guest Says:

    Hi-I live in Ohio and am trying to break my lease in December (far away I know). I asked my landlord for a month-to-month contract when I resigned my lease and he refused, and I informed him that I would likely need to leave the state in January 2009 because of school. He and I both know that come the end of December I will be moving out, but I am not sure what I will have to do to break my lease, or how much time I will need to give him. Will I have to find a new tenant or pay the rest of the lease myself?

  205. Guest Says:

    yeah i signed a lease in august and i have 6 months to go i just had my whole apt vandalized took all my stuff even my shoes that i work out with i want to break the lease with out harming my credit and rental credit with other apt’s how will i be able to do this in a mature manner with no bad credit possibilities

  206. Guest Says:

    look at your states “Tenant and landlord law” it will tell you exactly what you can break your lease for and how to do it. Good luck and sorry to hear about that – its awful!

  207. Guest Says:

    Check your local laws. Here in California if you turn in your keys and surrender possession of your apartment on the day your lease is up, they legally cannot come after you for any rent regardless of whether or not you gave notice. The key is that you must surrender possession on the exact day your lease is up.

  208. Guest Says:

    The easiest way to break a lease is to not pay your rent. When you are served with a three day notice to pay or quit, simply move out within those three days and surrender your keys before the third day is up. They can only charge you rent for the days you were there. ie: If you get served the three day notice on the 4th and are out by the 7th, they can only charge you pro-rated rent through the 7th. It’s not the most honest way, but if you’re desperate it’s worth it. There are no legal ramifications either. Just make sure that you get your landlord to sign something saying you surrendered possession of the apartment on the day you turn in the keys.

  209. Guest Says:

    In most circumstances I’ve ever seen, this is poor advice. Did the person who posted this know many municipalities who conduct evictions post the names of the defendants on their city or county websited? And, if a resident defaults in the terms of a lease, the buy out clause will apply in many if not most states. Otherwise, any person who wants out of a choice they should not have made will just wait to be evicted. So you’re going to harm your good name; likely be charged the buy out or the rent until the lease ends if the apartment is not rented; and now your credit is going to be damaged as a result. Very poor advice in deed and quite likely from someone who doesn’t care about their credit. Should we all just thank you now for your part now or in the future for the mortgage crisis too?

  210. Guest Says:

    Another ridiculous ill-thought-out post. So, if you buy a car, and then lose your job, you get to give it back? You charge on your credit cards, and you lose your job, do you send the possessions you bought back to American Express? Come on here! A lease is a legal and binding document. To add to that, many if not most states have residential tenant and landlord laws. If a lease has no buy out clause, the state likely has a law the landlord can hold you responsible for the rent until the apartment rerents; and the two month buy out is an offer to control your exposure. Read your leases folks and become aware of your state’s laws. Get on your state’s legislative website and search your code of laws for tenant and landlord language. Put the two together and there you’ll have it. Not everything has to be in the lease; but the lease cannot hold any horrific pro landlord stuff and the law can supplement the lease. Not enough income, you just shouldn’t be held responsible…again ridiculous!

  211. Guest Says:

    No. Landlords are not responsbile for your life changes. So you bought a 4 seater car before your other two children came to live with you. Can you take it back to the dealer, because it no longer fits your lifestyle needs? NO, you certainly cannot. In fact, the Landlord may be within rights to tell you to move and to charge you for violating the lease. Think about it.

  212. Guest Says:

    Read your lease. If there are any clauses that stipulate that you can break your lease that is where you will find them. However, some communities will not let you break your lease, and will instead make you pay through the entire term. Unless the community was somehow negligent in regards to the vandilism, you will probably not have a lot of luck breaking your lease for that reason without paying the usual fees, fines, etc.

  213. Guest Says:

    It was not their responsibilty to remind you of the policy. They are not your babysitter. However, read your lease. Contact a lawyer, most lawyers offer a free consultation. Look up the state laws regarding landlord/tenant rights.

  214. Guest Says:

    Check the laws in your state. Also, consider this a lesson learned. It’s no one’s fault but your own that you singed a lease in a hurry and before seeing the apartment. More than likely now that you’ve signed the lease you’re stuck.

  215. Guest Says:

    do you know if the law applys to texas as well? i dont know where to check.

  216. Guest Says:

    I signed my lease in December & am moving out,& tomm is the last day. I gave my landlord more then 30 days notice & I also even found a new tenant for them. My best friend & her family.
    NOw, the leasing company is telling me, that because I broke my lease agreement due to early termination, I am forfeighting my $1400 security deposit, & now she is trying to charge me an extra $650 for a “lease up fee” which she told me is bascilly to cancel my contract & write a new one, along with $80 in processing fees. Do I have to pay this???
    I am in desperate need of help!!!

  217. Guest Says:

    no your not responsible you cant help that your mom past GOD broke the lease .if she past away and your name is not sign on a lease your not responsible

  218. Guest Says:

    I know it sucks, but they have rights, I am in the same situation. They have over 3,000.00 in secuity deposit. My lease is up in December 2008 also. I was told that they can sue you for the remaining balance of the lease, even garnish your check. So the best thing is to run the lease out and leave peacefully. It stinks, I want out now, but it will cost more in the long run.

  219. Guest Says:

    Sorry that they broke into your place. Do you have a police report? if so, show that to the building manager and explain that you want to leave peacefully and can not afford this, or if they can’t help you, trust me, 6 months will be here before you know it. Do not sign another lease, use this time to find new locations and safer locations.

