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Beyond the Rent: Tips for Choosing a Low-Cost Apartment

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You’ve budgeted and browsed – you know exactly how much rent you can afford. But have you thought about the other mostly-hidden costs of choosing your apartment? Here are 7 quick tips to keep in mind next time you’re apartment hunting. They can help you keep your total budget in check, leaving more for the […] read more


How to Design a Small Living Room

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  It’s not small; it’s cozy. Your apartment has all the space you need, you just need to arrange it so it, and the items in it, are working for you and your lifestyle. Here are three things to think about when it’s time to tackle the living room. The Sofa This large piece of […] read more

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10 Essential Questions for Prospective Roommates

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We’ve all heard that the fastest way to ruin a friendship is to become roommates. Or is it that roommates are besties for life? Should you risk the friendship for cheaper rent? Or what if you’re moving somewhere totally new and have only Craigslist ads to guide your apartment hunt? Is it possible to find […] read more

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Crock Pot Cooking – A Renter’s Best Friend

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The fast-paced life of a renter can be chaotic – especially in the kitchen. The last thing most renters want to do is have to worry about  dinner when they get home from work or other activities. Planning a week’s worth of meals is often impractical because of last minute schedule changes, or disruptions. There is […] read more


Your Apartment’s Final Cleaning

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Moving house is something everyone experiences at least once in their lifetime, if not so many more times. Arranging a move out cleaning is something that is on the priority list, when it comes down to moving out of your place at the end of your lease, or if you are just deciding to move […] read more


Why You Can’t Go without Renters Insurance

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Many current or soon-to-be renters assume that their landlord’s property insurance covers their personal possessions. That is a major misconception, and one that could turn out to be the biggest mistake of your life. No renter can afford to be without renter’s insurance. The Type of Insurance Landlords Have The type of property insurance your […] read more

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What to Expect When Moving Apartments

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Moving between apartments is something that we all have to encounter at one part of our life. Some of us move locally, and some of us move internationally, regardless, the process is very similar. We think of hiring a removal company to help us with our apartment move, something that enables us to be able […] read more

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Year Round Apartment Gardening

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I’m sitting at home and dreaming of a fresh spinach salad with juicy cherry tomatoes. Or maybe some sweet ripe strawberries. Then I look outside and remember it’s snowing. The freshest berries or tomatoes I’ll find have been flown in from Mexico and just don’t quite hit the spot. I love fresh foods. The zing […] read more


Calculating Your Actual Living Costs

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When you’re looking for an apartment or any other type of rental property, you are probably focused on all of the things you consider “must haves.” Price may be another consideration, as it should be. What many renters fail to think about, however, is something that will have serious financial implications once you get settled […] read more