  220. Guest Says:

    If you are planning to leave in January 2009, around October 2008 maybe earlier you will get paper work whether you are renewing your lease or not, if you do, just let them no that you are not. They will be prepared for your departure. If you don’t get paper work, give them 60/90 days notice that you will be out of the apartment, and any money they have of yours, secuirty depost, etc. let them know you will use it out for the remaining rent. You have plently of time to plan before January 2009. Don’t just leave or break the lease trust me, you will pay more. Just when you think it is over, you get a bill in the mail.

  221. Guest Says:

    Yes they are!!!! but you must first go to a Landlord Tenant Court, in your neigborhood. Do not just leave and not pay rent. They are very understanding, and the judge always protects the tenants, especially when the landlord is not meeting there side of the bargain. Go with all your proof, if you rent is due, let the court hold your money in escrow (court) do not NOT PAY YOUR RENT. It will look bad on your part. Show the Judge you are the bigger person. Once you get a hearding date, in a week or two, you can explain your side and talk nicely to the Judge and he will break the lease for you. Where there is no hard feelings. Trust me, he may make the landlord fix it, but tell them you want out. Don’t just leave it could cost you.

  222. Guest Says:

    That is NOT TRUE. If you feel that you are long gone, that is just when they will come after you with there attorney. They will get you for all the rent that is past due and the remaining of the lease. It they have your ss# trust me they will find you. Depending on the Management Co. Some will forget, others feel they have the right to collect.

  223. Guest Says:

    You have RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!
    Go to your local Landlord and Tenant Court, file a complaint it is free and they will have the landlord come in and you can tell your side. Tell the Judge you want out. Tell them the whole story. Trust me you will get out and it will be worth it instead of leaving and breaking the lease.

  224. Guest Says:

    You are not responsible. That is so sad that they would do this. Clean the place up and give them the keys and say Goodbye. That is not nice. Don’t let them scare you. File an harassement suit on them if you must.

  225. Guest Says:

    That’s easy….don’t buy a house till your contract is up.

  226. Guest Says:

    this is what i did because i was maybe what you consider lucky, i have pre-paid legal with the company i work for and sought legal advisement. see if you can’t go to a lawyer that offers free consults and use the time to ask as many questions as possible. i know that hiring one is much more expensive but the advice they can dispense is good. also, please contact your local city or state housing authority as they have advocates for such a thing as well. jus google your state and housing authority and that can get you started as well.

  227. Guest Says:

    It is illegal for them to contact you regarding your mother’s debt dead or alive. Report them to the FTC and to your state attorney general, they might have multiple complaints against them and if so they might be facing a class action law suit. At this point you can sue them for harrassment! Look up the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

  228. Guest Says:

    nope get a lawyer

  229. Guest Says:

    Is there a law that says: You have 24 to 48 hours to cancel a lease/contract?

  230. Guest Says:

    I live in Denver, also. I don’t think that there is anything that we can do–not sure about your situation…each one is different but I am stuck. I have a nice apt but it is completely carpeted. Allergies make this place very hard to live in and it is just NOT right for me. It was a “rush” decision…we were tired…it had been our 4th trip to Denver staying at hotels for weeks at a time and so on. I think, more than anything else, I need to vent. I feel badly for the ones who have major problems with neighbors, bugs, bad landlords etc… For me, I just know this is not the place for me…and it is for an entire year!!! EEEGGG!

  231. Guest Says:

    I signed my lease in February and it does not end to January 2009. However I was wondering if I have to move for a job before my lease is up is there anyway that I can break my lease without having to pay a penalty.

  232. Guest Says:

    NO NO NO! A security deposit is NOT considered rent. They are two DIFFERENT things. If the landlord said you needed to pay ANOTHER MONTH OF “RENT” and they were also collecting rent for the SAME unit from another tenant, that would be considered collecting double rent, which they can’t do depending on where you live.

  233. Guest Says:

    There is no such thing as nothing you can do. If you need to get out of a lease then you break the lease. You are responsible to them for any rent until the apartment is leased again but they are obligated to make every attempt to mitigate their damages by getting the apartment re-leased as quickly as possible.

    If they attempt to force you pay some penalty or what have you, refuse. You are responsible for the rent until re-leased. That’s it. That’s what you contracted for. Penalty clauses are unenforceable.

  234. Guest Says:

    I live in western NY, and I have been in my apartment for over a year. The neighbors upstairs have been a constant problem, fighting and playing music at 3:00 am, etc., which wakes my son. After months of sleepless nights, I lost my job and have to break the lease. I gave my landlord 2 months notice and told her to keep the security deposit. She said that she wants two additional months rent on top of that. The lease states she would be entitled to two months rent upon breaking of the lease, but it does not specify if that is before or after notice. In fact, there is no mention of notice in the lease at all, except for giving notice for non renewal of the lease. My position is that I have given her notice (therefore breaking the lease), will pay the two months rent during the next 60 days, and she is getting the security deposit (also two months rent), so I am not giving her any more. Is my position one that will stand up in court?

  235. Guest Says:

    im going thru the same thing! my landlord told me it will cost me 3500.00 to move out! i called thurr corp. company and they told me they cant do anything! sucks ! they should have some kind of law for ppl who are struggling but sill will pay themback! i tried to tell them if i can pay them in like 2 or 3 payments the answer was NO! SO MUCH FOR THURR CUSTOMER CARES HOTLINE!

  236. Guest Says:

    My daughter signed a lease in Austin, Tx to go to UT back at the end of May to move in mid Aug. Well I had to co-sign and now things have come up preventing her to start school in Tx. We live in South Carolina and need to try to get out of this lease. Is there anyway to cancel this lease since she has not moved in yet and its more than 60 days before she was supposed to move in. They of coarse stated that we had to try to sub-lease or pay. Help!

  237. Guest Says:

    My husband and I are having financial problems and was wondering if its possible to break the lease here in Illinois…the lease ends 7/31/08 and was also wondering then if it’s possible to live out the security for the month…we gave them 1 month in a half for a security deposit?

  238. Guest Says:

    If the lease states that you must pay two month’s rent in order to break your lease, that’s a seperate issue from the notice clause in the lease. Regardless of how much of a notice you are giving, you are still breaking the lease. So, most likely, no, you have no case at all. If you pay the two months you are there, and pay the lease breaking fee, I would imagine that as long as you haven’t done crazy damage to the apartment you should get most or all of the deposit back, in which case you will break even with the lease breaking fee. If they keep your deposit, demand a detailed explanation in writing of the reason for it. If they do not refund the deposit, nor give you satisfactory explanation for it (in writing, I cannot stress that enough) you may have a court case. They can’t just keep your deposit for no reason.

  239. Guest Says:

    Me and my husband moved into this apartment in south FL a little over a week ago and already i’ve seen drug deal upon drug deal and our vehicle was stolen, also when my husband asked if any of our neighbors had heard anything about it we were told not to ask questions b/c someone could end up hurt. We then found out the front gate which is suppose to be closed at night has been broken for some time. I do not feel safe in my apartment and I want out of my lease. is this a good reason?

  240. Guest Says:

    You should talk to the Landlord/Tenant Council here in Austin.
    Austin Tenant’s Council

    Also read up on the TAA site. They have helpful information. I believe there is something on leasing and have never moved in.

    Hope this helps

  241. Guest Says:

    My son has cerebral palsy and the doctor said we could no longer live in a two story town home apt. We brought the letter in to tell them this but they didn’t want to help at all, instead we were forced to break our lease and find a one story home and we are still forced to pay on top of our new rent the rent from them. I wish they were more kind hearted to help our family in need. We were alway on time with our rent and we followed the rules. For a year and half we had lived here and they will not help. So they had put us in dept. We are a family of seven now with a specially needs child that needs more money to help him in life. With this dept hanging over our head limits the funds we could of used to help my son who has cerebral palsy. My son falls a lot, he can’t hardly talk right, he is 7 years old, and he needs help. Only SSI can do so much…..

  242. Guest Says:

    Ask them for a copy of ALL the documents you signed. Look carefully for documents that state what needs to be done if a lease is terminated early. If you signed an agreement that says you forfeit your security deposit and “other fees” may be implied, then I’m afraid you don’t have a case, however if nothing is stated about the two, then I’d Lawyer up

  243. Guest Says:

    Yes, the lease can be transferred to another rental company even if you don’t sign it. If the house is up for sale, you still have to pay rent until it is sold. Additionally, it’s up to the new owners if they want to keep your unit as a rental or simply not renew your lease. If you’re lucky, the new owners will kindly ask you to leave on a date you can arrange.

  244. Guest Says:

    Hate to say it, but you should have checked out the area and the grounds before signing the lease. They really don’t have much to do with the apartment itself (for which you have a lease). Try looking for a new place, do the proper research this time, and sublet your old place and get out of there. Your family deserves better.

  245. Guest Says:

    My daughter left her apartment in Asheville NC and moved home a month before her lease was up. We told the landlord to keep the deposit. It is the exact amount as the rent. He said that its doesnt work that way. He is the landlord from hell! He had people watching her which made her paranoid.He never repaired anything or cleaned anything before we moved in as promised. We showed up with a moving van and had to move in. Can he take us to court? I know if we paid him I would never see the deposit back.

  246. Guest Says:

    luckily everyone has responded in kind. no you do not have to pay if your name was not on the lease. all debits go into your mothers estate…there is a hierarchy of things that any assets of the estate will have to pay for starting with funeral costs and taxes then going down to things like apartment debts. if there is nothing in the estate then unfortunately the debitors sort of have to eat it.

  247. Guest Says:

    I live in GA I just renewed a lease agreement with the apartment community that I live in. My apartment was recently broken into. When the police officer arrived he notified me that my door was improperly installed and that I might along with other tenants have grounds for a class action lawsuit. Actually I just want out of my lease because I do not feel safe. Since the time my apartment was broken into 2 other tenants (that I know about) apartments have been broken into in the same time period and I have not seen an increase of security (that they have said they had) and the lights in the parking lot and mailbox are out making me feel more unsafe. Also they have not notified any of the other tenants of the burgularies in order to keep them vigilant of suspicious activity. They also have patched my door and have not fixed it all the way. I had to contact them about the break in again even though they knew about it (thats how i got my door “fixed” in the first place). They told me someone would contact me about it…that was a while ago and I still havent seen notice or anything. I feel like if someone wanted to break into my apartment again it would be easy as pie. I feel like a sitting duck and I dont feel safe. I’m waaayyyy early in my lease agreement (I have like 11 months left) and I dont want to change apartments with the same company because obviously they arent really doing their job over here. I just dont know. I feel like I have grounds to break my lease without penalty/fees because if this situation had not happened then I wouldnt want to move but just seeing how lack luster their treatment of the situation (and other situations that I didnt know about until going onto this website and seeing that there was a murder here as well) just doesnt make me feel safe. I just want to move out peacefully.

  248. Guest Says:

    my son also has cp and is going into surgery we live on the second floor of an apartment building. I just want to wish you luck and best wishes to your son as he grows.

  249. Guest Says:

    I have rented in Austin, TX for the last 8 years. My understanding, is although you signed a lease, until she actually moves at minimum 1 possession, the lease is not activated. So in other words, until she pyhsically moves in, they have nothing other than the monies they collected for holding the apartment and the application fees.

  250. Guest Says:

    Last month, we had a break in at the house we rented in Nevada, while my 2 year old and I were at home and my husband at work, resulting in a “battery” and a threat of more if the police were called (they were looking for a previous tenant, either ex-girlfriend or drug contact, not sure according to police). I notified the leasing company and asked if we could install an alarm system (house was pre-wired but never installed – it was a “model” home for initial construction of the neighborhood). Upon much fuss, they agreed, but only if we paid for it, we put it in writing and I gave them a copy of the police report. In the meantime, the suspect made good on his threats, only this time, a sexual assault occurred along with some “markings” on my body with a knife, which will forever be scarred. Needless to say, we stayed elsewhere and vacated the premises within the week, returning the keys to the leasing agency within four days of the second assault. At first, they were trying to hold us to the remainder of the lease (we had only been there for four months of a 12 month lease), but then changed their minds and told us we must continue to pay rent until they find “suitable” replacement tenants. Can they do this, even though remaining in that house may have resulted in the deaths of myself or my son, as they had threatened after the second break in?

  251. Guest Says:

    We have had several break ends and the Manager will not allow me nor the renters that have been victimazied to break the lease. There has been almost 14 renters that been broken into and Management will not do anything to ease our worries and not even a flier to the Apartment complex.what can I do??I dont feel safe living in the apartments.

  252. Guest Says:

    I am sorry to hear about what you are going through. I don’t have an answer but am curious to know what complex it is or who the property management company is because I have been experiencing the same thing. My neighbors apartment was broken into and they tried another neighbors apartment but tried to go into the front door in broad daylight and we live in the front of the complex. The office never bothered to let anyone know about anything and they took their time fixing the doors to their apartments and still havent finished with one of their patio door and a window. I don’t feel safe in my apartment either and am debating if i should skip out in the last month of my lease if for no other reason but to save money on moving expenses. I would suggest calling the corporate office and giving them your situation as a scenrio and see what they say. I wish you the best!!!!

  253. Guest Says:

    I recently moved to South Carolina July 2008. I thought I was doing the right thing and so forth. Last Tuesday night my son called me at work and told me someone just stole his cell phone at the pool and burned a hole in his towel. Well, since than we have also found out that this person (s) was involved the arm robbery of a tenant at gun point during the daylight hours. He is also the person (s) breaking into cars around here also. On top of that possibly of gang relations. My son has locked himself in the apartment, wont go swimming or skate boarding, something he did everyday. Now that he has indentifed this person he wont leave the house. I have told the office that I want out of lease and they said that since he wasnt threatened there is nothing they can do. Ok, so what he wasnt threatened but it isnt healthy that he has locked himself in the apartment. There are over 600 units in here and the police are always on call but the hotline to the courtesy cops here hasnt worked since we moved in. The doors can be kicked in easily. Doesn’t my sons mental health mean anything here or the safety of him while I have to work to pay the rent. I have found a nice and better place to go and more secure. Someone please help me.

  254. Guest Says:

    i recently leased a apt. for one year i have only stay here at this apt. for a month now, my frist month was free. my rent is due in the next couple of days and i have no way of paying it . the job that am employeed with is cutting back on all there employee’s hours, to where we can’t even take care of our own bills. When i frist started this job i was getting paid so good till i started accumulating bills base on my income and so now that the have cut back i dont now what to do i have talk to my landlord about my situation and he says that i can come up with two months worth of rent or its going on my credit(witch is not good). What should i do?

  255. Guest Says:

    I moved in an apartment with my girlfriend and signed a contract for 1 year and now she is kicking me out 3 months later. Can she do this? who will be responsible for the rent in full if I do leave? She is very nasty to me and yells at me. we broke up aout 1 month ago and she has already had a male sleep over under my nose. I don’t know what to do about this situation. I really talked to her but she does not want me living here any longer. What will my unwilling loses be?

  256. Guest Says:

    Is this Alta Point?

  257. Guest Says:

    Question–can you break your lease without having to pay out the remainder of the lease if the landlord fails to make good on promised repairs? I realize that you can put your rent in escrow if repairs are not made, but our situation is a bit unusual. The repairs we’ve been promised are actually to the apt. above ours, not our apartment. Which brings me to my other question: can you place your rent in escrow for repairs to another apt. if those repairs (or lack of repairs) is affecting your apt.? The floor of the apartment above us creaks and snaps to the point that pictures shift on the walls and doors pop open, even with normal walking. We can actually see the ceiling moving when anyone walks over certain spots. We are afraid that it is going to collapse. Right now, the place is vacant, but is being prepped for new tenants. We put up with the floor issue for several months before the previous tenants were evicted. They have promised to fix it, but I don’t trust them! I’d like to know our rights.

  258. Anonymous Says:

    I signed a lease on friday august 15th and I did not end up moving into the appartment because my husband and I were having issues and we are currently renting a house that we can not get out of so I went to the office on that monay august 18th and gave them the keys back explaining that I could not move into the appartment and that i needed out of the lease and they told me i had to rent it for 6 monthes and then pay them 2 months plus $275 to break the lease and that was the only way. But it is now august 26th and I still do not have a copy of my lease cause they said that they had to send it to indianapoilis on monday the 18th to get it signed and then they would mail it out to me. I do no understand why they would not let me out of the lease after only 2 days of signing the lease never moving in and i did not even ask for my money back they can have it. on top of that the lease was not even fully complete when i went up their to tell them if it had not been signed by them yet. How do I get out of this?

  259. Guest Says:

    I live in Raleigh North Carolina about 5 months ago me and my boyfriend moved in a brand new apt… The Landlord that signed the leased told us if we had any probelms with anything to come talk to her…a couple of weeks after we moved in She quit and we were given two new landlords who are very Evil…My boyfriend lost his job and we couldn’t pay ALL of the rent..So i go up to the office to explain to the landlord what has happened they say “Well you have up to three times to pay ur rent late after the third time we would have to evict you! Which i understand but the big thing is she knows our situation and times are very hard…My boyfriend still doesnt have a job and i only work part time…It is so hard but i have found a cheaper apt but my lease is not up till feburary…i dont know what to do at all….i would like to know if there is any way that i can break my lease without paying all that money that i already dont have?

  260. Guest Says:

    I just signed a four month lease,around August 25th 08, and it ends 22nd December. I was wondering if there was anyway i could break it perhaps end of October if possible. There is nothing wrong with the apartment as such save for the person/persons upstairs who keep making a racket (stomping and moving various stuff). This is in Dallas.Can i just let them know about it? and if it doesn’t stop should i just leave? i don’t know how it works with such a short lease. Please let me know. Thanks

  261. Guest Says:

    I wish somebody would’ve replied with the answer because I just moved into a duplex this past weekend and a roach crawled on my arm while I was sleeping. I am so disgusted and hate where I live. I’m waiting to hear back from my manager on this.

  262. Guest Says:

    Just moved (1 week) into a new place and suddenly discovered a mold problem underneath cabinets and in a closet. Is there any way to get out of the lease at this point rather then dealing with killing & cleaning up the mold issues?

  263. Guest Says:

    BLEACH! i had the same thing happen adn became very sick from the issue. 2) Call the health department and let them know of the situation. Later down the road if you don’t l;ike the apartment you might be able to leave becasue of the mold issue

  264. Guest Says:

    I have the same problem. I moved into my apartment in June of this year, signed a 1-year-lease. I noticed when I moved in there were bugs in the fridge, I didn’t know what they were at first. Then I started seeing all of these little baby bugs all over the kitchen and bathroom. I caught two of them and an exterminator told me they were baby roaches. The ones in the fridge were immature roaches. I contacted my landlord and it took her almost a week to do anything and all she did was bring me gel bait and spray (which I had to do myself). I went a couple days without seeing them (but trust me, just cause you don’t see them doesnt mean they’re gone). I got up for work this morning and found one crawling around in my kitty cats food bowl. I was afraid of that happenening but I heard having a cat can help with roaches. I have read up on Ohio law and know these things…
    -If your landlord refuses to do anything call the health department and have them come out and inspect. If they find your living conditions unfit, you can break the lease with no harm done to you or your credit.
    -You can put your rent in escrow. Contact the clerk of courts and find out what steps need to be taken to do this. I do know you have to send a certified letter to your landlord about the problem before contacting the courts. If your lease says you have to give a 30 day notice before you move out then you by law, have to give your landlord 30 days to take care of the problem from reciept of the letter. You landlord cannot evict you and will not recieve a rent payment. You will be paying rent to the courts, they hold it until your landlord does something about the problem.
    -Do not just move out and stop paying rent, that will hurt you more than what the roaches are doing.

    I hope this helps, I know exactly what you’re going through. I tip toe thru my apartment searching every inch making sure there is nothing there. In the meantime, get some boric acid (you can get 1lb bottles of it at the dollar store) put it in every crack and crevase you can find, thats where they like to hide. Put all of your food in tightly sealed containers or buy those freezer food storage bags. Don’t leave dirty dishes out, or clean ones for that matter. The acid will poison the roaches. They walk thru it and then clean themselves ingesting it and it kills them. I would also get some gel bate. Trying to get rid of roaches in an apartment is a losing battle. If you have them, so do your neighbors and if they’re not doing anything to control the situation you’re pretyy much screwed.
    I understand you have a baby who’s on the floor most times? Let your landlord know you are aware cockroaches cause asthma in small children and if something should happen, he’ll be stuck with the medical bills. Oh, another thing, don’t leave water anywhere. Roaches LOVE water. Wipe out your sink, tub and floor after washing dishes or taking a shower. Move out your fridge and stove and put the acid behind there as well. Roaches can survive for weeks without food, but they need water to survive.
    Hope this helps you. Good luck!

  265. Guest Says:

    I have the worst story ever!!! ME my boyfriend his mom and her boyfriend had been living in a 3 bed room rancher for three years with my boyfriends mom and her brother. Thats 6 ppl in one small house. me and my boyfriend had been saving to get our own place w/ his mom n her bf. And we dida duplex!!! heah!!! UNTIL WE MOVED IN!!! The third night we were there we all geting wakin up to the neighbors and the guy beatin the shit out of his girfriend!! We called the cops and all he got was. processed.ALWAYS!! Then maybe a week later while they were moving things into our garage we share w/ them the were fighting ungodly. And somehow after it all stopped at 2 in the morning we get wokin up to my bf yelling the house is on fire get out. when the fireman got there it was the garage and my car and also the hole fence. HOW THAT HAPPEN WHO KONWS I THINK U DO!!! Ok think its bad not done yet.It is still Aug. and 2 days after the fire they were fighting again and again and again not one night we havent done to sleep before 3 in the morning It has been every night non stop for all of Aug and the landlord has done nothing about it. Its bad enough that there are at least a million other things I could say . Its been a a night mare I had to stay somehere else and we are hopeing that we can break the lease i already started to looking for more places and I do believe we have the grounds to break the lease HHHEEELLLL (money pit)

  266. Guest Says:


    I have a question about my appartment and my rental agreement?
    I moved in 2 months ago, the day I moved in my landlord told me about some mold problems in the bathroom and some other building issues.
    The mold situation is now getting worse. My landlord was here and had a look, she to thought it gotten worse and that something has to be made.
    I want to break my lease and move out, Firs of all I dont want to live in a appartment with mold second of all I do not want to be surrounded by builders etc.
    Would I have the right to break my lease without any penalties?
    To add, the mold problems were there when I viewed the appartment but nothing was told to me about it untill the day I was moving in.

    Hope for a answer
    Thanks to all!

  267. Guest Says:

    She cannot kick you out if you are both on the lease. You are both entitled to live and use the apartment. But, given the way she has treated you, you may not want to live with her anymore. some apartments will let you off of the lease if you both agree and sign an addendum. Usually the person staying has to qualify for it on their own. If all of this goes thru then this relieves you from all contractual responsabilities. If you just leave and she trashes the place or skips, then technically you are still a signer on the contract and responsable. One of your recourses at that point would be to sue her in small claims court.

  268. Guest Says:

    Write a formal letter to the manager and management company stating the problem and health issues it may be causing. They have a certain amount of time to fix the problem. If it is not fixed within that time write another letter and resend the 1st with it. If they attempt to fix it and are unsuccessful, write another letter. A note from a Dr would also help your situation. Landlords have a right to try and alleviate the problem and potentially move you to an equal unit if the repairs will be major. also in your lease there should be a paragraph that states the landlords responsability to residents and the process to cure problems. If they default, yo have a legitimate reason to leave.

  269. Guest Says:

    i moved into a student apartment complex in athens georgia. one of my room mates and i got into a fight because he decided to break into some cars and steal various things and bring them back to the apartment. if i would have know this guy was sketchy, i wouldnt have signed a contract binding us together. there are also two others living there. anyways, me and this room mate got into a fight, he broke my foot, im in the process of pressing charges, and getting a restraining order, and still the landlord will not let me out of my lease. do i have legal rights to get out? i mean, if i get the restraining order, how can we both live there?

  270. Guest Says:

    i moved into a student apartment complex in athens georgia. one of my room mates and i got into a fight because he decided to break into some cars and steal various things and bring them back to the apartment. if i would have know this guy was sketchy, i wouldnt have signed a contract binding us together. there are also two others living there. anyways, me and this room mate got into a fight, he broke my foot, im in the process of pressing charges, and getting a restraining order, and still the landlord will not let me out of my lease. do i have legal rights to get out? i mean, if i get the restraining order, how can we both live there?

  271. Guest Says:


  272. Guest Says:

    hi my question is can i break my lease? we were told that the tile would be replaced and the we needed the heat fixed. the tile is very old with discoloration and in the apartment its cold. the heat wont go over 75 degrees. its very cold in the morning. i had a job transfer and now i work even farther away then when i first moved in. we can hear every footstep upstairs. i want to live comfortable. can i break the lease for this reason since the issues mentioned were not resolved?

  273. Guest Says:


    We are breaking our lease early and have a written agreement with the landlord that we would find a new tenent to start a new lease on 12.1.08. We found someone, but our landlord wants to keep us on our lease while starting a new lease for the new tenent on the same apartment. Can he do this?

  274. Guest Says:

    I co-signed for my daughter when she leased an apartment while starting college. 2 months into the lease they wave Wal-mart cards under their noses and she signs for the next year! (against my advice) She quits school and moves home before the 1st semester is over. We pre-paid the first year and now starting to pay the second year (without her there!) I know this is all legal, but my beef is that they virtually moved her apartment, without permission so 3 girls could live together. I could have sub-let to them. I have had no luck in sub leasing the apartment. Is what they did legal?

  275. Guest Says:

    Alta pointe ( Atlanta, GA) is the worst apartment complex! They could care less about their tenants and they think that all their tenents are ghetto ignorant lowerclass residents. I despise this property and their management. I have lived their for about 10 months and have gotten my place broken into twice in one month, I also have been harrassed by maintanance and my neighbors are the worst. I am a student and throughout my time in Atlanta have never felt so unsafe in my life!!!!!! I just wanted a quicker commute to school and instead I have received nothing bad energy and negative responses. I have been trying to get out of this lease but they won’t return my calls. I really cannot live there, the police even told me to not go back to my apartment because my life may be in danger! What am I to do? I have two months left and I have already spent money on repairs that they have not made! Help….advice is definitely needed.

  276. Guest Says:


  277. Guest Says:

    Hi, I would recommend trying as best as you can to show you tried to exhaust all options for staying and continuing the lease. This would look good in the eyes of the law. In Texas, there is some clause I believe which would allow you to cut out of the contract if you lose your job but am not too sure on the details of it, hopefully I’ll never have to research it. Anyhow, I would not just cut and run, this would affect your credit, would allow them to sue you, and you would not be able to use that apartment as a reference for future apartments. The best thing is to sit down and talk about the situation and work out something with your leasing agent or landlord, if that diplomatic approach doesn’t work, then see what legal options you have.

  278. Guest Says:


    I went through something like what you have experienced with my last apartment complex in Atlanta, GA. It took a while for me to build my case but I was advised by attorneys to do the following things. Get a notebook of some sort to keep the following information in. You need to keep a log of dates and times that you have tried to communicate with your apartment complex and corporate (You must be exact- list dates and the times of your calls). Write down the details from each conversation (your reason for the calls and their responses). Keep all receipts of your expenses paid to help restore your apartment from the break-ins. You also need to file a police report if you haven’t done so already of the break-ins and maintain a copy of all police reports (keep them in your possession). You also need to type a letter to your apartment complex requesting for them to terminate your lease because your life may be in danger being that your apartment has been broken into several times; demand a response from them. You can go downtown to the municipal court near Trinity Ave. to see what your rights are. You need to find a way to sit face-to-face with someone in management and make sure to bring your parents or someone else to be a witness of the conversation. Ask for a statement from management in writing in response to your request of terminating your lease early. Take as many pictures as you can to help build your case. Management will have to do something about your case once you lay your evidence on them. It’s a lot of work but if you want out, you have to be adamant about doing what it takes. You do have rights! You may even have to seek legal advice in which the courts will give you some free sources to call. I don’t have my pamphlet with me to give you that information but this is what I was told to do and was released from all obligations to my apartment. I hope this helps! Good Luck! Sorry you are going through this!

  279. Guest Says:

    Was the repairs written on your lease as, ” promise to fix?”. If so were you given specific time frame, which has expired? Check with your local Health Dept or Utility Co. to ask about laws regarding what temperature apartment themostate should be able to operate, max and min. The owner must fix the heat, whether it was put in writing or not. I pray this is a help and I will pray your situation get better. God Bless. Don’t give up!

  280. guest in ga Says:

    My girl and I have signed a lease due to move in in Feb. but have decided to wait to move in together. We havent moved in or paied anything but the deposit can we get out of the lease since we have not taken possesion yet? We are in GA

  281. Lynn Johnson Says:

    If a one year rental lease is broken 2 months early, can you be put in jail via bench warrant?

  282. Laura Says:

    Sublet question. I agreed to sublet a furnished apartment from a private owner in California. The date on the sub-lease is until the end of August. I didn’t ask at the time how I would terminate the sub-lease if I needed to move out early. There’s also nothing in the sub-lease stating how to do it. At first, the place seemed semi-nice. I think it’s overpriced for what I’m getting. It’s old, with giant cracks, and very old kitchen. If you open the kitchen cabinets, sometimes the doors fall off. I’m constantly fixing stuff. I like more moddern. But as I suspected, and told her in the very begining, no air-con = a hell-hole to which she lied and said it would always stay cool and she gave some made up reason. Then she said, if not we can put an aircon in a window. Smart idea, but she doesn’t even have the types of windows that would allow it. And I know she’s not likely to pay for the airconditioner. It’s starting to get hotter already. By the time it’s July, I’ll be suffocating. Another few things I feel I should mention is, she left plants behind for me to take care of. I understand furnished but I am not a maid. I don’t even have plants of my own because I’m scared I’d forget and they’d die. Why should I have to take care of someone else’s plants? And on top of that, her kitchen drawers are all full of useless junk. Like broken dishes, and rusted cooking pans, the kind of stuff normal people should throw away. I have no place for my own dishes, pots, and other things. And I mean this junk is all over the house. Closets are half empty, half full of crap that she left behind. Shelves full of broken toy cars and so there’s hardly any place for me to set up. When I asked her what she thinks I should do with her extras, she pointed me a couple of shelves which in her opinion should hold everything. She’s wrong, they don’t. Oh, and one more thing, the neighbor upstairs walks and runs around in heels all the time. Sometimes until 1:30 AM. She has hardwood floors like me and you can hear every step! So, I was thinking, if I decided to move before the end date of my sub-lease, would it be enough that I pay for next month’s rent, give my 30 day notice but move out at the end of this month, plus have her keep the security deposit? Is there a chance that she might say, because it states the end of August on my lease, that I’d have to cover the entire rent through August, and then, it doesn’t matter if I’ll be here or not?

  283. Anonymous Says:

    I need help! I am living in GA and i am renting. I’ve had so many problems since moving in and the landlord ( mangement) has not fixed a leak in the one bathroom, it is all watered out under there and destroyed, and my bedroom closet carpet floor soaked with water. I told them through email and writting up repair request. NOTHING has been done about it. I wake up with a sore throat everyday and my child is having issues with breathing ( co-sleep). My water bill went from 40.00 a mo to 70 plus a mo ( 3 mos). I cleared out my closed, but have no wear to put my clothes and i’m worried they will get molded. My furnance runs and runs even with my thingy turned off ( no power heat or a/c on). I want out of this lease so bad! I don’t know what to do. I think i remember it saying i can get out of my lease if given 90 day notice, but i need to look over it again. I am in this until end of april 2010. Sigh
    Help me – please.

  284. Anonymous Says:

    LOL… this is ridiculous… by reading these post you can tell exactly who the landlords are that are posting on here. The posts that talk down to you like a child, those are post landlords have put on this site. The posts on here where they talk about how a lease is law and blah blah blah, those are landlords.

    I think in most cases here people are dealing with landlords who won’t budge and they want to know “exactly” for example… “if I break my lease agreement in MO and I move to CA, can the landlord do anything to me if I am living in a different state? And if so, what?”

  285. Anonymous Says:

    Am I in a lease or tenancy-at-will?

    I am renting an apartment in Boston, MA for the last 2.5 years. For the first two years, I had signed consecutive 1-year leases. Four months before the expiry of my last lease on Aug 31, 2009, I received a letter stating “intent to continue lease”. I signed the letter in June 2009. However, I did not sign the actual lease once the landlord’s company sent it to me in July 2009. The expired lease did not have a automatic “renewal clause” and the “intent” letter I signed did not specify any period for the potential lease. I continue to pay rent and the landlord accepts it every month. The landlord has my last month and security deposit that is carried over from the earlier lease.
    Currently, am I in a lease or is it tenancy-at-will? Does Mass. law uphold the “intent to continue” letter as am automatic extension of lease?

  286. Guest Says:

    I rented a basement apartment three months ago in Boulder, CO, which I now find out is probably not a legal apartment. An inspector from the city is coming in two weeks (with the owner) to determine this. If I’m forced to leave, which is very likely, do I have any rights to relocation expenses? All I’ve been able to find on the web is plenty of examples of this in NJ (where the relocation expenses are figured at 6x the rent) I haven’t found anything like this in Colorado law on the web, but it seems pretty raw to get kicked out with no notice (72 hrs) and no recourse. I rented through Housing Helpers, which even compounds my justifiable outrage. Even if the landlord is new at this (I gather he is) these folks are supposed to be the experts and should in some way be held responsible for what will be a major expense and hassle for me. They should never have rented an illegal apartment. But Boulder is the biggest fake-liberal joke in the world. Rich people pretending to be spiritually advanced. Poor people get the shaft.

  287. My Domain Says:


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  288. Anonymous Says:

    I am buying a house, My rent is paid up until the end of my lease, however I need to break the lease to move….. Can i break the lease and be refunded my money from the month i move until end of lease?

  289. KACHINA321 Says:


  290. Anonymous Says:

    I just moved into an apartment in Fullerton, Ca. I have to roommates and a year long lease. The second day we lived here one girl’s car was stolen from her carport. When the police came to take a report they informed us of the gangs in our surrounding areas. When I come home at night I have witnessed numerous teens wandering the surrounding neighborhoods and multiple police officers pulled over with their lights going off.We live in a gated community mind you. At the lease signing we were made aware that we do have asbestos in our ceilings and were promised new carpeting, but it was just shampooed. Not to mention that tensions have escalated with my roommates. I don’t feel safe and they disregard my feelings and throw parties. I would like to solely break my end of the lease due to the security issues I am facing. My lease staes a 30 day notice and payment of rent. I am more than willing to abide I just don’t want to hurt my credit at 19 years of age, especially when I am majoring in accountig. Is there any way around affecting my credit?

  291. Pam Toll Says:

    My landlord was a rich real estate developer. My rent was fully paid. His brothers fiancee apparently was in a terror cell or somethign I called cops and FBI on.. anyway. he never served me with eviction papers and then I got a notice I was being removed the next day in cook county. I ran to court and got a dismissal the judge agreed i was not served. the WARREN GROUP hired cook county sheriffs privately and a movng company putting me out on the street while i had a DISMISSAL meaning he would have to refile and reserve me. The cops were called and said if i TRIED TO STOP THE EVICTION thye would stick me in jail. Although I had all the legal right to stay , I proved 12 months rent was paid in full also. Its been 7 years and I am hawked and stalked by this guitlly bastard and was run out of cook county by his criminally inclined corrupt group of cops and contractors. NO ONE EVER STOPPED THEM AND THEY HARMED me in my new apt complex and still break in and harrass me incessantly. Get your witnesses while you still live in a building and promise to keep in touch.. people were bribed off not to testify on my behalf. I did no wrong and cook county circuit court and the sheriffs are so corrupt no one tried to make any arrests although all the paperwork was in my favor.. this is a worst case ever.. Try to record and video tape . but it wont save you from corruption

  292. ju Says:

    Can someone help! i cut my lease & my landlord gave me kind of a easy way out but , she said i don`t get a refund or my last months rent doesn’t count for my last two months ? is that right ?

  293. steven lee Says:

    Great advice especially about not burning any bridges….

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  295. MC Says:

    People worry too much, if you’re moving out chances are your credit sucks anyway. Just leave a letter telling them you moved out and leave the key. The worst that can happen, they’ll try to get the money out of you for the past due rent and if you’re moving to another state who the hell cares? I’m about to move out of my apartment after 6 months and couldn’t care less. I’m leaving a letter and the key and saying have a nice life.

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  298. Josh Says:

    hi, my name is josh…When I signed my lease agreement for a second term at my apartment complex, they did not tell me or check for renters insurance. Now that it has been a couple months, they are threatening to evict or send me to collections. I do not have the extra money, for anything extra and did not budget it into my finances. If they choose to continue to legal action, what rights do I have as far as it affecting my cedit or renters history?

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